Due to secret Steem hardfork, BlockTrades will disable Steem support on May 19th

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Based on monitoring of the Steem network traffic by various people, Steemit is apparently planning a secret hardfork of the Steem network (secret in the sense that the source code is not available for public review and I couldn't find a public announcement on @steemitblog either).

One rumor suggests that this hardfork will be to change the powerdown time for Steem to 30 days (something proposed in the past by Steemit Inc), but if this was the only important change being made, it's difficult to understand why the source code is being kept secret.

In any event, without access to the new source code, BlockTrades will not be able build a wallet, which means we will no longer be able to accept Steem as a payment mechanism. Therefore we will be disabling support for Steem as of May 19th (according to rumors, the hardfork is scheduled for May 20th).

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Just so everyone knows you can still use steem-engine to convert steem to hive.

Boo to a secret fork. 4444

Thanks alot.. =)

Thanks alot.. =)

You can? I never knew that!

Yeah you need to send it from steem-engine to hive-engine first. ill try and find you a guide cause its a bit confusing at first but basically you deposit steem on hive engine and it gives you a memo to swap the steem to hive engine then you sell it.

It's ok, (thanks tho), I'll navigate my way around it if needs be..

I've used ionomy (before blocktrades went back to allowing steem), so no worries.

Fortunately, one of my power down increments is due any hour now, so I'll use blocktrades one last time!lol


Here is how to send steem to your hive engine wallet. Replace "a1-shroom-spores with "lucylin" If you want to confirm this is official go on hive engine and click deposit steem.

This is not enough explanation for me. Is steem-engine an account on Steemit I transfer Steem or SBD to, like blocktrades? is it https://steem-engine.com/? That website wants my private posting key. What is hive engine? I googled that phrase and nothing came up. I have been out of the loop since 2018, pretend I know nothing.

I will miss steem being on blocktrades :( Glad I could help you.

Do you send steem or steemp from the steem engine?

Good question I sent steem to hive engine NOT steem pegged.

Steem-engine is always glitchy for me. I don't know why but which browser do you use?

it's glitchy for me too lol. Try using hive keychain if you dont already. I'm using brave browser.

Right, will try using brave for that and hive keychain

be careful, I lost some steem that way, they want personal info on a support ticket to get it back. Do little transactions instead of all at once! IMHO

I transferred using blocktrades , literally, a few mins ago - no worries.

I'll use Ionomy in future..

I dont think you lose steem. The convert rate is just not 1:1

it is quite disappointing that something so big would be kept hidden. What will happen to the current power down that was supposed to happen, let's say on Thursday like in my case!? Honestly disappointing.

This air of dittature where "this is my toy and you count nothing to me" is honestly shocking. I just hope this won't be the case and that everything will be nothing more than a rumour.

Considering this... clicking on the power down button I did "sign" my wish to power down everything in 13 weeks... how would they legally act on it? Perhaps for whom didn't do the power down will be imposed the 30 days window...

unless it will be a whole amount split in 30 days ... i.e. 1 PD every 2.5days or one every 3 days. That will change the cards on table. It might be better for us but also could attract more investors as they won't have to wait for 3 months to have the capital back.

Sad news, but not a surprise. I'll be using Steem-Engine to move steem to hive. It's not the cheapest option, but easy enough. Thanks for keeping this going it's been nice to use it while it lasts.

Once it is public and known, are you planning on enabling it again?

Leave it to Blocktrades to immediately do what needs to be done. So glad to have you as a trustworthy broker to the blockchain side of our business.

Thanks guys.

It's too early to say yet, since we have no idea what changes are being made.

I hope you announce it again once steem is back on Blocktrades. Thank you! 😊

Someone should write a book "how to destroy platform in 3 simple steps".
Fucking scums

Their 100 days of steem challenge constantly asks for personal information from people

Where do you live
What do you do for work
What are you doing now...

There's such a thing now? Haven't seen anything about that 'til now.

I know!...do you find it all a bit 'creepy', to?

