A full day of Steem Monsters Tournaments Tomorrow

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I had an error on the signup page of the 1000sbd tournament, and very few people could sign up. So, I adjusted tomorrow's tournament into several tournaments. Then I realized we fixed it later in a different link and had 40 people signed up. So, now the final plan is to host tournaments practically all day. The big one is 1000 SBD. The littler ones are 50-300 Steem or some max summoners!

You can see the tournament calendar here: https://teamup.com/ksqichvsz7xg679hhr

The tournaments I'm running- all times here listed as EST

160 steem 12 pm GOLD LEVEL LIMITS


All of my tournaments should be set up with a 15 min check in time. Show up 15 min early. Log into challonge, click into the right tournament and click the button for "Check In"


These tournaments don't have a fee, but I'm making it so if you want to get paid you have to message a friend or social media group about Steem Monsters specifically to try to recruit players. So, there's zero financial cost. The fastest way to moon is to get more players so let's all work on that as a group.


Two other tournaments at 3pm and 6pm

https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/pauCpRWXiP - 3pm
https://challonge.com/dragonquesttournament - 6pm

Tournament Automation

We're aware it's not ideal to have to use teamup.com for a calendar, discord for a place to talk, challonge as a place to coordinate, and steemmonsters as a place to play. The first round of automation should be available by the end of January. We'll make do with a somewhat inconvenient process until then.

Tournament Basics

Teamup is where you go to see the schedule of tournaments
Challonge is where you can register for a tournament. The bracket is formed on a first come first serve basis. Signing up early is important because you're more likely to get a bye (a first round match with no opponent), which pushes you closer to receiving money.
Discord is where we communicate about matches. There are multiple discord rooms that could be used-
PALnet- this is where I'm hosting and streaming some of the larger tournaments
Steemmonsters Discord - if you ever have questions it's always a great place to go to ask them
Steem Monsters Tournaments Discord - We host many of the tournaments in here
A partner Discord - groups that host a tournament and want to use their own discord to attract people to it.

Checking in. In order to help the tournament move along we ask players to check-in. Log into Challonge 15 minutes before it starts, go to the right tournament link, and click "check in." This makes sure that all the players that said they'd play are actually there.

Tournament info

In a well organized Discord there are a few rooms you can use. Not all will have these, especially partner discord rooms, but in general look for the following chat rooms-

Tournament basics will show the info in this post as the general guideline to tournaments
Tournament info will give you the specifics of the particular tournament you're in
Tournament General will allow you to coordinate
Tournament Questions will put you in touch with the coordinator
Results Disputes is where you can go if someone screwed up in challonge and the brackets are wrong

Best of X

When in the tournament all of the matches are "best of 3" which means that players will play up to 3 matches against the same opponent. The winner in this case is the first to win 2 matches.

Reporting Scores

If you win 2 of the 3 matches you can SELF REPORT the scores in Challonge to move forward. Please make sure to indicate the overall match score. If you won 2 matches and your opponent won 1 match you should report that in Challonge! To report scores hover over your bracket and you'll see an edit icon appear. Adjust each players number of wins in the round and if it's the final reporting then also make sure the right person's name is highlighted in organge to indicate they are the winner of that round.

If you're updating individual match scores (which is ok) make sure that no name is highlighted. If a name is highlighted Challonge will think that player already won. Just set the score 1-0 and unclick the name so it isn't highlighted in orange and then it will show that you won 1 challenge match in Steem Monsters, but you haven't won the overall best of 3 match yet.

Complete ties: If two players have the same level cards, use the same summoner, and put monsters in the same over you should replay that match no matter who the Steem Monsters determind to win. If the match is similar but not exact than the Steem Monsters determination is accurate.

Normal Draws: If two players have a match where all monsters die in the same round then you should ignore that result and play a rematch.


Coordinating matches is still a little tricky. To simplify things please make sure all your names align.
The Steemmonsters.com username you use should be the same as your challonge name should be the same as your discord name. If you look at the bracket and see your name below your opponent's name you should send a challenge match to your opponent through steemmonsters. If you have difficulties for any reason send a message to the coordinator and to your opponent to try to get the match system working.

