Steem Blockchain Beneficiary Rewards Revealed

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Although it's free to post content on the Steem blockchain, the moment you fire up your favourite Steem Interface you're at the risk of sharing your income with a third party.


Yep, it's in the fine print, didn't you read it when you signed on?

Some platforms actually take a portion of your rewards when you post content and comments via their interface. And these rewards are call beneficiary rewards.

But, there are still free alternatives where you get to keep 100% of your earnings. So he's a list of the current Steem Blockchain interfaces and the beneficiary rewards they take.

Steem Blockchain Beneficiary Rewards - 0%

As this is usually the first stop for Steemians it's comforting to know you still get the best bang for your buck here and won't lose any of your hard earned rewards. - 0%

This was surprising as I'd heard quotes of 15% or higher but at the time of writing this post, doesn't appear to take a beneficiary reward when posting content to the Steem Blockchain on your behalf. - 0%

I'd recently see a post confirming this and dlive also hand out decent upvotes for worthy content. Their playback service also seems more reliable than dtube. And although they are known for Live Streaming I'm wondering if you could replay pre-recorded stuff instead of uploading to dtube. - 5%

Mspsteem is part of the Minnow Support Project and the 5% cut goes straight back into growing the Steem Minnow Community. You could do a lot worse than using this platform to post your content. - 10%

eSteem is a mobile interface for the Steem Blockchain and developing apps for mobile can be a costly exercise, given the increasing number of compatible devices you need to test for. I think 10% is a fair cut for the ease of use this platform provides. - 15%

Chainbb is a forum based interface for Steem. I haven't had a lot to do with this platform but when you're loosing 15% of your earnings you have to ask yourself if there are better ways to post your content. - 15%

I'm not even sure what value zappl has that earns them the right to take 15% of your hard earned money, but it's one of the better know interfaces so it must make some people happy. - 15%

Currently takes 15% in beneficiary rewards so just keep that in mind when you're taking a few quick pics and trying to cash in big time. - 25%

Although sits in the 25% beneficiaries category they are totally deserving of that reward due to the massive value they offer to the Steem Community.

And if you follow their guidelines and produce valuable unique content you will get rewarded with a hefty upvote for your work. And this platform isn't just for developers, it's also a platform for analysts, tutorial writers and translators. - 25%

Well we all know dtube, but not everyone is aware you'll loose 25% of your final payout to the platform. Now this wouldn't be bad if you were one of the chosen few to get a regular dtube upvote, but if you aren't, you still loose 25% of the few rewards you've earned. - 25%

I don't really have much to say about this platform as you can only post so many meme's IMHO but a 25% cut isn't a fair chunk for the value they offer.

Personally, I had imagined dmania was a MEME Generator platform where you could create memes by selecting popular photos and adding the words to create the MEME's.

This would have been so much more valuable to the community. - 25%

I really haven't had any dealing with so I'm not in a position to comment either way although testing the service I found it to be a bit laggy.

Perhaps dsound could be the future for podcasters, if suitable interfaces can be developed allowing creators to embed dsound content on their websites.

Hopefully, I've managed to cover most of the popular Steem Blockchain Interfaces and have given you a little more insight to what rewards you might be missing out on.

Just remember that website hosting and development does cost money, so be prepared to share a little of your rewards to help keep your favourite platform running.

But if you can't afford to give a little back then at least you know there are a few other alternatives out there.


Hi, I'm a Staff Member of Dlive and stumbled upon your post!

Their playback service also seems more reliable than dtube. And although they are known for Live Streaming I'm wondering if you could replay pre-recorded stuff instead of uploading to dtube.

Yes, we have a video hosting feature on DLive! Not only does the DLive platform cator to livestreamers but any sort of video content. We recently upgraded the video sizes from 1GB to 2GB, so if you have a video you'd like to share to the world then gladly try out our video hosting!

Hope I helped a little :D

Wow! This is great news because the playback consistency appears to be much better than dtube and I'm waiting for the right platform to share with my 25K Youtube audience.
I'll investigate more.
Cheers and welcome to #teamaustralia ;-)

I have been aboard #TA since Centrelink ahah. I'd definitely love for you to use dlive, I'm in the PAL discord as cheech-oz. Hit me up for a chat

I wrote a nice piece focussing on DLive this morning and published it through Utopian-io and then found out DLive isn't open source. Which means my post wont get a chunky utopian-io upvote. Fail. lol

However, I think in the long run it might be a better fit for my 25K YouTube community when I'm ready to bring them over.

Keep up the great work.

I haven't ventured out of yet - do most of the third party sites need your posting key - how does that work?

They all need your posting key and some possibly your active key. But they all appear to use SteemConnect so if they don't that's your red flag.
If works for you then just carry on :-D

I’m really surprised at busy. Especially since you get a reasonable upvote from busy.

Yeah, I was too, so I tested it a few different times and the resulting blockchain reference was the same. 0% so maybe they changed it recently.

You also have to remember some of these platforms get a hefty delegation from the guys at the top, so it's like gambling with someone else's money ;-)

Thanks for the overview!

Wow i had no idea they did that good post thanks

Yeah some people don't have any idea about the reward distribution. Or can't be bothered looking into the fine details.

Do you know if Partiko does?