The Guiding Mission, Vision and Values of Steemit, Inc.

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Hi everyone,

Happy new year! We’ve been working hard on the cost cutting roadmap we began in late November, and we’ve made significant strides on Hivemind, infrastructure that reduces costs and also opens up the road for steemit as a communities web-app.

Here’s now another new development: the first portion of a new About Us page, which includes a renewed Mission, Vision and Values, and it is accessible by’s hamburger menu.

Click here to go to the new About Us page: []

The reason I want to post this now is, 1) there is no time like the present and, 2) it’s an important document for understanding Steemit’s renewed purpose and direction. For one, you may notice, we have re prioritized communities on, after immediate infrastructure cost reductions go far enough.

Overall, this document exists to represent who we are and how we’re moving forward. I want everyone to know these basic tenants of how this company operates today. With greater understanding of each other, we can be greater in how we work together.

Thank you for contributing to this community, we are privileged to share the opportunity to grow with you.

Best regards,

p.s. I will be at The State of Steem townhall tomorrow to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and discuss this document with @pennsif.

There are 3 pages

Hi @ned,

I am @edprivat, a musician that has been active on steemit for more than a year now.
I am also in charge of the curation for @artzone that you can come check it out if you want, we've just reached 10k followers not so long ago, and has been a driving force on this platform by actively helping artists, musicians, producers,painters, and digital artists.
I am also a Musicoin global ambassador and active on Choon.

I was performing at the Steemfest this year with other artists @Yidneth, @katrina-ariel , @greencross, and the @steembirds that you already know.

Music is an art that is universally appreciated, and can be felt by everyone, across all class, all races, and age.
This is a tool that can get us one step closer to hopefully one day mass adoption, I've witnessed first hand the incredible impact that @dsound had on the steemit community, attracting real talent with skills, expertise, passion and dedication, maybe not "Instagram celebrities", but a lot of key players active on the blockchain like @ftlob, @d-vine, @musicvoter, @jeffleinwand, @grizzle, @heaterville, @theomgbrand, @theturtleproject, @isaria, @soundlegion, @avesa, @atomcollector , @termitemusic , @kayclarity, @darrenclaxton, @newenx, @alexworld, @cinelonga, @melissakellie, @vachemorte ,@laritheghost, @gjart, @nakedverse, @whymonkey, @krazypoet, @djlethalskillz , @paintingangels , @jonmagnusson, @soundwavephoton, @taphophilia , @wolfnworbeikood, @jeffandhisguitar, @davidfar, @samprock , @beats4change, @rant-vegra, @elainefaye, @pennsif, @onemedia , @ivan.atman , @kryptoe and I am forgetting so many more that post daily creating amazing content, quality products that have a proven record of selling music and performing with AAA players,, this is the type of production value that you cannot underestimate, and should be cherished.

As a guitarist yourself, you should understand that most professional musicians, people making a living of their work don't have the luxury to dedicate their time to a platform that is not profitable anymore, this is a cut-throat world out there, and we witnessed lots of music related platforms crashing and burning due to bad decisions.

I understand that the delegation was never meant to last forever, but we would have all appreciated a better communication, and maybe discussed with the community prior to doing so , talk with @prc its creator, to find a short term and long term solution.

Right now I am ending up running after whales across Discord and pitching like a salesman for their support, I don't have a multi million dollar company so I probably don't understand the intricacies of the business, however I aspire like everyone else to build a healthy community and company through quality music, and I don't think this matter should have been handled so lightly.

I hope we can find an arrangement, and maybe get a support for a short period of time and allowing us to find more investors. 3 months of delegation will be for example enough.
Thanks in advance!

Totally agree Ed! As much as we would all love to dedicate many hours a day to crafting text/image based content for Steemit as musicians the work that goes into our craft should also be nourished on the platform.

There are many fantastic initiatives and competitions such as yours and @OpenMic plus many more however musicians tend to exist on a small income and dsound had become really important to them.
The last thing we want to do is drive this talent off the platform so here is a chance for you to do the right thing @ned for the benefit of everyone. Please put any differences and feelings you may have to one side for the sake of the independent musicians on Steemit.

The last thing we want to do is drive this talent off the platform so here is a chance for you to do the right thing @ned for the benefit of everyone.

In time of war, the first to exit the country are always the "brains" and then the artists. People start fighting when there's no one left to entertain them.
So I am being a bit dramatic, or am I?

I think you are allowed to be as dramatic as you want Ed. This is a serious issue that could have long lasting ramifications.

