Community Giveaway: Tickets to Enter the Metaverse

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We are giving away 20 free tickets to the Enter the Metaverse conference hosted by Tech Circus on December 2-3. Tickets are worth $50 each. This is an online event.

Although Hive is not a sponsor, the organizers of the event reached out to us to share this opportunity with our community.

Event Schedule

Day 1: Dissect the components powering early Metaverses and the advancements around standardisation and infrastructure that strive to solve accessibility, interoperability and scalability. Explore the convergence of AI, Blockchain, VR/AR and more in the emerging Web 3.0, as they power this new age of social and commercial engagement now, and in the future.

Day 2: Delve into the vast possibilities the metaverse enables, as it unshackles creativity and human empowerment in fascinatingly innovative ways. Social, entertainment and gaming will all evolve, but so will our sense of identity, understanding of digital assets, retail, fashion, commerce, advertising. Is it one Metaverse, or many? Learn about the possibilities of world-building, play to earn and much more..


Get your ticket

Since ticket numbers are limited we'll be making this quick. To participate in the giveaway:

  1. Comment below in 200 words as to why you wish to attend and how it is relevant to you
  2. Send us an encrypted memo with your email address and first name (we need those for your ticket)

Contest closes November 30, 23:59 UTC

One person per project/team/family please. We will distribute tickets based on your response, so write it well!

How to: Send encrypted memos

  1. Sign into your wallet using your Private Memo Key
  2. Send 0.001 + your memo starting with # to @hiveio (example, #[email protected] joe)
  3. Make sure you sign the transaction using your Private Active Key

If you absolutely cannot figure encrypted memos out, please send an email to [email protected] with your name and link to your comment.

Best of luck!

Time's up! Congratulations to all the Winners!



From my beginnings on the chain I have seen things a little different to most. Listening those other views though has helped improve the refinement of how I proceed.

Live discussion with interaction is where I learn most. Though the depths of discussion I would like, time will not allow.

The codes developed over the years and hearing about them have also fine tuned the things I do to some degree. Providing a better insight on things previously unseen.

A journey through the metaverse can only serve to bring me more questions and more things I see that need a solution. For those two things alone the journey is worth while.

Hive is my home, my classroom, my much needed escape from stress, and a way to expand my creativity in ways I would have never have imagined before signing up. And I have quite an active imagination.

There was a learning curve to figuring out how to use the blog site and what a blockchain even was!

Thankfully, I've always loved to learn new things and, having been a gamer for years, adore figuring out any tricks or shortcuts to make anything easier.

Even better, my way of sharing what I discover with people without the technical jargon and while keeping steps simple really helps people.

It's become one of my favorite things - putting people together with either how do something they're trying to accomplish or with someone who CAN help them if I can't.

I am not shy about asking questions. Attending the Enter the Metaverse Conference would be a way for me to take in all I can see, ask as much as I can, and be able to pass that along to others so they can get as excited as I am about the possibilities awaiting us all. Because I'm not shy about sharing the joy either.

Disqualified, you used 201 words.


I would like to attend this conference not only to learn more about the emerging Web 3.0. I'm excited about seeing the developments to come in this emerging creator economy and its ability to empower creatives without the traditional gatekeepers holding them back.

I'm currently building a publishing business using a third party intermediary to fulfil printing and delivery of the hardcopy books. I'm wanting to learn how Web 3.0 will empower someone like me to diversify digitally and reduce the influence of the third party control. To truly control the process and how it's delivered.

Sharing this information with others builds the community and lets others see possibilities. In the end, it's all about community.

I've been on Hive since August 2016 and have been actively involved in several communities. I host the longest running live curation show, Pimp Your Post Thursday, (PYPT) which provides creatives an avenue to present their work and support each other. PYPT has been the starting point for several initiatives on the chain through connections being made on the show.

Hive, a place of hope, a place of learning new things, a place of showing creativity, and in fact a great blockchain-based social media where different cultural people and at the same time different countries people can engage with each other through their posts or blogs. I still can remember, when I first heard about this amazing platform where people can share his or her thoughts, creative things and share in which sector he is good at it's really amazing to me and in return they can get rewarded through it.

I think it's the best platform where people can work with his passion, with his creative thinking and people can know his works through his blogs or post, its really amazing.

I'm a guy who always loves to learn new things, love to meet new people and various cultural people. Because by this medium I can learn something new from them.

