Steeve Now in Public Beta: Personal Recommendations and the World Without Bidbots & Voting Trails

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Steeve is a new platform running on Steem which uses AI to find interesting content for you. We released an alpha version about a month ago and we have been tirelessly working on it since then, incorporating all user feedback we got (see all changes since the last update). Let us take you through all major features Steeve has to offer now that we are going Beta!

Log in using SteemConnect

To fully interact with the blockchain (comment, vote, and do all the stuff you usually do on Steem) you need to authenticate using SteemConnect. Or if you just want to look around first and see the content Steeve found for you, you can select the Browse content only option. You can upgrade the posting authority later when you find something worth a vote or a comment.

Feed with Personal Recommendations

Ever felt tired of seeing content from the same authors in your feed day after day? And then getting lost in the tons of new posts when desperately searching the New section? Personal recommendations should help you with that. We have been waiting so long for somebody to implement this feature until we had to do it ourselves. Steeve recommends posts you might like based on your past activity on the blockchain - what posts you upvoted, who you follow, etc. You will find the recommendations mixed up with posts from your normal Steem feed.

Read Next

When you finish reading a post you really enjoyed, do you sometimes feel like you could read one more? Then the Read Next section is the right thing for you! If possible, Steeve will show you this section with suggestions of posts you might enjoy reading next based on the popularity among the other readers. We personally love this feature. :)

The World without Bidbots & Voting Trails

This will be probably one of the most controversial features Steeve has, but we just couldn’t help it and had to give it a try :)

Some people use bidbots every day and are happy that their voice can be heard even though they don’t sit on a huge pile of Steem Power. Other people would never do it and think that vote buying is bad for Steem. Well, now everybody has the chance to see for themselves what the world would look like without them!

When browsing a category (aka tag), Steeve filters out the automated votes for you so that you can see the trending posts as measured by the genuine user votes. The percentage of these genuine user votes is also shown side by side with the ordinary number of votes (highlighted below with the pink bounding box).

Your Section

The last part of our new platform is the section you will find after clicking on your avatar in the top right corner. Here you can conveniently see your blog, comments & replies, as well as your wallet and all your activity on the blockchain. This section should currently allow you to monitor all your interactions with others, and we will be adding more clever features on the go.

All the Little Tweaks..

There are more things on Steeve which you will hopefully find useful. For example, you can star stories you like so that you can get back to them later as well as bookmark your favorite categories. Or when writing a post you will see its preview side by side with the editor. And other little tweaks like that are all over, just get there already and find out for yourself!

...and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Who we are

We - @mor, @void and @hr1 - are a team of AI enthusiasts who want to leverage the technology for improving the user experience here on Steem blockchain.

Help us improve!

We are constantly testing new things and we need to hear what you think! We appreciate feedback - your votes, comments or ideas for improvement :)

For the web application-related problems we use an issue tracker. Or you can just comment under the post or contact us on our discord channel:

For upcoming updates don’t forget to follow @steeveapp!

Your Steeve team.

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I’m gonna take a look when I get back to home. I wonder how that “ai” works. It will be nice to have a read next button. It was a feature I’m also wanting and planning to write solely. And I really love to see a feed without “promoted” content

Wow just by five minutes I can say it’s totally a different experience. However I already found something to put into issue tracker on mobile version. Title font is so big that it doesn’t fit to screen so makes it buggy to scroll through.

The issue should be fixed now.

Attaching a screenshot would be great. What title do you mean exactly? What page, what context? Thanks!

Since I’m still on mobile it’s hard to report those but this exact posts title “recommendations” wprds doesnt fit the screen and many post with long links in their body also overflows the screen

And I just realised I needed my ppk to be able to upload pictıres. I’m gonna make a detailed pen testing when I get home

So far ı can tell there are things about voting slider and editor oncomment edtor. :) see you in issue tracker

Give it a try and let us know ;-)

I think that @hr1 and/or @mor may end up writing a post on how they did it.

In any case, if you do or don't like something, please let us know so that we can think about how to make things better!

Hey @void, where do I click to reply to the body of the post? I cant find

Posted using Steeve

Just scroll down to Comments, there is Add comment button.

Posted using Steeve

Hello, I am @fyrstikken, owner of the original bidbot @booster. I noticed you used our services to promote your bot-free front end/app.

I have spent some time on your website, watching the trending-page without promotion, and I did not get impressed by the "selected many"

Maybe you can tone down your hate towards the bidbot/promotion services. After all you and the majority on steem use them and delegate SteemPower to them and get extra income that way.