I am sad to hear this, but hopeful to see Steem back on @BlockTrades post secret-fork. I have been trying to work with both chains, but putting up with all the downvoting of myself and some of the most influential activists in our community is completely unwarranted, especially after years of pouring our hearts out with quality and professional contest on Steem (I am going to publish a post about this if it continues without communication as to why). & now they are making changes to the chain without notifying anyone , which is at the very least a rude thing to do. All I can say is thank you @BlockTrades for providing such an amazing service, and I hope there is an end to the flagging, mistreatment, and secrecy surrounding what Mr. Sun is doing with Steem. I am more than happy to hear him out and expect at least a reason for the downvoting so I can know what I am doing wrong in their eyes. Blessings.

Fuck Justin, what a bitch ass hoe

Oh. This is sad news. :(
It was the best way of converting my Steem to Hive.

Very much agreed. Blocktrades makes it so simple, fast, and easy. No fuss.

I still miss the idea of Steem, it's a bit sad we couldn't level up Justin to be a individual rather than a millionaire who has no soul, but the love of money. I hope he grows up and realizes his mistakes and foul play. Now we have a new bastion tho :) Might as well make the best of it :D I still hope steem doesn't die and get tronned ...

Bastion Original Soundtrack - Get Used To It - YouTube

Noooooooo!!!!!! You're the most reliable and easiest way for me to convert my powered down steem. 😱😭😭😭

Gahhhh!!!! More reasons to loathe steem. 😫

Another nail in the coffin.

Off loading all of my Steem tomorrow! Only thing I’m still using it for is Splinterlands at this point. Really hope this makes them move the platform over to hive but I know that’s complicated.

Better transfer any remaining Steem into Hive before the deadline.

How can steem be transferred to hive?


Receive>Hive or Receive>Hive Power

So easy, but time is running out.

Thank you so much. I will rush to it now

Ionomy is a good alternative, anonymous and easy.

Thank you so much

What is lonomy, and how do I use it?

I posted about it while back, @netuoso broke up the news. It seems like Justin has his proper agenda. Understandable call. Cheers.

I sure hope they know what they are doing. A fork messing with fundemental aspects has a chance to freeze the chain. Also 30days seems off, some multiple of 7 seems easier to code.

Sad to see that only one man can destroy a whole ecosystem thanks to a bunch of money. Although Steemit had some issues to be advanced even bofore Justin Sun, people would not be able to give such a devastating harm.

In the near future, we will see fuctuating price of Steem;
Steem & Tron based products to vanish Steem and strenghten TRON;
Manipulative statements from Justin Sun.

One way or another, Justin will find a way to take profit from the money he invested. After he allocate his money, he will feed TRON through Steem. I do not expect to see any surprise. We will see...

Dead chains get swept easily .. also there was a massive difference in ideology and culture, I'm sad for steem, but all we can do is either buy it back or give up and be better of here :) I don't care, and I spent a few days already being a part of a collapsing project I adored, one livestream with two disappointing CEO's is enough :D

It's freaking ridiculous that you would have to undertake such precautions.

Welcome to the Tron ecosystem...

A wonderful world, you only have to believe the Sun and not remember yesterday.

Surprised this didn't happen sooner. With each move the sun sets a little more on Steem until its gone forever.

steem coin like collapse of nazi Germany in last these days lol

I have power down almost 50% of my Steem, now it's time to move it to the Exchange rather than keeping on the change

Sorry, forgive my age, but following this feels beyond me...
Does anyone have a link that can help me understand what to do?

I'm the same totally over my head.. i came to steemit 3 years back and almost had a nervous breakdown I trying to figure the whole thing out.. literally made me ill cos i just could not get all the answers then eventually I did someone cyber bullied me and advertised me as a hacker and said my profile was fake. I've attempted to come back over the last two days and none of this makes sense. i have 100% steem power in the old platform I can't vote for anyone anyway and getting help around here is almost impossible

Thanks for your response...
Firstly, let me say I know considerably less than you!!

Doesn't seem like anyone cares if they know exactly what they're doing, but how does that help build the channel? It's annoying, but it's life, I guess..

