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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


New week, new luck. Looks like we have seen the bottom for STEEM in the markets and I think, a big move to the upside is about to start soon. For over a month now I was holding my earned STEEM on exchanges, because I just could not sell at the recent prices. Sometimes it's cheaper to overdraw a fiat bank account and pay for the fees instead of selling the coins directly after a huge price drop. Of course, it's a risky game, but I want to survive, so there is no other way currently.

Many people say that it's good to see STEEM at lower price levels, because they then can buy more with huge discounts. If your life does not depend on Steem rewards, that's true, otherwise it's hell. They say, it's the time for building new things, for being creative. The truth is that we might lose many free thinkers and creative individuals in those times, because in most cases they are real/honest as one can be and not interested in sucking seeds (succeed). For me success means to heal the planet by planting seeds, not sucking the rest out of it, as many people do. I'm no sucker for sure and if Steem should not work out for me, I know that my real path is another.

Targeted (microwaved) individuals like me won't find peace in a world that is being run by soul sucking parasites. For those who understand: Waking up and realizing the truth of our fake world initiated the process automatically. As far as I can feel it, crypto currencies didn't change anything to that yet.

Motivation to continue on this path is ~ zero, but I will do my best, friends.

Coming Rewards Improved

I'm in the process of fixing, improving and optimizing a few things on the site. As some of you already noticed, my way of developing things barely goes directly from A to B. I have good reasons for that. Sometimes it's better to keep a distance and to not work on the same shit every day, because that may lead us to overlook the best possible result of the own creations and the whole process of completion tends to become more of a race than to a natural way resulting in a perfect product.

Coming Author Rewards

The tables are now better readable and the rows are sortable by clicking on the desired column header (as always, green = ascending, red = descending).

Coming Curation Rewards

We now have a few more details about our voting results in the overview. The column 'Eff.' shows us the efficiency of each vote. Being an early voter (before a strong whale vote comes in) leads to better results (higher SP rewards) in most cases.

For those who don't know, how curation rewards are being calculated:
Keep in mind, that it's not about being the first voter and voting within the first 10 minutes will in most cases decrease your rewards drastically! The percentage of effective curation vests go from 0 (first minute) to 100% (15th minute) of 25%. That means, you would get only 12.5%, if you vote exactly after 7.5 minutes and there is no other voter.

There is no perfect time for voting a post, sometimes it may be the 14th minute, sometimes a bit earlier or later. It depends on when the 'big one' will hit the target. One thing is sure: If you are voting within the first minute, you obviously don't understand how it works... ^^

The 'Avg. Efficiency' shows us our average curation performance for the currently active votes. Special thanks to @samotonakatoshi and @ew-and-patterns for the great input ;)

Have a wonderful week!

In the making

   ( A )

  • Caching Posting Keys
  • Responsive Design for mobile devices
  • Theme Builder
  • Post Viewer and Editor
  • Starting a witness node
  • Steem Data Service (SDS)

   ( B )

  • Different views, no limit in the Posts Overview (requires SDS)
  • Account Operations without limits, custom date ranges and filters, jump to day x (requires SDS)
  • Exact (separated SP, STEEM and SBD) All Time Rewards in the Stats Section (requires SDS)
  • Rewards Overview Tool with searching capabilites (requires SDS)

   ( C )

  • RC costs calculation
  • Downloadable SteemWorld that can be run locally
  • More details in Coming Rewards (number of posts/comments, pie charts?, filters?)


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much love,


"As far as I can feel it, crypto currencies didn't change anything to that yet."

This is sure: changing a tool doesn't change the paradigm!

We are still almost imbued with the unique thought of neo-liberalism, where we give more importance to capital (and to its financial income) rather than to the well-being of our peers, or rather ourselves.

The real revolution can only be within ourselves, and every individual must and can realize it by itself, isn't it?

I appreciated very much the Coming Rewards improvements and sortable columns: really cool, @steemchiller! 👏

Also your roadmap is rich of cool new function:go ahead, man: you rock!

Upvoted and resteemed: as always: thanks for your constant and consistent effort!