It is quite troublesome, I've been contacting tons of whales, I will continue to do so , hopefully we can get back our 1millions SP
Well otherwise I am out of idea
THIS is awesome btw well done!

Spot on, most of the brains left in late 2017. The few that remain are just standing around like me, watching the dumpster fire blaze on and begin to peter out...

I am actually a big fan of your brain and your rants, so I don't know what to think of the fact that you agree with me, I think I need to meditate on this for a while.

watching the dumpster fire blaze on and begin to peter out

we are the dumpster of the internet indeed

Thank you for the kind remarks. I don't think our agreement is indicative of much more than being awake, observing and having more than two brain cells between us to see such obvious inanity right in front of all of us.

Okay, maybe you got your own two brain cells, I don't mean to insult you or sell you short, but I figured it out and I'm pretty sure it only took me my one remaining brain cell to do it.

This place is full of "Yes Men" so I always love people asking the harsh questions or answering them, even if it hurts a little.

Okay, maybe you got your own two brain cells, I don't mean to insult you or sell you short

Not taken personally, always assume that you are speaking to Tweedledum or Tweedledee, in other word, that most people's intellect is below average.

The sooner this community ditches it's fanaticism for you the better off we'll be.

The fanaticism has died down to some extent thanks to the price dump. To be honest, I think the price dump has done more good for the community then bad. Before, the price was almost entirely controlled by speculation.

But now, real use cases are adding up. Ads on Steemit is a big plus point. The low price is forcing DApps to brainstorm business models that work instead of speculative investments.

The performance optimizations were a must. Many critics and witnesses were complaining about that but Steem inc didn't listen. But now that their own costs were getting out of control, they started working on Mira and other performance related stuff.

If the price didn't dump, they probably wouldn't take these things so seriously.

We release you @ned from your spell as #Steemit's CEO ...

I agree @fulltimegeek and also giggled when I saw Bernie agree with you. The silver lining is that even people with differences can come together in instances of common insanity such as the ned delusion. Glad to see you guys agreeing 🤗 hugs to both of you 💋

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No kidding! Hugs 🤗 all around! And, come on Ned can't help being one heck of a handsome guy! Fulltimegeek is pretty handsome too 😁🎶💋 🙏

Yes Nurse! KC out spreading the love! Awesome!

Yes and may he take the guitar with him out the door.

You know there is consensus when both you and Bern agree!!! :-)

Couldn't agree more. If you want to slip further down CMC rankings, then lets keep No Show Ned as CEO. With the same leadership, you will continue to get the past results.

Wow, an upvote from berniesanders.
This means, it is serious business..


We will see, how keeps on breaking promises. Should we look into some older posts from him?
It feels like, he said the same a year ago.
No Roadmap, no nothing... Steem basically lost a year in development

Some of the major software improvements finished in the past year:
Hivemind ✓
SMT bones ✓
Resource Credits ✓
Account Credits ✓
These are fundamentally important and perhaps under-appreciable to the end user.

And how much did you spend on that "fundamentally important" development, @ned?

Well, i don't know. Let's see below my comment...

FYI sir @berniesanders drugs & whores don't come for free ...

Weren’t 2/4 supposed to be ready many months ago?

You mean the entire list was meant to be done time and a half ago?

2 years later Steemit has failed to deploy my roadmap, even things that were largely developed before I left.
Dan Larimer on Steemit (2 December 2018)

I don't think Dan Larimer can have an unbiased opinion about steemit. Why would they deploy his roadmap when they obviously fell out over the direction things were going? I don't like how slowly things are happening with steemit but hopefuly the bear market has made people more focused on their tasks. Lets see where we are in another 2 years, Steem isn't all about steemit, so even if Ned doesn't come up with the goods, I think other people already are.

Yes, people should stop identifying Steem with Steemit Inc and with Ned. Worker-boss mentality doesn't work in decentralized world. There are many DApps here and Steemit was the first one. So other DApps will continue the development in a decentralized way.

I don't think it's worth hating or praising Ned and Steemit Inc. More power to the people...

in decentralized world

This is not "decentralized world". There are actual reasonably-decentralized systems out there and this isn't one of them. Steemit's dominant share of the stake (about 35% of voting stake which is more than enough to be considered absolutely dominant in practice), willingness to use this stake to threaten and replace witnesses, and now the fact that the stake is on its way to becoming invisible means that this is not a decentralized cryptocurrency if it is even a cryptocurrency at all.

