What do you do to keep yourself busy during exercise?

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I don't mind exercising but for the most part, unless it is a sport, I wouldn't really say I enjoy it. Exercise is hard, especially cardio for me but it is something that we need to do for a lot of reasons. I run every day, even if it is just a little ways and some of those days it is more of a walk than a run because I just don't have it in me to work hard, but I still go for it anyway.

However, especially when I'm on a stationary bike, rowing machine, or treadmill, it is really easy to get bored especially if you find yourself staring at the digital distance counter that never seems to move if you are watching it.

I'm bored just looking at this photo

So like most people I have to keep myself occupied while exercising and here is what I like to do in order to pass the time.

It's obvious, but listening to music helps to pass the time as well as motivate me. My music of choice is quite violent music such as metal or rap, but I have been known to be inspired by 80's tunes from time to time. Like most people out there, I have such an enormous music collection in my phone that if I put it in shuffle mode I could be listening to Beethoven, followed by NWA, followed by some Kenny Rogers. Therefore playlists are in order and since I don't pay for Spotify I am sure the algorithm has a really difficult time trying to figure me out.


This probably seems kind of obvious to the people out there that have been doing it a while but a fantastic way to pass the time on an indoor exercise machine of sorts is podcasts. I think this is probably the best for me because not only is it easy to "lose yourself" in the conversation but you also might actually learn something in the process.

I listen to sports broadcasts because I do not have time to keep up with all the sports that I enjoy and this is a great way to stay up to date with useless facts that will have your friends asking "why do you know this?"

Political talk shows can be ok, but mostly that's just a bunch of people getting angry at another group of people so it can get old. It depends on the mood I am in. Every now and then a political discussion will start up where the opines of the people talking makes me mad and this makes me run harder.

Whatever it takes right?

What inspires you?


I try to stack some sats. Whatever I can, either watch videos on odysee or post on hive.

can you explain what "stack some sats" means? I'm not familiar with this terminology.

Basically stacking sats means, getting paid small amounts of satoshis (sats) on the internet for things like posting on Hive and getting upvoted. There are various other platforms which pay cryptos for participation and even contributions. Over time these small amounts of crypto grow in value to be a substantial amount (hopefully).

Although sats only means in terms of BTC but I use it to earn any sort of crypto/tokens on the blockchain.

ah ok, thanks for that. It's a good idea!

I used to watch Youtube videos on my tablet - now that I'm lifting more I just stick with music. :)

I always face the to screen where my idols are exercising and I’m replicating their moves. Rarely do I replace my 100 squats with dance and music. 😁✨

well that sounds like a wonderful plan! My living room is too small and my floors are made of wood so if I was jumping around i think my downstairs neighbors wouldn't appreciate that very much!