A huge hug!

P.s.: Could you please allow me to still set STEEM as my Preview Currency? (in "Settings") THANK You! 🙏

I also use STEEM as the main preview currency. Didn't notice the change, so is left the same so long as one doesn't touch the currency menu - oh no, it's gone into Satoshis!! Please put STEEM and SBD back as the native currencies :-)

Hi @steemchiller, thanks very much for putting STEEM and SBD back as preview currencies.
Just noticed today as on another machine.

Oh yes, thank you @steemchiller: you are always very kind! 🤟

thanks for keeping developing this great website but I have a question about Caching Posting Keys I think it's risky that the browser catching the posting keys or do you mean something else?

Man kann sich nur immer wieder bei Dir bedanken für die super Arbeit. Mich würde mal interessieren ob der wöchentliche Post zur Deckung der Serverkosten denn auch ausreicht um das betreiben zu können?!

Danke für deine wöchentliche Unterstützung!

Mich würde mal interessieren ob der wöchentliche Post zur Deckung der Serverkosten denn auch ausreicht um das betreiben zu können?!

Nicht wirklich. Es bleibt halt so gut wie gar nichts mehr für mich übrig und ich arbeite hier jetzt seit langer Zeit weit unter dem normalen Mindestlohn. Die geplante Witness-Node konnte ich bisher auch noch nicht starten, weil ich eine Registrierungsgebühr + Kosten für einen Monat schon bei Registrierung zahlen müsste. Ich könnte jetzt einen Power-Down machen, um das bezahlen zu können, aber ich kämpfe noch mit dieser Entscheidung.

Meine gesammelte SP ist alles, was ich bisher für mich verdienen konnte in den letzten Jahren und die jetzt auch noch zurückzufahren, um einen weiteren Server buchen zu können, halte ich für nicht sehr intelligent. Hätte ich nicht auf die Leute hier gehört und meine SP an der Spitze 2017 abverkauft, wäre ich jetzt viel weiter und könnte deutlich mehr STEEM bei den aktuellen Preisen nachkaufen. Wenn man schlau ist, erntet man die Früchte, wenn sie reif sind. Ich habe sie einfach liegen lassen, weil "man ja keinen Power-Down machen sollte, wenn man an Steem glaubt". Alles Bullshit.

Ein Weg wäre, öfter mal andere Sachen zu posten und meine Arbeit, die eigentlich Priorität haben sollte, in dieser Zeit niederzulegen. Verdienen würde ich so mit Sicherheit mehr, aber ich könnte mich dann nicht mehr so gut auf eine Sache konzentrieren. Der Fokus bestimmt halt das Ziel und je mehr gestreut der eigene Fokus ist, desto weniger einzigartige Dinge kann man erreichen. Viele Menschen wissen das nicht, aber es ist unglaublich kraftraubend mit den Gedanken nicht bei einer Sache zu sein. Es geht dann nicht nur die Zeit an sich verloren, sondern auch viel mehr Energie, als man sonst verbrauchen würde (Konzentration + Kreativität erzeugt Energie).

Wie auch immer, ich finde einen Weg ;)

Vielen Dank für deine ehrlichen Worte. Ich habe mir das schon so in etwa gedacht.... Hast du mal darüber nachgedacht den bisher wöchentlichen Post zur Deckung deiner Kosten einfach alle drei oder vier Tage zu machen? Ich denke die breite Masse hier würde das absolut verstehen und dich hier voll unterstützen! Meine Votes wären dir jedenfalls sicher 👍

Hallo lieber @steemchiller.
Hast du schon gemerkt, dass die SCT seit ein paar Tagen nicht mehr funktionieren? Da hat es ein Firefox-Update gegeben. Seitdem sind eine Menge Apps dort raus geflogen. Hast du dafür einen Workaround, oder Vorschläge, wie man damit umgehen soll? Die SCT sind mir fast noch wichtiger geworden, als die steemworld! Ohne die Tools bin ich beim Voten total aufgeschmissen.

