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I don't normally post personal type things but hoping this may help someone out.

A few weeks ago I ended up picking up Covid-19 one place or another. It's hard to say where exactly because despite having general suspicions there's no way to know. Not quite sure what happened, could be anyone and anywhere at this point.

So you can qualify this experience somewhat let me just say that I am fully vaccinated as to the standards that currently define the concept of being fully vaccinated.

Day 1: Feeling of getting sick, same as any cold, trying to fight it off.

Day 2: Fever. Took a whole bunch of Tylenol, when that kicked in all was well and I went to sleep. I couldn't focus on anything. I think I checked out our 'Hiveblocks' Twitter and a few messages and that was it. Technical projects were slow, couldn't focus on them, kept forgetting what I was doing and what's on what server or where. No appetite at all.

Day 3: Same as Day 2, fever. Took one of those take-home Covid tests, came out negative. The test itself is reminiscent of a grade 9 science lab where you test for your blood type and get it wrong. Later it turned out that chances you'll test negative if you're vaccinated as your body is trying to fight it off. Same deal as previous day, accomplished relatively nothing. I got a back injury from long ago and figured it was flaring up again, a lot of back pain. No appetite at all.

Day 4: Fever went down. Still no appetite. Runny nose for a bit, cough started. Still got nothing done except for some minor things, mostly in relation to some promotional activities, nothing special. Had to do some yard work and that was alright but was more tiring than usual.

Several days later I realized I can't smell anything and everything I taste is either too sweet or too bitter. I'm not too torn up about losing the sense of smell as taking apart the sink drain or cleaning the cat box has never been as pleasant. Did realize that if there's a smell strong enough to even bypass Covid then maybe I shouldn't be wearing that shirt.

Anyhow, took the Covid test again, got a positive hit, kind of felt like this:

Source: Memegenerator site

Skipping over the days until now. Can't seem to shake the cough at all. It's a huge problem because the moment you cough in public everyone turns to you like you've got the zombie plague and just ate the head off a kitten.

Two unexpected side effects of all this: I have absolutely no desire to drink coffee or beer. I own both and I don't want them. The only coffee type product I can handle is the french vanilla drink out of Tim Hortons which isn't coffee but some dissolved powder of who knows what. Fortunately when you drink that in public no one is the wiser as it comes in a normal coffee cup. So that's that.

Aside from the Tylenol the only thing I took was some expired cough syrup which unfortunately no amount of Covid can prevent you from tasting. After the initial days I went back to the usual supplements which I typically forget to take. These are Vitamin D+K combo, Quercetin, Zinc, and a thing called N-AcetylCysteine for respiratory repair. These are just regular vitamins you pick up anywhere. I'm not a fan of the Vitamin C horse pills and avoid those.

Still have a lot of trouble keeping focused. Physical activities which are muscle memory are fine but even working with tools I've always used I end up actively trying to think what it is I'm doing. And constantly focusing on not coughing. Otherwise I'm fine.

Aside from the cough, the effects are mild in comparison to what I got after the vaccine. That really knocked me out. This is annoying but not nearly as severe. The vaccine put up a good cage match in the initial days of infection, I give it that.

I don't know what type or variant of Covid this is as my understanding is all of our testing centers have long been shut down or severely understaffed due to the lack of nurses.

If this post helped you in any way then all for the better.


Thanks for sharing.

My 19yo son got Covid from a co-worker about 5 weeks ago. I tested positive a week later and my first 4 days were about the same as yours.

After the first 5 days or so, I could do most physical activities without too much difficulty, but I had a hard time focusing or doing anything that required genuine concentration. That lasted for a couple weeks. I spent much of that time listening to Harry Potter audiobooks with my 10yo son (who was also experiencing Covid symptoms, although much milder than mine). I am grateful that I was able to spend that time with him -- listening to the stories, discussing the ramifications, trying to predict what would happen next.

Also, I religiously measured my and my son's SpO2 levels, several times daily. Fortunately, our readings consistently stayed in the mid to upper 90s.