You should try to connect with the player on Discord to make sure the matches get coordinated. If a player flees and hasn't communicated with you we'll count that as a loss for an entire round of the tournament. If they are talking with you then you should be able to cancel and resend the match. If you send a match to a player's account you know is good and they don't fight and instead flee they lose the entire round as we'll assume they are no longer playing or no longer have internet. If you think it's a blockchain error make sure you take a screen shot that show's "error pushing block" or something similar if you hope to stay in the tournament. Either way communicate with the tournament host.

Controlled Chaos

Decentralized Tournaments, especially in the first round are very chaotic. The chat moves very fast as there are often 100+ people there. You don't need to worry about the whole tournament. Just focus on your next match. Report the accurate scores, and then move on. If you make a mistake message the coordinator. Otherwise take a deep breath and try to relax even though it's stressful.

Keep moving

Unless told otherwise keep trying to play matches to the best of your ability. If you see that your next opponent has finished their last match and are ready get the match started! If everyone is moving we can keep these relatively short. So, keep fighting your next opponent. If the bracket seems stuck please message the coordinator to resolve an earlier round that might be causing trouble.

Single vs Double Elimination vs Round Robin

There are a handful of tournament types available through Challonge. Single elimination means that if you lose one best of 3 match that you're out of the tournament entirely.

Double Elimination means that if you lose a best of 3 match you'll be sent to a second bracket, which is below the first bracket which you can find by scrolling down on challonge.

Round Robin: This is a system where everyone plays lots of matches. You dont' get eliminated for losing. You keep playing all of your opponents in all the rounds, and the match will be gauged by who had the most and best wins. in this case it's exceptionally important to keep track not only who won a match, but also who had the best record. A player that wins 16-0 will be ranked higher than a player who wins 16-4. So, in challonge be sure that not only who wins the bracket is accurate but also the individual match record is accurate.

Leaving Early

If you have to leave before you can complete the match please let the coordinator know, and also mark your brackets as a loss before you go.


Today is the first day I am starting to get excited about #steemmonsters, hope the tournaments go well and good luck to the winners. I'm going to look into this more and think about getting started, it's been a while since playing any games. What interests me most is that this is an excellent way to promote and use the blockchain!

Don't do it Steemmonsters is very addictive :-)
If you like to participate tomorrow in the tournaments than send me a message...I might have a cheap Starter Package for you!

Great tournaments! :)
In case I have time to take part I will try not to miss the "check In" again. :)

These tournaments don't have a fee, but I'm making it so if you want to get paid you have to message a friend or social media group about Steem Monsters specifically to try to recruit players.

How is that exactly planned to work? One should give you the link to an own facebook post or twitter message about Steem Monsters? I have to say that I am not a 'social media guy' at all (I even have no facebook account). However, maybe my wife (@kobold-djawa) could make a facebook post about Steem Monsters. :)
Of course I tell my friends about Steem Monsters anyway ... for example @udow started playing because of me.

Ok I could also post in Facebook about that tournaments.
Their are also tournaments for beginners ?
I think in every case you must buy starter pack to take part in the tournaments, isn't it ?

Alle wichtigen Links hinsichtlich der offiziellen Turniere (Kalender, Chat etc.) findest du in obigem Artikel.
Ob es spezielle Beginnerturniere gibt, kannst du im Chat erfragen ... soweit ich mich erinnere, gibt es auch Bronzelevel-Turniere ... lies einfach, und sieh dir die einzelnen Turniere genauer an.

Im Discord bzw. auf dem Blog von @theaustrianguy findest du ach Infos über zusätzliche Turniere des deutschsprachigen Raums.

Danke, ich habe den Turnierkalender gelesen, d.h. wenn dort Gold oder Diamant steht kann auch jemand mit Bronze oder Silber teilnehmen oder ?
und was ist wenn dort Gold foil steht ? Muss man dann Gold-Karten haben ?

