I am Speechless~

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There are times when a 'Thank You' just doesn't seem to express exactly how I feel. Up until three years ago a 'Thank You' would have had to suffice. What changed three years ago in my life to be able to give back to a friend who was so kind to me I was at a loss for words?

Hive, @Mariannewest, and the @FreewriteHouse. Joining Hive I had to learn to write my thoughts out in a way most people could understand what I was trying to convey.

It did not come easy to me. Not in the slightest. I had to overcome the mindset that I could not write. Being a horrible writer was something I was told in school my whole life. It did not stop me from writing from time to time but being an Author was never on my list.


When joining Hive every post I read about blogging on the blockchain mentioned posts must be of the highest quality. I in no way, shape, or form fit into this category. I was scared to post anything for fear of being found out that I could not spell or type.

In the back of my mind was my Mother telling me from an early age that I should write more. She loved the few stories I had shown her over the years. I had my son telling me that blogging would be 'Good for me.' I also knew I was a good storyteller in person. Talking and writing are very different or are they?

I decided they were not.

When Mariannewest posted the first Freewrite post I stopped in to read what it was all about. She would be giving you a word or phrase each day. You would set your alarm for five minutes. You would write without going back and fixing errors. You could either tidy your story up or post it just the way it was.

There was no right or wrong way to do a Freewrite.

The last bit was what changed my world. Knowing I was free to make mistakes was the only encouragement I needed. I knew two people on Hive at the time. I wasn't worried about others reading what I wrote anytime soon but one never knows who is lurking around.


The more I wrote the better I became. Each day I made sure I found the five minutes to write my Freewrite post then another hour or two to fix all the errors and find photos to go with the post. Doing the daily Freewrite made me learn how to format posts also. If my story might not be the greatest at least I wanted it to look good! 😹

On to the Speechless part of this story...

A few days ago I received a Discord message from a dear friend who I met on Hive. The message she sent did not ask for anything. It did not require a response from me other than 'Thank You'.


The message meant so much to me I cried while reading it. I did not know how to answer her. I had no idea what to say. I ended up writing a few words back so she would know I received her message. I didn't feel what I had written expressed how she had made me feel but it was the best I could do at the time.

This morning I woke up at 4:00 AM, sat down at my computer, and just started writing. The perfect 'Thank You' wrote itself in the form of the story below. I sent the post off to her so she could read it when she woke up today.

Thank You's can come in many forms. Follow your heart and instinct when it comes to showing people how thankful you are that they are in your life.

Butterfly, Butterfly, We Love You!

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful glowing butterfly. As butterflies do, she fluttered from flower to flower looking for something of substance. Somewhere along the way she found a home, in a tiny place, amongst the world of crypto.

Not to call attention to herself she started to quietly help people. While free to flutter here and there she found it best to try and blend in. To feel safe she disguised herself as a pirate. Not just any pirate, oh no, not the glowing butterfly. This was a pirate that brought sunshine and laughter to everything she touched.

The stunning butterfly, with the voice of an angel, could never blend in no matter how hard she tried. Spreading joy to everyone was too ingrained in her to remain behind the scenes for long.

Her glow became brighter the more she learned about her new home. With the help of the shadows and sea, the glowing butterfly was now a blinding light of hope for so many. Her secret? She truly cares about everyone she meets.

Morals came into play.

We all have our set of morals. Lines in the sand we will or will not cross. Lines we hope we keep should push come to shove. Many say they will never break a line they have drawn in the sand to what is right or wrong. Many find themselves, pushed by society, moving their moral line forward without thinking too much about it.

Our glowing butterfly is not one of those kinds. A battle came and went. A bloody one at that. Through tears, our beautiful butterfly retreated to her mountain knowing she could not be true to herself if she went with the flow and compromised her morals.

Never fully leaving her friends behind the glowing butterfly would swoop down to make sure all was well with those she cared for.

Her bond with the shadows and sea grew stronger during this time. To those that love her, it was wonderful to see. We knew she would never be alone.

A change happened, as it does in life. A new hope was born. The glowing butterfly flew in to see what it was all about. While waiting and watching to see how the newest flower would grow, another flower caught her attention. She saw the beauty and quickly found a new home.

A home where she was respected for everything she knew. A home where her spirit of giving, fair play, and laughter could shine.

If you look close enough and are lucky enough, you too will be able to call this glowing butterfly friend. Give her room to be herself. Watch miracles happen when she flys by. Her light brings hope to many. Trust in her to do what is right.

The End...

The story was written by me, @Snook, and originally posted on Uptrennd

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


All photos are mine unless otherwise stated.

Photos found here

Gif made by @Snook


I know how you feel.
At high school my writing was a number of grades below of what it should be until I was finally told I had a mental issue of symptoms associated with "Dysl....." and it may as well be a death sentence as school peers automatically label me as 'Stupid'.
I worked hard to get to where I am, only "leaking out" when I am tired or exhausted.

It is so hard for those of us that learn differently than the "norm".

I know at some point there has to be a standard way of teaching so many at once but the scars it leaves on people that are different last a long time and do not always go away.

I hope more people like you share your story to encourage others that it is not impossible to learn what matters most to you. It might take you longer but there is not a timer on life. It is the journey and what you learn along the way that makes life worth living.

Helping others to realize this helps so many.

Thank You for your wonderful comment. I feel like a fangirl when I saw your comment. I admire you and your work so much.

I hope your Saturday is filled with laughter!!

It is a truly glorious Thank You. You've done well.

I remember some battles in the past. I was fortunately much too small to really play but I had a couple of dear friends that were just ravaged. I remember too, some of those who took the battle just as far as they could take it. I always felt for their beating (but not defeat) and the pain they suffered. I also admired their courage, particularly when it became obvious that they couldn't beat the force of evil.

Thanks Snook. For sharing a lovely post with a noble meaning.

Thank You!!! for saying that!

You know when you write stuff it always sounds correct in your head but there is always doubt that not everyone will understand.

I really hope your Saturday has been a good one.

seeing your comments always brighten my day!!

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