[save the date] SteemFest 2017 - Creamy & Delicious - 1/2/3 (+4/5) November - Lisbon

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Yes yes! Some of you heard it already through the grapevine. Last year you overwhelmed me by coming in at such short notice to Amsterdam with almost 200 people from over 30 countries,... (Relive it here on SteemFest's Salon page) This year we'll do it all over again. Lisbon, Portugal, here we come!


In this post I will briefly point out the gist of SteemFest 2, how it came to this location and what the program overview will look like. In future coming posts I'll announce first speakers, hotel package (I found a great deal, cheaper than last year which can host us all together once more), tickets and such. But I wanted to make sure for now that you can keep some days reserved in your agenda.

Soon I'll be going back to Lisbon to make some vids and introduce you to the key venues of SteemFest 2017 in Lisbon.

For now: Mark down in your agenda for 1,2,3 +(4,5) November - SteemFest 2017 - Lisbon Portugal.

SteemFest 2017 Program Overview

(Day 0 - 31 october - Hackathon Participants arrive)

Day 1 - November 1st - Hackathon & Arrival

This day the SteemFest 24 hour blockchain hackathon starts. Build great apps for Steem, Golos, Bitshares, Peerplays, Ethereum or any other chain and present at the SteemFest crowd & jury 24 hours later what you came up with and potentially win big! The hackathon is initiated by @charlieshrem and we can't wait to see what you come up with... If you are a developer, designer or hacker in general, sign up here for the seperate SteemFest Hackathon mailinglist so we can keep you in the loop.

"Regular" (non hackathon participants) attendees are suggested to fly in on this day and book the hotelpackage from this day onward. At night we will have welcoming drinks and SteemFest wristband check-in.

Day 2 & 3 - November 2nd & 3rd - SteemFest 2017

Two days of talks, panels, workshops and fun. This year's venue is wonderful and will host 3 rooms. Catering is top notch and if the weather is in our favour (which it normally should late october) we'll be enjoying it even more, as it has some great outdoor areas. Venue will be announced soon! Just like last year we are open to speaker suggestions (suggesting is no guarantee), mail your wishes, requests to [email protected]?subject=SpeakerSuggestion.

Then there will be a closing dinner on the 3rd of November followed by closing drinks. Social events are to be defined, but I am looking at some remarkable spots in Lisbon at the moment.

Weekend: November 4th & 5th - The Plus Package

The planning of this weekend is still in the brewery, but since you all came to Lisbon, and it is wonderful city with great beaches nearby I am tinkering about either having some 'tourist weekend city trip options' available or we can 'claim' a nearby surfer paradise and go out for a surfing weekend (20-40 minutes commuting from Lisbon). Lisbon itself is beautiful as well and we'll make sure you get some great city infos on the months ahead. During the "SteemFest Plus Weekend" the Volvo Ocean Race (sailing around the world) is also harbouring in Lisbon, so if that is your thing, you should definitely head down Baixa where the sailing-boats are moored off.

Note that this weekend idea is under construction and will not be an integral part of the SteemFest ticket (which will be an all-inclusive 2.5 day feast at bargain prices thanks to sponsors). It might be that we set our destination to a beach village close by, collect up suggested airbnb's and just go there and make it a cradle to cradle 'afterparty' in the nicest villa garden or maybe that we all decide to stay in the city... May this 'after weekend' evolve in comments, your spirit and opinions. Rest assured that I have some ideas :)

And now some insider story: Organising a sequel, little dramas...

The original idea for SteemFest 2 was to have it in the USA, and so last January I was planning ahead for a July "SummerCamp" edition. I found a great place south of San Jose in Bay Area (California) in the mountains called "The Presentation Center". 130 People could sleep on site and I started planning with suppliers of audio visual, bartenders, catering and making room revenue calculations (it was expensive to rent out the whole venue, but could recoup some by becoming "hotel" ourselves, as we could rent out 130 sleeping places). I even worked with the venue to get a campsite on site. Then end of February came the unfortunate news that the Presentation Center, after 30 years of business, decided to pull the plug. I tried and asked if they could delay their closing a bit, but that was a no go. Of course this was terrible news, however I was happy I had not yet announced the event, here you can see as some of you know that I want to keep things a bit 'secretive' before announcing, first I want to set stuff in stone before making it public!

So then it was NOT just a matter of copying the whole planning over to another venue, instead we decided to postpone, and all was open again and unfortunately for some it will mean a longer trip to SteemFest, but I promise, next year we definitely have our eyes on spreading our wings and fly out of Europe and won't wait it out until another full year has passed.