I never thought about measuring oxygen levels. Didn't even know you could do this at home but just looked it up and there's a lot of oximeters out there. Which brand did you use?

Sorry for the delay. Didn't see this until just now.

We purchased this one (actually, we have three of them):

When my wife ended up needing a visit to the ER when she had COVID in December 2020, we checked the readings from the above device with the one used by the hospital and they were consistent with each other (reading in the low 90s). We have also periodically checked consistency between the multiple ones we have, and we have found them generally consistent with each other. It's not uncommon to get readings that differ by 5% or more a few minutes apart, though.

With that said, when we were in Winter Park, Colorado this past June, my 10yo daughter was not feeling well, presumably from altitude sickness. Her SpO2 levels were reading really low (in the low 80s, maybe even a reading or two in the upper 70s, which is potentially serious). My wife and I were driving her to the nearest hospital at 2am. We kept checking the readings every few minutes. Then, all of a sudden, the levels returned to a 'reasonable' range (e.g. low 90s). (Everyone's SpO2 levels were several % points lower than normal at 9,000 feet.)

I honestly don't know if those were errant readings or something else was going on. I also don't remember if we were relying on only one pulse-oximeter or if we were getting low readings from 2 different meters.

All that to say that the best approach, imho, is to get a couple of them and to routinely check your levels when you're not sick, so that you get a feel for what's 'normal' and then you can check for deviations whenever you do get sick.

The backpain was the worst bit for me when I had it a couple months back - took some Panadol for the rest and it was fine. The cough persisted a few weeks though. I am not vaccinated either.

Not vaccinated too, the two times we get covid with my wife, it went just fine... Should have tuff immune system :)

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Sorry to hear you got the coof. I'm glad to hear you're not intending to die of it. The quercetin/zinc combo is a good choice. I got the coof a couple months ago from a client and got some ivermectin, because I had run out of quercetin and wanted a zinc ionophore right away, which ivermectin is. Only symptom I had was fever for three days, and that was kind of mild.

I still quarantined for 5 days after the fever was gone, just to be a responsible citizen.

Hope this is your last day of symptoms, and your health is wonderful after that.


Yeah not dying from it anytime soon or not planning to. It hasn't been too bad to be honest, not nearly as bad as some of the pre-Covid illnesses I had, but like you said, the zinc + quercetin make a difference. We can't get ivermectin here in Canada without some ... unofficial assistance from people outside of Canada, but that's not feasible as it would take time.

I am sehr disappointed zat you did not get ze exploding heart... Herr Doktor Fauci vorked hard on zat, and it was a nice touch I think.

You do however get ze brownie points for taking ze highly effective and totally 100% safe vaccine, unt wunderbar zat you now haf another opportunity to take another 18 boosters. Ve will soon get zat red blood cell count down...

Yeah I didn't take the mrna one, I got the JJ single shot one. The blood clots one, just in case. It took me a long time to get it, just got it this winter. I think it did a fairly good job for me so far. I've lost a few friends to covid already before any vaccine was available.


It's interesting to me, learned a few things I didn't know.

I'm glad to hear that. That's the goal of the post since what I ended up with is nothing like what I expected.

Interesting title with Interesting Tagline Here as part of it. 🤔 Anyway, what happened to you after you got the vaccine? You said this was easier than the side effects of the vaccine. So crazy. Hoping you are feeling better.

I was f'd after I got it. They gave me the shot around noon and told me I was good for the rest of the day before symptoms came in. I specifically inquired because I was a few towns away to get it and was driving a heavy truck. I came home a few hours later and the effects hit me just as I was turning onto my street. I couldn't even park properly, ended up backing straight into my own trailer. Didn't even care at that point. I just got out and for the next most of the week or so I was out of commission entirely.

