Free Speech is Our Use-case, Everything Else is Secondary.

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HIVE is a free speech blockchain and for proper Governance it requires stakeholders who are unafraid of ruffling feathers, and who are willing to call a spade a spade.

  • @dbuzz has a tiny fraction of a stake compared to some whales, but we've been willing to criticize those we've felt abuse their power and influence.

Politicking with tyrants, remaining silent about Hive Proposal waste and being fearful of what Top Witnesses & Stakeholders think, are all barriers that prevent HIVE from being the free speech blockchain that many market it as.

We need an engaged community, straight-talkers, and people who value freedom and liberty over top-down power and control.

  • @dbuzz is not just a social media site to earn rewards, it's a community led by free speech advocates, where free speech IS the use-case, and everything else is secondary.

For accountability & transparency, we encourage controvertial topics, and accusations of abuse to be discussed and resolved on-chain, and I am willing to reply to feedback and constructive criticism toward @dbuzz on-chain, and even in the feed of our Dapp:

  • Live and Let Live.

~ @chrisrice

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Source of image: on this post 🤨

Please do not give them one more reason to accuse you of image plagiarism. 😐

Supporting publication of stolen content is not what Hive Blockchain is about.

Stolen content is not the same as freedom of speech. There is a big difference and you are merely playing wordolitics to state your view. Justification of an action with the use of the phrase FREE SPEECH is not wanted either on the chain.

I have seen you argue your point in the post.

And it is obviously not an image taken by the publisher with no sources indicated. It is clearly a spammy post using any content found to gain a reward.

There was no thought put into that post other than an image to post and get a reward for. If this is what D.Buzz is about then D.Buzz is the joke

Review the entire feed on D.Buzz to se what it is about

  • And we don't support "stolen" content

We focus on upvoting original.content but we don't censor text, users choose what they see and we have yet to hear from an owner of any content they felt was "stolen" or misused

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You are pointing me to a blurry image of something that looks like nothing, on the grounds that it proves the image he posted is not his

  • How does that zoomed in blurry section of the image he posted prove the image is not his?

Where is the original source link from the owner?

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I’m busy, do your community moderator job and don’t play dumb

Again, you are not speaking professional here and are assuming that I playing dumb.

Someone points out to you that someone in your community published someone else's content and got some rewards for it, then after being warned they go on and again publish a dubious painting. I point out that they are still doing it because it's a professional painting including a signature, and you kept defending him. That's why I assumed you were just willing to defend your users without being objective.

No, I didnt still defend him after that.

  • If you check, I told him that you were right.

I also told you that, but it may have got lost in the threads.. again, it's not necessarily the rulings I disagree with but the language you use.

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I agree it seems like he lied and that he shouldn't he curated.

It might also be good to make a specific Mutelist for people who plagerise content like that.

But replying:

You liar!

It's unprofessional and gives the appearance of a school yard fight vs. Moderating.

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Btw, I forgot to ask, have you tried our frontend?

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Yes I looked and seen much more of the same thing, Spammy posts to get a reward No value whatsoever to this post.

The same again here. absolutely nothing of value. nonsense posting spammy for rewards.

Have you used Twitter before?

  • I hope you realize you are talking about something subjective.

Which pkatform has more users, Twitter, or Medium?

Which one is used more?

Which one has a higher market cap?

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It’s fine. It’s free speech, it’s not just milking...



Free speech or just milking the system?



"Milking" or is this DPOS in action, where users with a big stake appreciate short-form content more than long-form (in some cases)

  • As for our upvotes, we are using it to onboard users, and have invested many more times than it seems you have

We have skin in the game

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have invested many more times than it seems you have

Lol, you don’t know that

Yup, you're right about that.

  • I was wrong to say that.

I can admit that I'm not always right 👍

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good =]

I care about the #HIVE community for 3 reasons

  1. I care about people
  2. I care about #FreeSpeech
  3. I care about our Team's investment

Protecting people who exploit others

Goes against all 3, hopefully you can see that so you don't doubt my intentions

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Another thing worth mentioning is that I tend to think the best of people, sometimes with people I don't know well yet.

#Logic seems to think the worst of people, and it seems like at all times.

  • I think abuse fighters should be somewhere in the middle.

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Which has a bigger market cap?

  1. The single biggest blogging platform? OR

  2. Twitter?

Which has more users?

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The dark web has so many users too...

Yes, and what's wrong with the Dark Web?

  • I don't use it, but some of the information that is censored on the watered down web that we use, is available there.

The watered down web is the tip of the iceberg.

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Yes, and what's wrong with the Dark Web?

Nothing wrong with it (sarcastic) - lol

some of the information that is censored on the watered down web

Sure, and the remaining 99% is scum.

  1. Users should be able to filter out the 99% instead of having a centralized authority (who IMO uses their authoriry to fulfill their own agendas) force a filter made by them, for the masses

  2. If you think 99% of the Dark Web is scum, it doesn't sound like you were sarcastic

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I have a strong conviction that a decentralised HiveLeo Community, using a Concentrated Consensus and Voting System perhaps partly stake weighted) can be utilised to change the current DPOS
I spoke about this in another #ideaseed thread a while back

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So basically we create a better, more equitable system so the people have the power, not those with the pockets full of money.

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Go make your fork of the chain then and stop complaining

It's not only the tech that's important, but the values and mission statements of the stakeholders

  • @dbuzz is a Free Speech Dapp, & that is our use-case above all else

So it goes to follow, we are positioned to play a role in creating a culture of Freedom & Liberty on #HIVE

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So, with that goal in the forefront of the mind, might you be open to testing a Free Speech Community Consensus & Voting system potentially for the #DBuzz community? Initially just a very few members.

For now, #HIVE is sufficient for what we want to do, and we are working within that system.

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