Oh, and the 35% doesn't count founders' stake which was split off from the same steemit account, as well as already-hidden accounts (there is no way to know that Steemit's stake sent to exchange accounts in the past was all sold and not powered back up into new accounts), and the mysterious (and heavily witness-influencing) freedom account which is or was almost certainly associated with Steemit in some manner. It is quite possible there could be absolute (50%+) control, although given non-transparency of some of this we really don't know, and given more non-transparency in the future we will know even less.

At best this has promise of future decentralization. At worst it is a complete sham of decentralization.

Can you address the rumours about you doing a deal with Samsung?

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...and how much will he rise up the cryptocurrency after the untrust rised due their implementation:

-Resource Credits: Huge limitation to post articles if you don't buy Steem Powers to

  • SMT: Let's see how much will go after the release date.

  • Account Credits: Buying account for 3 Steem and officializing the bot develpment. Bittersweet.

  • Hivemind: I don't know how much works making changes on the kilobytes on RAM for a better experience, but after the Resource Credits limitations, seems useless.

Better do things to improve those changes instead be proud of get made it.

Will you create a Steem account Faucet to help use steemic inc's RC mana to help create more than a few hundred accounts a day? You seem to have the credits on @steem and @steemit @ned etc to actually make thousands of accounts per day

Why wasn't rocksdb finished last year when it was clear that expensive servers was going to be an issue. You've done some good work, but deciding to push back rocksdb until the ship is nearly sinking shows you lack common engineering sense.

Last year RocksDB was scheduled behind SMTs. Different factors including time and relative costs.

Costs, how much you taken out of here by the back door, want the account details, you know I have them!


We could start there, account creation date 31st March 2016 then work our way to freedom eh?

I am happy with the accomplishments @steemit checked off for 2018, and I appreciate your work with the Steem blockchain. Thank you!

Please, help!
Bots vote against me and take the money. Yesterday they took 10 steem.
Clvr25 bots,
I do not understand what I am doing wrong ???
I play at among people.
I sometimes win, and often lose.
You fired 70% of programmers and want to destroy this social network? Or how????

I am beautiful, smart and looking for a friend !!!

Please, help!
Bots vote against me and take the money. Yesterday they took 10 steem.
Clvr25 bots,
I do not understand what I am doing wrong ???
I play at among people.
I sometimes win, and often lose.
You fired 70% of programmers and want to destroy this social network? Or how????

You are using wrong means for a right end, and thereby the right end ceases to be.

This is the fact, the only fact.


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good to see you back @ned. My advice for your benefit as well as for community benefit would be

  1. Don't try to feel responsible for everything that will propel steem and steem community
  2. Do plan to handover the reins to community and disappear from scene quietly like Satoshi.

These two actions of yours will be much appreciated around the globe for generations to come.

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 54% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

Thanks for this update @ned, and for appearing the other night with @aggroed and co.

I'll be there tomorrow evening, hopefully you'll be sans guitar :P

How tacky was that?

Playing whilst talking? A bit - I was trying to listen to the chat!

Not just that, but it gave the impression that he was not very concerned with the needs of the community. Literally, @aggroed was talking to @ned about the lack of communication and that the community as a whole feels that we are spoken to but not listened to. It's not a one-way street, listening is a huge part of any effective communication.


During the video chats, the strumming was no issue while the text chat was being read, but not while someone is talking and others are listening, dude!

What did you expect from a Ned and Aggroed show? Adults? Professionals? From a couple of vapid, incompetent frauds?

Heathen. I actually like the guitar! :0)

There's a time and a place!

Exactly! It adds to the ambience. :0p

Ahh, yeah I just commented on the guitar. WTF.. Doesn't he take this seriously? Is this how young people run businesses these days?

Dang abh ... don’t hate on the guitar 🤣😂

In what is supposed to be a decentralized blockchain, I have to wonder how those who invested time and money into the SMT vision would feel about this. Those developers are now holding applications that are waiting for SMTs. Many within the community put time, effort and money supporting that vision.

And yes, I am glad you are well.

Only a few weeks ago, there was talk of sunsetting

Did you gather any stakeholder advice prior to switching directions again?

I understand 2018 was a rough year for many, but I don't know what I am investing in from week to week.

And I do not know how stakeholders get to have a say in the future development and direction of Steem.

SMTs are still a priority and is listed as such in the new Mission, Vision, and Values document on the about page under the Priorities section. Development on Communities does not impact the direction of blockchain development.

I’d like to add the following question in that context: why is there a mission/vision defined for one app (, but not for Steem as a whole network? Is that the new (reduced) focus for Steemit, Inc?