SteemFest 2 - LISBON! will not be possible without:

  • You visiting! (preferably by buying a support ticket (soon tba))
  • Sponsorship by Steem.inc, generous whales, and tba other sponsors (you? - contact me via [email protected] about the opportunities)
  • Donations to the @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund - feel free to donate money there...
  • The @Firepower CREW!! - last year a dedicated crew lead by @firepower consisting of @sjennon @foxxycat @razvanelulmarin @anduweb @anyx made sure the event was a blast and most of them will be back to ensure smoothness once more!
  • Input and help from many more of you, just like last year.
  • The City of Lisbon and it's Pastel de Nata's. Creamy & Delicious.

What can you do now already?

  • Save 1-2-3 (4-5) November 2017 in your agenda and start planning a flight / train / start & arranging visas!
  • Follow @steemfest - the official account for SteemFest infos
  • Signup to the mailinglist via https://SteemFest.com

Wait with booking a hotel until the hotel package and tickets are announced...


Pictures sourced from Flickr for commercial use CC licensed, top picture shamelessly ripped from somewhere on the web but loved the scenic view.
Ofcourse: All liquid rewards from this post will be forwarded to the @steemfest account towards the event funding.

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I can guarantee SteemFest 2 will rock! My crew and I will be there to ensure everything goes smoothly! I look forward to meeting everyone again from last year as well as new attendees. It would be fantastic to see everyone at the SF2. Let's meet again to discuss, ideate and execute our incredible ideas and continue our journey with this awesome community that we're building together! I hope to see as many of you as possible participating in the second edition of the Steemit global conference! I thank everyone for extending your support once again towards this event and to Roeland for putting this together! Let's do this!

We may be the only ones with the whristband :-)

@gargon hope you will make it there! Look forward to meeting up! :)

Wow that's a nice bracelet! I'm really inspired.

I hope I can get my crypto together and pay for the fees :)

@timsaid Absolutely bro! I've made some great friends in life thanks to SteemFest! Cant wait to hang out with you like last time!

Oh yeahh

SHIT!! I just realised the first is my birthday!!
If I can't treat myself to a trip on my birthday then when can I?
Now, how is halloween night in Lisbon? I do like to start my birthday bash off with a great halloween.

Awesome! More the reason for you to come and we'll all do cheers together! :D

I'd love to get in on that!! <3

My birthday is on November 6th, a celebration as Steemfest unwinds!! I won my airline ticket through @theprophet0, who is still providing opportunities to win. This is my second year Steemfest birthday wish to come true. I hope you make it there @centaurmystic...there will be reason to celebrate!!

I think if we go we will be driving up to Lisbon from the Algarve. Lots to see on the way.
The way Steemit is going at the moment the 10 cent posts wont quite get us there lol

Gratefully we all have several months to figure it out and give it our best shot if it's important enough. Sounds like a great reason for a road trip to me!!

Nothing better than a steem halloween birthday

That meme is dope!

haha damn right! :D

Love your enthusiasm! Wish you and your amazing crew all the best.

I hope I can make it from India too! Hope so! :)

@sidwrites I hope you will! 5 more months! Steemit hard bruh!

I have no doubt you guys will deliver! I can't wait.

Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you! :D

Haha, seems that you are on fire more than ever, Meghan?! :D

Absolutely! I'm like an energiser bunny and dont run out of power easily! :D

@firepower on fire 🔥 image

oooooohhhh wow! Awesome! :D Thanks for this :D

Let's do this!)

That is what i call a perfect coner! nicely done :)) lol

mag ik mee?

@roelandp hier dus .. aw! duimen!

best one comment man... @firepower

interesting, I'd like to join you guys!

I'm Agree

I am beyond excited! Last SteemFest I must say, I was a Steemit Virgin. Now, I have more knowledge of the platform and met more amazing people, I am more than excited to come to Lisbon and rock that city!

Together with @firepower and hopefully the rest of his team we can welcome you again to another crazy week of Steemit, socializing, drinking, dancing and more fun!

People who came last year know how awesome all this really is! It's going to be awesome and there's no doubt about it! I look forward to seeing you @sjennon and you make a great team player so can't wait to put together a great show!


I look forward to meeting you again! It was a great time. Get that iron ready for 3AM adventures bro!

LOL! Seriously Party till 3. Create presentation 4.30AM -5. Sleep 30 minutes and start work at 6AM and rock the day!

Sounds wonderful. Can't believe you still went out the day after.

Hahahaha! I know right! Firepowaaaa!!! lol!

