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Hi Steem Community!

No release today. Just revealing some info on the stats, plans, user questions and more. Let`s start!

User interface

We are making some efforts to find a new nice looking interface design and planning to adapt it in the near future.

Steepshot is growing steadily

We are experiencing growth of the user base and overall activity. Steepshot has been used by 350 users (MAU) and 1000+ posts have been created over the last 30 days.

We did not expect that some instagrammers will start using our application at such an early stage. This gives us more and more confidence that we are moving the right way.
@daxon is popular in Instagram (440K+ subs)
@milanademort is popular in Instagram as well (98K+ subs).

They have connected to Steemit community and are welcomed to Steepshot app ;)

User questions

To make sure that everyone in the community know that the team hear and study their responses, we would like to review the most pressing issues.

1. Private keys

We have finished the .NET library for the client side encryption. Placed open source on Github, you can git clone and use it! (See our ANN)

As it is written in our official FAQ:

Our app never asks you for your active key or owner key. However, it sends your posting key (encrypted) to our server for posting transactions signing. If you don't trust us your posting key but still want to try Steepshot, feel free to register a separate account on Steemit or wait until we release the .NET lib and integrate it with Steepshot that will help us in moving transaction signing to the client side.

We understand the importance of security of user private keys. We ask for posting keys only and that’s a temporary solution.
All private keys are encrypted and we do not address them. As soon as we connect the transaction signing on the client side, all the private keys on the server will be burned and never stored anymore.

Wanted to give special thanks to Arhag (@arhag in for giving us some pieces of advice & providing useful links.

2. Content visibility

Users (especially new ones) usually have a lot of questions. (Some of the questions regarding the visibility of content apply equally to other third-party applications on Steemit, such as Zappl.)

If to sum them up, we can highlight 2 main issues:

[1] @cryptoctopus what about showing only Steepshot photos in the app?

That’s in progress. We have already laid the background for that functionality and continue the development of that feature.

[2] @decimus will we eventually be able to have it not post to our Steemit blog?

Good question that deserves to pay attention to. Well, the answer seems to be thorough...

Steepshot photos are posted in Steem blockchain. is a client app for Steem blockchain. That is why you see photos there.

Yes, it is possible to ask Steemit to hide Steepshot photos from the But hiding is a problem itself. Steemit users won't be able to react, and therefore Steepshot users will earn lower rewards.

Good news is that Steemit team is working on Community namespaces functionality that is planned to be released in 2017 3rd quarter. What is that? That means that all the content in Steem blockchain goes to separate pools. It will hopefully solve some issues related to the content differences (photos vs micro blogging, for example).

We can illustrate the current status with the diagram:


Best answer on the details of this feature should be provided by the Steemit team.

3. Photo storage / IPFS

IPFS technology will make Steepshot platform fully decentralized. We are working on integration with IPFS and it is already set and tested on our servers.

However, there are two main reasons why we still use non-IPFS centralized cloud storages for image hosting:

  • IPFS protocol never guarantees you that the image/file is going to be received by the end user that requested the photo.
  • Based on our tests it may take up to 20 minutes to fetch a photo by its hash through IPFS, while the upper bound we can allow ourselves for robust user experience is a few seconds.

So we are planning the integration with IPFS but we keep looking for solutions for the issues described.

Bounty & collaboration

As we said earlier Steepshot is community project. Made by the community members with love and belongs to the community.


We noticed a lot of interest in the joint promotion of the project, advertising in social networks. And that's fine. It was nice to see the reviews:

bug reports

@katlegochagane Could you please address any reward regarding bug reports if any!
thanks you all: @teamhumble

At the moment we are trying to find the most successful ways to do this, we are developing models of reward for user activity. Wait for future announcements. If someone has suggestions, we will be happy to consider.

Community manager

We’re looking for a community manager to help us improve communication with the community and respond regularly to user requests. Are you interested in this position? Don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Previously announced

Team progress on .Net encryption & signing

footer_img_1.JPGAnnouncement Post / FAQ / Google Play / App Store


Thank you for mentioning my review and myself! Keep up the awesome work. I'll start bringing my Instagram community into Steemit and Steepshot over the coming weeks when I get time.

@daxon great effort! I'm from instagram too, thinking to switch over here.

This is wonderful! thank you Daxon!

Cool! Keep up the good work of you! Love the work you doing, thanks for helping the community.

