CONTEST! | My 2019: The last 2019 Showcase Weekend | Hundreds of Steem in Prizes

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This is a @blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing, vote for them as Witness here

GIF by @issymarie, go follow her for great content!

Last year about this same date, we launched the second series of The @blocktrades December contests and they were a success with more than 500 Steemians joining.

Last contest we had over 100 hundred entries and it was amazing to see so many people joining, thanks guys!

Contest season is still on Steemians, and this is the second contest we are hosting.

This contest was supposed to be launched a few days ago, but to be completely honest, the dates and the upcoming holidays as well as the almost end of the year, made me decide to push it a few days. But now we are on.

My 2019 weekend Showcase: The Best of the year

This contest is very easy, and this is a chance for everyone to win: There will be no picked winners. Instead, everyone who joins this contest will be a winner, as long as you follow all the steps to join :)

The point of this contest, or perhaps it should be considered a challenge, is to highlight your very best posts of the year, preferably underrated - meaning that the rewards received by those posts are way lower than what the author (that means you) feels they deserved back when they published.

Follow the next steps to join the LAST 2019 WEEKEND SHOWCASE

1.- Scroll and navigate your blog. All the posts you made in 2019. Pick the best 3 posts you made this year, preferably underrated (low payout).
2.- Make an original post talking about what each post talks about, like a brief review of it, and include a link and a picture to the post. Do the same for each of the three posts.

The idea is to make a short compilation - with some information about each post - of your best work of the year.

3.-Share that post on Twitter following the #POSH rules, include a brief description of what the post is about on the Tweet. You can check the requirements here.
4.- This is the most important part of the challenge: Tag 3 people on Twitter and invite them to read your post and make them curious about #Steem (you can either do this on a new tweet as a reply to your original POSH tweet or you can just use a new single tweet including a link to your POSH tweet). If your friends are interested about Steem, tell them to go to or simply open an account and learn more about our community!

To power this contest, OCDB will be giving free accounts over the next few days to people who want to join Steem, just message me on Discord!

So, starting right now, you can think about your top three posts of the year so you can make a post this weekend! The posting window is from Friday 27th at 00:01 until Sunday 29th at 23:59, no matter the TIME ZONE, just use your own weekend time zone to be on schedule :)

Everyone who makes a post about this and follows the rules of the challenge will receive a Blocktrades vote depending on the post quality and the quality of the three posts of the compilation (subjective from my point of view) and will receive 1 (ONE) liquid Steem right when the challenge ends.

A few requirements for submiting your entry

  • The title must be "My 2019: The last 2019 Showcase Weekend: Your own title".

Example: My 2019: The last 2019 Showcase Weekend - A series of travel adventures from anomadsoul.


  • Use the tag "blocktradescontest" and "my2019" so I can find the posts easierly.
  • Please do not post a Link to your entry in the comment section, I will not check out the links posted in the comment section, I will browse the tag.
  • The entry must be in english.
  • Resteem this post. I know, I ask for resteems a lot lately but, this kind of contests are aimed to reach the most Steemians we can, so everyone who wants to join finds out about it.

The prize has no limits, THE MORE PEOPLE JOIN, the more Steem I will give away,

So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing your 2019 posts and pick the three best ones!

The funds for the prizes will come directly from the earnings of this post, so if you like this idea, give it a little vote!

Remember this is a @blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing, vote for them as Witness here

I am part of @ocd-witness, if you like what I'm doing, vote for them as Witness here

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I was thinking of doing a post like this.

I can think of a few posts I made, especially in early 2019 (before joining ocdb and hf21) where I put in hours of work only to end up seriously unrewarded. Finally justice!

Damn right, there are so many content creators with masterpieces that went without any attention, so this is a good idea to try and encourage people to keep creating good content!

That's how I feel as well haha. I've been posting since Jan 2018, and there are posts with 20+ comments because they were awesome. Then in 2019 people left Steem and forgot me. Now my posts are with 0 or 1 comment more often than not. It feels lonely!

This is a great idea. I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

Heyy, you're still alive! It's not such a creative post so I don't think many people will "come up" with much, but I guess some will be very creative. I at least made a unique banner for my contest entry haha.

@tipu curate

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Hmm how does this work? Who can use it and under which circumstances?

Hmm how does this work?
Who can use it and under
Which circumstances?

                 - cryptosharon

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Excelent!! :)📌

Thanks! Here's hoping your community hears about this :)

Great 😊

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Thanks for the GIF! Looking forward to seeing your entry!

You're welcome and of course I'll make my entry.

I'll be checking it out as well. It's unfortunate that the contest is in English, because most of your great posts are in Spanish.

I always write in Spanish, but if the occasion merits it I do it in English. And thanks for the praise of my publications

Awesome initiative here again. Thanks @anomadsoul.

