Steemdiffuser just powered up!

in #steemit7 years ago

To all the @steemdiffuser users out there...We just Powered Up and you can now enjoy about double the strength in our votes. We always look forward to adding strength to our upvote bot so you can use it to your full advantage.

Thank you all for the support. Steem on Friends!


Do you upvote comments too?

Yes. Just be careful that you get the correct URL. Thank you!

What is your refund policy, your timeout/deadline and refund policy in case of voting once your, or STEEM's deadline has passed?
I have seen various deadlines, such as 6 days 8 hours, 6 days 9 hours, and I know that posts are still voteable for some time after presents them as 7 days old.
I would also like to know what Steemit's deadline is.
Is it the exact moment of payout?

The Steemit deadline is 7 days up to payout... you can run into potential issues trying to push votes up to that window as a bot. I have the voting window set for 6 days. I run additional instances of the bot to refund bids past this timeframe automatically. I try my best to follow up on the bids for the day manually but can’t guarantee that I won’t miss things sometimes. Hope this answers your questions. Thanks again.

You just missed a vote on this comment above you. How did it happen?
Is it because you check for your own comment rather than check for your own vote?
I want a refund rather than a vote because an outside of the bid cycle vote from a non-stop bot is bad.
I will partially compensate your frontrunners guild by voting after them, but if I will get refunded, they will be the biggest victims of this.

And now you missed on voting me again.
Why only me?
For bidding the highest?
Again, I want a refund in this case too.

Yeah I was working on transitioning to a VPS last night due to node connectivity issues. It is still in progress. I will go through and give refunds in the next couple days. I already issued some on accident for posts that got voted on. Thank you

I just setup the voting trail to also upvote comments as more people are using the bot for comments now. Thanks

This comment has received a 29.76 % upvote from @steemdiffuser thanks to: @stimialiti. Steem on my friend!

Remember, above average bids get additional upvotes from our trail members!

Get Upvotes, Join Our Trail, or Delegate Some SP

And... this post just auto self-upvoted on accident. Please allow an additional 2.4hrs for the window to refresh for upvoting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

awsome i havnt used for a while will get back on board :)

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you and to ask you this. Do you do the whole Steem Power Delegation and profit share thing? When I go on vacation I was considering delegating all of my steem power while away. Please let me know friend, thanks.

Thank you very much. I do have plans of doing delegation profit sharing but haven’t worked out the details yet. Contact me on discord and we can figure something out. Thanks

Cool, my vacation isn't till May, I was just thinking ahead.

No problem. Just let me know whenever you are ready.

I submitted you 0.050 sbd but I haven't found any upvote from you.Hope you will upvote me properly.Thanks

You got both an upvote from @steemdiffuser and the trail members... as well as a comment 7 hours ago. Not sure what you are referring to? Remember, the bot votes every 2.4 hours. Thank you

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4 days ago I submitted you 0.030 sbd but I haven't found any upvote from you.Hope you will upvote me properly.Thank you

I verified that you sent 0.003 vice 0.03. This doesn’t meet the minimum bid of 0.01. Thank you

How i Can pay for upvote kindly give me your payment receiving id Thank You

Just send a minimum of 0.01 sbd to steemdiffuser with your post’s url in the memo section. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you.

Can You Tell me the Method how i can send you sbd for upvote ? i dnt have you account id where i can send the payment

I have upvote u but I haven't found any upvote from you.Hope you will upvote me properly.