The man behind @fyrstikken and @fyrst-witness, the CEO who commanded his company to put 130 Bitcoins into STEEM and bought a whale position which I can do with what I want, including upvoting you for free or for pay.

I am not going to comment very much more about your app. As it is not much to say about it. I just suggest to not use the "no bidbot experience" narrative.

Anyways, thanks for the business today. I hope they were all a positive and profitable experience for you.

Thank you for a valuable input. Steeve is more of an experiement, pretty dynamically evolving, and we will definitely will be aligning Steeve according to all your reactions.

So, this is merely a kickoff of the genuine votes feature, we have to decide where to take it next. There may as well just be a button in the UI that allows you to switch between regular and genuine mode not to promote no bidbot experience too much since you are right that it has its place. We will be discussing this in upcoming days.

Thanks again and have a nice day!

I'm really happy to see a no bidbot experience. I think those like @fyrstikken were naive to think people would want to see only advertisements and paid programming when traditionally that sort of content always receives the lowest ratings. This is just the most logical step forward. They made it so we could pause and record live television; skip the commercials. There's a skip button on every ad Youtube offers. This Steeve genuine content experience was exactly what's been needed here for a long time. Now genuine content producers who skip the middleman can work in front of a genuine audience again. That's brilliant. Thank you.


I don't know if you have encountered those.

Have you guys taken votes from @smartmarket and @minnowbooster into consideration? Thats still a way to buy votes from everyday people not "bidbots" and still get into trending.

We know about these, but they are not treated in any special way because:

  • It is still vote buying not related to curation.
  • @hr1 pointed out that the amount of money you can send via these is rather limited, so "and still get into trending" is not really true.

So, treating just these two in a special way would not change much in our listings.

Posted using Steeve

I couldn't agree with you more and the fact that they bought votes from bots for this post is a symbol that the supports Steemit neutrality principle, enables creation of platform for freedom of expression and creativity on the Internet. Are upvoting bots prohibited? No, so those that want to, are free to use them.

@fyrstikken this is so true. He is using bots for his post while trying to discredit them.
I will check your service for future needs.

We have been discussing this in another thread.

Anyway, I don't think that your argument is really valid 100%. We have tried to get through without paid promotion, you can check @steeveapp blog. It didn't quite work out that well, so we in the end decided to pay some bots. Which is not in conflict with the idea of genuine votes. We have to be realists, this is how Steem is at the moment.

And really, I have nothing against paid promotion, but I am not sure it should work the way it is now. But we will definitely be discussing and aligning genuine votes further.

So much hate for the bots. I wonder how this system would factor in services like SmartSteem where you buy the votes of actual (and some "actual") members. Would that make it to the trending section on Stevia or whatever it's called?

I don't think there is any hate for bidbots, we are just making it possible to view Trending in a different way. It's also an experiment to see whether that feature makes sense. We will be aligning it according to any valuable input.

In any case, I don't see any issues with being able to view Trending like that. We may add the regular Trending at one point, which will make it optional to view the filtered world.

True. Seems like now in a lot of the topics, the trending stuff is just whatever is boosted on SmartMarket.

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Ho ho ho i've been waiting for something simular for quite a bit of time now. Thumbs up boyz, will keep an eye on this :)

Well Steve sounds great.

While I am in the crowd of not minding the bidbots at all, I love it that you are trying to find a solution for those who do mind it.

This is great and I will check it out.

Oh wow, finally someone did it - awesome! Been thinking about something like this for months.

Personal recommendations should help you with that. We have been waiting so long for somebody to implement this feature until we had to do it ourselves.

Exactly :D

Thank you guys, will definitely promote it in my community :)

@tipu upvote this post for 5 sbd

Thank you and happy steeving ;-)

First impression: the website looks very nice and clean on mobile!

Second impression: what do you guys think about "show less / show more" buttons? Do you think that users can further tailor their feed using this functionality?

Also would it be possible to split the feed between tags, that user can define?

I need to reach you on discord :)

Thanks for your comment and remarks!

The "show less / show more" button is actually already planned, but we unfortunately didn't yet get to it, but it has a the top priority now ;).

With the "split the feed between tags" feature please reach us on discord or write an issue/proposal in the issue tracker. We would be glad to discuss the details with you.

Holly cow, on desktop I just noticed the "add category" button (didn't notice it on mobile). As I understand, this is something like "favorite tags". This is actually something that I proposed to be implemented on steemit 2 years ago.

