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Hello everyone. More recently, namely 4 days ago, I posted my post about how I turned on the hive power to 14500 hp and so far, at this stage I want to share with you my impressions about it.
It's completely new to me, writing posts, posting videos and being roughly visible and sharing my opinion online, but I'm sure you just need to get used to it and it will take time. I must warn you in advance that the quality of my articles may suffer a little from the fact that this is a new niche or a new hobby for me, because I am not a writer)

After I became active on different platforms of the hive and contacted people of our community, and they were people from completely different parts of our world, I was very pleased with their friendliness and openness, someone wrote and wished good luck, someone offered their help to figure out how it all works, and someone put likes and it's very nice. In fact, I have already got used to it untuitively and I can say that in comparison with ordinary social networks here in the web 3 zone everything is much more interesting, promising and convenient. I know that a lot of things are still in development in terms of applications, games, updates, and when it comes to the masses, it will be a real bomb.

I must admit that now I and, as it seems to me, many users who are on web 3 platforms communicate with people who are not in fact their friends or close and dear people, that's when these networks of real people begin to communicate with each other, then it will be a victory and a breakthrough with big changes. After all, everyone wants, for example, to spy on someone from their relatives or write someone a quick message to their wife or husband so that he buys milk home on the way home. But it takes time. I believe that everything will work out . I am very glad that I got here. I will use it earlier, figure out how it all works, curate and sometimes write articles.

If you have any questions for me, please let me know. Thank you all for your attention . Subscribe to me, I will be happy to supervise you)

Ah. Yes! I also wanted to ask . How do I calculate my reward level that I should receive and when should I receive it ?


Nice, I really envy curators a lot and I can’t wait to be an active curators. Right now being an author is all I got. Good luck though, am sure you will do great

thank you very much , you will succeed , the main thing is to work and go to the goal . you 'll be fine too !!

I am writing to you from Venezuela, really Hive for a year and a half has been something very new, with my 69 years of age, I have met people from many latitudes, generally many people know me from my publications, which 90 percent of references are to Yoga, is that this has had a double purpose, first to get excited about something as an older adult and secondly I do and publish about yoga, because after an intervention with Gamma Rays of a tumor in the cerebellum, yoga has contributed in recovery of my health. Dear @evgen-xx thank you for your contact. hits

thank you very much for the answer . good luck to all of you and, most importantly, good health )

This is how health is paramount and when we do something that protects it and keeps us healthy it is very important, as it is for me to do Yoga. Successes @evgen-xx from Venezuela

Congrats on the Hive Power and joining. I started blogging in November 2021, so this is also new to me. The first two months, I learned a lot by reading posts. Crypto is new to me, so the setting up the Keychain took some time. I have had very good engagement on Hive and I am learning about other countries and people. I am following you and I look forward to your next posts.

hello. thank you very much for the answer ) I think it 's a little difficult for a simple Internet user to deal with all this , so you need to simplify the use or create a global hive application manual )

Don't worry about not being a writer :) I wasn't either when I joined. You'll do fine, I can tell!

I can truly say that Hive has brought me so many good things, not only rewards! The connections made, the interesting people that I learned something from, the new passions I found, skills I explored, the inspiration that came from reading a blog, having a chat, seeing someone's art, it's something I can't even put to words.

Never in my life have I learned so much from so many people in this amount of time, and never have I been inspired so often as on Hive.

I will show you what happens if a 1UP curator visits your blog:


See you next time :)

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How do I calculate my reward level that I should receive and when should I receive it ?

All posts have a 50/50 reward of Hive and many of the tribes. Hence, whatever is show, divide it in half.

Also, payout take place in 7 days. So today's payouts are on posts, comments and curation that was done a week ago.

Keep adding more to your Hive Power as well as some of the other tribes that interest you and you will see things grow.

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thank you very much for the answer. it's very exciting and addictive, I really like the process. I will continue to look at the statistics and delegate.👌

Haha, it is indeed addictive! Honestly, I always want to do better ;) lol..
you may experience the same. But your attitude is great, you will get there! And I noticed you have quite some comments on your content already, that's really good!

It is addictive and you nailed it, this is a process. However, if you can learn it and take the long-term view of things, you will do rather well. We are still in the very early stages here. Hive is not easy when you first join while also a bit overwhelming. However, the concept of compounding is rather simple. Activity and staking means things will grow.

Also, a handy tool is Enter your username and you will see some analytics on your account. It was recently updated with a clean sheet design so we are really on V.1 with that tool. But over the next few months there will be more robust data.

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good. I will definitely look at the statistics there ! thanks.

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