Artwork Mentions | Third week

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Greetings, Steemians.
I wish you a happy weekend and I share with you the 7 best artwork that I've found this week. The art subjectivity is considered so that works are not ordered from highest to lowest quality or vice versa.
Artwork Mentions - 3rd week

We started the list with the creative artist cain1914. In his publication he tells us how his admiration for the zombies influenced his digital artwork, he also shares his development and the software he used.
Take a look!

Meli shares a very precious piece for her, one of her first moments with her niece. A very emotional artwork without a doubt that she shares with us along with the materials she used and its step by step.
Look at her work!

The Venezuelan artist Ana Rangel shares an interesting mix, a beautiful landscape and a wolf at the background of the artwork. Ana also leaves us her creative process.
Visit her post!

The artist Steven Stahlberg shares an amazing digital artwork, a teacher protecting her students from an unknown threat. In his publication you will find a great video hosted on where Steven shows the development of the artwork.
Support his art!

The artist Unyime Etuk shares a beautiful realistic drawing entitled "Lost Dream of an African Lady", undoubtedly a wonderful artwork. Etuk also tells us a little about the pride of an African lady and shares the step by step of his drawing.
Stop by his post!
Bridget shares a wonderful drawing with many shots of its elaboration step by step and the materials she used. Simply beautiful.
Take a look!

And to finish the list, Greenleaves shares a dragon with a wonderful style. In her publication you will see shots of her work in progress.
Look at her artwork!
The publications shared here have been upvoted by the @Faircrew trail with my cooperation. Each day of the week I'll be selecting an excellent drawing of users with a reputation equal to or less than 60, in order to encourage their performance as artists and motivate them to continue improving every day. I invite you to visit each publication and show your support.

Let's make the community better!

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