Hast du schon das neue Firefox-Update getestet? Es kam bei mir (Linux Mint) bisher auch noch nicht automatisch und ich konnte nicht mehr warten. Meine Addons laufen damit alle wieder:

Ich habe die Version nicht wirklich installiert, aber man kann einfach das Archiv entpacken und die Datei 'firefox' starten. Läuft soweit einwandfrei bei mir.

Genau mit dem Update kam der Mist: V.66.0.x.
Ich schreibe bei der Version extra „.x“, weil es heute wieder funktioniert. Nach ca. 3 Tagen. Ich nehme an, sie haben noch die Version 66.0.5 hinterher geschickt, weil sie wohl etwas gemerkt haben. Es ist ja nicht nur dein Plugin ausgestiegen sondern fast alle. Na ja, du hast ja gesehen, was passiert ist. Zum Glück ist es heuite vorbei.
Danke für deine Antwort.

Sorry to hear about the EMF. I'm sure you've looked at possible solutions, but feel free to contact me on Discord as there may be more options.

Great work, as always, and especially under the circumstances.

One Q, nice touch to see the grand total curation efficiency as the rewards are being calculated, but is it a simple average of all curation %s or is it the global sum of rewards divided by upvotes values?

It is just a simple average, not weighted with upvote values (VP). A few hours ago I had a discussion with him where I had the same question^^ and this was his answer.

Thanks :-) One odd thing tho, ran the coming curation rewards last night and ended up with about an effectiveness of 85% - ran it again, on a different machine, today and scored 105%. I just assume a bit of tweaking is taking place, but the two averages can be different.

I used to run it daily but takes way too long for my rewards fund - am seriously impressed it doesn't crash or halt, given the huge number of upvotes per week.

I bet you were testing when he was arguing with me which calculation to use. Because he was trying out both calculatons an testing them on multiple accounts.
Mine was 56% (weighted) and after our discussion, it was 67% (non-weighted).

If I am right about this assumption, it should not change anymore on any machine you are using.

:-) you may need to have that discussion again! What you call "weighted" is the "correct" value in the sense that it is the sum(curation-rewards)/sum(upvotes), both using the same currency. Hence why I would have thought it a much easier calculation to perform recursively as just adding numbers to a cumulative quotient. The "simple mean" of percentages gives a distorted picture as it inflates high yields on very low upvotes. eg upvote=1steem, curation=0.5, plus upvote=0.1, curation 0.4, can give an average of either 225% or 82% ;-) The real return, financially is 0.9/1.1, which is 82%.

just my opinion, but so long as I know how to interpret it.

Hehe, here we are again... I'm no mathematician, but I think it depends on what we want to measure.

The simple average (current logic) gives us the average efficiency in terms of percentage per vote. The 'weighted' average (efficiency * [vote_percentage] / 100) would show us the average in terms of how much we really earn. Of course, if we would be as efficient as the simple avg. shows (for each of our votes), we would have the efficiency in terms of earnings.

I'm still not sure, what would make more sense here.
What about displaying it as:

Avg. Efficiency | 67.12%
Weighted Avg. | 56.87%

'Weighted Avg.' might not be the best name for it though.
I'm open for any ideas :)

Problem solved, just show both :D
I only need the simple average, but I understand if people want the weighted one which is closer to reality but worse for improving curation results.

Maybe just call it avg. efficiency including(or factoring in) vote percentage

Hi, hope you're well. One query from my side as a mathematician but not coder, isn't the weighted average easier/faster to calculate in that it is a recursive addition of the numerator/denominator of the quotient?

And... yes, if there is space, can show both :-) I agree the names are not immediately obvious, perhaps, to many users.

the avg.eff. is the "average return per vote"
the weighted avg. is the "average return per stake" (or per SP)

What do you think?

Yeah, I know that the weighted calculation is the "correct" one, but I noticed that my small upvotes on average provide better efficiency, so if I want to optimize my curation efforts, the weighted calculation would distort my progress.

