Searching for Aussies on Steem: Fair Dinkum!

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G'Day Aussies!!

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I've been on Steemit for over a year now and I've been a bit neglectful of the whole 'Team Australia' thing - no idea why, just I guess I wasn't too active on Discord and a lot of Aussies dropped off when the Steem price did. Then I got involved in Natural Medicine and the rest was history. But I've been really keen of late to figure out how many of you are here and where you might be hiding. Are there people I don't know about that I should know? I feel I have more American friends that I ever thought possible, but Aussies? Yeah nah.

I was in the Australia and New Zealand Discord server AND the Aussie hang out in Palnet the other day trying to figure out if there was a definitive list of active Steemians around. It's been bothering me for a while - I either keep asking people where they are from, or feel frustrated to know someone's from Victoria, but am not sure where in Victoria. @austbitbank suggested I go through the list of people that @centrelink follows, which I will definitely do (I imagine it will take me some time!) but I thought I'd start creating the list in this post. I've put the names of people I DO know (which is shockingly small, I know - and sorry if I forgot you at all) and am hoping that people will chip in to help me with my list.

You see, I don't just want to know if you're Aussie, or what state you live in, I want to know what area you live in. If you're not happy naming the town, the vague area would be really cool. And, if you can tag another Aussie here that would be great as well! And then I can follow ya and stuff, 'kay?

And before you ask - why is the Queensland list so long? That's thanks to @choogirl - who first warmly invited me to be part of #teamaustralia. Apparently there's also a map somewhere - it'd be cool to see that, but I'm not sure whether it's relevant if people have disappeared!

Hopefully the next list will be more up to date with active Steemians. Please, please resteem!


@duckspondfarm (Near Bundaberg)

@riverflows (Surfcoast)
@metametheus (Melbourne)
@jagged (Melbourne)
@melbourneswest (Melbourne)





@j oh god I forgot all the letters that make up your name, but promise I haven't forgotten YOU!

Ex-pats Living Abroad


Where do you live now? Where are you from originally?

If you can help me with this list by resteeming, that'd be really cool! I'll keep editing the post as you let me know where you're from. I'm hoping to get to know more Aussies here in the process as well as trying to connect some of that might not live too far from one another!

And I will re-post a version of this every month or so. Kinda like shouting AUSSIE into a crowd and seeing if anyone goes OY. And if i HAVE been talking to you of late but didn't put you on the list, I am just being a disorganised galah..

@naturalmedicine II Discord Invite II #naturalmedicine



Resteemed as centerlink and myself - it'd be great to get some updated lists :)
btw its @centERlink on steem you want to check the follows for , the other account is squatted but unused

do you live at centerlink? might say hello next Thursday lol



For the record.... COVID-19 CRASHES Centrelink by influx of unemployed aussies.. NEXT MINUTE... we got security in for the people. but nobody talking about that DDOS ATTACK @ausbitbank

Oh lol... American spelling! Thanks for support! Lets do this!

Awesome. I'll update the list at end of post payout, and then do it again. I'll asterisk the ones who answered the call, meaning they're still active.

@ryivhnn is actually in WA, Perth area; I guess that is almost out of the country! Lol! Also, took me ages to get the hang of her username, so I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who struggles with that! 😆

I think Galen and Shaidon covered the Adelaide lot. Are you planning to see who you can drop by on your travels?

@moz333 @johnb75 are in the Adelaide hills, but they're been a bit quiet of late. @evlachsblog is further north in SA, but has been quiet even longer. @ursa is @holoz0r's other half. Not always active on Steem, but often present at meetups.

Then there's this weird hippy chick in Victoria, river something...😉

Hahahaha.. omg Im a hippie chic.. lol. That's not that bad is it ... xx

Yep I'm in Perth which is definitely in the country unlike Christmas Island (which is still Australian) XD

Also over here are @bmj, @insideoutlet, @shai-hulud and...there's two more but can't remember steem names x_x

Check out my feed. All the relevant Team Australia posts including recruits and meet-ups are resteemed there. Lots of info on who is where.

Awesome. I asked choogirl about a state by state area by area list and one didnt exist. I am going to try to maintain this.. had to start somewhere! When I get a chance I'll slowly add what i find out from your feed too.

@smalltall is from the land of jumping kangaroos

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Decent list. Loads of omissions.

I knew I ommitted you but I had a mental blip on how to spell ya name, oops! For shame...!

And can I beg you for a resteem so I can get some replies? Xx
So, you are SA right? Area?

