Steem Pruner - quick way to remove posts from Steem, the censored blockchain

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See updated version: Even better Steem Pruner

As many of us successfully switched to Hive, a new, better version of the social blockchain, it is crucial to remove our content from Steem. There are multiple reasons why would you like to do that and why you really need to do that.

Steem is now centralized and censored. Witnesses who care about basic principles resigned from their positions and are moving to Hive. Some of them stayed to let people move smoothly during the next few weeks but basically the Steem blockchain is not safe anymore. There is only one single entity running almost the entire infrastructure. And it's led by a man who doesn't care about the network or its users. He lies every day and he is trying to trick people to exit scam. He already used custodial funds from exchanges like Binance and Poloniex to take over the blockchain government. This is why the community created Hive. Steem gonna die. Long live Hive!

To help the Hive community, I've created a simple application that will do it for you.

Steem pruner


The idea of the application is very simple. You can type your username and it will gather all your posts. Then, using Steem Keychain, it iterates through every post and changes its body.

Of course, due to blockchain principles, you cannot really remove your articles from Steem. All you can do is to update its latest version. But it is enough because only latest version is visible on frontends by default. And this is a message to those who don't know what's happening on chain.

Option 1: Insert link to Hive post

If you care about your content and readers, the best way to handle this situation is to point them to your articles on the better chain, Hive. Using this option, post body will be replaced with a simple sentence encouraging reader to visit a post on Hive.

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The post title will remain the same. It will only change its body.

Option 2: I want to fuck Justin Sun

You can select this special option if you want to send a message to our beloved commander, Justin Sun.

This one will change the title of every post to "Moving to hive" and insert a message for him. Choose wisely.

Steem Keychain

Extremely import is to make sure you have Steem Keychain configured correctly. You need to use to interact with Steem. Please be careful. Check your Preferences before using Steem Pruner. It must looks like this:

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By default, Steem Keychain will ask you for permission to update the post. You can check how it works with just a single article.

If you want to prune all of your articles, you can select "Do not prompt again to send post transactions [...]". It will then automatically prune your posts one by one.

Just keep the browser tab open and it will all the job. At least if you have enough Resource Credits to do that. But don't worry, you can continue pruning at any moment.

See updated version: Even better Steem Pruner


Yes we should remove all the post we made on steem for SEO since Google search hate duplicate content a lot.

BRILLIANT! This is exactly what I need, as I yesterday decided I wanted to remove all my posts from Steem and point them to Hive. I didn't really like the idea that my content would circle around on two places. And now I can do it with a tool - that saves me many many hours :D


@engrave User @gamer00 had Steem Keychain configured to use API node and accidentally overwrite many Hive posts. Is there a way to undo this?

Warning: make sure you are only modifying STEEM blockchain data!

Well, I've even posted an image with Steemit API to make sure everyone will check that. Also, I suggest testing it with a single article before clicking "PRUNE ALL". There is no automatic way to undo this but his content is still in blockchain, just updated. I will contact him.

Thanks for your help

Well done :)

Amazing tool but if there is any post that has a transaction error it stops working. Can you adjust the tool to skip over any post that has a transaction error??

Yes, I will upgrade the tool soon :)

Yeah great tool but I'm stuck doing manually and have over 5 so far that wont [email protected] Justin.....

I will fix it soon, the tool will skip to another post if it encounters a problem.

It is ready now: Even better Steem Pruner

Yeah, finished it up. What can we do with the ones that wouldn't prune?

Very impressive work @engrave! Love how you tied the needed permissions to Steem Keychain, so we can rest comfortably on "tried and true" technology ...

Upvoted and resteemed reblogged!

Thanks, I don't like Justin Sun to have my IP within his blockchain. Or at least show them on his censoring frontend.

In the process of pruning 3 years of content on Steem! Thank you for this! :)

I have pruned both my account and my wife's account.

I laughed a lot at the smilies :)

Bardzo dobra opcja. Jutro sobie to obczaję. Dzięki za cynk.

Now THIS I Likey!

@kennyskitchen, this will save you a lot of work!

Lol...hilarious. Imagine thousands of posts with that gif. 😂 😂

I hope I will see it :)

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Fantastic! Now I'm going to have to dive back into getting Keychain to work. I've been using the peaklock app successfully, but no success installing keychain in my browser lately.

Hmm, should be easy to add support for Posting Key. I will take a look but probably tomorrow. It's already late here and we all had a lot on our plates during the last few days ;)

My issue has been getting it to download during that portion of the installation for the browser extension. Just never completes.

To be on a safe side, I would suggest that you use separate browser profiles for Steem and for Hive interaction.

Then, in Stemm install and have active Steem Keychain while on Hive you install Hive Keychain only.

Did you manage to install Hive Keychain yet? When you need any help ... give me a call :)

Now that's creative and useful :)

Hahaha. Awesome!!

@trumpman needs this to write penis.

Am I the only person here who’s never used Keychain and doesn’t grok it?

Probably ;) It's really useful.

I tried to use it by Steem is down. Try again later!!

This is fucking awesome... 😍

You are a genius, man..!

Seems like there is a lot of interest for this tool. Great idea! I shared this post on Twitter here:

Do you know of the link to download back to your comp, automatically, on all previous steemposts? (before you prune)
I did had the link, but have lost it.

I'd like to grab them all back before 'changing' them...