Based on the efficiency numbers shown on steemworld, I bet that I can improve my curation by using more small upvotes (which I will try now). Maybe you as a mathematician can explain why this is going to improve my efficiency and give me higher curation rewards in total. Because I don't understand 100% why it seems to work this way.

Yes, I discovered this some time ago: increasing smaller votes gives better returns... It's a consequence of binomial distribution, assuming one has an edge to start with, that edge increases ;-)

If you're mixing strategies with the same account then, yes, you may wish to separate the earning-strategy from just upvoting friends and good posts.

Measuring the efficiency of our curation is a great idea! Optimizing all aspects of our journey here helps build our accounts stronger! Thanks for the continued efforts!

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I'm loving the further details. It's great to have the information available.

Also, I wanted to remind you that I'm still available for beta testing if you need it.

You always know everything 😄 do you have any idea why I can edit and vote on Steemit - but it will not post any comments? So annoying when I follow links people drop and have to hunt around for another Dapp to be able to answer...

Hmmm...I have no idea. You can try to log out then log back in.

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I hope you make certain to let us know when you want our vote for witness.

I'm a little dazed - I'm not used to dealing with the kind of problems Firefox caused everyone today (if you did not see it reported, they blocked all the add-ons) with the result, that I only realised something was wrong when my browser froze and I learnt it had over 300 cookies which were also causing trouble. All the tracking was no longer blocked - and the adverts.

I found that MyPal browser is okay with XP and is still being developed for XP, so I gave it a go and suddenly, for the first time, I can watch html5 videos. It has been 18 hours, but I'm getting there. But, it also helped awaken my empathy when reading of your problems.

A suggestion:
I see that for a new poster to have a voting power of 1c, he must have SP500 ... what a change from when I first joined. This led me to the thought that on your page (the wheel of fortune) it is going to stay at zero for a long time for many. It must be discouraging. How about adding a third number after the dot (0.001). At least they'll then see some movement and maybe feel they are achieving something?

I know that you need an income and I sympathise (I'm a pensioner), but I was thinking of that very young man on Steemit who is being supported by some others as he needs money for his medicine and treatments - just to stay alive. I imagine how his heart sinks as he sees his income drying up and wish I could help - as I feel with you. Would being a witness earn you enough to survive or are you still going to need something extra?

My best wishes remain with you.

I'm a little dazed - I'm not used to dealing with the kind of problems Firefox caused everyone today ...

The Firefox Update didn't affect me yesterday, but now I'm watching ads the first time on Steemit, so it has been rolled out for my system too. They already fixed it and one can enable 'Studies' in the FF Preferences to load a temporary fix, but I prefer to wait for a stable update. I'm now back on Brave...

This led me to the thought that on your page (the wheel of fortune) it is going to stay at zero for a long time for many.

There is a setting for changing the number of displayed decimal places, but I agree that it might be better to set the default value based on the available SP. I will see, if I can change that with one of the next updates.

Would being a witness earn you enough to survive or are you still going to need something extra?

Good question. I think, if I get enough votes, it would earn me a few STEEM per month (with the current prices it won't be much, just a few dollars). Always when I decide to start the witness in the coming days, there is a big price drop that let's me rethink the idea and holds me back.

It's time for STEEM to rise again.
All the best to you ;)

That's a great new addition to the curation tracker @steemchiller; looks like it might be a nice teaching tool as well, for those who don't quite understand how the system works.

Thanks for all your hard work! SteemWorld is the best helper app we have here!

Thank you very much for all that you do. You are appreciated.

Thank you so much for Steemworld, it Rocks!! ;) Always using it with Brave Browser, hoping you are getting the BAT rewards..? ;)

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Thanks for your support!

Yes, there are always a few BAT coming in each month, but I can't see by whom exactly. What most people don't know, is the fact that I as content creator don't really earn BAT, because they are automatically being converted to USD/EUR in the process of receiving the monthly rewards. I will write a post about the truth of BAT soon. I think people should know, that their fees for paying out the monthly rewards are ~ 10%, which is way higher than the rate for normal fiat bank transfers in my country.