Would be great if you picked that up in tomorrow’s talk with @pennsif. Thank you! ;)

No idea if they'll stick to their stated direction this time, but if they do, I think this answers your question:

Anything we haven’t included in here, and there are plenty, because opportunities are so bountiful in this space, is not a focus for us. We encourage you to contribute and seek opportunities by picking up anything we aren’t covering, particularly if it contributes to STEEM and cryptocurrency adoption.

Of course, you have to actually believe them. It would not be fun for an entrepreneur to believe those words and stake out a path, just to have steemit change course again and use that ninja-mined stake to stomp all over them later.

Everything starts with a vision / an overall goal. In my opinion it’s nothing you can leave out and let someone else pick it up for you. You can’t have multiple visions for Steem - that’d be absolutely inefficient.

All projects ever built on Steem should aim to strengthen STEEM as a token, but you need to clearly define that so that everybody can identify with and work towards it.

I think Steemit, Inc. can only speak about what they intend to do with their own software (Steemit). They cannot decide for example what @aggroed is planning with Steem Monsters or @heimindanger with DTube. So they cannot speak for STEEM as a whole, but only for their own area of accountability.

(That's how I understand it.)

Hey @jaki01! Good to see you around and a belated Happy 2019 ;)

I agree with you to a certain point since (according to the about page) Steemit, Inc is still planning to provide the updates on the blockchain, which means that they’ll define the direction the whole chain - hence all projects built on it - is going to take.

So i wonder who would be able to define a vision for Steem then - if not Steemit, Inc?

There is no defined vision for Steem and certainly not a Mission. There is only an aggregate set of visions and missions held by numerous projects, businesses, communities and individuals who can do their own development and make their own proposals for changes. This aggregate, ideally, should be greater than any singular vision or mission, which should be what decentralization is all about.

Hi Fredrik! Well I agree that different projects and businesses built on one blockchain can definetely have different strategies on how to work towards a certain goal / vision. But the vision itself can only be one for all of them - like e.g. becoming the best social blockchain in the world.

Hey @jaki01! Good to see you around and a belated Happy 2019 ;)

Same to you! :)

Maybe steemit. Inc confused steem and steemit themselves?

I don’t think so, but the vision is clearly focused on just one app:

Our vision is that is a vibrant communities web app, expanding the boundaries of community coordination and online discussion by incorporating cryptocurrency as incentives.

That’s quite different from Tokenize the internet (November 2017) which was a more widespread approach.

Thank you for the open communication, Justin!

Though, SMT is a priority, the Statement only places Steemit Inc with an enhancing role towards SMT as against the initial plan. In any case, I think there is a movement.

as far as I know, Ned told somewhere, that SMTs are needed to implement communities, and since communities are priority, SMT are priority even more - please correct me if I am wrong

While it is still there it is now near the bottom of a long list.

Thank you for the answer and pointing that out.

I just read the 'about' page. does this mean SMTs won't be out by March as earlier stated?

I have no expectations on SMTs. In my mind they are dead until I see them.

can we do un-resetting of goals...please...

or lets just wait for BTC to moon

Please reinstate the Dsound deligation. This delegation ensures artists have the freedom to create and be rewarded.

@Ned - Steemit delegating to DSound is some of the best PR / customer acquisition dollars you can “spend”. @prc and the team he has built set the bar for what can be accomplished with a delegation, actively and -manually- curating content. If this platform is going to succeed, @dsound should be paraded around as ambassador and proof of concept, bringing creatives to the platform, not un-delegated in broad stroke cost cutting.

The community curated @dsound upvote -matters- to people wading into the waters here for the first time. The investment Steemit makes through its delegation creates the ripple effect that has hooked numerous crypto musicians on Steem as their platform of choice. Please consider your continued patronage of this community. It is what any Steem dapp should aspire to.

Yes we do all appreciate that you didn't need to delegate in the first place @Ned BUT that delegation is the reason that 1000s of us have started to believe in crypto as a way to earn regular income from our music. However in my opinion once an eco system is developed, albeit through altruistic means, those involved have a moral obligation to the community that become dependent on it.

Maybe you are unaware of just how many people have been affected by this? You are not short of a dollar or two I am sure but you have pulled the rug out from under the feet of people who have come to rely on the very generous @dsound upvote. Many from very low income areas of the world that this made a real difference to.

I would urge you to please reconsider your position on delegations. The thousands of independent musicians who have put in tens of thousands of hours on this platform thanks to @dsound would really appreciate it.