Sorry, I don't.

ok, no worries. cheers

If I new your gender, I might just kiss you! lol
Thanks a lot! (and you've just qualified for a portion of my 50% profits from my steem trades!lol)

Where do you want your funds to go ? Steem or Hive?

Lol, you're welcome. If you're sending me something, send it on Hive please. Already got steem bags that I can't get out/rid of soon enough lol.

Ok, deal, Hive on it's way....sometime soon....ish..

I tried it on 1 post and it worked as you said, it's now running the entire list of my posts on steemit.

awesome stuff! should also change all the comments :)

Good point, I will work on that today.

I am officially all now pruned. Thank you very much. Checked the posts and tool worked like a charm!

lol holy shit, this is great. Excellent work on getting it out so fast! #HiveIsAlive :^)

Wow, this is so cool, I'll do that one of the next days.

Very useful and simple to use: thanks @engrave!

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I just pruned, what an exemplary service, thank you sir~

You're welcome :)

I seem to have a problem with my steem keychain. Will this work with steem connect?

No, the tool is very simple and supports only Steem Keychain right now. But I may add Posting Key support if that's necessary.

Thank you appreciated and shared.

Quick redirect solution tool.

I have a problem with the Steem Pruner.. I have successfully made the 3 posts but the latest one which is Nature Photography DOES NOT APPEAR ON HIVE... Can you please fix this bug... HIve says, this page does not exist.... If you go to my Steem account, it is there the pruned post, but not on Hive... Please help... Should I post the draft on HIve so it will appear there... Tha nk you.

This post does not exist on Hive because you've posted it after Hard Fork (the moment when the Hive was created). So it exists only in Steem blockchain.

But the problem is ..I can't see the post on Steem blockchain. Just the caption that it can be seen on can I get it back so my readers can see it

What happens when I post the copied draft of that post on Hive?

Then, it will exist in both chains. It's basically better to use Hive only. Copy that single post and start using or :)

The reason why I posted the article on the steem blockchain was that, most of my readers haven´t joined Hive yet at the time Hive went live and at the time I published my article.... and most of my readers have the curation trail , so if I posted my article on Hive, they won´t be able to see, read and curate that published post and also because the curation trail they have is not on Hive.... please correct me if I am wrong.

Encourage your readers so they use or and they will be able to read your articles.

I love the idea of this and can't wait to make this happen but I'm also one of those people who never got to use Keychain. In fact, I wonder if it's even possible to install and use it with the Brave browser ( I believe that was one of the reasons why I'm not using it ).

What are your thoughts on this?

Hey, it's very easy to install in Brave, as Brave is built on Chrome technology you can install all apps from the Chrome webstore. Just google something like 'Steem Keychain for Chrome' and install from there. Cheers!

Cheers. Just figured it out and I'm in. Really liking the look and feel of it. Groetjes uit Eindhoven!

and just for a try as this is my first coment on hive

Revenge ;)

It's not revenge, it's just a signal for the community to move from a dying chain to a new one. Also, Steemit's domain is well established in google search results so it's worth to point potential readers a our new home.

I am not a big fan of revenge, usually.
But I feel a certain satisfaction when I deplete what I put on 'Justin's Chain'.

amazing! genius. Thank you!

So happy to see this, thanks so much for making it happen xx

How sad we ended up doing this

Amazing! The tool has gone through over 1500 posts - over two years worth - and has worked perfectly. (It's now paused at about 60% done - I seem to have the RC still (74%), but oh well, I guess it will do more later.) Thank you so much!

(Now to write up a "so long and thanks for all the fish" post to Justin.)

Still not resuming after the Steem outage there... Has he managed to block this tool already?


Have just activated it for my own posts. IT WAS SO TEMPTING to just click the, 'Fuck Justin Sun' option. In the end, after much inner debate, I retained a Smidgen of Sensible and clicked the mature option. 😂

holy sh!t - what a damn cool idea.....

This continues to be a series of firsts for me. I downloaded chrome and keychain. Never used either, and will delete when done pruning. But this is awesome. I'm laughing as I imagine Justins vein in his temples bulging out. Thanks so much. Of course I picked option 2. :D

Edited to add it appears for some reason it wasn't able to grab all the posts, but guessing enough were Justin will be adding my account to his blacklist.

I will take a look on my free time, maybe there a bug to fix :)

I think the idea is amazing. 👍 There is a risk of accidentally pruning hive posts as long as the chain id is the same.

I thought it would be great if you do like a custom_json tx and stream the transactions until you get the custom_json tx to make sure the user is on the right chain. People are not reading very important messages from time to time. 😅😅

Hmm, that's actually a good idea.

Are you on Discord anywhere so we can figure out what's going wrong?
I got through the first 60% of my posts yesterday, but it's now stuck. I have tried hitting the button again a number of times, but it still sits on the same post. If I refresh the page, will it just start at the beginning again? Or will it skip the ones its already done?

Yes, contact me on (my username is @nicniezgrublem).


re?hived?, and I'll be putting this into play today!

FUCK @justinccp

This is a very useful tool. Thanks for sharing. I believe it's time to show the world that decentralization matters above all else. There's no place for censorship in crypto. After all, Blockchain was designed to provide freedom and power to the people. Censoring posts (like it's done on the Steem chain) makes Steemit no different than Reddit, Twitter, and other centralized social media platforms of today. I admire your work with this. Upvoted and resteemed! Keep up the good work!