That sounds absolutely terrible! I've heard quite a few side effects for the shot, but it really sounds worse than some of the actual CV symptoms! It's crazy...What's in that stuff???

p.s. your tags are hilarious

maybe med-hive

I thought long and hard on what the proper ones were but I couldn't remember. Effort was made.

well, you have covid.

now you can use that as an excuse!!!! 😆

Wow, it's interesting...

A terrible thing this Covid and some of my family and friends on hive also had it.
Good advice here and hope that you will shake it off soon.
All strength to you.

Same thing with coffee happened also to me, but my love for beer is unbeatable! Good recovery and good return!

Hope you recover 100% soon!
My lungs have never been the same since I got COVID in the very beginning of pandemics. I'm ok but also feel they are not the same

Hmm, yeah seem that kind of effect on multiple people already. You can't just shake it away easily, try some mild self-managed rehab for your system and be patient with yourself.

I'm sorry for this, I hope you get recovery soon, and what about the pain at back I hope you get relief.

Please be safe❤️

Hmm. Learned a lot from this post. Based on what you wrote I think that I might have caught it. I will definitely do a test. maybe they will find some antibodies in my system.

I also got Covid and I read your post and I certainly went through all the symptoms including the bitter taste in the mouth, the water tasted strange, it doesn't even make me drink water. I spent 7 days in bed, sometimes I had chills and sometimes a terrible heat, I don't know if it was part of the fever. Thank God I got out of bed and I still have the cough.

Thanks for sharing 🙏 @guiltyparties

That sounds like it sucks. Sorry man. Hope you get back to normal soon.

😊😂 luv the cough syrup statement.. it does bring the funk! but can burn so good sometimes..

Hope u feel 100% real soon. 🤛

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I'm also dealing with covid at the moment, started Monday night, but it's not even close to what you're going through. I'm fully vaccinated, got the booster as well but all I can say I had a cold four years ago which was 10 times worse.

I'm sorry to hear you're suffering. Take care and get well soon 🙂

Hope you recover quickly and good to hear it's not as bad. This thing affects everyone differently it seems.

I consider myself already recovered and hope you too :) If not, get well soon!

My covid experience was pretty weird. I’m pretty positive that I caught omicron and I was fully immunized. Days 1-4 felt like a sinus cold, days 5-7 felt like I was knocking on deaths door, and 8-16 I felt like I was recovering but still didn’t feel completely normal until the very end. I honestly wouldn’t wish on anyone.

My sense of smell didn't come back 100% and it's been 13 months since I first contracted this virus (didn't bother to check but the symptoms all pointed to it). Sometimes I can smell properly, most times not. The second time we got the virus a couple of months back was a lot more manageable than the first one. But yeah, the cough was the most annoying part apart from the fatigue.

Hope you get back to your 100% soonest!

How's the sense of smell coming and going? Notice anything specific triggering it?

I don't think there's any trigger or maybe I'm not just really consciously taking note of it. It is random but I mostly realize I cant smell when I'm cooking. For example, my husband would come in and tell what I'm cooking smells good but then I don't smell anything. I have to deliberately sniff the food to get the aroma. The worst and most dangerous thing that happened so far was I left the kitchen and forgot I what I was cooking. I didn't smell anything burning at all, but fire was already starting. 😔

I ended up with a prolonged sore throat after Omicron. Turns out it was acid reflux, possibly exacerbated by the virus. I'm rather thankful my sense of taste or smell wasn't messed with.

Sorry to hear you're having prolonged symptoms that are getting in the way. Regarding which variant you had, you can guess the odds of it by checking this chart out:
Although that's US data so it's going to be somewhat different, if it was roughly 3 weeks ago it was most likely BA.5.

Thanks for that link, looks like Omicron BA5. I'm close enough to the border for the data to be relevant. Haven't been following the difference in the variants but that site seems to have a lot of good information on it.

My relative has been through the same through out the whole of last week,this will surely energize him up,thank you for posting this.

