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Hurray, bring in the champagne & quinoa!
We've just launched the official SteemFest website featuring:

Tip: Did you see @infovore's recent SteemMag? He is giving away some SteemFest tickets!



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Very cool! Love this reblogging feature

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Looks great! I'll be buying my ticket shortly!

great dan! If you need to sleep in Amsterdam, at the SteemFest Volkshotel ofcourse, note that the exclusive block reservation ends at 12 October after which the rooms can be can be booked by anyone again.

Buy ticket with fiat.

Non-crypto people who might be interested are going to find that very strange. Would "buy with credit card" not be more appropriate? Or even just "buy", followed by choices of method after you click through.

I could be totally wrong here, just my feedback which you can take with a grain of salt.

I think you are quite right. Let me update some. Although officially fiat stands for 'a currency established as money by government regulation or law' ....

I've updated the site now. The top one now links first to the 'SBD' part and from there you can jump to the ticket shop... Some extra promotion for SBD sales.

It's absolutely technically correct. It's just strange to a non-crypto (or goldbug) person. And the first rule of UX is to never surprise the user. But there's also the importance of minimizing clicks which is why I wasn't fully confident in my own suggested alternative.

@demotruk no you have a point, I agree that there should be other choices of method for buying tickets.
Say..., I'm a Steemian but my friends aint? can we then not invite them?

@englishtchrivy it was more about what to link where and how to call 'the button'. There were and are already many (all that I can think of besides cash money and invoice) payment options:

  • You can buy at ticket with SBD, Bitcoin, Creditcard, Ideal, Sofort, Paypal and many local e-banking solutions.

And... If your friends ain't Steemians... I have a link for them :)

Dank je wel! :)

@roelandp - ah zo - dank je wel!
ben 2 dagen niet online geweest - veel gemist - morgen weer alles lezen -

How are ticket sales going so far?

not bad! we are above 10% after the weekend. So it's ok IMHO.

I wonder how much easier it would've been 2 months ago with the price then. :D

SBD then = SBD now... besides the spike...

Yes of course, I just meant that rewards were bigger back then and people maybe in general had more liquids laying around. :)

Site is fantastic!

Congratulations! This is so exciting for our community as a whole! Great job and I support you!

Good looking site... Excellent.

Oh lord that looks amazing. I wish I could wave a magic wand that made my missus let me go to Amsterdam alone for the weekend!!

can we help? Do you need an alibi for the missus? We can arrange this.

Oh if only!!

Good lord, I waved a wand and my missus said if I could raise the cash I could go!! I am gonna have to get my A game on!!!!

Looks solid guys! Make sure to make this as big as EDC :P

You mean the fest in Las Vegas?

Wow! The implemented payment with SBD on your website is so cool! I'm struggling with something like that for 3 weeks and have no result! Is there a possibility to create one plugin for WooCommerce that will do the same thing? I've just started one crowdfunding post series for that and I need the community support. Maybe you can help with any idea or even by creating the plugin! Thank you!

Hi you should really follow @steve-walschot and the @steempayments initiative. I think they are working on a WooCommerce plugin... This implementation is totally build around manually verification which is not really handy, but at least it takes a bit of effort out, by prefilling some links.

great initiative, way to go!

"144 SBD" wooah, that's a lot O.o

it actually cost 4 times that amount per person... Normally conferences also cost around 500 $ to produce per person and then they ask 1200 $ for a ticket. Imho it's quite reasonable? The price is actually quite low thanks to Steemit hq's and witnesses' support. Also don't forget, you get 1000 SP if you arrive in the conference venue with your ticket.

exciting stuff-and very generous!

and quinoa! that made me LOL!