Wie immer volle 100% und einen Resteem.
Meinen herzlichsten Dank für deine 1 A Arbeit.



Hello @steemchiller There are many things that I do not understand yet, but for what they have explained to me, you do a great job, I am going to update myself little by little, since I see Steemit as a life project and I know that in the long term it will bring benefits, I follow you…

From your post:

There is no perfect time for voting a post, sometimes it may be the 14th minute, sometimes a bit earlier or later. It depends on when the 'big one' will hit the target.

This explains why I have different curation awards when the post reward is of a similar value. It all depends when a large curation vote is placed relatively to my vote time.

Thanks for explaining this - one of Steem's mysteries solved. Also, thanks for improving the readability of the curation table and giving it a sort option.

hey @steemchiller ,
hier haste mal nen fetzigen banner für diverse Interaktionen ;-)

https: //

Die neueste Veränderung ist wahnsinnig gut. Ich nutze so schon mehr Steemworld als alle anderen Dinge bei Steem, da es einfach am meisten Überblick und Funktionen bietet, ich verwalte Delegations darüber (geht viel schneller und angenehmer), tausche SBD gegen Steem ein mit 3 simplen Klicks und nun kann ich auch noch die Votingeffizienz bezüglich der Curationboni besser ablesen als mit allen anderen Seiten oder Apps.
Die Kombi aus Steemworld und Steemrewarding von @holger80 ist nun unschlagbar.
Mein Vote ist leider nicht wirklich viel Wert, aber ich leite ein paar Votes von SBI per benef. auf 100% direkt an dich weiter.

Super Zusammenfassung, das trifft es sehr gut.

Couldn't find you on Twitter, but wanted to shout out and let you know I've started tweeting these weekly support posts (as of about 5 minutes ago... 😂). I'm using the hash tags #steemchiller & #steemworld - hope it helps spread the word about your awesomesauce site!

You can upgrade vote performance % in curation rewards to more votes. I mean, when the account has for example 50 pending curation rewards and it shows 150% it working. But when account has like 1000 pending curation rewards it is showing Avg. Efficiency | -NaN %

Which account did you test? I changed some things a few minutes ago, so maybe it's working now...

Its looking good on @the.nervi but on @nervi is looking NaN

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@nervi looks good on my end:

Maybe you need to refresh the page.
94.41% is a very good result btw ;)

Yea, maybe. Thanks for help!

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Du klingst traurig. I ch hoffe das Steem doch das wird was du gerne in der Welt sehen willst. Es stimmt das leider vieles hier nicht so toll ist und das selbe Prinzip da ist wie in der Rest der Welt. Wer viel Geld hat hat die Macht.
Aber das Gute das ich sehe sind die vielen Menschen die hier sind weil sie an ihren Mitmenschen Interesse haben und helfen wollen wo Hilfe noetig ist. Und auch die Umwelt uns so weiter.
Ich hoffe das du bald von Steem leben kannst. Es muss sehr frustrierend sein so viel fuer die Verbesserung von Steem zu arbeiten und nicht mal davon Leben zu koennen.

So how would one go about increasing their curation efficiency rating?

Dear @steemchiller

You know I am very pleased with these improvements, you and all those who support you with ideas.

Greetings friend, today in Venezuela we are in process of changes, with hope of freedom.

Thanks @steemchiller! I enjoy using It's got to be one of the most solid Steem resources on the web.

Also @steemchiller I hope you got my BAT tips. You are one of the few verified publishers.

@steemchiller, for curation, could you also display the place in which you voted? For example, whether you were the 1st or 7th or 50th vote. I think that will have an impact on curation.

Motivation to continue on this path is ~ zero, but I will do my best, friends.

Thanks for continuing.
Cheer up! Do not lose faith

Upvote und resteem für den Support und Danke!

Thank you man for keeping the good level and best quality of your work with steemworld

Danke für deine Votingtipps. Ich hatte irgendwo gelesen, dass der erste am besten ist, weil es da einen "Finderlohn" gibt. ;-) Das vergesse ich jetzt schnell wieder. Danke und einen schönen 1. Mai (hoffentlich frei) Kadna

Thank you so much for all you do. Hope Steem goes up and you can sell and use it.

