Why I Want An Account For Having Fun & Enjoying My Steemian Experience. by @jackmiller

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by @jackmiller (owner of @mypics & @mypicks)

You know, it is kind of funny, when I first got here I was a Twitter user/reader and was lost in space.

Yep, you read that right, it was all so different and understanding what was happening on Steem back in the day when the only "web page" (front end) was Steemit.com for a person like me who had only had contact with social networks via Facebook and Twitter, well it was somewhat "hard" to adapt to.

However, with the help and assistance of some fellow Steemians it became something that was more than enjoyable.

In fact, I found my own niche, it was called "HAVING FUN".

Then as things progressed and I got into it all, to the point where I am literally thinking about Steem 24/7 and not only that, but also reading up and following the latest and greatest news in the blockchain scene and the crypto scene.

Addicted fanatic!

However, what happened somewhere in that process of development in the field, I lost all contact with what was a very enjoyable aspect of my Steemian experience.

Plain old "mucking around", "having fun", some joking around, sarcasm to get some messages across and doing it in a way that just can't have any of the very serious people respond to it.


So hence this account @mypics.

Originally I opened this account up to hook up third party apps that required my keys to use them.
i.e. Dtube, Steepshot, later on Steempress (and the list goes on)

However, since realizing that I miss the good old "larikin" I have decided to use this account here just for that.

Larrikin is an Australian English term meaning "a mischievous young person, an uncultivated, rowdy but good hearted person", or "a person who acts with apparent disregard for social or political conventions"


As can be seen in the definition here, that it pretty much fits me to a teeeee, even if my age is somewhat "questionable", the heart is still there!

As a person who has from mid last year when I got here, promoted the idea of just making your wall what you want it to be, it was almost hard to admit to myself that because of me starting up a witness campaign, I kinda lost touch with the laughs and fun side of things.

Can't blame anyone else for that, but seriously, think about it and I am sure you can understand why it happened.

Sure, I can be totally serious when need be, I can face reality without hiding behind the "jokes", but to be totally hones, I love having a laugh, I thoroughly enjoy joking and using sarcasm and any other type of tactic that makes me and others laugh.
Sure, we are all individuals and likewise our humour differs, but that is part of the charm. Well it is to me at least!

So my decision was and is to use this account which I originally opened up for third party apps only, as a branch of my being on Steem.

I shall use it to make my Steemian experience more enjoyable.

The hard part now is to get the news out there, to make sure my fellow Steemian brothers and sisters know who @mypics is.

So as part of the process I shall be using the tools I have available to help promote this account until I am 100% convinced that I have accomplished that task.

Now, for those that don't remember or know about the "Goodnight" aka "G'DAY" posts I so much enjoyed, here is the main caption from those posts that you shall see from time to time here:

& remember:

& when I can't laugh at you, I'll laugh at me!

So, in my good ol' tradition I wish a:

Goodnight to everyone where it is night time, Good morning to everyone where it is morning and G'day to everyone else.

Yours truly



Time to BUGGER OFF...

I think that should be enough to give you a feel for it!

If not then, what else can I say but


If you are still not sure what "Bugger" means, then check out this very informational video:

So there you have it, a simple "intro" once again, guess it doesn't hurt to spell it out and make sure everything is 100% crystal clear.

Plus I can just chuck this link in comments or DMs when asked about @mypics, saves me having to explain it over and over and over again!

Even if I did already post about it, but I didn't spell it all out like I'm spelling it out here.

& you know what, I can do this, I have every right to make my Steemian experience unique and fit into my schedule and way of doing things.

Not like this is some "fake account", never was one, it was always very clear as to who owns it and from the header alone it was clear that this was definitely not an account for essays or novels or Shakespearean Poetry!

and to finish this post off in an appropriate manner:


Yours truly

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Thanks for sharing this, as someone who is new to the platform and interested to learn more it is nice to see some out look through different eyes.


yes very intresting threads

I agree, this is a great article and very helpful. :)

I hear ya man. I think I should totally look into getting one of these accounts to just have fun with.

