Curie Comment Contest Week 2 (August 12th - August 19th, 2018)

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  • In the spirit of Curie's commitment to building community and fostering engagement on the Steem blockchain, we are pleased to present a weekly comment contest administered from the @curie blog.
  • For those new to Curie, please follow @curie, and join us on Discord:
  • Follow @curie's votes to support the authors. Please consider following our trail and voting for curated authors. If you are a SteemAuto user, @curie is an available curation trail to follow.

Curie Comment Contest

Earn Steem by leaving good comments on posts upvoted by @curie!*

*Only posts which receive a @curie vote through Curie curator/reviewer operations are eligible for this comment contest. PLEASE NOTE the @curie account casts many upvotes which are not part of Curie curator/reviewer operations. See below for two methods to tell what posts have been upvoted by Curie through curator/reviewer operations:

  • Visit to see a record of the most recent posts upvoted through Curie curator/reviewer operations and leave thoughtful comments on them for your chance to win!
  • @curie also leaves an automated comment on all posts upvoted through Curie curator/reviewer operations, so alternatively you can visit the @curie blog comments to find eligible upvoted posts to comment on.

How do I sign up?

There is no need to sign up. Simply commenting on posting upvoted through Curie curator/reviewer operations makes you eligible for the Curie Comment Contest.

The contest week will run from Sunday 15:01 UTC through Sunday 15:00 UTC

Curie will use an algorithm that evaluates comments on both quantitative and qualitative metrics. This means that in addition to the number of Curie-upvoted posts that you comment on, the quality of your comments will also factor into the score. In addition we will look at other metrics designed to measure engagement with the authors that Curie upvotes.


Win up to 10 Steem!

Curie Comment Contest winners will be announced in a weekly post every Monday. In addition to the prize payout structure outlined below, the weekly champion will receive an honorary role for the week in the Curie Discord server of "Comment Champion". Bragging rights!

1st place (Curie Comment Champion): 10 Steem
1st Runner Ups (2 payout positions): 5 Steem each
2nd Runner Ups (2 payout positions): 3 Steem each
Honorable Mentions (12 payout positions): 2 Steem each

Total weekly prize pool: 50 Steem/ 17 payout positions

Spam Comments will NOT be rewarded

The comment history of all winners will be manually reviewed for spam before any prizes are paid out. Short generic comments that could have been left without reading the post will not qualify for the Curie Comment Contest. Examples of spam comments include (but are not limited to): "Nice post"; "I like your post"; "Nice picture"; "Good song"; "Great story", etc.


A few words of advice on leaving good, thoughtful comments

- tell the post author what in specific you liked about the post, why you liked it and/or how it made you feel. If your comment is so generic that it could have been left without reading the post, it will not qualify for the Curie Comment Contest.

Week 2 Winners!

For comments left during the contest week of August 12th - August 19th, 2018. All prize payouts will be sent out shortly from the @curie account.

Comment Champion - 10 Steem prize! @coinsandchains

Great job @coinsandchains particularly on the metrics measuring comment quality and engagement generated by your comments.

1st Runner Ups - 5 Steem each! @ilsaione & @audreybits

2nd Runner Ups - 3 Steem each! @drawmeaship & @avizor

Honorable Mentions (in order of placement) - 2 Steem each!

@solcross; @adamada; @janton; @lynncoyle1; @melinda010100; @porters; @fitinfun; @glenalbrethsen; @anouk.nox; @puravidaville; @scrawly; @veryspider

Let the wild rumpus begin!

So what are you waiting for? Start reading those Curie-upvoted posts and leaving thoughtful comments already!

Wow. That's really awesome. Thank you guys for doing this, I've met several new people this week and had some very interesting conversations, and I've learned quite a bit too.
Congrats to All the Winners!!!

Congratulations @coinsandchains! Excellent week of engagement :)

Congrats to you as well, It looks like you've had a pretty good week as well.

Thank you @coinsandchains; I was pleased with it all 😅

Congratulations, @coinsandchains. There are always seem to be some kind of benefit to engagement, be it what we learn, or the people we meet, especially with the curie curated posts. Oh, and the 10 STEEM ain't bad, either. :)

Thanks, and the 10 steem is awesome for a small fish like me, already powered that up... Still don't have a penny upvote but I'm working on it.

Yeah, I hear you. The lower STEEM prices, while great for those who have some money to invest, are doing a number on our ability to leave any kind of upvote. At whatever point the prices go back up and get above two dollars, I think you'll see some kind of change in what you're able to do. Unfortunately, who knows when that might be, right? So, we continue on, and hopefully accumulate as much of the SP as we can in the meantime.

As it is, no one expects any major upvote out of redfishes (or for that matter, minnows), so upvoting posts and comments that are already near or above the dust threshold is a good strategy. It's just tough to make much of anything in curation at the lower levels, so commenting as much as possible, posting 2-5 a week (maybe more depending on the traction you're getting), and getting into as many contests as you feel comfortable with is about the best way to go, I think.

I think you hit the nail on the head. I noticed a large increase in everything when I increased my engagement, and I've gotten lucky in a couple of contests as well, of course I entered a lot of them (engagement). I would like to buy a bit more steem but my wife is not quite sold on the whole crypto market yet.

I hear you about your wife. Mine isn't particularly keen on all of this either because it's not a tangible paycheck. So, I feel your pain. Problem is, who knows what the market is going to do, and quite frustratingly, the fate of STEEM is tied in great part to the rest of the crypto market. So, while that can be a comfort when prices go down, it's a drag when it comes to getting back out of the bear run based solely on the merits of STEEM. One of these days, maybe. So far, not much has seemed to phase it, but hopefully if not the upcoming Hard Fork, maybe when SMTs actually come, they will provide some separation.

