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The 'fun times' of blockchain governance continue and @justinsunsteemit has recently posted a list of questions for witnesses so that he can decide who to vote for. Clearly this is a contentious situation, however, I personally don't wish to see him or anyone frozen out from the blockchain and I feel that opportunity for mutually beneficial relationships still exist. STEEM should be something that everyone can learn to love and thrive within if they wish to, without needing to conform - however, this requires us to understand and live/find real balance in ourselves as we go.

Finding real balance is what I am all about, so I have taken the opportunity to reply to Justin in a way that I feel can help to potentially find balance for everyone. If you would like to, you can read my reply to him here:


I don't feel like I am bowing down to any demands in my reply and I feel that what I have said is respectful and potentially productive and informative. Let me know if you have any feedback. Thanks!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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I voted for you as a witness. I have some disagreements with you on different issues but I think you do care about this space.
IMO., Justin should have done some research about foundational ethical concerns about this blockchain.
And Ned seems to have been woefully neglectful in educating Mr. Sun on some very important nuances.
Everyone should chill out and do the right-fucking thing for once...Which is put the best interest of the greater community first.
Overall I'm not thrilled with the actions of the witnesses (or their attitude) and think the situation was handled incredibly poorly yet I do understand the witness's concerns which are legitimate.

Thankyou! Yes, there is currently a conflict between financial concerns and community concerns which many people see differently and so disagree on how to find the best outcome for all. I feel that the way to resolve this is for everyone to have a communal dialogue without judgements or fears getting in the way. However, this is a big ask at this point, so I am just doing what I can to nudge people's thinking in that general direction. Ned did actually tweet today that 'everything was disclosed' to Justin's team - but he was careful with his words, so there is still ambiguity!

What's happened contradicts Ned's assertions and everyone's actions speak louder than dubious rhetoric...I don't really care what people say: I care what they do...
If Mr. Sun's blockchain is a joke then he has an opportunity here to give it some depth and legitimacy and, IMO, he should weigh that as an important concern.

"What's happened contradicts Ned's assertions..."

I fail to observe evidence of this - other than @justinsunsteemit's statements, which I have observed fail to conform to his actions. I must note that I have not observed the same phenomenon regarding @ned's statements and actions, regardless of how effective you feel he may have been as a CEO of Steemit, Inc.

I would be greatly benefited by provision of examples of @ned's statements not conforming to his actions if they do exist, because that would enable me to understand his lack of integrity if it is compromised. Please do provide specific examples of such failure so that I might understand factual reality regarding @ned's integrity, if I do not presently.


I like your calm and thought-out answers, especially to those questions. Some of them were more "Will you do what I say or are you a bad person?" and not real questions at all.

All in all, the language used by a lot of people is counterproductive. Reading your text was a pleasant relief :)

Thankyou - yes, there is some push/pull going on here for sure.. Real calmness comes after the emotional movement that's needed. <3

Your reply is excellent. Too bad he'll never read it. For me he is just an arrogant wealthy kid that plays war games just as he would have done so with any video game. From the questions alone you can understand the morals and the class of him and of course the same goes for your answers that demonstrate a person miles above, at least in education and good manners. I am afraid that a mutually beneficial solution is just an utopia with this guy but I really hope I am wrong! I do believe though, that this community will continue to exist in a new context.

Again, you SHOULD BE A WITNESS. You are valuable and one of the good guys, I am just a user. I'm nobody. Small stake. However, I also represent the majority. So...what I see...the world sees. You are not a spamming abusing arrested developed whinny idiot. People like that have ruined the Steemit experience of countless users. We need MORE people like you!!!!! You have been a devoted witness who actually cares.

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