The Great Covaids War of 2021

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The Great Covaids War of 2021

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Austrian Court Rules PCR Unsuited For COVID, Lockdowns Unlawful:

Bizarre Phenomenon: Unvaccinated Getting Sick Being Around the COVID Vaxxed:

Miami School Says It Won't Employ Vaccinated Teachers, Citing Debunked COVID Myths:

It's time to start shunning the 'vaccine hesitant.' They're blocking COVID herd immunity.:

Man films inside empty Indian hospital. Media is doing this to create covid 21 strain so they can lock us down for 2 years again:

#INDIA: "The cop is insisting that they have to get the vacc_ne - saying they don’t have a choice. She says none of them will take the va_cine, and says ‘do what you want we won’t take it, you can go tell the PM / CM or whoever else that we’re not taking it.’:

Watch as it appears this courageous village tells a #COVID19India test & vaxx brigade to go pound sand:

BBC presenter interrupts Oxford professor who wants immediate end to lockdown in fiery row:

Looks like CBC let the cat out of the bag early by already touting a 4th wave? The tweet has been deleted.:

100s of parents in Vail, AZ attended a School Board meeting, protesting mask mandates for schools. They would not leave. The Board was overwhelmed and outnumbered. They quit. The parents elected new members and immediately struck down mask mandates for kids. This is the way.:

CDC Now Recommends Wearing A Seat Belt Even When You’re Outside The Car:

Florida will fine any business or school $5,000 each time it requires a “vaccine passport,” or proof of COVID-19 vaccination, for entry or participation:


Living in Mexico for two years as of today and celebrated with a subscription to Dollar Vigilante.

Jeff, I always look forward to the insights each of your videos (and reading your book), and getting deeper knowledge of vigilante life. Working, meditating, and going for long walks for tacos with my dog Guapo.

Amandha Vollmer did an interesting video on this phenomena of the vaccine signals "transmitting" from person to person, as you and David Icke have mentioned. She hypothesized that some of the effect may be pheromone based, similar to how some women friends begin to sync their menstrual cycles when they hang out together a lot. In the vaccine case, though, it is a pheromone signal that may interrupt the reproductive system in other women.



Good morning from the Netherlands,

Vaccination program is in full force in Holland. 2 of my colleagues are vaccinated a few weeks ago. First shot. I am an engineer working on a powerplant as mechanical and electrical engineer. My wife is a care worker. She works with elderly with dementia and physical problems due to high age. A lot of elderly are vaccinated. We have nobody in our circle that died from covaids. We have seen people die from/after the Jab. Saw this video where you are mentioning the phenomenon of sudden bleeding/miscarriages of women when moving around the vaccinated.

Recently my wife told me she started menstruating again after a year. She is/was menopaused. I thought that was weird. My sister 47 got breast cancer this year. A friend of my wife also got breast cancer this year. The vaccination program started in Januari this year in the Netherlands. Last week I felt "sick" Diaria and weird feeling in the head. My tongue started bleeding out of nothing. Very weird. I am a sportsman. Runner/Cyclist. I don't eat industrialized food. We eat straight from the land. I am now developing herpes on my lip. This normally only occurs during winter time. Herpes is a viral decease meaning the discretion of toxicity leaving the body. (Beachamp, Kaufman, Thomas S Cowan - The Contagion Myth)

Just letting you to know. Saw this video from Andrew Genovese on
Should we keep away from the vaccinated? Ore build immunity towards the vaccinated. I wonder.

Keep up the good work Jeff

How to neutralise potential damage from mRNA vaccines

oh yeah Fuck KYC, That is the deat of any coin.

Hey Jeff big fan of your work love from India ❤️

I posted this comment on LBRY, but am posting it here as well, because it's relevant to the whole hospital thing...

I had a serious horse riding accident earlier on this year (in January) and spent a week in hospital, in Victoria, Australia (Bendigo Base Hospital). There were no COVID cases, only a bunch of regular patients like myself, and a ton of stupid bureaucracy. I had 13 broken or fractured bones (9 ribs, clavicle, scapula and 2 vertebrae), a punctured lung and a dislocated hip. Even with the punctured lung (I also had fluid on the lung and so had to have a drain put in)and associated hypoxia, the nurses and doctors forced me to wear a mask to move around the hospital (to get X Rays etc). I said something like "I'd think a punctured lung might qualify me for a medical exemption!" but they insisted anyway. I thought if I kept resisting, they might manhandle me into wearing it, despite my broken bones and punctured lung. Finally, the doctor talked to me and I told her that in 2003, Dr Fauci was telling people that masks didn't prevent the spread of disease, and said the same thing again in 2020, at the beginning of this whole thing. She had nothing to say about this, she just walked off. I kept putting my fingers into my mask to make breathing holes, and pulling it down etc. The nurses kept pulling it up, but every time they looked away, I'd pull it down again. I said "I might pass out if I can't breathe!" but they didn't seem to care! However, the next day, nobody made me wear a mask. It took me over three months to recover from these injuries, and even today, I still have pain in my ribs from nerve damage. I wonder if I had made a bigger fuss about the mask and flatly refused to wear it, if they would have thrown me around, and really smashed me up?