And what amazing steem folk can you offer forth so i can amend my pitiful list? Xxx


20 min from Adelaide CBD. originally from W.A

Haha, just sent your name through, didn't divulge the location in case you didn't want it known. 😏

lol just changed it. half the time i don't care if others know and half the time i do :)

I get it, sometimes I don't give a crap either. I think Adelaide is specific enough though. Hope you've been well.

I'm in Adelaide...

I think these are Aussies also @riverflows. They can divulge where they are if they would like.

@drawmeaship (French, living in Aus so let's count her in.)

Loads more but I can't recall them all.

In Adelaide:

In Sydney:

The list is quite extensive and I know I have missed people. Some are more active than others.

Oh, and where are you? State is fine if you don't want to narrow it down too much... :)


So many Adelaide folk! I might put an asterisk next to ones I find out are active or who respond to this post when I republish next month. Thanks so much!

@leysa and I are actually in NSW 👍
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Oh what!!! Why did I think you were in WA! See, haha, that's why I needed to make a list! Whereabouts, can I say?

Oh and @mrhill is NSW (Sydney).

I'm in NSW. Coffs harbour now, originally Sydney.

Awesome. Every thing calmed down there now ?

Fires still around but all under control for now.

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Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Wa - Broome

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Nice! Amy other Broome Steemians? Havent been since 96. Must again!

Brisbane 😎

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I’m not an Aussie but I guess there I some Aussie blood running through my veins. Maybe I was one in my former Life. 😁🇦🇺

Anyway I’ll spend the next 6 month here in Queensland between Currumbin and Noosa.

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You're still part of Team Australia.

Thank you. 🙏🇦🇺

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We need a Guest Aussie section! I will do that!

Thanks. One day I will find a way to stay here.

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Yet another Queenslander to add to the list. 🍺🦘 Vague stuff ~ Somewhere out regional South Burnett woop woop.

I will have that! You been safe with the fires?

So far so good! :) We had a couple burning around my region, one a mere 4km from my location, but they have since been contained. Could smell some fresh burning last night but it seems they got to that quick, thankfully!! :D

Phew. Bracing for fire season here!

@j85063 usually on the west coast of Tasmania 🤔

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Damn, I never remember the collection of numbers that make up your name! Any other Tassies you know about who are steeming?

Ahoy! I live in Cockatoo Valley South Australia , about 70k’s north of Adelaide.

Just up the way from my home town. 😄

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Cool! Where’s your hometown?

Gawler, just down the road.

Haha! Yep, literally just down the road.

You still up there? I've moved closer to Adelaide now. Would love to move to Lyndoch but work keeps me down this way for now.

Lyndoch is nice, I lived their with my folks before I left home. Still living here in cock valley, I drive to pt Adelaide everyday for work... seems like a long way but I’m kinda used to it now.

Such a cool name! Thanks for answering call!

No worries mate! 🤠

I’m from Melbourne. :)

Yes!!! A Vicco! Whereabouts?

howdy fellow aussie!!!

Gday! Where are you from?

Great idea!
NSW, Sydney here.

Fab! Thanks for the comment.. will add you to update list!

Hi @riverflow
Thanks for the tag. I am still around but have been very busy lately with my artwork. I was never actively involved with discord as found it more satisfying spending what time I did have in steemit on my blogs and connecting with others. That will remain the same.
I live in Scarborough, Queensland on the Redcliffe Peninsula. Unfortunately we have been surrounded in smoke haze for many days (just like much of the country,) but today we are getting some nice rain which is a wonderful novelty. I look forward to keeping in touch, as ti,e allows. (Resteemed & Upvoted.)

Awesome. Glad you have been safe. The upcoming communities function might replace Discord a little.. I hope! Good to keep it on the chain. Thanks for checking in! I will do a roll call once a month or so to see who is around, who is new and so on. Xx

I'm also still around but haven't been active until recently. I struggle to find the time to keep up with all the different platforms.

Congratulations @riverflows!
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@riverflows how's this list going or has it come to a dead stop?

Dead stop. I will post again in a couple of weeks. X

Ah, yes makes sense. Should be a longer list next time I'd say.

I'm from Brisbane same with @terrybogan 👍

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Awesome! Thanks!

Checking in here from NSW, its been a long time! anyone suggest a good mobile posting app?

Esteem works a treat for me @robmulally! Nice to see you! YOu been okay with the fires?

Gaston here from the Sunshine Coast ☀️ originally from Argentina 🇦🇷

Howdy?am from cairns.😃😃

Oh gosh this is an old post!!! Hiya! Nice to meet you!

yup. but its worth it too. At least I know I am not alone here in Australia. hahahaha