I love to communicate with a new group of people. When I heard about Metaverse I got really excited to be a part of it. Because, If I get a ticket I'm sure it will be another learning platform for me. I eagerly waiting to be a part of this amazing event.

I think it will bring value to me as I'm seeking for ways to create jobs for talented young professionals in a developing country who feel stuck because of an outdated system.

Hivefest gave me a first glimpse of what a metaverse experience could be like ( and if possible I would love to learn a little bit more. I'm more of a communications person than a tech person, so I do feel I need to understand it a lot better than I currently do.

As for the ticket price, it's 'only' 20-25 Hive at the moment, but if I'd have to pay it myself, it would most likely pass and be like 'that's something for next year'. Getting a Hive sponsored ticket would definitely get me over the hump not to wait for it. Also, it would mean I'd have to write a post on my experience as well :).

Two small notes: If it requires a VR set, I'll pass. Any browser platform or zoom like software, I'm interested. If there are Hive projects that really need this opportunity, feel free to pick them over me. If there aren't many quality entries, please pick me.

I want to know how hive blockchain can be a part of Metaverse please help me to understand I think you know more than me

Nothing I see indicates it requires a VR set. It's a normal online conference.

I will be very happy if I am opportuned to participate in this event. I've always been fascinated about the Metaverse and I've been doing some research and this program seems like the best fit for me as they tend to cover major topics. Like Dissecting the components powering early Metaverses and exploring the convergence of AI, Blockchain, VR/AR and more in the emerging Web 3.0.

Metaverse has a lot of possibilities and being a Creative, I want to gather all the knowledge I can to understanding of digital assets.

I am pursuing my graduate studies in master's in computer science with a specialization in VR/AR technologies. I believe that exposure to this event will give me the needed foundations for developing applications related to the same. I want to explore the metaverse options for gamifications of learning especially in future smart classrooms. I hope I get this opportunity to attend this event. Thank you.

Hive! It is currently 5:00 a.m. local time in the evening. And I'm writing something related to hive. The reason why hive keeps me awake at such an odd hour is because it provides me with values that no other platform can provide. I used to be in a lot of debt and owed a lot of money. However, since joining the hive, I've had none. That experience provided me with happiness, strength, and something I'd been looking for a very long time. It provided me with money. Many people can claim that they are pursuing their passion, bla bla bla, and this is true. I'm not going to say anything as they did. Aside from the fact that I am debt-free, hive has taught me a great deal. I've decided to write more frequently. I'm giving feedback to more people, and I'm also trying to balance my time between other hive-related activities. You might have a vague idea of what I'm talking about. Splinterlands, you are correct. I've also learned how to make money from gaming thanks to Hive. It forced me to make better use of my time by writing and providing feedback. Basically, hive opened my eyes to a whole new world. I'm hoping that the Enter the Metaverse conference will be something like this too. I am hoping that it will be a dynamic place in which to learn new things. This is the future now. Let me dive into the future.

Es una oportunidad muy buena e interesante para aprender mucho más sobre este tema. Nos encontramos ante lo que será una nueva era o tendencia dentro de la web. Las posibilidades son enormes para todos los implicados. Personalmente me gustaría poder entender mucho más las implicaciones del metaverso, por lo que me gustaría asistir a este evento.

Desde luego entiendo que los cupos son limitados, pero espero poder sacar provecho del aprendizaje obtenido en caso de que me elijan para participar. Creo que forma parte del compromiso con Hive mismo el que seamos parte de este tipo de iniciativas.

Everything you have said you are trying to do is the same thing I said should be done over three years ago.

Finally it looks like you are beginning to catch up.

My mind would not be appreciated there. It doesn't have the finance behind it. (yet...)

Thank you for these exceptional giveaways. I am only supporting the project.

If there are instructions on how to send an encrypted memo, that would be very much beneficial to everyone who wants to participate.

Thank you, we have added instructions now.

It's a cool opportunity for web dev. Is it available online? I prefer to attend online.

Yes, it's an online event.

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@hiveio what is, common in Metaverse and hive blockchain?

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Too much tech for my brain. Good luck to those who entered!

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Thank you @hiveio 🙏

Will commit to sharing the insights on Twitter and @dbuzz, as well as writing a blog on the overall experience.

Thank You @hiveio

I am very late to see this post. The world of metaverse is growing gradually and it really takes understanding to be able to know how to take benefit of this great technology. I wish I can be part of this event not for reward purposes but to learn about how to leverage this new technology Metaverse.