Thank you very much for adding it :D

Ps. I also proposed easy tipping users, which of course wasn't implemented so I made my own version of it :) tip! 2

Yeah, you could not see it on mobile because it is only available on desktop right now :-) But this could change since people are using Steeve on mobile quite a lot it seems.

Hi @mor! You have received 2.0 SBD tip from @cardboard!

Check out @cardboard blog here and follow if you like the content :)

@tipU voting service | For investors.

Good job.

I can't keep track of all stuff going on on steem lately.

Good times ahead I guess.

Yeah, me neither since I spent almost all my time digging into Steeve :D

This looks promising!

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Hi @stellabelle, it's been a long time! I am curious to hear what you think :)

as one of the new steemians i want to use this app..

I will 100% be using this to surf content! Bid-bots have there place but I can’t tell you how often I wanted to scroll through trending and see what the curators genuinely enjoyed!

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I find the creators so passionate about their work. Good job guys!

SUper love the steeveapp!!

Wow ! Great application and perfect moment for releasing it ! The bad search engine here on steemit is probably the biggest reason why we don't see steadily more and more people joining steemit.
Looking forward to use steeve!

Thanks for your hard work!

It is a beautiful app and easy for users. Thanks for making work so easy.

This is really awesome. I look forward to trying it out and seeing what it can do. I have stopped using bid and upvote bots for a while now, so this is really cool to know that my content will get pushed by Steeve if it matches a users interests. Thanks for creating this and sharing it with us!

Thanks for your comment. We hope you'll find some engaging posts in our recommendations. :)

thanks a lot for this is just awesome... great work

I just tried it for the first time and I have to say I seem to like the feeling of the interface more than I really like the feature of seeing the percentage of the genuine votes, and I wish this was also available for the feed. Also, it would be nice to see whether the posts on the feed are posts recommended for me, or posts from those people I have already subscribed to.
Anyways, I really actually like this app and will most likely be using it in the future as well. :)

Hi @sctintillaic, thanks for the suggestion, we created an issue for the feature of showing genuine votes also on feed.

Regarding the posts from feed vs. recommended posts - they are distinguished by the red corner in the top right corner of the story card. You can click on the corner to see an explanation.

When a post is both from your normal feed and recommended, we still mark it as recommended as it is one more reason for you to check it out :)

Thanks for reaching out!

Wow! Cool! I love AI too - huge potential there. Super curious to see how it works when back on a browser tonight. Keep it up guys!

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And we are super curious to hear if you liked it! ;)

It`s genial, I'm here and I'm doing a tour of recognition for the app. From now on I tell you that this is a great idea.

Posted using Steeve

This post has received a 5.00% upvote from @aiyanna!

This is an extra way we have decided to give back and award serious bloggers!

Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion to improve the efforts of this bot. Delegation and donations will be used to increase steem power.

It really seems to be a better solution. Being a science student I can predict that AI is going to give us a great magical world beyond our imagination.

Personal recommendations are a fantastic idea for decluttering the info stream. I'm all about focused information intake so that's definitely a very useful update for me and possibly for many others as well.

We're glad you like the idea! Do let us know, too, how you liked the recommendations :)

We're really glad for your interest and hope that you'll enjoy our recommendations. We're still working on improving it, so don't hesitate to give us an honest feedback. :)

Great concept!. Would love to see the progress of this project.

We are constantly working and making progress. In case you want to help out or have some ideas, feel free to join us on Discord, the link is in the article ;-)

Looking forward to exploring this in the evening after work. Thanks.

Great! Let us know what you think after you test it out :)

Awesome, great idea!

Followed you!

Maybe a stupid question of an older guy…. Can I also use the app on a desktop and laptop?

Hi, Steeve is a web app, you just need a browser and go to to log in.

Pretty funny that this post is full of paid bot votes.

I agree, the situation is very ironic and was waiting if somebody would point it out :)

Btw. what do you think in general about the idea of filtering out the automated votes?

incredible @hr1 to see you comment and to verify that you are not a bot ... you are a mysterious legend, stories have been written about who you really are. Many people appreciate your votes. I hardly saw your name in the post, I looked in all the comments to see if you appeared jajajaja ... I am thrilled to see that you are even part of this great work as @steeveapp congratulations: D

Maybe I am a bot, just a really advanced one :)

So what do you think about Steeve so far?

hahahahaha good answer ...

I really like the content that appears, it is exciting to discover the intuitiveness of the page. They have done a great job.

I am particularly used to Steemit. I like its visualization because I can see more publications at the same time, here I only see one on the screen and I have to go down more and more to see others; that's why I never got used to Busy. If I would have a way to visualize the feed as Steemit it would be super cool ...

