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I’m absolutely speechless... I hope the garden survives this one! But honestly... as a Canadian... none of this comes as a surprise. I just gotta roll my eyes, shake my head, and continue on as if none of what’s happening outside matters... lol!

How all you all doin today? Gettin the monkeys off your back?
It feels like I got about 10 monkeys on my back right now... from flat tires to freak blizzards in the middle of May! (And this is just where it starts!) In fact it feels like I was ambushed by a whole troop of monkeys all throwing wrenches like in Dodgeball... 🔧🐒🔧🐒🔧🐒🔧🐒

Soooo this is how it feels... but it’s a clue that I must be on to something... whenever the resistance rears its ugly head it means I’m doing something right and I’m about to make BIG things happen! I think of it like this ... When does the opposing team bring out its biggest baddest players? Right when your close to scoring a touch down... that’s when the resistance is the toughest!

In one of my favorite books Steven Pressfield talks a lot about the resistance in his book, “The War of Art.”


I think that it might be time to read this book again...

Let's all keep making good things happen everybody! Never quit!

Just checking in... in the middle of a May Blizzard...



Ah yah! I didn't know you were a Hive Hoser too!

Working on my garden this past week and a half, I had a start when I saw your shot of the snow forecast! I am a little south of you and we are hopefully done with frost (had the damn air conditioning on yesterday!) I do remember living up north in Ontario and having snow in June.

Looks like your boys are being snowed by Winterpeg. Hope they survive the week as well as you awesome garden.

Hey hey Zeke! Yesterday morning I got up early to catch the sunrise and get some steps with my daughter... there was frost on the grass...
This doesn’t bode well for my greens. Checked both gardens (I have a home garden (that’s what your seeing in the boxes under the solar panels) and the beans are in rough shape... (it’s a shame because I started those guys early indoors.)

Then later in the evening I walked to the community garden plot. I winter seeded the spinach and damn! It looked like those guys were completely unaffected!
Now all I gotta do is nurse those bean plants back to health!

Say! I just want to say! Thanks for the follow! Do you live in the Provence of Alberta? By the sounds of it your a Canadian! 🤔🙂👍

It's just been raining were i am too. You sound like a witty guy with a great sense of humor.

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Wit is what makes like worthwhile I think. Life can be such a kick in the ball sack sometimes... I find #lighteningUP a little goes a long ways to making life richer! So I try not to take myself too seriously! I guess some of that shone through on this post! Thank you for #poppingUP in the comments! 🙌

Yeah, the weather here in England is pretty mad too. One of the wettest Mays so far this year! Hopefully signs of a brilliant summer to come?

I hope so 🤞

You mean Bonny Ol England had been wet as of late? It’s such a green country... must be due to all that rain your island gets! Well here’s you and I wishing for sunny skies this summer!

You're right about the rain here but but compared to last year I think during April and May we had virtually no rain at all! It was clear blue sky wall to wall.

Nature is finding homeostasis this year I’m guessing! But that just means the sunny days are even more valuable!

I have been enjoying your posts Dave! Thank you for putting in the effort. Your taking us on all sorts of explorations and adventures and that’s prime!

Thanks @wil.metcalfe. It's good to know someone is reading and enjoying my Actifit posts. I endeavour to get one in per day, although the weather has not been very kind for my favourite activity lately, i.e. mountain bike riding. But it's not just the weather that has prevented me cycling. A health problem has also caused some pain in the rear end, unfortunately, so hopefully I'll be back in action soon.😁


It’s night and day weather! I hope my post means that your appreciating the beautiful weather your having that much more!

My wife and kids are out in Edmonton right now. They FaceTime'd me tonight and I was just kinda laughing LOL

Poor Alberta!

HAHAAA! Poor them and poor us alright! 😵

What part of Canada are you from Jon!?

Are you trapped in Alberta like I am! lol! 🙃

Originally Toronto. Moved out west and lived in Edmonton for about 10 years. I'm in Newfoundland right now, but moving back to Alberta in a few months. Long story LOL

No way! You and I will be neighbours then! One of these days I’ll have to hear this story... your quit the jet setter by the sounds of it Jon! 🙂

Dam and here in my part of Ontario we are hitting 30c 🤣, but I feel for you as we had snow a week ago

haha! Yeah! But we all know what Canadian weather can bring right!? It's already upside down enough but the weather is impartial to all of that... Gotta respect that it doesn't give a damn what us pea body humans think... lol! 😂

Thanks for the comment! 😄

My poor apple tree was in full bloom. It will be a miracle if I get any apples this year.

Yeah! Our saskatoon tree really took a beating! But today felt much warmer! I’m so done with cold and snow... but I think that has to be the last of it! And for that I’m grateful!

Other than sideways weather how you been? 🙂

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It's a strange year for weather. It feels like it's behind for a month or two.