@firepower's team was AMAZING! The smoothest, most energetic, organized, well-thought out, helpful, inclusive, concise, joyful welcoming team. I'll be so glad to see your faces again as my introduction to SF2--couldn't ask for a better beginning!! <3

Count me in!!!! :) Lisbon is really nice city and the SteemFest will rock there! Can not wait to buy my ticket with Steemdollars like last year, will start to save from today :) Also if a video is need it, just let me know. You know how to find me @roelandp

This is great! :D Looking forward to the updates @gargon

I'm glad you're going @juanmiguelsalas and with Steemdollars!!!! YAY! Will see you there my friend.

Yes @everlove!!!! See you there :))

YIPPEE!!! <3

Wtf man hahahah we are just doing our little steemfest 2 in berlin today uh!! What a coincidende ur home is 400 m away from my hotel hahahh that was a funny whatsapp conversation hahahha

It was!!! See u in 10 minutes :D

Quiero verles en Portugal chicoooossss!

Ahí si nos vamos a ver seguro! Yo ya estoy buscando vuelos :D

Yo ya los he cogido!!! Jajaja toda disparatada :D

wait wait for me!

NExt week im also in berlin! Arr u too?

lets see =)

I simply had to see the 'creamy and delicious' part of your post and then I spotted the Portuguese egg tart on the top right corner of your photos..

Certainly enticing! :)

Better get my visa quickly!

Looking forward to meeting you again @nomadnessie and @heiditravels!

so are we! even less sleep this time!

Hahaha! Damn right! No sleep at all :D Full on zombie mode!

@roelandp this looks like so much fun well done on your event planning i really hope to try and make it and meet the community

@roelandp thx for the upvote brother have a great day

Steem Fest will be huge!

Help me to finance my flight ticket :) I just need 177€ to buy them this will be awesome :)

Added to the calender~

Wow. This would be my birthday wish. I WISH I CAN JOIN STEEMFEST THIS TIME.

you should go.

Yeah, if given the chance, definitely I will

yeah, no way in hell I'll miss this one. You're a god.

If i am a god, we are all gods. Great news L!!!!!

This means my dream of visiting Gaudi architecture in Barcelona is coming true too. The location couldn't be better. Also, many people have too much trouble coming into the USA because of Trump. USA is not good right now.

good choice! I plan on going to Barcelona after Steemfest as well :)

ok, cool! I wonder if there will be a group of us going there...

I love Gaudi , but dont worry at this time of the year , all is more chill and easy ...there are busses to drive you there or cheap rental cars , if i make it to the festival , i ll be happy to go with you , i love Spain :) ..

we will see what happens with our government

Awesome gif! This is going to be awesome!

I needed a reason to get my ID and passport..

This is the reason. Come hell or high water I'm not missing STEEMFEST this year and the chance to meet you all!

yeah, i feel the exact same way

Well said @klye :)

KLYE! great reason man. If you need someone to vouch for you at Canadian govt :P

Actually it looks like it shouldn't be an issue. Looking into getting ID and passports.. Then flights! STEEMfest is a good enough reason to unghost myself and get some identifications. :P

Dear @klye we've known each other a while and in the past we've been #rekt. So come to SteemFest and lets get #rekt together hahahah!

So (I guess) we're not swimming there together? Look forward to meeting!

That is my sentiments exactly!!

Remember remember the first week of November!

More than anything, it's this time when everyone gets excited and hyped about the community more than ever. The community formation materializes during this phase and it spreads immense positivity across the platform. All the best guys! Y'all rock!

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Amazing news.i am excited. Looking forward to this event.

Damn right! hehe :D

I have donated 465 steem to the travel fund. Good luck with all your preparations!

@benjojo i just saw that. It is a very generous offer and I am sure that attendees will be using it in a great way. Are you planning on joining us?

I would love to and have discussed it with my fiance...it depends how we are getting on with our new baby daughter. I will certainly be coming to one of them and I would rather it was in the early days!

Will be there too (unless an unforseen issue keeps me away)! That will make me the Steemit user that has attended more Steemfests than made posts on Steemit ;-)

And some praticalities: what languages do Portugese understand apart from Portugese? Should I start doing Duolingo or is my English or French any useful over there?

Edit: I don't know what others want to do. I would like to see the big (huge) wave surfing in a town not far from Lisbon (I think Nazare) but I'm not sure when the season of big waves starts.

Nearby is Cascais, Nazare is a bit further up north, but yeah thats where the huge waves are. @heiditravels can tell you for sure when season starts :)

Sounds like a great time! Maybe I'll join, again!

The plot thickens.

Lol if you go I have to go... just sayin..

you are most welcome bernie :) we'll roll out the red carpet for you and I have a cold Hite waiting for you! :)

@berniesanders I'll keep a black tinted Ford SUV ready for you when you come! ;)

Again?? Were u in Amsterdam incognito? Maybe i even talked to u? Loool

Yeah right! :)

Bro if you give a speech on reward pool rape I'll buy a ticket! :p

Be cool to see you there Bernie!