Cops "just following orders" and in your case, nurses doing the same. It's almost robotic. Sickening to see it happen like this, especially in slow motion. This truly is the zombie apocalypse, come to "life".. Glad you're still with us!!! :)

Also... don't let people bad mouthing get to you. It is impossible to appease the world, and focusing on that is like getting into a bad relationship with them. It's toxic. Be in a relationship with the people who are at the right place, who can push you forward, and who aren't toxic.

Great Idea to post the other things you watch on here as well, They are also those I have been paying attention to for quite some time, but for those who dont have the amount of hours in a day that I do to do my research, you are helping tremendously to make a lot of crucial information readily sourced and available FOR ANYONE and you so it WITH HUMOUR (Im Canadian). Keeping things in a context of positivity, possibility and bravery is making a LOT of difference in a LOT of peoples lives and dont think for a second no one cares. I have a very good feeling that its n ot about how many, its about the quality of those who do...Its all the ones that matter. Keep up the amazing job and I look forward to working together in some capacity in the near future, I have some excellent ideas, and I feel like were so similar its inevetable. Thanks for being the highlight of my online day most days- and im working diligently to incorporate all the wisom you offer, and I thought your book was f'n spot on, and have given many copies to my circle. You ARRR so inspiring and we need more people like you if we are to end our slavery as quickly as it IS POSSIBLE! (the amount of acts we all participate in ONE DAY could change the world completely overnight are qute suprising, I feel). All the best to you and everyone here at TDV

We are trying to create a curated platform for good content. Glad you like it!

Yeah, great idea. I think you should consider your boy Del Bigtree. Then this place would be complete.

Also, what's that pirate song used in this video?

Jeff I know you mentioned Jason Christoff on twitter recently. Have you considered getting his content on You can find his channel on odysee. Thank you for all the great work you do! If the majority of people could think clearly and the media was not heavily monopolised then you and your team at TDV would be super famous financial advisors.

Jeff I know you mentioned Jason Christoff on twitter recently. Have you considered getting his content on You can find his channel on odysee. Thank you for all the great work you do! If the majority of people could think clearly and the media was not heavily monopolised then you and your team at TDV would be super famous financial advisors.

Always use anonymity coins like Monero (proof of work) , BitcoinConfidential (proof of stake) or PirateChain (zk-Snark) for your own security. BTC is not fungible and BTC coins can be tainted. ❤️ ☮️ 🗽

100% my friend, boycott surveillance coins and invest in real private sound money.

Thanks Jeff for giving us the heads up on pirate chain! Best thing you could buy today to fight back against the machine! ARRR

I am now listening to the book of the Essene Gospel of Peace thanks to my favorite pirate in Mexico.

Im gonna take notes during your shows lol JEFF - WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT relearning/recalculating MATH IS CRUCUAL omg. It ties into Gematria most certainly.

Look into Euclidean Geometry

We're up against an #AlienAgenda.

Whistleblower #PhilSchneider & #DonaldMarshall told us the truth.

Hmmm, I hadn't heard of #PhilSchneider or #DonaldMarshall before.

Timothy Alberino's report on Phil Schneider and Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.s) is one of the best videos on the subject.

Regarding Donald Marshall, he is the biggest whistleblower of all-time. He exposed human cloning and the underground alien threat (aka #Vrill). He has done many interviews that you can easily find on Youtube. I will share the first one I ever watched of him below:

.ps Please ignore anything positive that was said about rapper B.o.B. in this interview because he later ended up backstabbing Donald (quite literally too).

Beautiful location, will go there one day !

Whats the name of the track at the end of the video?


"I hope you sold at $5, that's what I think."

                                              -YES JEFF!!!

Jeff you are not Messiah, but Morpheus

Can you please talk more about Math in Meditation? That sounds really interesting and something I want to do.

Look into Euclidean Geometry, study of this ancient way of mathematics and meditation on its principles seems to be the concept he is tapping into.

It would be good for you to cover this @dollarvigilante:

( Dr. Reiner Fuellmich already had success with convicting Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen )

Reiner is a hero of our time. I am amazed that he is still alive. Also see:

Mortensen More Than Math, amazing math curriculum from the 70's that uses base 10. It's literally the best math curriculum ever, IMO, I highly recommend it, easy to learn and teach.
I love the name pirate, I think is fitting for many reasons, but I'd end up going on and on about why... The Banksters were evil pirates so why not? It's good pirates vs the scurvy scallywags ;)

Jeff I've been following you since 2016 and never had a bad thing to say about your video's but I'm drawing a line in the sand for this one - a poke-a-dot singlet mate what's happening?