May I make a suggestion regarding the pending curation rewards. Wonderful feature, but can take a long time when there are 1000s of upvotes, plus it can be a waste of resources as I'm often just interested in a narrow range of days.

So, could you add a date range to the options so that, for example, I can just process the last 24 hours, or 48 hours.

I think would save on time and processor usage :-) thanks

Hi steemchiller, I am new to steem but I finally figured out that if I use your app every day I should probably give you a weekly upvote.

Would be great if everbody who uses his site did that. It's just one vote per week for his efforts.

For me success means to heal the planet by planting seeds, not sucking the rest out of it, as many people do. I'm no sucker for sure and if Steem should not work out for me, I know that my real path is another.

That’s well said. @SteemChiller
It’s because of the miniscule tribe believers that I am still on the #Steem chain.
It’s my pleasure to support your work.
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You received a vote of 15% from the curator @pataty69, I also gave 5 stars and I am commenting on this post using In this way I am contributing so that @steevebot can select and vote with approximately 4.000 STU your post. If you want to reciprocate or help your friends steemians proceed in the same way using

_ptgram _

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Excellent work as always @steemchiller! Always happy to leave my vote for this... and know well how it is sometimes cheaper to just bear the overdraft bank fees than to sell something at a loss.


Its a unpredictable that when voting value feedback you the best curation reward, in spite that your work is alwalys gives us better experience in steemworld and we used it frequently, thanks for the update.

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Seems to me it is already caching my key from time to time - not asking me for it before redeeming rewards ...

Yes, I didn't explain in detail yet, how it works with the current logic. The site puts entered memo and posting keys inside the DOM (HTML Document), so that we don't need to re-enter them again, while we are on the page, but they are not being stored permanently. After closing the page or switching to a different account, they are gone.

I need to store them in cache (encrypted) for the Post Editor and the coming Feed Views, because otherwise people would need to enter their key for each vote/post/comment, which they want to broadcast via SteemWorld.

Danke für die Erklärung!

Danke für die tolle Arbeit!!!

Thanks @steemchiller... for whatever you said!

Don't understand it so I'll just keep making my creative posts and hope it all works out well in the end...

Great info on when to vote. I have my auto votes set for 5 minutes after post...I should probably change that.


Thanks for the improved coming rewards.

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Hey @steemchiller! Thanks for your awesome site 💗

Follow, Upvote und Resteem. Bei solchen Projekten tut man das doch gerne. LG

Grateful - I use @steemworld every day.

Thanks a lot for the brief explanation about how curation works. Personally, I think curation should be ditched altogether, but that's a whole other story.

Do you know if SteemConnect is working properly? Last week, I couldn't use it to Update All my Keys. Today, SteemConnect failed when placing a Market Order. Then I tried directly with SteemWorld and it worked.

Do you know what can be causing this?

Really? I think the current 15-minute reverse-auction plus curation algo is the only interesting game-theoretic part of the whole system. I would even extend it to the whole 7 days so that each new vote resets the clock back 1 minute, just as an example.

Whether curation rewards themselves have achieved what they set out to, that's also another matter.

Yep. This system is kind of dumb, if you ask me. We post something and it's only active between the 11 and 15 minute mark? So, an article is only interesting for about 4 minutes in a 7 day window? What the f...?

Agree there. The Steem white paper says all upvoters are "curators", hence kinda confusing many of the genuine quality control work done by actual human curators.

I just find the mathematics interesting as very little else in this economy is both perfectly algorithmic yet unpredictable.

Nice work dear friend @steemchiller

Thank you very much for your hard work! Reblogged!

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A query: can I return to alphabetical order in the list of my users followed in the Steemit template? I appreciate your information.

This is a great app and looks amazing , Thank you very much.

I'm going to read this one over so I resteemed it @steemchiller it might be better if I logged into your site.


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Hey @steemchiller I want to talk with you for a project, how can I find you on discord? I think that It will be a good idea.