Great so see some progress! I LOVE the idea and I think it has a lot of potential. The new screenshot I see there looks neat though :)

However, I do think we both agree that it is definitely open to some more improvements! I am not using it YET, but I hope to do use it more intensive in the near future. I have downloaded it again, and will write a review later today from a UX/UI perspective on the Android App :)

This is the first I've heard of Steepshot. This is excellent, however, I have some issues with actually using this app for a few reasons.

  1. I'm following people for blog content on Steem right now and the photos are not good photos. If I want to use this, I'd follow people for photos.
  2. If I'm created another account just to follow and use photos, I'm not taking advantage of my Steem Power on my main account
  3. Posts polluting the Steem blockchain that are nothing but photos are a little strange in my opinion. This would be far better as a sidechain.
  4. While not really possible yet, although really soon, the photos should be stored on a blockchain as well, so they're distributed. Take a look at Storj for this.

Keep up the great work. I won't be using it until some of those issues are addressed, but I love what you're doing.

We try not to dive into technical details when answering questions. In short, you just have to be patient and wait for the release, which solves all the main issues :)
Well, let me try to provide more explanations.

  1. It`s about filtering again (show only photos). Soon, as it was mentioned.
    I know only the one 3rd party app for Steemit that is already able to handle with content filtering - There are ways to do that on a technical part. And we are still in a progress of that. When we are dealing with blokchain, many simple and ordinary things is not so easy to implement.
  2. It`s not necessary indeed. You will soon see only Steepshot photos in your Steepshot app. But well, this is your point. Perhaps this makes sense.
  3. More than 50% of the content on Steemit is photography, and it is polluting the blockhain since the start. Several future Steemit & Steepshot features will help to cope with the content. (Explained a bit in "2. Content visibility")
  4. We stand for the solution explained in "3. Photo storage / IPFS", Storj is incompatible for some reasons.

If you have read this far.. TY for the report, all in all we understand the inconvenience and we do not expect any explosive growth of the user base for the alpha. Lets wait for the beta.

I'm very new, and may well be missing the point, but why is photography considered to be "polluting the blockchain". Personally, sharing (and perhaps finding people to help create) my photography is basically the reason I'm here, although I expect to have many other forms of interaction.

For sure I will install and use this app.

Good post man

Absolutely loving Steepshot!

Keep up the great work guys!

Here are some recommended features:

  1. Ability to search for users by username.
  2. Ability to see the owner of the photo when viewing the photo in fullscreen. Currently I can't distinguish between my own photos or my resteemed photos.
  1. Search for users will be added as soon as possible. This functionality is already implemented on the backend.
  2. We are reconcidering this part already. Thanks for the feedback by the way that is useful!

It's my first time hearing this app and I really like this idea because I'm in the photography niche and I'm an Instagrammer. Thanks for making this, I'm downloading it on my phone now.

Guys this is an amazing app. I truely love it but I think it ia going to blled the hell out of my feed if I use it.
If there was a way the locs didnt come out as articles that would be amazing really.
About the showing only steelshots make the app use a specific tag ao they are collected over there.

About time we start taking away some users from Instagram...It is just starting.

Hello. The answer is given in this post (1. Private keys)

ok so i can post my pictures using steepshot ? and will they be seen by a wider audience ? i am interested am following you now to learn more

Sure, you can! It works! :) Simply download the app, make a photo by your phone or take it from your gallery & post this photo.

That's Really Cool. I will Try this One Definately . Good Features . Thanks for Sharing and Telling us about it. Great Work. Thumps Up! Cheers:)

Just downloaded and signed up! I have an Instagram following of 45k+, would love to chat and see how we can collaborate!

really great job! you keep the community informed of what happens thanks for sharing this keep it up

Very nice idea, I think I will use it as soon as possible

Looking forward to this!

Keep up the good work and shared on twitter

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Can't wait for this project to take-off, lots of new creative ideas are kicking in

This a fantastic idea. Looks like Steem is gonna one day be FB, Twitter and the Bank all rolled into one in the coming months/years. Great article and looking forward to seeing it up and running full tilt. I have a query and maybe someone can answer or put me in the right direction. Most people have a google photos app where all our images from our phones get uploaded to ... but Steemit does not recognize/wont use the URL.. Any ideas? Once again... thanks :)

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about SteepShot. Thanks and good luck again!

I am new to steemit and I also tried to access the steemit through this app. But this app is not letting me in with post key.

Hi. Try using the FAQ link at the bottom of the post. I assume you didn`t press "show private posting key".

Make sure to use the 'private' post key

Great post, separating the content to different pools is gonna take things to another level!! Thanks for putting this together yall are doing a great job.

Good advice Boss, this is really helpful, thank you. I always look forward to more of your post. I resteemed so this can help more people.