I hope the whole market picks back up. Part of my wife's issue is I've basically taken on some consulting for crypto, some of which is vested in a startup which I can't touch for 6 to 12 months. She's skeptical, to say the least, I hope this deal makes a believer out of her.

Woop Woop! 50!!!!

Thanks for helping me get to 50 rep, It happened last night right after I posted the new contest. Now the next 10 will probably take me forever.

Wow! How cool is this, honorable mention by curie. I had no idea I had entered a contest, what a lovely surprise. Thank you so much for acknowledging all of the people that are making real contributions to the Steemit community. The comments aspect of Steemit is the heart of Steemit. It’s the part that builds relationships, nurtured unions and maintains the integrity of the platform. Bravo to everyone that was mentioned this week. I have personally exchanged comments with most of you and I must say you all are quite interesting, engaging and pleasant to converse with. Thank you all for your contributions 👏.

@curie you rock!

Yeah one of the cool things about this contest is you don't have to sign up - just commenting on posts that Curie upvoted enters you into the running :) You do a great job engaging in the comments, keep it up! Much love - Carl

Thanks a lot for noticing! You keep up the good work yourself ✌️

There are several who work for their own benefits but more are those who, like you, care about the talent of the community and in one way or another provide support to those who deserve it. keep in that way!

Thanks for coming up with this, Curies and for the prize as well. It was actually fun going through the posts and discovering new authors.

Whoohoo! I got something... unexpected and pleasant surprise to wake up to :D.

Thank you curie team :).

Another @curie pay-it-forward initiative on steemit...very nice. Thank you.

Congrats everyone.. I was very happily surprised to see the steem in my wallet :)

I really appreciate this opportunity and like doing the comments. It's very interesting to see what you support. Thank you so much, and I will continue :)

Congrats to the winners :-) thanks for selecting me in place nr.3 ! This contest makes much fun, because i see many new things and meet cool people 😃

Yayyy. Thanks guys. S

Can you comment on more than one post that has been upvoted by @curie??

Of course! Comment Comment Comment!

What a fun prize to win! Thanks @curie for supporting commentors! I am in great commenting company here...big congrats to @coinsandchains. You made my day @curie!

@curie made mine too.... I'm still shocked.

Me too! What a pleasant surprise, huh? It was the first thing I saw this morning when I got here and I'm still smiling. Bet you are, too!

Yep, plus I hit 50 rep last night, I'm having a pretty good week.

Thanks for the opportunity

Congratulations everyone and thank you so much @curie for the lovely surprise in my wallet :) I especially love that you are taking the time to manually check the comments for spam etc.; so time consuming but really worth it too I think!

Thank you again!

Manually reading? Really? I must have misread or misunderstood their announcement. I thought they were using some kind of algorithm. That's great though. Manual is best, if you can find the time to read through them. Hopefully, they didn't choose to go through every last one. Is there a place where we can go to check the number of comments that were counted? I thought last time that was mentioned, at least for the top commenters, or maybe it was on discord?

Hi @glenalbrethsen, the "manual review" bit is a quick manual review of the comment histories of all winning placements - we use a formula to determine the winning placements, but then we do go through the comment histories of each winner to make sure we aren't rewarding a spammer. I wouldn't see we review every single comment, but we certainly do take a long enough look at the comments of each winner to determine that they are a legit commenter.

I have been going back and forth on how much to publish as far as the numbers of comments and what not - # of Curie upvoted posts commented on is only one part of the scoring metric, and I didn't want to over emphasize it by reporting just that stat as I did in last week's post, but I also didn't want to reveal the secret sauce of the other metrics we are looking at to prevent people from gaming the contest. Now I am flipping back the other way, I think I will report more stats in next week's post.

Hey, @carlgnash.

Thank you for the information. It's good to know.

I'm glad you're going through some of the history but not needing to look at everything. That would be a lot of man hours that you probably need elsewhere. I imagine you get a get good idea of what's going on with comments within the first 3-5. :)

I'm in favor of doing whatever you need to so that this contest isn't gamed. I just thought you were reporting some numbers because that's when I stumbled upon this, but it's okay. I'm trying to keep track of some of my numbers just so I know what I'm doing. People who want to game things will do it on their own—they certainly don't need any inadvertent help or encouragement.

Hey Glen! I too was surprised to see it was manual! I don't know where to look for a comment count; let me know if you find it though.

So, carlgnash also commented and said they didn't throw it in last week to avoid people gaming the contest, which I'm all in favor of impeding as much as possible. He might end up doing it, though. I like the verification of the numbers I'm keeping, but that's okay. Mine have been pretty much in line with Asher's so I would see that happening here, too.

Always someone trying to game something Glen, but like you, I trust their calculations.

Congrats, Lynn! It's so much fun to be rewarded for something we love doing!

Considering the week I had, this is extremely generous of you, @curie. Thank you, as always, for all you're doing to make the STEEM platform a better place.

And congratulations to everyone else who placed or received an honorable mention. Very well done. :)

Hello thank you so much @curie im really enjoying participating. It has been 2 weeks and i keep discovering new poeple new topics and that is awsome. Thank you much for having me in the selection:)

Hi @curie! We are @steem-ua, a new Steem dApp, computing UserAuthority for all accounts on Steem. We are currently in test modus upvoting quality contributions with a high UA value! Nice work!