Earn $INDIE & AIRPLAY Listening To Music!

Join our Community on Discord!

(Image created by @anritco)

He's not unaware (other than being generally inept and clueless) he just doesn't care.

As far as I know they said on SteemFest that no project should rely on delegations and rather should find other investment methods to fund their expenses.

Bummer. I would hate to see the Steem version of SoundCloud fail because of a little more support needed to keep the community attractive. The delegation was removed without notice. Not very professional.

At least we're getting some serious communications from you now.

Thanks for sticking around.

Rumours fly when the head of any organization is incommunicado.

Maybe address why steemit is powering down?

That would be great .

P.S, we need more guitar sessions!

Those are damn lovely ... The guitar....not so much the singing .😂

Hivemind needs a lot more detailed documentation then what it has now. That's not my opinion, that's the feedback I'm getting from every developer who comes my way.

LOL I’m sure Ned is not looking forward to this like I am when my gf tells me we need to talk and why I like other girls pics on Instagram

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You state that cryptocurrency adoption is one of your values,


You do nothing to support exchanges that list STEEM and SBD. Months can go by with broken wallets. Other exchanges won't touch STEEM with a 100 foot pole.

STEEM is not a currency if it is not listed currency exchanges. It is not available to everywhere other cryptocurrencies are. All the Dapps in the world and all the quality content in the world will not save STEEM from the death spiral in market ranking. Other cryptocurrencies that don't have a social media platform are smoking STEEM. That is because they do what works (getting their currency on exchanges).

I would love to communicate with exchanges to coordinate listing of STEEM and SBD, but most of them won't respond to someone that is not the CEO or doesn't have majority stake.

If you claim to be a CEO, then do your job!

That is because they do what works (getting their currency on exchanges).

People are too stuck up with their "decentralization". They think "centralized" exchanges oppose to that vision.

I have to be honest though. What is the nett positive of listing Steem to exchanges? More short term money in from speculators?

If the core value of the Steem ecosystem isn't properly dealt with, what's Steem to any other shitcoin people pump and dump with?

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People are incentivized for using STEEM Social Media. Don't kid yourself that this place is sooooo much better than any other social media platform. Without the incentives, this place would be dead. The problem is we are incentivized in a currency that can easily be edged out. If it is not available everywhere other currencies are, then it is not a currency. If it gets worse, the currency could die and the incentive could go away and thus people will quit STEEM and this place dies with it.

Listing on an exchange does create a short term pump and dump, however, the coin will experience higher prices over the long term. In addition, adding STEEM to more exchanges exposes potential new users to STEEM. The problem with STEEM is that Bitcoin dominates and creates immense market pressure. STEEM can potentially overcome the market pressure if the numbers of active users can grow to a substantial size. By walling ourselves off from the rest of the world by means of not exposing STEEM to the external markets, we will never get those numbers of users. We are a great community of hard core enthusiasts and STEEM currency is an amazing product with zero transfer fees and 3 second transaction times. The solution is to tear down the economic wall that prevents our currency from being used by the rest of the world to expose new people to STEEM.

Don't forget that until recently Steemit Inc's sole income to pay for development,, and staff was entirely from ninjamined STEEM in which a significant amount has been sold to keep Steemit Inc alive. Now, Steemit Inc must resort to layoffs, advertising, and potentially postponing SMTs forever to keep from selling all of their STEEM holdings. The advertising is not going to save-the-day by preventing the sell-off of Steemit Inc's holdings and it aggravates users who wanted an add-free home. It is in Steemit Inc's best interest to strengthen the coin that pays the bills so that they don't have to sell so much. It also has a indirect benefit by creating a path for new users to become Steemians. That in turn increases the number of STEEM users and grows the network. Go research the numerous mathematical models of network growth vs. value. They all have something in common. They all show that value grows exponentially with the number of (nodes) users.

Creating Dapps and polishing community projects without fixing the currency problem is like trying to drive a car with no wheels. We are focusing on fixing the dents without adding the wheels. We will never get anywhere doing this.

There is a Ether based micropayment social media called Cent.

There is a LN based micropayment social media called Y'alls.

If by your logic, listing Steem on Exchanges means better awareness, How many exchanges must Steem be listed if it were to grab mindshare away from Ethereum and Bitcoin?

That is why in my opinion listing on Exchanges does little to the ecosystem as a whole, other than creating more avenues for arbitrage and pump and dump.

Mass listing on exchanges is a strategy for a shitcoin. I haven't resigned to the narrative that Steem is a shitcoin.