Another thing that I noticed is that reputation increases. My raputation is 57.92 and it goes out at 58. Also, you can not see the photo on the cover of my last post

I think that the "small post" view in feed will come at some point. I prefer this one too :)

@danielvehe @cardboard Hmm, I am wondering why is that you prefer the small previews.. Couldn't it be just because you need to go through a number of posts before you find something interesting?

I like to see a lot and to have the freedom to decide, even if they are all of my interest, to be able to choose which one I read first. That I only leave one is very little. This is one of the reasons why I love pinterest and I'm really enjoying steempeak

Couldn't it be just because you need to go through a number of posts before you find something interesting?

Or I already saw the other posts. I like to get the general overview of the current feed and smaller posts allow me to see more at the same time.

I had the same exact thought, but they did have to get the idea out somehow. That, honestly, is how I think bidbots should be used - to inform people of new ideas and content, not just to boost all of someone's work and earn more money.

This is exactly what we've needed for awhile. Maybe it's just me but there seems to be this idea in the Steemit community that the websites built off the Steem blockchain need to be the wild west where anyone can post content and the site owners should just be hands off. For some sites I can see why that is necessary but there's too much junk. We need someone to say "no that's garbage." even if it's an AI saying it. Don't get me wrong anyone should be able to post to the Steem blockchain but we need more heavily curated interfaces.

Yeah, if you check @steeveapp account, you will see quite a few posts there that didn't get much attention. That is why we put this Beta release post together and decided to promote it this way.

If you ask me, it is pretty annoying that you have to do this, it is hard to spread the word any other way than getting to Trending. People generally don't resteem, so all that is left is get to Trending by payout.

If you ask me, it is pretty annoying that you have to do this, it is hard to spread the word any other way than getting to Trending. People generally don't resteem, so all that is left is get to Trending by payout.

That's just the way the world works, and it is no different on Steemit. The thing about paid bots people don't seem to understand is that they are a critical component of the economy. If a company/dev/content creator wants to advertise on Steemit and build brand awareness, they go the exchange and buy Steem to pay the bot, which in turn creates demand for the token. Demand for Steem doesn't just magically materialize because of all the "good content" people post on the platform.

Right, I get what you are saying. On the other hand, it is slightly (or perhaps highly) confusing on Steemit for example that there is Trending and Promoted while actually both are about promotion, just using different means to get attention.

To me it looks like that the whole thing accidentally works somehow just because people are paying bots to promote good things, because who would pay money to promote crap.

Your point is valid, but I don't like that Trending has very little to do with actual content quality. Promoted posts should be simply Promoted. I am not sure it is a good thing that you will never get into Trending without paying quite a lot of money yourself. But surely you can pay for a good article, get followers and then depend on them to vote on your stories.

On the other hand, Trending will probably never be and never was about content quality so much. In the early days it was enough for a single whale to vote on an article and it got there instantly.

But this is a broader issue to think about, how to promote good content, and everybody is thinking about that I guess. A new user can get super frustrated super quickly currently, I can tell you that.

Or perhaps Steem is just mirroring how real world works and there is nothing wrong with it. People with power are using it, people without power can do shit.

critical component of the economy.

You really think vote selling is critical to our economy? I would suggest the contrary. They are what is holding us back.

I think what @mor, @void, and @hr1 are going to show us how much more valuable the user experience could be without so much pervasive paid votes.

Furthermore, while you think bid bots or vote selling to perhaps be an indispensible part of the ecosystem, I know they have been crucial in the proliferation of abuse accounts that continue to plague our chain and ward off mote scrupulous investors and bloggers.

Lastly, these services do a bit more than promotion. If everybody that used them declined rewards, would be for that but thats not what it is. Not by a longshot.

Once monetary incentives become great, the rules of the game always change. Abuse accounts are always going to be with us in one form or another, even the Steemit whitepaper acknowledged that.

Abuse accounts are always going to be with us in one form or another, even the Steemit whitepaper acknowledged that.

I am aware of this. I think the key is making abuse the path of greater resistance to these accounts. We've been working to that end with @steemflagrewards.

Hope there will be an app soon for ios

The web app should be usable on a phone as well, although there are some advantages in having a native app, obviously.

Anyway, Steeve is pretty young and we are testing whether the concept is pleasing for users. There is not going to be a native mobile app unless it turns out people are actually largely interested in Steeve.

I would like to try... But what are the benefits of this?

Isn't that all in the article? It's about better user experience. If you are asking whether we are going to pay you for using Steeve, the answer is no, at least for now ;-)

hahaha... Straight answer! Very good! But your idea was nice! Let see what is different from eSteem apps.


