Does Penis size matter? Is the Bible a holy book?

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I have been feeling so angry lately. I sometimes forget that life is only an illusion. consciousness is the only thing that that really is... I often find that I get caught up in the noise. Does Penis size matter?

I am getting married this summer and we moved to another state to go live with my girlfriends family. I feel very alone here. The truth is I felt very alone where I came from until I got Lucky... I got addicted to drugs and decided to attend a 12 step meeting in order to quit... To my surprise, I met many people who liked to talk about there problems about living life on life's terms. They were a group[ of people who had made a decision to take life head on instead of numbing, running and hiding from their problems. They made a decision to develop a practice of living with spiritual principals.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, what does this have to do with Penis size? Well to tell the truth absolutely nothing. I wrote the title before I wrote the story. I just let it flow and this is what came out. Anyway, It seems that my girlfriends family gets depressed when I talk about painful issues in my life, and in theirs, and they decided that they would not come visit with us... So now, not only do I feel alone, but my girlfriend is upset and I am supposed to change who I am.


I have spent a lot of time going down rabbit holes and am now aware of some mind-blowing information. I found this guy Mauro Biglino who revealed some interesting thoughts about the Bible. He was a translator for the Vatican for many years and claims that when he did the translation of the bible he discovered that it is not a holy book. In fact, God is not even mentioned. I thought this was interesting and wanted to discuss it with people and they got very upset. I was told that God wrote the Bible. I asked them how they know that? They told me because he did!!! And that's that! Grrrrrr so frustrating talking to people with closed minds. Anyway if you want some more info about Mauro Biglino and what he translated you can find it here

So now I am thinking that coming here was a mistake and I should just move someplace else, but I realize that no matter where I go I will be bringing myself. So here is where I am and I have to draw a line and make a stand. BTW Does Penis size matter? Maybe for some and not for others, I guess. My Penis works good for me, does its intended job and the girlfriend doesn't complain too much. If she does have a complaint, its her problem for not bringing it up.

It's my greatest wish to be able to help myself and at the exact same time help other people. I find that most people do not want help.They enjoy being a victim and complaining about there powerlessness. When you try to help them they tell you that they are fine and you are the one who needs help..... I am ok with that, it is their life, their choice but the only way I can help myself is through connection with other people. It's just like sex, way more fun, and fulfilling with other people involved in doing the same thing you are.

I know what I have to do but for some reason, I am resisting. I have to find some 12 step meetings here. I also have to stop watching porn. I was so fine with the size of my penis before I saw others mens penises. I wish I could unsee what I saw but I can't.

Please vote for me and I'll vote for you...... Well not really especially if you post some bullshit.... Although I have seen some really cool stuff on steemit and I would vote for some cool stuff

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I think I learned more about you in this one post than the entire time I have known you on here.

I like the fact that you own what you know. It is sad to not be in agreeance with others, but there is no accounting for narrowmindedness. I hope to always keep my mind open to other possibilities.

The fact that you and her parents don't see eye to eye isn't as concerning as the fact that they have let it jeopardize your relationship with each other. As long as you are not being a bible thumping jerk, I would say that is their problem and it will hopefully resolve itself. I find that I cannot insist on people understanding my ways or my point is lost on them as they fight for their "right"

Hehe... yeah, yeah. Vote for me too.

I wish you well and hope that things work out for you and we all know that one is the loneliest number, so keep mingling.

Stop watching porn. eyeroll Today.

No, size does not matter. It is knowing the proper instructions on use. Just saying.

Have a wonderful Sunday, Scott. Palm Sunday, in fact.

I think I can certainly relate to the family issues and I like to be around open-minded people that can have a normal discussion and can agree to disagree at times. As far as the size issue, I always say that it's not the size of the sword but how you wield it! 😊

Your story is not unique, but the way you tell it certainly is. With most of my life behind me, unless I live to be 138 years old, I can tell you it's a journey. Like as if you have never heard that before. Most of the quality of life comes from realizing it is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that makes all the difference. You are certainly making some good decisions of late. Good decisions rarely yield quick rewards except maybe deciding not to race across the railroad tracks just ahead of the locomotive. Every destroyed relationship I've personally witnessed was due to selfishness. Every one.

For the record, God did not write the Bible, but the knowledgeable among us believe he inspired the people that did. There are contradictions and some pretty dark content. Some authors like Moses are rather dry in their prose while others like Paul said words between their words. Reading between the lines is a better way to put it I think. Anyway, enjoy the day, sir!

Quagmire's a LEFTY??? ;)



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In my opinion, penis size is not important, its important performance.

Thank you so much for reading my post and empathizing with my dilema. I am also glad you are happy with the size of your penis

Learn to love what God gives us, and do not complain, that our life is always in peace.
I like what i have in me, and I hope you do too

Nice to see your post after a long time, and at first i really got surprised by Reading the title but then i thought let's read without any perception and in my opinion whatever you have that is natural for you so don't judge yourself but try to make more spiritual relationships because in my opinion if an Relationship need only physical needs then today or tomorrow people will face problem because every need is perishable so and in my opinion an relationship should not be judged, and move into relationships with those people with whom you have spiritual connection because if your souls are connected to spiritual aspect then other needs and aspect of your life will be fruitful for you. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

little importance

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Why did you write that title?

I guess you didnt read the entire post

thanks for nice information!

Sometimes if you do not move to other place. you do not learn about the opportunities. Informatively)!!! I subscribed),

@sostrin Best wishes my friend. I've been through my mid-life thingy myself, and it looks as though my marriage won't survive the on-coming empty nest.

I always felt drugs are merely a symptom of existential problems that society has no intention of addressing, namely 'individuation' a matter of 'The Hero's Journey' ... Society is intentionally disinterested in individuation because it's hard to mass-market consumerism to free-thinking individuals of strong self-agency.

It may seem 'selfish' in fact, many emotional manipulators in my life have derided my process of individuation as merely that. That's why your comment about "in-laws not wanting to hear it" resonated with me.

They don't want to hear it, because it makes them reflect on their own existence, and for some, introspection is unthinkable, socializing being their 'healthy' escape from doing so.

"The sage is bright but not blinding."
Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching

I bet some of the substances you tried did promote introspection, not mere escapism. Of course, I can only advocate introspection, not drug use. If you're familiar with introspection (not just 'numbing'), then you're 'on the gateway' ... towards meditation.

Soon you'll master deciding to which feelings that bubble up while meditating are worth attaching. Hint: the feelings that give you a sense of compassion, charity, and love! All other feelings are mere products of the human condition, not to be taken personally and certainly not of The Self towards which a better you can arrive.

This compassion you gain, you can decide with whom to share, particularly those who truly wish to see the better you, not merely those who have a use for you. Those latter poor souls will need to introspect on their own before their behavior no longer is destructive. You have no control over their process.

Go your own way, with peace and love (which come from within as far as I can tell ...)

I'm sorry your girlfriends family is letting a difference of opinion get in the way of a relationship with them.

It sounds like you are an honest person. I am too and I know not everyone can take honesty.

While I always strive to be better I will never compromise who I am. I don't expect my husband to either.

Penis size doesn't matter so long as you know what you're doing. :D

This post did give me quite an insight about you and I am happy to have read it. Being sad about things is perfectly normal and I think opening about your life experiences is very important too, but that should be done in front of the right people. Not everybody will appreciate you opening up to them and not everyone deserves to know your story. Btw, your title was a great example of articles with a catchy title and content that does not entirely relate to the title. But you know what, it's cool with me because I totally get how you write a title and then go with the flow and come up with something else- happens with me too. :)

I hope you are not going away.

I really love this post, very educating

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