There's not even a guide to help you work out how to use the apps for what you want..😭

Unfortunately Steemit search isn't working anymore so just use Google for any Steemit guide you need. Or find the app developers to see if you can ask them directly. Find where to contact them. Good luck!

Thanks :)

Yeah it's not easy to learn about the blockchain, wallets and all that. Had to read a loooot of articles/tutorials on Steemit and more articles from Google. Then of course I had to ask Steemit members who posted tutorials/FAQ and such. Also joined the steem.chat so I could get answers real time. If motivation to earn isn't strong enough people won't even bother with using Steemit/Hive. Haha.

True..v true

Disabling support according to rumors? Nice.

The part about a number of Steem witnesses running new software with a new version number isn't a rumor, that's a fact. The secret repo isn't a rumor, that's a fact. The rumors are mostly just about what changes will be made with the new hardfork. It's a normal practice for exchanges to disable their wallets during a hardfork: you're going to find that all the exchanges are going to temporarily disable their Steem wallet for some amount of time before this hardfork happens.

Thanks for the info.

They already removed SBD now Steem is going. I guess you can use Bitrex to convert Steem into BTC or whatever crypto.

Amigo buenas noches, realmente no sé mucho de estos cambio quisiera me ayudarán a pasar mis steem a hive ya que veo que las cosas no están marchando bien en steemit. O que me aconsejan ustedes?

Thanks and may the best crypto win. And looking like it is already being shown!

Sorry to hear it, @blocktrades,as I rely on you to convert my Steem to Hive

Another reason to loath Chairman Sun.

Next will be...

Steem money printer goes BrrrrrrrRrrrrRrrrrRrrrrrr

Oh well the milking was good while it lasted, lets move on! Will you be supporting that other steem fork BLURT or will that be a waste of time?

Understood. Thank you for supporting the chain all these years. So many times I enjoyed such benefit when necessity is needed.

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I didn't know you still were doing that, I haven't seen the option lately in my wallet.


I don't want to upvote this :<(

You('re service ) will be missed on there.

Seems very fishy to not have public vetting of the upcoming hardfork code, and even more fishy that backup witnesses on that chain are not getting to vet the hardfork code too.
If the other exchanges are looped in, it would seem more than a little anti-competitive to not allow a popular exchange access to vet the code.
Smells like surströmming.

Sad to hear this. You would think Steemit would want places to trade Steem, but they seen keen to burn bridges. I've still got some Steem to sell off, but will look at other options.

Thank you for notification!

I thought they already destroyed the steem blockchain but wait there's more #ERROR404

Hey, @blocktrades.

I agree that a change in powerdown periods doesn't seem like enough to warrant keeping things from public view. I'm just wondering what all else could be involved at this stage? I mean there's folks already thinking a STEEM-TRON token is in the mix. Given who they might have to work on such a thing, or could get, is that even possible?

I don't expect anything significant in a technical sense, as I don't think they have any programmers of much technical ability at this point.

But the latest rumor (which is likely true, IMO) is that they will wipe out the balances of many large Steem holders who are selling out their stake, presumably to manipulate the price and try to prevent it from going down.

I was afraid you were going to say that. I'm not sure how that helps them PR-wise, though. Large STEEM holders' word against Sun's? I hope there's some kind of tweet storm in the works (or even underway warning against it).

I just hope the rest of our powerdowns are safe and that they will continue to powerdown.
We don't have much, but the charity cannot afford to lose anything!

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Thanks for the heads up! :(

Thank you for the notice. Just traded my remaining amount of liquid Steem. Please keep us informed. Hope you are able to resume soon.

Sun should just set already, A hole

I just accidentally transferred my liquid Steem for HIVE POWER & not just HIVE...too bad, since i wanted to power it up on the next #hpud #hive-pud-intl Looks like i'll have to grab some more!

Thanks again for the heads up, & thank you for all your hard work.

Wait, does this mean we will no longer be able to trade steem or post on steem again????

Awful that things have degenerated to this.

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