Dude, here's an idea:

How about a Minion with Neds hair on it?

I'll leave the rest up to you, if you go 4 it.

I reckon it will be a killer laugh of an avatar for @nedshair

Just thinking out aloud in the wee hours of the morning, come to think of it, time to take a wee.


That's a GREAT Idea! I would LOVE to see a Minion with Neds Hair on it! @nedshair

I do like the minion Idea BUT i like the way I look right now also.

I like it but I think I will stick with my current do. :)

Exactly, once upon a time it was a world of "bloggers only" so it was hard to be "different" but then as new front ends started showing up with videos, photos, memes, a twitter like front end, Steem has become flexible for everyone.

& if you feel that you original "blogging" account isn't a place to do things differently, for whatever reason, then go ahead and do what it takes for you to enjoy your Steemian experience.

Be open and up front about it and if anyone has an issue with you being yourself, then tell them to go suck on a rotten egg!

You really should get one of those accounts. It must not be easy being hair of your stature and recognition. ;)

Not sure Jacky boy here got the joke. haha.

@nedshair needs a "serious" account!

and then another joking around account after that to make sure people don't take him too seriously.

& I gotta stop replying to things first thing in the mornings!

Nothing more serious than a beard, sir.

I wonder if nedsbellybutton is anywhere on the horizon!

maybe you're right.

Yo creo que ella no te ama

That's one of my mottoes even for my business, is to have fun with it. :)

This just cheered me up. Looking forward to seeing more posts and engaging for fun on the run. Cheers!

Well, I'll be buggered... all these years later and that Toyota ad is still one of my all-time favourites

Yep, always will be!

It's a beaut!

Good on YOU!!!

Laughing is needed more now than ever. Never give up laughing and making others giggle.


Laughs are sometimes the best cure for everything, 100% agree with you!

Play hard!

Good of you to notice that you were losing your larikenistic ways. If you can’t have some fun while trucking along through life then what’s the point?

I love to say if you can’t laugh at something, call me, I’ll laugh for you! Laughter can be the best medicine sometimes!

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you just gave a different perspective to steemit, it seems so nice to look at it like this.

I am new to steemit and your post is the first one I have read. seems steemit is more fun than I thought.

İn the end, it’ll be more than fun only, so bugger me already:)

another account to release the fun side of your personality.. great way to relieve stress, too. =)

Managing two accounts is hard! Starting a new account is even harder because of the process of raising your reputation score, acquiring enough SP and building a following.

As an experienced steemian its a bit easy because you already know what is required.

I’m definitely following your new account for a change of scenery :)

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Why have just one when you can have hundreds?

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Laughter makes it possible to put life into perspective, even in the most difficult moments, to have fun of everything, and at all times.
It is a way of positivé situations by simplifying them.
It is also and above all an incredible way to share, to transmit.
I unfortunately can not laugh every day, because the people manages the daily in different ways. But seeing people who can, is a great way to be happy.
Thanks to you for this article resteem and upvote ^^

There are many more just like me here who don't agree with "others" telling "us" what to do.

Be yourself, make your wall what you want it to be and in time you will enjoy your experiences here on Steem more than any other place on the world wide web.

& when you forget to have fun, remember, there are always crazy people like me who are here to remind you about it!


Pues la verdad que para ser un usuario de Twitter no lo haces nada mal

Yes, that is so true, one just can't make any mistakes on Twitter, anything is acceptable. At least here we learn to respect each other and still be ourselves in any way we want to. Steem on my brother from Venezuela.

Sí, eso es tan cierto, uno simplemente no puede cometer errores en Twitter, cualquier cosa es aceptable. Al menos aquí aprendemos a respetarnos unos a otros y aún así ser nosotros mismos de la manera que queramos. Steem a mi hermano de venezuela.