You guys really doing a great job such a great platform u provide to us really all of you roking

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I know this is past the 7 day payout period, but I'm upvoting and resteeming it either way. More advertising can only help, right? ;-)

Posted using Steeve

Absolutely! Thanks :-)

Posted using Steeve

Great post, but even you had to give it some visibility with bots. Will be interesting to see how that works.

Well, that's what you have to do on Steemit, and other platforms. But can you get to the top of trending on Steeve? :)

This has already been mentioned and is being discussed in another thread.

This is very good! Just the title gave my current feeling for Steemit. Bot and Trails without much goodies. It feels like being late at a party in Steemit, everyone had a good and genuine time but now they are just stretching the fun while it is getting late.

You might be late to the Steemit party, but ours just begun ;) How do you like it so far?

You mean Steeve or Steemit?

The name of our app is Steeve which stands for the Sieve for Steem as we're filtering the content of Steem.

I'm going to definitely give it a try. Sounds fantastic.

I tried it. It's much smoother, and I loved its interface. Only a small error found in mobile browser

. Working perfectly with pc

Posted using Partiko Android

I will try to do something about this ASAP.

This should be fixed now, thanks for reporting.

Sounds useful. I'm excited to learn how good it is at doing that!

Posted using Partiko Android

I didn't expect someone to do it. I really can't believe it is true. Am I dreaming?

Pinch! it still there? :)

It occurs to me that folks tend to post the topics they're interested in. Have you considered using one's own posts to inform the AI as to the content they'd like to see?

I particularly like the ability to filter out automated votes. While there are good reasons to use voting trails to support folks, manually cast votes have a far greater value IMHO.


Have you considered using one's own posts to inform the AI as to the content they'd like to see?

Good point! We added a little tweak to our algorithm to account more for that, thanks :)

This is a verry nice app. The young genaration use it verry easily... This contand and loking is verry beautyfull. Thanks making this apps for you ....

Sounds like a really cool project overall! Anything that brings something new and different to steem is a win!

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This is really interesting. It'll be curious to see how this will ultimately work, as I do believe this works really well BUT if this hits mainstream in Steem users, some bot users might try to change their behavior to adapt and to keep their bots more attractive to use, promising their users still to get a lot of views.

Yeah, the time will tell. But it is those who can adapt, not the strongest, who will survive..

So please let us know what you like and what you don't so we can adapt :)

Well I'll tell when I have a strong view on this. :)

I'm not sure if it's already explained somewhere, but it would be interested to know how the content is actually separated between automated or bot votes and the actual votes. As I can think of many ways of trying to get around being detected as a upvote selling account, but of course, most of them take extra work and currently bring no value to the bot operators, so I'm hoping it'll stay that way and the bots will stay as simple as they are :)

Thanks for your comment!

This question was already posted and answered here. Also you can find the answer if you click on the actual percentage.

Thank you for the reply :)

Lookint at the beta version..i would co firm my next post will be from @steeveapp ....hopefully it will work on mobile browser

Posted using Partiko Android

I hope as well :-) Let us know if there are any issues. The web app looks better on tablet/desktop, though. It is not so fine-tuned on mobile. I would love to clone myself and do all the work, but that hasn't been invented yet, so... :-)

Yes laptop went to a need some medication..hahaha..
For the time being I am using my mobile for the posting....and even i accessed it via mobiile..but it was not sorry i could not live upto my promise....once my laptopn is backi will for sure make use of steeveapp....

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After a brief look and navigating through, it looks interesting. Although I will need more time to enjoy the different experience of content consumption, there are already some features that caught my eye.

I can see that you are able to filter spam comments. However, I couldn't find any information in your posts about that feature.

Anyway, I am excited that the project is developed by group of Czechs. :) I can't recall if there are other projects with a potential that have Czech members.

Also, I believe that you could utilise Fundition to support your project as I can see you published new updates quite frequently. Furthermore, if or when you decide to make your project open source, you could be interested in They have @utopian-io account on Steem and use utopian-io tag. They could support the development of the project too.

Thank you for your kind words.

We know about the two projects you mentioned (Fundition and Utopian), and we're keeping them as future possibilities for some financial support.

Like thiNice one! Will be keeping an eye on this.s

Posted using Steeve, an AI-powered Steem interface

Good Job! I really enjoyed it.

Cool looking :)

And the personality? :)

Your target and determination is what got you to this point and i am sure the result of your hard work will yield better result for you good job guys

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