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Since Bitcoin is on every exchange and is a trading pair with just about everythig, then STEEM would have to be on every exchange and be the major trading pair of everything else to break away from the Bitcoin dominance. That is not going to happen.

STEEM is far better than Bitcoin in terms of transaction time, cost to transfer, and scalibility, and yet none of that matters. All that matters is how many exchanges a coin is on and how prevalent the coin is as a trading pair.

Ever wonder why Litecoin does so well? The simple fact that Bitcoin and Ethereum take so long to transfer and costs are so high creates a need to have a tool to transfer currency quickly and cheaply. It is called Litecoin. We can take over the need that Litecoin provides, but first we need to be everywhere Litecoin is.

Exchanges are fully aware of a need to edge out Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin with respect to providing an alternative to them as central trading pairs. This is why most major exchange have their own coin. They have the unfair advantage of pairing their own coin with everything their exchange has. Binance coin is a perfect example. That coin is growing extremely fast in popularity.

Mass listing on exchanges is a strategy for a shitcoin. I haven't resigned to the narrative that Steem is a shitcoin.

You are making that statement as if only shitcoins have that strategy. That is the strategy for all coins.

Good to hear from you Ned. I know your absence caused some concerns. Communities could be a big part of Steem. People want to get together with those who share their interests and we see this across various other platforms. I hope we will have that ability here in the near future.


"Our vision is that is a vibrant communities web app"

BULLSHIT! you have proven in the last months how little you care about communities on this platform! When we begged you to do something about rewards pool rapists , shitposters using bid bots to successfully rape it even more you totally ignored that anyone was even asking for help - consequence a ton of amazing content creators left !

When people asked you to make it possible to being in friends to the platform easily nothing was done to make steemit more accessible ...

and now you pulled funding for relevant communities. Yes it is a gift and not owed - HOWEVER it would have been only polite and right to warn people that it was cpmming so they could adjust and make arrangements. But hey you are known to cancel a business meeting via text leaving everyone waiting like idiots and then not even giving a real reason. Then when you face the wall of disbelief and disappointment you put the blame on others like a 3 year old. People don't communicate with you because you never get back to them or you let them sit in restaurants waiting for you and don't show up . Why would anyone want to deal with that more than once!

Yes the price of steem is shit because of the current crypto market but the decline in quality and sad state of steemit today is on you! So no please do not expect me to take you in anyway seriously when you talk about values.

Just resign let someone take over that gives a damn and actually wants to work ...

The loss of the @dsound delegation has really messed with the creators i n that community. I think development should be turned over to the community and Steemit Inc. be closed down.

there are other things in the work that will fix the issue Shned shot himself in the foot


I fully agree that a warning for these projects would have been nice and that their communication is not the best. However the community should finally stand up and start working on STEEM themself instead of relying on a company that continuously disappoints its clients. Do you think that Steemit Inc. lack of communication had an impact on the STEEM price?



well in case of d-sound the allocations went straight to the community as it was used to support artists with generous upvotes. That being said to answer your question we will have to se w as so many apps are connected to steemit and the general user often think steeem and steemit are the same yes I do believe damage was done . As for relying on steemit sme of the major developers are going to build their own platform because of this mess so in the end steemit or SHNed shot themselves in the foot ...

As critical as I can be at times, I am glad and thankful we are moving in a positive direction.

I know a lot of folks got a little nervous due to the HF 21 "freedom" fiasco and there was a lot of confusion. It actually brought something to mind that I think you should consider regarding account recovery.

So, there was a note about disabling account recovery on the pull request. I figure now they probably mean on the Steemit Inc accounts but the implication could mean @steem would not be able to perform account recovery on the countless accounts that have been created by Steemit Inc.

For a technical user, nothing a script couldn't solve by changing the recovery account but to a lay user this could be a BIG deal if they lose their keys or account is stolen.

I have been thinking of the possibility of creating a client side app that can allow the non-technical user to change their account recovery and would love to hear your thoughts.

Maybe can cook up an interface much more readily than someone like me who is admittedly weak on the web side of the house.

Another topic I would like to talk about is abuse of course, I have reached out to you on multiple occasions about the @steemflagrewards project and how we may be able to earn your support eventually.

We have a vibrant community of abuse fighters and we fight for greater potential of proof of brain daily. I am thankful for organizations like @steemcleaners that address the lion's share of abuse on this platform but the primary issue I have is the limited scope.

In an analogous sense, the scope is like having a police force that can go after small time thugs but leave the organized crime alone. If we really want to build confidence in this platform and support proof-of-brain, I propose the net be widened.