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Really hoping you can rally your community into joining my friend! You have a great reach, let's do this 💪🏻

I need to check people's profiles more often. I didn't know he had a community till you mentioned it. There must be many hidden things that we don't see because we don't click enough out of curiosity. At least myself haha. You were aware so you're better off in this regard.

Good you now know. Compliments 😃

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Certainly will. I'm all in to grow steem an to build a solid career here. Meanwhile, does the age of the post to be reviewed matter?

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As long as it was made in 2019 there's no problem with post age :)

It is! It's rare when I enjoy taking part in a contest, but I was really excited about this one because I am a very nostalgic person. Going through my old posts was like a gift I didn't know I could give myself. :P

Recaping 2019 and scrolling steem may bring some great fond memory for each post I believe. Looking forward to spend the weekend finding the bestest of the best😉..(if not get any travelling) ..... Very interesting to see the entries too.....hopefully could make into it....resteem🤟

Exactly! 1 year seems like such a short time, but looking back to make my contest entry made me realize that 1 year is a very long time haha. So many memories that seemed so old! It also doesn't help that I was in one stage in February and I crossed to another stage after the crisis started in Venezuela.

hello friend, will be able to give me 2 steam please I would be very helpful, thank you

It's really badly seen to ask for money on comment sections. I recommend you make friends and then ask them for money, it's more effective. :P

Wow,, amazing. Thank for this chance sir @anomadsoul and of course for @blocktrades for supporting this contest. I will try to choose my tree post and talk about it. Good luck sir and God bless you for this initiative.

Haha, for a moment I thought your posts were about trees. It seems you post a lot on contests and curations :) I hope you're getting a lot of success from trying so hard! I don't have your dedication. It's admirable.

Hi @cryptosharon

in principle, me and you and we all learn to manage our abilities, none of us do not try, maybe here I try strong, while in fact you are the strongest trying. I just try to describe photography and write freely here, but sometimes it is constrained by language, so I still have to learn. Greetings from Indonesia

Sounds perfect! Great to see you'll join this one too :)

Thank you so much sir @anomadsoul. Last night I have finish make my post about this contest. Just try to evaluate my self, because like you said everyone is winner. I hope can include there. God bless you


Btw, I want to participate by giving 15 steem for honourable mention like in last announcement. Do you allow me to do that sir @anomadsoul?

This is a very interesting post. I did scroll back and I found a lot of wonderful memories that I kept here in steemit and also my achievements in life. Furthermore I once wrote a fictional stories this year and I already forgor about it.

I might be posting about this soon. When will this contest due date be?

Sameee! Looking back was super awesome. I rarely reread a post of mine but I got a pang of nostalgia by checking out the thoughts I had at the start of the year, when things were so different for me. Life changes in a flash!

Me too. I rarely look back on what I write and I found out that I actually keep a lot of my memories in this platform, the worst, the happiest, everything and I actually writtwn a story once 🤣🤣🤣 Never thought I could actually did that. Totally forgot about the story one.

Good to hear you have some great material to be showcased! The deadline is stated right there on the post :)

That's a nice contest and I guess I'm going to join for some of my blogs are not upvoted by my audience and I need 2 dollars to promote my blogs here, i wish someone can tell where to buy steem dollars so that I can promote my blogs there. But my friends here can donate 2 sbds to randowhale and their blogs can be promoted and I just to help the newbies here. It's going to be fun to join your contest here.

Why do you need 2 SBD to promote? I don't think it's a smart idea to spend SBD promoting your stuff unless it's on ads outside of Steem. Inside, you'll have a better chance promoting your stuff by networking on Discord and posting comments on popular posts.

Hey, @anomadsoul, I had a little trouble while processing my entry.

Sabes que cuando haces un tuit y pones menciones al comienzo, el tuit no es público sino dirigido? Igual se puede acceder a ese tuit desde el enlace incluso desde cuentas no involucradas, pero no aparece en el timeline ni en tags.

Hice dos tuits. El que es para el concurso tiene 3 menciones pero no es público porque las menciones están al principio. El que es para #posh si es público y está pinneado en mi perfil de Twitter.

Podrias confirmarme que sirve así? O necesito poner las menciones en otra parte (mas adentro del tuit para que sea publico) y tener solo un tuit principal que sirva tanto de #posh como de menciones para entrar al concurso?

Si estas confundido, revisa el comentario en mi último post y ahí creo que se explica mejor cuando ves los enlaces.

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Esta perfecto así! Sin problema :)

Great contest... good job

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@anomadsoul... This is actually one of the best contest or challenge I have ever come across on Steemit. I actually love this challenge because of four reasons which are listed below ;

  • This challenge can actually make you earn great rewards or upvote depending on the quality of your post.

  • This contest can also help your post gain more recognition and publicity on Steemit in such a way that your hard work would be seen and rewarded by others.

  • This contest will also make Steemit go more viral on Twitter which can lead to huge mass or amount of people joining the steem blockchain.

  • Lastly, it adds more to your experience and it makes you meet or interact with more people when you engage in contest like this.

