Christmas vibes 2019 🌅 I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and enjoyed the ...

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... time with the people you love the most. I’ve spend the holidays home with my family.

Can you believe that the last days of this decade have begun and we will welcome 2020 in less than 5 days? I am so excited for this new chapter and I am already preparing and manifesting for the year ahead.

Also my zodiac season has begun 🌟♑️ and I can feel the energy of the Capricorn. Let’s be grateful for what we’ve accomplished and put in the work to make our dreams a reality!


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Wahnsinns Shot 👌🏽💯 Bei dir ist immer Sommer 😁

Schnell zieh dir etwas an Süße😉 ,hier sind nur 3 Grad...bei euch herrschen bestimmt ähnliche Temperaturen. Wir wollen doch nicht das du mit einer Erkältung 🤧 in das neue Jahr startest...Weihnachten war sehr besinnlich und erholsam...ich hoffe bei dir auch...💋❤️ Ps. wunderschönes Foto wie immer... Kompliment an den Fotografen 😍

Die Sonne hat es erstaunlich warm und gemacht und ich habe sogar geschwitzt 😌 Freut mich, dass ihr ein schönes Weihnachtsfest hattet! Nun heißt es bereit machen für 2020 😎 Und vielen Dank an @sagittarius für das Bild 😉

Wir fotografieren übrigens auch...also wenn du mal wieder Fotografen brauchst oder in unserer Nähe bist..sag Bescheid 💪🏻✨💪🏻😉

Very nice pic...🤗.....and beautiful as always 😊😊😊

Thanks for taking it 😉

with pleasure 🤗

What a Cool 😎 Picture... it is alive with bright colors

Thank you 💚

With pleasure 🤗

was das für ne süße Wollkugel unten links im bild.......

Awesome shot as always @soldier ! I got to spend time with my 2 sons which was the greatest gift of all! We are really Looking forward to 2020! 2019 was a really bad year for us losing 2 dear friends recently and our family dog of 16 years among other things... Im sure 2020 will be an Epic year for Appics and I wish you and your family much Love, Peace and Joy my friend, May All Your Dreams Come True!!

I am sorry to hear that 2019 didn’t go as planned. I’m sure your friends and family dog are watching over you now. Keep your head up and stay strong! Better times are coming 💚

Thank you so much for your kind words, I truly did not mean to burden you, I am positive 2020 will be an awesome year and Epic for Appics! Good times will always out weight the bad...

Richtig schönes Bild! Vorallem mit dem Sonnenuntergang 🌅 Schöne Weihnachtszeit und ein guten Rutsch! 🎊

Vielen Dank, dir auch 😉

2020 and beyond it going to the best decade ever 😀


Wish you blessed cristmes dear friend. Happy to see you. You always look pretty :)

Appreciate it! 🙏🏽

I love photo bombing dog!


Love the sky in this photo

I know right? I would be happy if we had some snow but I don’t mind this sunshine either ☺️

Wow that's a beautiful sunset, I hope you had a great Christmas

Thanks beauty! Yes I had! What about you?

nice and beautyful miss

Thanks a lot ☺️

Beautyful and happy new year.

Happy new year sweetheart 💛

You are looking so beautiful !!

Wow, gorgeous you are and Happy new year :)

This place looks fantastic, peaceful and surrounded by nature. Is this your home place?

sending you good vibes from the occident.

wow such a special shot beautiful :)

Congratulations @soldier!
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Very amazing! Great photo!

Beautiful shot 😊 had a great Christmas hopefully you too are enjoying lovely holidays 😊

nice place and amazing shot. love it 😍❤

Very nice photography bus

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Was kann schöner sein, als mit so 2 Blondinen in die neue Dekade zu starten - wird Appics 2029 vor Bitcoin stehen? Wie seht Ihr die Chancen @soldier

Wow.... Beautiful

@soldier join my giveaways i do daily i want you to get a present! of course if you do good stuff ;)

I love the idea to support people during the period between Xmas and New Years!! What a beautiful way to end 2019! 🤗