Some thoughts on prepping for hunting during a SHTF situation.

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Many agree that a SHTF scenario is coming, so preparing for such an eventuality is prudent.

I have had a lot of requests for what is a wise choice for a prinary hunting weapon, to put food on the table.

Several things need to be considered when choosing this weapon. First, we need to look at game that is common, and can be used for food. Next we need to pick a weapon that can reliably harvest this game, that can be maintained long term. Lastly, we need to match the weapon to the local SHTF conditions.

Looking at the first, most places in the USA have; rabbits, squirrels, and many birds as a normal source for food. Less common sources include; raccoon, possums, skunks, porcupines, foxes, and armadillos. In a true emergency, we will have to be less picky about food.

Looking at a weapon, we need to consider our own abilities, and efficiency of harvesting. The ability to maintain the weapon is part of this decision. Some may be proficient enough with a wrist rocket to use it as their primary, but although I have one, it is not my primary. A daily hunting weapon must also be low cost. I have chosen a pellet rifle in .177 with a muzzle velocity of 1400 FPS. Pellets are available anywhere, and are low cost. I have purchased 7000 pellets to date, and have spare seals for both (when you have one, you have none) rifles.

These rifles will take all the small game listed, with the added advantage of low noise.

Here is one if the weapons I brought in for this:


This is a Swiss Army brand (but not a Swiss Army issue), but I also have a Gamo Whisper I like a lot. Normally, I try to have two identical weapons, but these fast air rifles are hard to find.

Lastly, local conditions with SHTF scenarios; usually means you should be hard to find. The primary weapon should be quiet, this rifle , or bow and arrow, or slingshot all are quiet enough to hunt with. Use what best suits you, but if you use this option; buy a good one! It Must be 1400 FPS...a BB gun will just let you starve, as they are not effective for hunting.

I recommend 10,000 pellets in your SHTF inventory. When hunting with this, carry a heavy protection in case you run across a human!

Be safe, and eat well!


This is a dumb question but you have a cross bow too?

You don't? Yes, I hunt with it, don't want to just wound one, don't want them to suffer!

It is 150 pound draw, with a red dot sight.


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Nice, a Post I like for sure! I enjoy all firearms, and have a nice crossbow to hunt with.

FUN stuff, LOL!


I'd like to see more SHTF stuff in there to be honest. (In The Pew Community).

Working on one, I agree, this is a good subject to address! We need to be ready for anything....


You are a sick Man...and I love the way you think, LOL! Working on several 80% before they are illegally made 'illegal'....

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You might as well spend that free money on something that might be useful in those troubled times. In fact, there's been a surge in firearms sales in the USA following the bullshit that's been happening.

They had a record month in gun sales in June, I expect July may beat that! People are worried, and some are beginning to actually Prep, that weren't willing before . It sure is leading to empty ammo shelves! I'm glad I started prepping a long time ago...but still am picking up some choice boxes when I find them.

Great use for these checks! They are causing significant inflation, so a lot goes to gold and silver too. I've done both, of course lead is becoming precious metal too, these days.

Be safe, and stay ready!