We have made significant strides in the effort but could always do more. Our bot simply cannot reward the volume of good flags that community members send.

Sorry for going on somewhat of a tangent but hope you will give us consideration. Not to get religious but I am reminded of the parable of the talents.

He that is faithful in small things...

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I have been thinking of the possibility of creating a client side app that can allow the non-technical user to change their account recovery and would love to hear your thoughts.

I would suggest asking @steemchiller to add this to Steemworld. He's incredibly fast and willing to add stuff.

The possibility to be able to change the recovery account is already on my list for the next update ;) A feature for requesting and starting the recovery process via SteemWorld will also be added in the coming weeks.

Not a bad idea. I really really really want to learn how to do that client side stuff eventually. There is so much power to unlock.

Thanks, @tcpolymatch.

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We must address the issue of purely-ideologically driven, massive, and automated downvoting campaigns by people triggered simply because they disagree, politically, with others.

We need a "proof of mind" step for every downvoting attempt that would require checking a "reason for downvoting" set of options/boxes. When "politics/ideology" is checked, the downvote process should abort. That should also then be followed by an authentication step to fully weed out automated downvotes...i.e. "check all the boxes with street signs."

If we continue to permit certain whales to crush minnows they disagree with (AND WITH WHOM THEY'VE NEVER EVEN HAD A DIALGOUE) then Steemit will remain a very questionable platform for new investment.


One more time for you....white trash old bigot...


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Look Mother, I'm doing my first drive by!

We must address the issue of purely-ideologically driven, massive, and automated downvoting campaigns by people triggered simply because they disagree, politically, with others.

I couldn't agree more, this one issue in and of itself is a minor fix compared to the other problems talked about on the platform but is one of the biggest problems holding the platform back. Yes they must be able to deal with abuse but there has to be a better way then allowing the use of flags as a censorship tool.

I don't mind the use of flags for plagiarism, spam, porn, etc.... Right. But to censor political speech...? No way. That makes us Facebook, Jr.

In an analogous sense, the scope is like having a police force that can go after small time thugs but leave the organized crime alone

Kudos for putting that in it's proper perspective.

I know a lot of folks got a little nervous due to the HF 21 "freedom" fiasco and there was a lot of confusion. It actually brought something to mind that I think you should consider regarding account recovery.

Honestly, I don't understand why people make such a big deal about the written code, which wasn't even a proposed HF from any witness, but from a developer. (what I've heard it was even just a copy-paste of code written from Steemit Inc. before in another situation). Someone could even write code which would remove all stake from accounts created prior 2017 - but that wouldn't mean witnesses would run it.

That's a fair point, @therealwolf.

It doesn't seem to take much around here for people to run around and say "the sky is falling" and, personally, I didn't really get a grasp on what was going on until I read @krnel's post.

Still yet, having a client side solution for lay users available would be fantastic. I'm sure someone like you would be ready run with the idea now. 😁

Hell, I'll even volunteer to be the guinea pig if you manage to stand something up.


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This is something I am very concerned about since my accounts were created with @steem.

TAG: @ned @andrarchy @blockbrothers @exyle

Hi @ned,

It's good to see you engaging with the community again and making an effort to listen.

Unfortunately, many feel let down and this may take some time to turn around.

I have some doubts, but I am happy to see how steem does in 2019.

There are a number of issues that need to be addressed and unfortunately the current voting system for witnesses where a few whales can select the top 20 makes a mockery of having a vote.

@theycallmedan made a good point about moving to 1SP = 1 Vote (rather than 30). It would be good to explore this idea as it would make everyones votes matter more and create a more representative view on witnesses and what features they agree to include in the next hard fork.

You may hear some tough words, but it's important to remember, this comes from people who care passionately about this project.


Hey @ned

Tks for post ...please do consistent outreach and don't drop off the radar.

Hi @ned, glad you're OK. One question remains: does your job still spark joy?

Thank you!

Oooo, fancy. I'm off for a read. Cheers Ned!

Update, I like it, it's like a fresh start!


Any company which can swallow up their pride and abandon their failed ways is one thst is heading for success .

Steemit and ned seem to have passed stage 1.

Dropping the pride.

As a wise man once said...

Turbo boost, KITT!

