TANGLED UP Original Comic, Art Process

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Tangled Up

Original Script

Tangled up

Once upon a time there was a sea creature named the Octopus.

He lived in a long and gigantic ocean, swimming through the waves. He felt lonely as he swam through the lonely sea

Until one day the octopus met an another of "it's kind" but it was only just a plastic bag. But he was so mezmerized by it, the lonely one grabbed it traveling through the ocean finally having a friend.

In denial that maybe it was all just a lie. He kept on going about with his new friend.

Until his tentacles have gotten stuck to his mate. He cried out help especially to his own love but it won't let go.

He was all tangled up.

He didn't want to let go either, but it hurts so much to hang on.

Until one day a human came and tried to help


Hewwo everyone in the whole universe who is reading in this. I was experimenting on stupid things because I haven't been drawing the ocean for like.. Ever so yeah why not experiment LOL

While I am getting high (not really my brain is overacting with stupid ideas dont do drugs) I made up this stupid story about an octopus falling in love with a plastic bag with a weird ass cliche'd message to "pls stop poluting the ocean :(" and some other stuff.

Up there is just the original script because I really don't like to put dialogue or narration because when I keep reading it I keep.. Cringing at it? I'm not good with words, I'll try to make a epilogue.. Maybe not LEL


Program: ibispaint
Tool: my fingers and my phone Lg x Power
Time: 7 hours 5 minutes


And then i just color it in, like this

Coloring it with lineless art and cel shaded.

Me love the colors of it :) and I'm proud of it.

And that's all for today.


B l eh g e https://discord.gg/evN5mta


Aawww.. I love your little octopus @maya525. So sad that his friend is not an octopus but the dreaded plastic bag. And I am so glad to see the human helping the octopus, I was half worried he might catch the octopus :P. Thank you so much for sharing the process too and your thoughts on how you came up with this idea. I don't think there is anything stupid about this @maya525. It is the smartest idea anyone can think of and you did, above the rest :) I love the sea bubbles and tortoise too :) It is sad how polluted our environment has become. I hope that the current and next generations can really help stop the pollution by acting today.

Thankyou very much marbleyyy Im so glad youve enjoyef my short comic of my lil octopus thank you so much ^~^

I love this...he is so cute, our sad little octopus. This story conveys alot of meaning. We humans accept a lot of bad stuffs all because we don't want to be alone, at the end we feel all choked up and entangled. Some have even lost their lives in this process.

I also love your subtle reference to pollution which is a big problem. We don't want lonely octopuses getting their hearts broken...lol.
Great story telling skills, few words but you got the message across. Well done @maya525, you did justice to this one.

Well done :D and yess the poor octopus boi needs to not be heartbroken. I am speechless to be honest XD

And thankies cheekah!!

Thank you for this story...it would be a hit with the children i teach.

Ah thats interesting I hope they like it XD or atleast remember my name or something ahahaha

I would let you know how it goes, they must remember your name. I love the name by the way.

I made up this stupid story about an octopus falling in love with a plastic bag with a weird ass cliche'd message to "pls stop poluting the ocean :(" and some other stuff.

I love this message you tried to convey. And you have conveyed it into a story with cute little ortopus. This is a good story for kids and start to educate them.
Thank you for sharing with us on how to start your art story step by step. And the final piece is beautiful after you can colored it. Hope to see more of your work @maya525

Ayyyyy thanks @oliviackl !!! Appriciate your kind words!! And ooh I hope I can tell the story to children heueheu well.. I am a child.. Heuehueh

And no problemo!! Just doin my job

Are you kidding? You are a child? How old are you. Your art work is so awesome. Bright future in ahead of you.

Uhhh I mean like a minor or not an adult but I'm 15 XD

Sometimes when I do weird/questionable things my friend likes to say that I'm high so guess we're all high sometimes//no

But ahh I relate at cringing at your own writing part I'm like that a lot with my own comics but not that much when I try to make funny(or at least I hope it's funny) comics but when I try to make something deep and emotional I'm just "oh god what am I even doing" at it

Anyway, great job on the comic Maya~!!! RIP that moment when a plastic bag has a better love life than you

Yes were all high from art weed XD

An d yeah writing stuff is cringy if were trying to be deep except when im doin it with friends.


Cute comic! Art is very good :)


It's really deep and I ship them 😆

HAHAHAHAH XD yess really deep 10/10

Lol. This could be an animated film. How bout finding baggy? XD

HAHAHHAAH yes s!!! Sure heueheuh

Now I know who submitted this.

What a spectacular post, Maya! I loved the story as well as the artwork! Fantastic job! 😊

aaaaaaa thanks trinn!!

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Hello nice little comic story it will be lovely to read to a child. I like the pictures they looks so cute:)

AAAAA thanks drawmeaship and awweee yess thanks! Drawing them is a pain XD I appreciate it

good art @ maya525 the details that you put on each art are impressive I congratulate you for the art you share

Aaaaa thanks ney!! I am glad that you have enjoyed my one shot comic

Cool illustration and I like the story so much @maya525. It really is. Life at sea is very difficult and the story depiction blew me away.

There are actually some weird things happening to this story but can be understood by human. It is when we try to help but they do not see the worth of our help. They are blinded by their emotions. May I ask, how did you do this one? What application/software did you use?

