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These are my new series of lessons!! WOOHOO!!!

This video is really all about why you shouldn't care about the final number and the amount of followers you have!!

Enjoy!! Let me know what you think!

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I don't entirely agree. Yes the number that you see on your profile will be inflated by bots and "follow 4 follow" types, but you still need to gain traction by having your videos turn up in people's feeds. The only way to do that is to gather followers - legitimate followers. Would I have seen this post and voted on it if I wasn't following your blog?

Yeah but this only applies if you follow certain number of people, if you followed more than 500 people I doubt you would see my post :p

I don't think I'm that unusual in not following 500+ accounts.

Good advice Alla.

When I started here, I read something very wise from an experienced Steemian that translated like this (I don't remember the exact sentence).

Consider a channel that you follow like a TV channel:
follow when you are interested in the content.
Unfollow when you are not, or not anymore.
That's all there is to it.

I've been doing this from the beginning, and I am pretty happy with the quality of my feed (guess what, you're in it ;-)!

Heheh that sounds good :) I believe that’s how it should be, we have too much around now, so you should just follow people and things you like!

Absolutely. I totally agree on that.

Totally agree on this one, actually i have almost ten times more followers than the people i am following, because i wanna only look on stuff i love, care, educate me.

nice video again.

I suppose they matter in as much as your posts will appear in their feed. I rarely look at new, trending or hot posts now. There is just too much spam and non-relevant content. I prefer browsing my feed which is where my followers will see my posts.

Well yes, but if you are following 10000 people , I double you will be able to see even 1/3 of the posts. But yeah sadly promoted posts are not really always useful!

Ah but most people don't have that many that they are following, so it's your followers that are important because they WILL see your posts. I have 550 now and I regularly see yours in my feed as not that many people post regularly. So having more followers is definitely a good thing for post exposure. ;)

Nailed it!

Seriously Alla, the whole Facebook paradigm of having x numbers of Facebook 'friends' to increase your visibility has poisoned online social interaction. It should not matter if you have 5 or 50 people following so long as you get enough feedback and encouragement to keep sharing your creativity.

People have to be able interact in a meaningful way not just mindlessly upvote, downvote or worse not vote at all. Steemit is a creativity platform. It is designed to be able to easily share content, ideas, videos, music etc etc. To get the most benefit from it you have to interact. That does not mean you have to produce top notch videos every single day (still in awe how you manage to make so many) but you should interact either in comments or with little thoughts or treatises on whatever you feel to. By mindlessly following 1000's of people how can you ever hope to interact in a meaningful way with them?

Keep it small, keep it real, keep it close enough so you are able to feel.

Yes I know you said it all so well! Keep it small and keep it real :)

Exactly. We are not trying to create another Instagram or Facebook. Quality over quantity, anytime, any day. Many people don't even check their feeds, they spend the whole day catching up with their friends' posts or their favourite person. Some follow you, see you follow back, and then quickly unfollow you again. I guess they just want their followers count to be more than following count, which actually amounts to nothing. Well done again my friend.

Hahha it happens! I guess we just make people aware of these things and stuff :)

Exactly, my dear.

It's even worse than that 😁 Even people with "thousands" of followers - their videos only get 5-10 views on average. I'm afraid Steemit e.t.c, have started to reflect real life where only a small number of people really care about you. The rest are just in it for themselves 😂

Very timely video Alla ✌🏿

Hehhe oh no! Such sad times! Def not worth buying any resteemes or fake services!

You are very right, we need quality content, and we don't need to follow everybody, sometimes there are people like you if even I will not follow you on steemit, I am following you in my soul. ☺ The most impostant is to be active in steemit and provide value to the community even if they will not upvote, because the upvotes will come with time and hard work, look at me, I don't care about upvotes, I just post and post like crazy. lol ☺

Hahaha yeah keep going my friend and things will happen if you have good content! All will be well :)

i stopped paying any attention to follower numbers once the initial euphoria of reaching 100 had worn off.
Many of new followers now are spam bots. Then follow and unfollow on a daily basis. i wish there was some way to block them. I know you can mute them but it would be great it I could just stop them from following me in the first place. Acutally, if everybody was able to do that they wouldn't be able to work would they so that would be good.
One of the hardest things I've found about the downturn in Steem price is that there is less stuff being published and a number of people who used to engaged with my posts seem to be taking a holiday.
it's hard publishing into a void. That's why I left Facebook!
however, I've been here 3 months now and only ever had one post that got 0 comments so overall it's good. 😊
have a lovely Sunday @allasyummyfood!

Yeah I know what you mean, sadly when the steemit price goes down - majority of ppl leave let alone comment. Nobody is interested anymore and people come back when price is high. Just have to keep going and go through hard times as well. Happy Sunday!

Yep. I'm doing my best to keep on Steeming on! 😍

That's a great topic and i remembered that i also write a post about this topic few weeks ago and i am happy that you bring awareness about this topic to more people by your videos,

All the best Alla 😇

Yes always, I’ll be covering all the topics soon! I’m glad you write about them too!

Yes because i am a bit shy in making videos,so that's why i prefer writing them😅😅

I think the number of followers does matter, or actually the number of interested followers. I do follow people that I want to see back in my feed as a means to filter out the rubbish if I do not have alot of time and I am sure a good number of people do the same thing. But of course just having a huge number of random followers in itself is not beneficial per definition, or even hard to achieve really.

Seeing your whole video, the video, much like,

Woooo nice

intersting post

Good to see u are expert at Steemit lessons as well as food.

hi @allasyummyfood , It's good post on dlive! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work!
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

i like you,,,,your video all time best

Very good Weldon amazing
Bless you
Best regards

what matters is how engaged your audience is...

Good point :)

So the people who are buying resteem services are getting fooled?

I never knew.... Thanks for sharing.

I wish I had seen this when I started out a few months ago. IAfter being advised by another poster to get as many followers as possible to increase my visibility I excitedly began. Now I sadly have 190 inactive followers and I feel no more visable than when I first started. I was thinking of doing a cull but am not sure what the affects it will have so Ive left it. Any advice?

Oh sorry to hear that! I suggest you watch other lessons and just slow down ! :) it won’t hurt what you did but they are just dead useless ones!

Wouldn't surprise me, tbh. When I started out on Twitter, I always followed back (now over 8,000) but after a while I compiled a private list I titled 'people I actually follow', which actually has less than 200 people on it, lol.

Only been here a couple of days, so appreciate your insights!

Hahha yeah it’s just what happens! I guess at first poeple do that! Glad you have so many real followers :)

So glad i found this, i was just about to fall into that trap of chasing followers with being a new account, thanks for your insite look forward to seeing more of your steemit lessons ✌

I totally agree with you! quality before quantity!!

I also agree with the fact...
It is all about the quality of post .....nothing else matters...

Some really great tips in here, thank you!

Hi Alla this is so true.
When I first joined about middle last year I started following everyone that followed me and my feed quickly became really spammy and lots of junk popped up.

A few months back I went on a big spring clean and unfollowed most people and must say it looks a whole lot better now.

My account is still relatively small with only about 400 followers and a friend of mine has more than a 1000 followers.

With all the extra followers he is not getting much more views or votes than me, so yeah followers does not matter much.

Anyways have a lovely day.