I see STEEMIT is trying to add Google Adsense with it! I hope you might think about adding a Advertising Space (Selling ad spaces) in STEEMIT! So STEEMIANS can directly buy ads via STEEM/SBD or by using credit/debit cards! (Hope you could add that mechanism)
Personally I believe POP-UP ads are the best advertising method in her! I mean Login Ads (15 secs to 30 secs Pop Up Ad - Forced Ad) is a good revenue building opportunity here!
Hope you might think about these changes as well! Moreover, I see lots of free side spaces in STEEMIT UI and I hope you might think to use that space to add 128x128 size ads!


If not done by Steemit Inc. , I ll make it possible via SteemPlus. Of course, that way only users of the extension would see the ads but it accounts for a fair proportion of the active community

That's great. Keep up the good work.

First the appearance The State of Steem, then this and tomorrow another appearance on The State of Steem.

Great!!!! Now keep it going and we'll get somewhere!

And steem 12% up in last 24 hours.

No guitar this time, please.

Keep it serious until much better times!


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pleaseeee for the love of god lol post that stuff up on dtube instead :P

Hello Ned, hope you and the family are happy and well.

I am planning a world tour and would love to share the Steemit platform on my travels.

Do you happen to know when a Steemit referral program will begin?


It will be interesting to see how increasing advertising revenue affects Steemit. It's definitely going to be profitable for some people. How wil those profits be shared with the entire community?

I think they will use the earnings to fund themself. It's still a private company and they have lots of expenses. I honestly do not think that they will share their earnings when they previously had to lay off 70% of their staff because they ran short on money.

If my blog is filled with ads that I'm not compensated for in any way, I will probably leave Steemit and go to a blog where I am fairly compensated for advertisement revenue. Ad companies should at least have to buy some Steem and burn it or share it with authors or we will see an exodus. They may be able to pay Steemit to have their ads appear across certain tags but individual authors should also get something.

Steemit is just a front-end. There are other front ends that you can choose from using the STEEM blockchain. It is all the same people and same stuff, just a different interface. There is a desktop client that doesn't even use any front-end. You have options and can still do all your crypti-kitty stuff on STEEM add-free.

So true and the amount of DApps are growing. Steem/SBD is one of the best blockchains, it should be ranked higher than it is. I hope Steem steadily increases in value and popularity.

Well you get upvotes and Steem for them already.

so when Steemit Inc suggest you should pay for the development work they do on the Steem blockchain that they have been funding.... you going to ante up? Consider the ads a contribution to the work they do on the platform.

I prefer to negotiate. We are Steemit, it's not just Ned and his team here. What if I disagree with an ad or disagree with the company, will it still be shown on my blog? Why don't they just collect steem like everyone here and sell it on the open market? I'm sure the team could get a couple witness votes and develop apps that we and advertisers would pay some Steem to use.

Well actually... we are Steem is owned by the private company called Steemit Inc so if you object that strongly to seeing ads in the comment section then use another front end.

It’s their site to put them on and receive the revenue.

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Looking good:)

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Боты голосуют против меня и забирают деньги. Вчера забрали 7 steem.
Боты clvr25, mids106 (54),
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Я играю на среди людей.
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Вы уволили 70% программистов и хотите разрушить эту социальную сеть? Или как????

Please, help!
Bots vote against me and take the money. Yesterday they took 7 steem.
The clvr25, mids106 (54) bots,
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You fired 70% of programmers and want to destroy this social network? Or how????

Thanks for keeping us posted, Ned.

There’s a considerable focus on the app now, but you don’t actually refer to Steem as a whole network of dApps. Is that a change in mission/vision for Steemit, Inc or did you just provide us with a small window of your focus here and soon there will be more information on SMTs etc.?

Looking forward to hearing more about that tomorrow.

I like the idea of additional revenue via advertising. Can we get revenue to the point where Inc. doesn't have to sell much steem at all to fund operations.

That alone would help the price of steem start inching back up.

I would prefer if that steem was used for promotion or major projects.

Implementing Communities functionality

This is really good news. IMHO communities can bring unique features and abilities similar to many popular portals like reddit.

Hamburger Menu?
I'll take a quarter pounder with cheese and onions..hold the secret sauce.

I'm sure you are being silly, but if not.

This is commonly called a hamburger menu, because well it looks like one.

Thanks. I had no idea that's what it was called.

Does sort of make you hungry though eh?

yup..too bad I'm on a diet.
No burgers for me.

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No not in the least, even though it appears to be grain free; therefore, possibly allergen free. It definitely lacks the ability to sell through sizzle.

Reminds me of that In & Out fast-food restaurant had like a secret menu in California. I think that was the name of that restaurant. Great burgers & fries there.

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So, again nothing solid, just a new about us page with more empty promises?

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