For the software I used ibispaint but it is only available on mobile :)

And aaaaa thankies jassen. And yeah the poor octopus blinded by their emotions because he doesnt wanna feel lonely :((( it's also more of the people who doesn't get out of abusive relationships and keeps holding onto their partner because they thought they would be alone without them..

Yep i just use a plastic bag as a depiction for abuse that's why I think I'm high when I'm writing the story XD

Hahahahaha. Yes. I agree with your thought @maya525. Oftentimes people choose to stay in a toxic relationship because they seem to be afraid they might be facing the world alone. And duh, I better be single and independent than in a toxic relationship.

YEAHp becareful on whose gonna be ur love
They might have a plastic face when you first met them XD

It's a great and funny comic with a thoughtful message. Well done, Maya! I am thoroughly enjoying myself when I read this comic. You have a good message about environmental stuff but you don't force it down to the audience.
Well done and congratulations for another curie vote :D.      

Hahaha thanks! When I read that China has been pouring around 600 million Tons of waste onto the ocean.. EVERYDAY. And turning it into acid

I was like dude wtf i wanna survive for the next 30 years pls with my friends, we dont wanna die XD though there isnt any cheaper solution too :( or maybe there is or im just being a whiny person o well XD

And thanks scrawly senpaiii as always ❤❤

where was the turtle??? In our hearts....

Pssst its here u blind fricc fracc 👀👀 heheueheh Capture+_2018-09-13-11-57-28.png


I feel like Im stan lee...

Maybe you are stan lee 👀
also theres 3 more cameos 1 is my oc 1 is my friends oc and 1 is kyeterna idk why i did this other than im bored

WOOOOW, this comic is awesome Maya. I love it, is so tenderness and lovely, VERY THANKS for sharing this things.

Colors, the look of characters, universe, your aesthetics, and your whole concept is beautiful.

Your art is original...

AaaaaAAAA THANKS!! I'm glad you liked every part of the illustration including the little details and aesthetics and colorss aaaa I appreciate it! ❤❤

This is fantastic! You have such a different take on the story we normally hear about ocean pollution. I love to see progress pics for art and you have really shown your process well. This could absolutely go on Amazon Kindle as a children's book and I know you would have a hit. It is not a very hard process and I hope you will try it.

Ohh a book on amazon kindle? That sounds interesting! I'd like to try it out. Hopefully it doesn't need a credit card XD

No! 100% free. You need to have a bank account in one of the "approved" countries so they can pay you. The place to look on amazon is "Author Central." Another place to look is createspace. They are good with the formatting and then you upload to amazon.

Oooh wait do you need a pc to do it? It is on amazon.com right? XD

Yes, Amazon.com. You need to get your work into one of the formats they support. All of my books are text only, so I don't know the exact directions for you. But I know you can find help on the site as well as "How To's" by other graphics people.

What a nice comic story! Poor little octopus!!

Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed the animation and the story!

Ah thankyou @delishtreats and also no problemmm

Your colors are so beautiful!

Aaaaa thankyou so much :3

I loved it, a story very beautifully illustrated, and that reflects a harsh reality, but viewed from a perspective to a certain extent "fair and necessary" for the children who come to see and read.

It's ironic because the message is ambiguous, but I think it's very wise that you put things in this way because the little ones need to understand what the saviors have to be. great job, I congratulate you

Ah yes. Actually I thought it's obvious for people but not in the eyes of someone else like a kid.

I mean, a big reason I left out some text again is because I feel my writing is kinda bad so I try to remove it to make it ambiguous. thanks for your comment :D



Well that was totally unique as far as i've seen on the site here. I did like it though and followed all the pictures down and then read the story again and then i realized it was a bag and not another octopus. It took me until you told us for me to cop on. Not my finest moment. It's very well put together and you obviously have a great imagination to put it all together.

Ah don't worry, some people think it's obvious, some people don't understand right head on. It's not your fault, I mean the octopus thought it was an another octopus so hey XD

And thaanks I'll try to get more imagination :))

Thanks. That makes me feel a lot better now. Just shows I need to pay more attention to what I'm doing.

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The message you wanted to convey is really extraordinary. It is very well understood and the illustrations are on another level, those colors are fantastic. A hug @maya525

Aaaa thankyou @naideth!!

howdy from Texas maya525! hey I really like all the colors you used in this and the story is cute too. I this was a good success and it's a great idea to show the process of it as well. Ha! I don't know if there are lonely octopuses but there may be? lol.
Do you do artwork like this often or is this just an experiment?

Howdy @janton! Thanks for the words of encouragement, yall are so kind :) maybe there are lonely octopuses, maybe there lonely fishy I mean do animals even have feelings?

And ah I experiment a lot with artwork but I really like the style of this so I may do it again. Yaaaay

haha! howdy again maya525! I agree that you should experiment some more! animals have feelings but I don't know if fish do? my guess is no.
thanks so much for getting back with me.

Nicely done, maya-chan ! Love the comic and the sketch stage shows your creativity from the get go :) The colours are smooth and glossy and lovely, as per your usual style <3 Really lovely post !!

Thankyouu spidy senpai omg XwX)/ thankyou so much aa

Your experiment is cute. Your art is cute. Your concept is meaningful and I like the inconvenient truth undertones. Congratulations on another curie upvote and great work on keeping your art consistent. Is it just me or do you have a preference for the color blue? or Red? your previous works play with different shades of those often. :D

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Congratulations @maya525, your a winner! Awsome drawing ❣️

You are the multi panel winner for this contest ❣️