Alles richtig, was du vermutest.

Danke, aber noch eine Frage:
Bei Gold Foil müssen die Monster Gold sein, soweit so klar - was ist mit dem Summoner - muss der auch Gold sein bzw. gibt es überhaupt Summoner in Gold ?

Es gibt für jede Karte des Spiels eine Goldfolienversion. Ich bin mir sicher, PeakMonsters schon verlinkt zu haben - sieh dir einfach mal den dortigen Markt ganz genau und in Ruhe an ...

cool idea but for me its bit complicated, first the registration and then the different time zones, hope you can soon implement these tournaments on your website

It will get automated and integrated into the main website somehow in January. They've definitely mentioned that several times.

I love that tournamnts are starting up , but its very difficult and complicated to do , I tried for the first time today where i managed to get signed up last night, then I had to check in, then go into discord ( to the proper place!) to find out when its my turn etc with everyone chatting at the same time, then go back to the steem monsters page to see if the person on top challenged me yet ( which they did not) so I had to go back into discord to see whats going on, then back to steemmonsters etc, etc, etc!!! I really dont want to go through it againLol, I was stressed and tired out and ended up losing the first round by then! So please figure out a easier way to do this! thank you! Not to mention I live on the west coast , can we please have some later starting games in th afternoon or evenings, most are early morning like the 1000.000 one for me is at 7 am!
Thanks @aggroed upped and resteemed!

Eventually, it will get automated and integrated into the SteemMonsters website. Some say that should happen somewhere in January.

However, for now it's just getting used to it. Start challonge, steemmonsters and discord and just switch between the three. Refreshing challonge once the tournament has started will also keep you from being misinformed about your opponent.

Thanks for the info @pizzachain ! it will be nice once its integrated! 💁😜

So sad I am on vacations and cannot participate to these amazing tournaments...
Take care my dear Steemmonsters summoners !

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getting excited! this schedule basically means that I should play steemmonsters from midnight to 4-5am ish...

  • For GOLD & Alpha only at gold level... I wonder how many players will be able to compete.

Thedragonquest tournament sound intriguing.. hope there'll be a right one for the novice 😂 my dragon only level 1 and hardly ever played it all this time😊

Cool idea, but I play SM under a different name than my own, and my SM account does not have any other social media accounts... even if I create some now, there won't be any followers to see it. Can I sënd out a social media message from my normal account, mentioning my SM name??

Super cool concept! If the Silver tournament wasnt in the middle of the night tonight I would totally be in (hell maybe I still will hahaha)

excellent concept guys! keep em coming!

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If you like to participate tomorrow in the tournaments than IMG_20181129_071229.png

thanks for sharing

tournament sounds really cool @aggroed ...!!!

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Hi guys, thanks for all your effort, changes and constant improvements in the game.
But today I come to mention something and if it is possible some kind of spam so that some of you try to take this into account, maybe I am not the only one who has commented but I would like to put it in words here.

I live in Ecuador, the country in many cases of exchanges pages or even in the world of cryptocurrencies is blocked. One option that I thought would solve the problem of changes was Uphold, but like its list of countries, Ecuador is Blocked. So to think that the currency is dollars.
I can only use PAYPAL or debit card. Getting Cryptocurrency is at least a legendary quest.

You already accept Paypal as payment method of the Booster packs. Perhaps they could even consider the option of being able to buy the cards that one really needs with a minimum of $ 2 per purchase. Or some way to charge balance to the game through paypal

In my case, I have been very affected by this, especially in my progress in the game. Since having the possibility to invest, I can not do it.

Each player has specific needs in their Splinters, buying Booster packs does not guarantee that I will have close to the card I need.

So between investing $ 2 in booster when I could invest $ 2 - 5- 10-15 in cards that I really need. (of course I´ll buy booster packs for some adrenaline sometimes)

It would be amazing and it would surely allow me to move forward at a more satisfying pace in the game.

Thanks Again!. @aggroed

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