PS. Google Translate was used for the translation into Spanish, so excuse any mistakes.
PD. Google Translate se utilizó para la traducción al español, así que disculpe cualquier error.

I agree, it seems to be fairly difficult to have a sense of humor on this platform. Everyone seems to be very uptight a lot of the time, and that's very unfortunate.

I usually like to joke around a lot when on any social media platform, so this has resulted in me not posting or commenting a lot.

Well, you know what, go ahead and enjoy it, be yourself and who cares what anyone thinks about it.

There is only ONE of you on this earth and who doesn't accept you the way you are, well "BUGGER THEM"!

Make your Steemian experience into what you want it to be, not what "others" want from you!

I totally agree.you're right it should be

Oh my land, that Toyota "Bugger" commercial is too funny. :D I have to say though, that the dog with his lips flapping all over the place as the dog enjoys a road trip with its head out the window, is the best thing I've seen in ages, I almost spat my water all over my computer when I saw that, LOL. :D
Thanks so much for the chuckles. :D
God bless you. :D Have an awesome day! :D

Glad I made your day!

Even more glad you didn't spurt that water all over the PC, can't afford a lawyer and court case right now, spent all my money on Steem recently and it is already hard enough to convince my better half that "I did the smart thing". So you can imagine what I would have to put up with if I had to pay for someones new PC too!


You really did, it still makes me chuckle when I picture it in my minds eye even now. :D
I wouldn't have sued you I swear. :D It would have been my own fault, I should have known better than to take a drink before watching a video with a dog in it, they're always funny, our dogs make me laugh every day. :D LOL. :D
I can definitely imagine how that conversation with your better half would have went though, LOL. :D
God bless you and your family. :D Have an awesome day my friend! :D

Me gusta lo que haces, eres divertido y te gusta compartir la diversión. Te felicito por ser tan abierto.
Esta bien lo haces. me gusta mucho.
Yo soy nueva y no se como incursionar en esta plataforma. Veo variedad y tu forma de hacerlo es muy original.
Se me ocurren cosas. eres una guía, permiteme que así lo vea.... Me gusta tu reinicio y te felicito.

I think I have found the perfect avatar picture

I love this picture

Thank you steemit for making us Happy.

@mypics Gracias, por sacar tiempo y escribir esto, para todos aquelos que llegamos nuevo aquí con ganas de hacer de este blockchaim el mejor. Gracias

@blackpirate198 can you wirite like this? This is good. 😂😂

Excellent content, a smile is always good, living with joy is being at peace.

a second account just for kicks, right? i do that in facebook and blocked family members i don't want to have a bad image of me..haha

hmm..sounds familiar!

I've become a new member and I see very nice shares

That was good

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Good Publication Brother!
Greetings From Venezuela

You right sir

Oh yeah!


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Awesome! Laughing is the best medicine

That's Cool

lo cura todo...

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My experience is different but I kind of get where you're coming from. For me, I originally had this firm intention for @hobo.media and bought the domain hobo.media to boot.

But I really have not stuck to the original plan. The aim for it was to be completely unadulterated international journalism with the slogan Just News, Because You Shouldn't Care About Our Opinion and the strategy was compensating journalists via upvotes in a decentralized manner with a decentralized editor program as well.

Problem is, just haven't gotten around to doing it. At some point this account became my main and I posted about random stuff I thought about and the account that wasn't meant to be a personal account became one...

I don't wanna be an old man anymore. It's been a year or two since I was out on the floor, shaking booty, making sweet love all the night. It's time I got back to the good life. It's time I got back, it's time I got back and I don't even know how I got off the track.

Shake that booty!

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Well done and I wish you milion smiles every day.

Surely you're great. But as for curiosity purpose do u then matter your post in trending. 😂😂😂

How did you get that dog effect? It's hilarious!

Wonderful post! I have a huge drive to want exactly what you described. Hopefully I'll get somewhere!

Very good. :)

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