Yea man I a sure glad I followed TDV years ago now I live in Mexico bought a 47 foot Sailing Yacht and dont worry about shit as I can sail up and down the coast of Mexico any time I want far the fuck away from mask wearing assholes and covid injected idiots yea baby oh cant for get that massive amount of Pirate Chain, Monero and Bitcoin I hold

I hear the word "covaids" so often now I couldn't even remember the word covid. Jeff nailed it with that one! :)


ARRR poligies for such a looooong rrrreply, my bad (- - ,

Not only Nylon Masks is moving away from Commifornia, Oracle moved his HQ to Texas, while Larry Elison moved permanently to Hawaii

That place where they're swab-testing (the pcr-test) Covid-19, is in Israel (almost certainly in Tel Aviv. Many Israelis are seeing this totalitarianism for what it is and some have refused to take the vaccines despite what the fake news is reporting.

Enjoyed the vid thanks guys!

"To Day im god and tomorrow im shit" Dude, Berwick. I had No idea who the hell you were befor this pandemic, I had people tell me that your videos were out of this world. I have been a anarcho libertarian all my life . Called from a very young age an out cast!... I share the idea of you being at the hights Of Jordan Belfort or the leader of the financial world. For one simple reason, ideology. You Understand the Scam! Chose not to take part in the festivities. Because you not a fucking retard! I totally fucking agree! I told my dad when i was 8yr That this was a scam! all if this main stream! shit! working for others and paying tax! ahahahahah fucking ahahah. What a scam! I may not be the rich guy! well now i am thanks to " The TDV/TVC. ", But i was nobody bitch! ARR FUCKING ARRR

Arrr Tech, Zsnarks. Is the next wave of the final currency thats stands! Because No matter how things go. the seed has been planted. A true automated system that can be trusted to work as believed and intended to. The New currency Will have to provide Private transaction, Why. because we all know how the Government Mafia will always over reach. Thus leaving in my eyes . A new way of development and social trade. The way to move forward is to have a system that will in rich the individual, leaving them in power to self sustain, but to contribute to the social demand. I really think that ARRR, Is the best private coin in terms of good luck hacking me janet yellen you dirty cunt! . But are we asking for cash? or high value asset?. In the Video Of Rafa La varte with Arrr First mate he told him stright up. Arrr is a tool. Thus more like a bad ass currency. That the Rothwhores can suck on. Not like Monero is not classy. If Arrr made a baby coin. There would be a haigh value, created by us! The people. So would WOWNERO. Witch i been saying is crypto gold. Not BTC, BTC IS A SCAM , PRIVATE MY ASS! there gos it value.... It was the door. end story, First mainstream coin! and what have we all seen in the past! Hot when underground, shit when main stream. Im i wrong on todays reality?. Siler could be AEON. Why the hell would the Monero team also make 2 other coins with a new structure?... Joke or not it was the silver, gold thought. great idea.

Now , There is a total new Market in the world Right now!, Well this whole shit fest rolls out!. Now would be a good time to join the dark web! or just sell to normal people face to face but accept crypto arr moner what ever is PRIVATE! . sell. Accept all the private coin. you know with Arrr Rothwhores are sucking in rock... So , What the fuck are we waiting for. What next after buliding these coins? Useing them.
example , cash is paper. paper have any value? no. but we give it value. I would believe that would leave you to conclude. Currency is what we want it to be.

It's question of time...people now are not ready, but they inevitably will!!

hey jeff, IN CANADA, pierre just explained the housing bubble scam , and the foolish left falls for the bait, funny as shit.

Jeff... several years ago I got a bad case of Morgellons which caused me to research more into it. Females get shedding with Morgellons, and is dropped from chem trails. It's efficacy is low this way. People have these nano strands but our bodies can fight them, but in certain people they can thrive. This is because certain soaps also help against them, while others do not. The vax is a heavy dose of these nano strands, and these nano strands ARE transmittable, and leave all the same symptoms as the vax. Bruising being one of them. The interesting thing with Morgellons is that we all know they react to 2.4ghz frequencies and start moving dramatically. (high pitched noise that comes out of the faucet), which means they can transmit information, and receive information, through vibrations. It's all tied together.

Half way down the page... there is a "Starfish" Morgellons organism which directs growth of morgellons fibers. Ironically, that "starfish" looks a lot like the 2024 "spiked" covid21 that leaked some time ago.

Hello Jeff! Welcome from Austria! Me, my girlfriend and my two dogs, one of them is also called Lucy :) always watch your and Max Igans videos. Amazing content that is needed in this crazy world! Thank You!

Amazing stuff, is trade oger still the best place for pirate chain? Thanks! ARRR

The gravediggers......they never stop digging! LOL

For some reason this freezes at 22.30, gonna hope over to Odysee