Port Charlotte, Florida - Sun, Sand and Saltwater

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Hey Everyone,

We recently returned from a trip to Florida which was a mix of business and leisure.

I was able to bring my family along to enjoy some sun, sand and saltwater. Florida was beautiful in the first week of August. We spent most of our time in Port Charlotte at a small resort where it was easy to socially distance.

A beautiful sunset on the first night.


The resort had a warm salt water pool which was buoyant and easy to swim in. The trees in and around the swimming area that were filled with tiny lizards and the kids enjoyed trying to catch them.



It's a terrible shot, but there was a successful hunt!


There were also critters caught at the beach, this water crab was an adventure to catch.


First trip to the beach!


Airboats and a journey to see gators came next.


Just some random scenery shots

I had to zoom in a lot on this to show it, but it's a dolphin in the distance on a boat ride that we took.


We got out of the boat and stood on a sandbar near low tide.


A storm rolls in across the water and it was time to head for shelter.

As we got off the boat we were fighting our way through hail and wind, which seemed weird on a 90 degree day.

The town of Port Charlotte just south of Tampa is in the Golf and is a beautiful place to explore.



I hope life has been good whatsup. I am just kind of making my way back to posting and now I have to differentiate between steem and give and where to post. Any advice? What is innerhive and why are they downvoting you? What side did haejin end up on?

PS I hope life has been good for you and your familia!

Most of the community moved to Hive. If you want engagement and activity go there, many are cross posting.

I didn't really bother, because as you noted most of my stuff gets downvoted anyway, and I while I am not overly offended, and acknowledge the right of stakeholders to choose to do that... it has nothing to do with my content and is simply because I disagreed on ONE topic with Bernie, who is innerhive.

Hive has a lot of work to do on promotion and even just vision.

Steem isn't operating as a blockchain right now with one majority holder controlling everything.

Both projects are functional and may hold some value at some point. Regarding large holders, DPOS was compromised and I wouldn't make a life changing investment in either.

Blogging, and playing some games and staying in touch with crypto people is my main interest in following both.

As for life, it's a bit of a rough patch right now, my husband recently received a scary diagnosis and we are still working through it.

Very good to see you I always respected your opinion, and enjoyed your posts and engagement. Glad to see you around.

Good to see you wu, it seems you had fun. You're not showing yourself again in your post?hehehe🤔

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Good to see you mrnightmare!

Looks like a nice holiday

For years on Steemit you voted and commented on my posts. Thanks, I really appreciated that.

Since the hardfork I've never used Steemit, so I have no idea what you have posted there.

From time to time we disagreed about some things. And that's cool.

If you decide to start posting on Hive - welcome back.


I don't have a lot of stake anymore in either project.

I don't know why I randomly post on Hive, mostly to see if it gets flagged I guess.

Good to see you, I got both burnt out and also disappointed in both projects and where they are headed.

I'm sure you know about blockchain stuff I don't understand, but I was mad as hell with Steemit and have taken to Hive like a duck to water - for me it's like Steemit was circa four years ago.

I had no investment in Steemit after 2018 but my Hive wallet is now back to what it was worth when I cashed out of Steemit back then

I'm glad to hear it!!

It looks like you had a nice time at the beach. I haven't been to florida since I was about 10 years old.

Ah that sunset looks awesome, one of those with a couple of drinks and i'd be pretty happy lol haven't had a drink in months, can't wait for lock down to be done so I can crack a cold one

Florida was pretty open as far as bars and restaurants go.

Looks like a sweet place for a vacation.

Vacay' is over!

Give 'em hell,....


Private club, or is it a Freedom seeking blockchain project? lol

Makes me giggle.

I think there are a few of 'them' that want only those few to have the coin and for the coin to have no value outside those few.
Everything invested up to their control being exclusive will be their's by default.

It's our own fault if we let that happen.
Presuming it hasn't already.


1.Continuously shit on Hive in the last few months on Steemit.
2.Downplayed, sugarcoated whitewashed disgusting and criminal behavior of Steem witnesses and TRON.
3.Tried to equalize blame on both side.
4.Pushed the infantile "But you started it first" narrative.

Do you really think you should be welcome on Hive after all the shit you did and said?

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