I have to say that since finding SteemIt, my life has improved quite a bit!

You see, I am a full-time Internet Marketer, and I've been making a decent living online since 2008.

Now, a lot of people might think that being able to work from home for a few hours a day is absolutely wonderful, and they'd be right! HOWEVER, it's not without it's downfalls, believe me.

I never got into cryptocurrency, and to be honest, I'm not really here to make money with crypto either.

While I have learned a TON about it, and while I absolutely LOVE the fact that I can get compensated for my writing, none of that really matters to me.

You see, I'm constantly writing for my marketing business, and I got into this mindset that every time I write something, the end goal should be to make a sale, or add a subscriber to my newsletter, or get traffic back to my online stores, etc.

SteemIt has become my sanctuary. A place where I can come and write about things I'm interested in and NOT have to think with a "marketing mind."

I LOVE to write, and I had lost that for a while. SteemIt has given that back to me! Like I said, I don't even care if my articles make any money, but it sure is exciting when they do!

I really want to try and make this year's Streemfest. I think it would be absolutely fantastic to meet others who love to write, and I have to say I am a little curious about how the whole idea came about.

I hope to be able to make it this year. If time allows, I will try my hardest to be there!

We would love to see you there! I'm so happy to hear this story as well!

would be great to see you contentking!

Im game! I have another big trip in my head and Im pretty nifty at executions hahaha!

where when how?

Flying out from Malaysia. Wrapping up Steemfest and we can do something. Lemme know! :)

Sounds awesome. May be meeting up with people in the states a day or two earlier as someone suggested. We shall see.

Hello @roelandp all i want is to thank you for the constant support that you are providing silently. I really appreciate your kindness and in return I am trying to do the same for newbies and trying to bring more and more new people to this platform. I am really greatful to you. Bye for now. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!

Great to hear! Will work on attending and also helping in whatever ways I may be able to. time to start saving up for this event and making posts about it to spread the awesomeness & awareness.

Come on over!! Woohooo!

Will do! Time to start saving up.

Same here!

I'm over the moon with this announcement! Last Steemfest was one of the best weekends of my life and I met so many amazing people. I can't express how much I'm looking forward to this.

Fantastico! I hope to see you and others make it! #SteemFest

If I ever cash in on these Steem, I'll definitely make it to one of those SteemFest! Thanks for the updates and I look forward to seeing more about the goodness of this precious gathering.

Namaste :)

Eric! Please come! It would be great to meet you!

AS YOU MIGHT READ BETWEEN THE LINES, IF THE MONEY COMES, I'LL DEFINITELY BE THERE. I would LOVE to meet so many of you out there... Soon enough. Thanks for the encouraging words. Namaste :)

Sir yes sir! :D I'm in the same boat and have been working backwards to be able to afford my trip there!

Let's see how do I get there from where I am..


That's 2 whole months of my professional salary.

It's okay, I can use my assets on Steem
Let's see what I have now...



Patience then... Patience.
Perhaps I'll have my chance in the next Steemfest.

YOu wil get there!

Yes I will! Perhaps not this round but certainly the next!

Im beyond excited to see you there! Woohoo!

Yes!!! Finally. I will short
My holidays in sommer to be in Portugal 5 days :-)

Sooo excited

Por fin nos vemos Manu!!! :-))

siiiii, te voy a emborrachar que lo sepas!

Tú a mí? Entendiste algo mal..... Jajajaja
Qué ganas de verte lokoooooo!!!

ah es verdad que eres alemana...tu aguantas el alcohol más que yo seguro :)

Soy como Obélix: de peque me caí dentro de un barril de cerveza jajaja
Seguimos hablando por privado mejor :-D

This is great! We've gotto parteeeeeeeeey! :D

I'm excited to meet you there @voronoi! Let's draw something together.

Thank you very much for organisation. Lisbon is a very good location :-)

Absolutely! @roelandp keeps innovating! See you there @twinner!

Can't wait to see you all from Steemfest 1 again and meet all the new members! :) And big ups to you @roelandp for doing an outstanding job on organizing the event!

thank you @mrs.steemit! Bring the whole team this time? :) :)

Yes they will be there! Look out for a message on steem.chat in the upcoming days from me about that :)

Looking forward to meeting you again! And please do get the entire team this time!

CRAZY RIGHT! Please do come! :D

Lisbon awaits


Looking forward to seeing you there man :)

Today's post: The exquisite light of Lisbon in photos
Alt text
A teaser for Steemfest ;)

Glad you like the pics :)

OMG...........definately going to try and get. Really wanted to go to Lisbon too! How exciting!