I actually can't wait to be part of this great contest. Thank God I had written a lot of blog post this year which turns out to be very low in reward or upvote and I hope contest like this will help other Steemians.

I also use this medium to thank @blocktrades and @ocd-witness for their great impact on the steem blockchain. I guess I have to start preparing myself for the challenge 😊.

Have a lovely day with love from @hardaeborla 💕

Great initiative. Unfortunately I don't use Twitter.

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Maybe it's time to open an account just to fight the system and make Steem go viral :)

Open an account, its easy and helpful for you:)

Open an account, its easy and helpful for you:)

I’ve had an account for ages but don’t use it. My last two tweets for 2019 are literally for the competitions run by @anomadsoul.

Excellent idea. I love it. Let me see if I can join too...

Merry Christmas Eric :)

Merry Christmas man! I'm on my way to Playa at the moment haha
Looking forward to your entry!

No way! I heard the water in Playa has been crystal clear and with no sargassum since we left it in July earlier this year... Enjoy your time down there ;)

Excellent contest I will look for my publications

You have enough time to find the good ones!

Thanks, great idea to check older posts.

Don't forget about the deadline if you want to join Joan!

Great idea sir

Hope you join!

This is a great idea, I remember writing some what I thought were killer posts that I really like, but it turned out didn't do that well

It's hard to get rewards for everything we do but I remember that in 2017 more than in 19 I had tens of posts that made only cents, but I know that if some more people would've seen them probably the payouts would be higher... So here's a small chance for everyone to showcase their underrated pieces! :)

Excellent! Thank you for this new opportunity.

Hey Antonia, you're always joining these, great! Looking forward to reading your entry

Ha, ha, ha... it's ready @anomadsoul.

Great contest!

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As always, wonderful initiatives, @anomadsoul. I couldn't get into the previous one because of personal time issues, but I will participate in this one. Thank you very much for these fabulous opportunities. A hug! Soon my entry.

Very good idea, remember is to live, it makes you move to those days where you strive to raise ideas that possibly few people thought and gives you another opportunity to communicate them. Cheers

This is great.
Good work you are doing here.
Hope I won't miss out this time around.

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Great opportunity to retake some interesting posts, merry christmas

Taking steemit to all corners of the network

I like your post. It's a good idea.

hm. this is very challenging when you are not active on twitter.

Hm. this is very
Challenging when you are not
Active on twitter.

                 - littlenewthings

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

2019... ending soon... so fast the time flies... I think I joined last year my2018... or did I join that in my dream? But then... fingers crossed... it's in my plan of reviewing what I am done on Steemit throughout the one whole year... 💪

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Hello @anomadsoul,

Very interesting contest.

Captura de pantalla 2019-12-27 a la(s) 4.17.20 a. m..png

I think I manage to do a post. Hopefully I followed all the rules. I checked it a few times but still not sure if I did it right.

Thank you for this wonderful contest @anomadsoul and it also manage to awaken my tweet account.

Congratulations have been nice sharing 👍

Interesting and creative contest. I hope more people will follow him, even though I am most likely not participating. Good luck.

Congratulations @anomadsoul!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 4 with 80 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 1 with $ 96,08

I will return to take english classes to make a post to this contest lol.

Anyway, good luck people! :P

What if you don't have a twitter account?

Ask a friend to do it for you on their account, :)

Thanks for this opportunity and initiative as for me. I am on it now. I just this few minutes ago. Thanks @anomadsoul, @blocktrades

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Hello @anomadsould and all. I almost didn't make it. But here I am. A hug for this initiative that continues to motivate us and keep us on this prestigious platform. I have many posts that are not very valuable when monetizing but they distract and recreate me. That for me is health. Thanks here I leave my publication:

Hi nice competition - my entry

And my twitter share...

Screenshot 20191228 at 19.58.58.png

I didn't tag anyone, I find that a bit cringe, but the tweets out at least.

Great. I'm in

great,, i will participate soon

hello @anomadsoul, this is my first participation in your contests, I think they are great, I hope I have fulfilled all the requirements. Thank you

post steemit

post twitter

The point of this contest, or perhaps it should be considered a challenge, is to highlight your very best posts of the year, preferably underrated - meaning that the rewards received by those posts are way lower than what the author (that means you) feels they deserved back when they published.

Holy moly! I find this contest as a mission impossible to pick by myself just a trio of my very best posts of the year.

But since you are talking about those posts preferably underrated and most of mine undoubtedly are. I truly believe it will be a very piss easy task to delegate these selections to someone else. :)

Yeah! I invite everyone to read something quite painfully underrated and let me know about which ones to cry together. };)

Cheers! and good luck to everyone in this challenge/contest.

You and Blocktrades are a great team! Keep up the great work and keep growing the platform! Was so much fun hanging out with you and brother in Bangkok last month. Gaby and I are off to Vietnam tomorrow. We are buying a motor bike and getting crazy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


Thanks for the post.

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