Beautifully Sublime Sunday From the Road

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Well let me be the first to apologize for this post. I am using my phone and I never post like that lol.


That is me with my feet up and under the covers. I am under the covers because my son has the air conditioning set to frigid Over all it was a nice day for the long drive down to Virginia.


It never fails to amaze me to see so many types of flowering plants well ahead of Michigan.


We decided to try a few different additions to our usual feast. Of course we still bought the usual suspects like deli meat and cheese. Namely our favorite : pastrami. Yum!

At 92 bucks at Kroger I think Ben is right... Pizza is cheaper. Lol



I never post on my phone, so I will say that this isn't bad at all. I was sorry I couldn't delete mine. Now, I will have to live with it until the end of time.

How does Ben sleep at home in Michigan in the summer? I know the "King of Cheap" does not lower the temperature to frozen. I will have to say that Ben will probably adapt or die a slow death when he moves to Virginia. Is this the guy that wants to move further South?

I have always maintained that a decent meal is way cheaper than going to the store and getting junk. I cannot believe the prices for junk food nowadays! Also, I did see some BOGO coupons floating around for Burger King. You might find some of them online.

Have fun down here! I see you brought the cold with you.


Oh Ben whines near daily for the AC in the summer. I think I turned it on twice last year. I am getting him ready for working those 12 hour days in the heat soon!

I thought that was what you were doing this time. You must be back in Michigan where there is a signal and some free time.

Poor Ben. I have a hint from one of my extremely overheated daughters, who thinks I don't keep the air low enough! Ice packs. They cool you off quicker than a New York minute. They come in the mail with refrigerated things but they are awesome and stay cold for hours and hours.

It is not like we don't have air conditioning! She just needs to move to Alaska!

I've been phone posting for some time now. Hopefully I will be back home soon so I can use my keyboard. Love those burritos they warm up great in the motel.

Yeah I think phone posting is just a matter of getting used to it. It actually worked out pretty good.

Yes you can save so much by just eating in the motel versus dining out a couple times a day! A little fridge and microwave and I am set lol.

Looks like Ben is more OK with the colder temperature than you.

For sure. He suffers in the heat tho lol.


I thought this was a ghost at first. You never know what you'll run into on the road !LOL. These prices...

Why doesn't Voldemort have glasses?
Nobody nose.

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LOL. I should have done a puppet show perhaps!

PS... Kroger is the expensive store down here.

Nope, Food Lion is from what I can tell.

I am wrong. Kroger is not here, but, on the way to the shore. 🤣 Food Lion is usually a bit older/dirtier around here so never shop there. I think all older grocery stores look like that, but, seems like they build new ones so often around here, they just seem cleaner.

Food Lion is the expensive one on the shore. I am not sure how they stay open there. Most go to the farmers' markets there in the summer and Walmart or a Pantry store. I just looked it up and there is a Bojangles next to the Walmart... Movin on up.