Whoa, I feel like this will overtake IG! Lately I've gotten bored with IG and have been looking for another platform to take it's place

Thanks steepshot and your efforts. Some of members in steemit korean community are interested in your post. So I am translating your post and hope it would helpful to let them understood. I will share with you if i get rewards later. Thanks again.

I started using Steepshots since the release of the iOs version. Works ok but what I miss the most are some effects or ways to manipulate the color of the pic, add some color effects like Instagram.
When I used it, I take the pic with the camera app, fix the colors and then open the Steepshot to post the pic on Steemit... Til now I need to open 2 apps to do what I want and just because of that.... I do not know how it goes the development in this aspect and would like to know for sure :) other than that I am very happy to have an app to post just photos on Steemit like Instagram.

Go Steepshot! :)

Pd: If you need some test-users for new iOs versions of the app just let me know, I will be more than happy to help.

Thank you for your loyalty. Currently, in addition to Instagram, there are thousands of applications that create beautiful effects to photos. But there are no any of those who publish photos in a blockchain) So it`s normal to use them both.
Yes, we are planning, but not in the near future. You can find this feature actually in our early roadmap.

Why to pick steepshot over other apps developed by other users? Because not accessing to full blog posts it is a little bit inconvenient for me.

Hi. This is a very temporary application feature, as it was explained above in the post. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Would love it if posts go back up to the top everytime someone (maybe other than the author) comments, as that shows interest and it will be an even playing ground for minnows so their posts would not sink down to invisibility so fast.

Anyone think that is a good idea?

Applause! This is exactly what we discussed today with the team again. And we also have a mockup for this to implement. Not sure that a good solution will be found quickly. Will see.

Fingers crossed. That will make a big difference to pat of us:)

What about a nose of upvote function for our own comments... that would be the hottest topic out there.

I can't seem to login. It doesn't recognise my posting key.

would love to implement once fully functional

loving the progress with this, noticed my name was mentioned, but don't understand the context, looks like i'm dealing with bug reports?! :) what's that about! looking forward to using it more, setting up a seperate account for it.

Trying it out right now! Loving it so far!

nice....sharing....upvote and resteem

BOOM! Downloading now.

Nice post!

I upvoted resteemit and following you.
How to download this app please guide me

Keep up the awesome work. ✌
I'll start bringing my Instagram community into Steemit and Steepshot over the coming weeks when #Steepshot will fully ready... 😍😍😍

Count me in, already installed!

Didn't know about this app until now. Good informative post.

Great product which will hopefully reward amazing/interesting content. Noted about the cloud storage of images for now. Hope to see the development to full decentralised image storage solution come soon. No idea how this can happen or if it's possible on IPFS thingy, as I'm no techie. But best wishes guys to reach that target.

Interesting indeed.

Very good post :)

looks interesting. thanks

thats great. please support my channel , i nned help to get good start thanks

Looks awesome! Can't wait to try it out!

Waoo this a good development

o i gotta check it out, great post

Вот про ключи надо было сразу написать..

I am really looking forward to see it fully functional. It could easly compete with instagram.

Great app let's see how it works

nice posts....upvote and resteem

nice post , hope to see more !

thanks for this post mate.

Any lighweight steemit clients out there? 30mb is a little big for me.

Great job! Keep up the good work. Great idea. I will use this app.I follow you. please if you like vote some my posts !Thank you Have a nice day

great work.. keep up the good work

So if i get it right its an app for images and i can upload the pics on any other app no matter what.

Its not something just for steemit ??

U r welcome :)

Hi. Using this app you can upload any image made in any app )) Right. This application works with the Steemit blockchain. To login, you need a Steemit account.

Wow. Very Cool.. Downloading now.

Keep up the good work! This is so awesome!

Great progress, guys! Keep up the great work!

Congratulations @steepshot!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

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that's sounds good.

nice post dude :) @steepshot

Thanks for sharing @steepshot, good post, I hope your days are fun.

Very cool!!!

It seems cool. I sure will install

Excellent work for the community @steepshot. Congratulations!

this is really great

Following for more

Kudos to you guys who keep the community much convenient to users.

pleas i need you upvot if you can do that

Good job, guys. Never heard about steepshot until just now.

This looks really good

very ncie articl e and good of any one follow me thnk s

Thanks for the heads up!

In theory looks good. Thank you for sharing details of the content visibility in both platforms. For sure I have to see it in action.
One question: How do you want to handle the followers? Do we have an own namespace in Steepshot or do you copy the steemit followers? The question points to the direction of starting from scratch or whales with a big followingship.

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