This sounds extremely similar to my experience actually. Fever and just general fatigue. But the no taste no smell thingy. I thought I would set the house of fire while cooking because i couldn't spelletjes was burning hahah oopsie. That says enough about my cooking skills haha

I get that, I sat near the stove any time I had to make anything. Still do that although now the sense of smell is starting to return. Taste is still not right.

This is extremely unfortunate. I'm sure you've improved since then @guiltyparties . I've heard of new strains of covid spreading around the world, so people should be extra cautious because the pandemic isn't completely over. Sir, thank you for sharing this.

Thanks man. Hopefully this will get me a pass for the next 6 months with the immunity boost. Don't know if that's how it works but here's hoping.

Get well so soon man.

I am sorry it has kicked your butt a little. I have it now too. Triple vaccinated with the moderna vax.

28th I felt a little off. Sore throat. Tested negative. 29th woke up definitely felt like I had a cold. Bit of a sniffle. Bit of a dry shallow cough just behind my uvula. Tested (at home) instantly positive. Felt mostly fine. Saturday night (30th) cough kept me awake at night. It was like having something in my throat vs a deep in the lungs cough. 31st food tasted odd. But otherwise felt totally fine.

since then i blow my nose like 2x a day and clear my throat occasionally. No tiredness, no fever, no headache or pain. I am staying home just to keep other people from catching it. But my husband hasn’t gotten it at all yet (triple vax Pfizer) and the friends I saw in the days before my positive test (also all vaccinated) didn’t catch it either.

Retested today and still positive. Hoping to get a negative soon so I can go out into the world again.

Super happy I seem to have gotten “covid lite”.

I'm pretty sure you're going to be testing positive for a while. I don't think there's an agreement among doctors on how long we're contagious for in general. I wouldn't go around anyone high risk. For my part I'm generally antisocial and if I go out to buy anything our stores here are empty and we got the auto checkouts. Hope you get better soon.

I hope you are feeling better today than yesterday, thanks for posting this as it clarifies what is going on in my house.

My mother suddenly got sick with snot, high fever, cough, loss of appetite and the strangest thing is that she stopped smelling smells, but the smell of coffee made her sick, everything tasted too sweet or too salty to her.

And she infected my 91 year old grandmother, my brother and my aunt, the only one who is fine is me. My grandmother has stopped talking and seems to always be sleepy.

They are better now, but definitely covid from what you describe. God bless you, thank you so much.

Inhale vodka or other liquor fumes and that lung issue will clear right up.

Get better!

I stopped running from the zombie plagued individuals who just ate the head off a kitten after realizing I am one of those individuals too, lol, everyone coughs even when they aren't sick. Finally coming to terms with that led me to start holding my breath and slowly walking in the opposite direction...just in case. lol.

Hey friend, where did you go, I miss your articles already.

I hope you are feeling better now. I didn't get the vaccine, but I have been taking elderberry syrup which I make myself. Elderberries will be ready to pick soon too. I'm in UK and a hospital did a trial on using elderberry syrup and they said it worked. Best thing about it is that you can make litres of it practically for free, or you can buy over the counter.
My ex had two vaccines. After the first he rushed to hospital with kidney problems. This was a couple of weeks later. After the second he was unusually signed of work for a month. He is usually fit as a fiddle. I take hemp oil for seizures so I gave him a bottle as it helps relieve pain. He told me he was able to walk again several hours after taking the hemp/CBD oil. It might be worth looking into the 'Endocannabinoid system' to learn about how and why CBD helps with seizures, cancer, pain etc. You might decide to get some hemp oil.

Thanks. I'll look into those, especially the elderberry syrup which I didn't know about. The CBD we have readily available in Canada and I'm considering giving it a shot if the cough doesn't go away. Do you by any chance have a link to the elderberry trial info?

Of course, here is a medical publication and a mainstream nes article.
They released an update after several months with their findings saying it had worked. However, I have just looked and I can't find it anywhere. My own experience is that it works brilliantly and I only struggle with cold symptoms for two days max. I also double the usual dose each taking to 25ml each dose. Good luck.