You Astonish Me

Too many characters
I've crossed paths with in life
Always manage to disappoint
Causing nothing but strife

From the very beginning
Judgmental and greedy
Self-centered and superficial
And always so needy

I've built up my walls
And live in a bubble
And will kick people out
When they start to cause trouble

Looking for something
to take my spare time
I start my journey on Steemit
And what do I find?

A whole group of people
Caring and sincere
They accept who I am
I didn't expect that here

Genuine and loving
Supportive and true
And now I can't imagine
My life without you

The connections I've made
will stand the test of time
They are special and rare
In this crazy world of mine

I love you all dearly
A bunch of rock stars you are
You astonish me daily
The best of the best, by far


This has been my Drop in the Ocean post about the topic of Astonish(ment) for the awesome BuddyUP community.




Very nice! And reflective of my first few weeks here. I still cannot get over how supportive this community is!

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Thank you @abhaya504! The community is awesome, I have met some kick-ass human beings. They never cease to astonish me!

I like your rhythm, Bea and the your words are so meaningful. I agree! 💕Resteemed.

Thank you @redhedpei... it has been wonderful getting to know so many awesome people. I didn't expect it when I first joined. And I meet new awesome humans all the time... and it has been a pleasure meeting you!

Thank you dear Bea and I have enjoyed meeting you. ❤️

Big beaming smile as I breathe in your astonishment and mix it with my own. Beautiful and rhythmic with so much heart, that is the sign of a very fine poem. And that's what I have just read.

Such beautiful kind words @juliamulcahy... its not hard to get inspired when there are so many astonishing people here! Thank you so much!!

Now that's an amazing poem, rhymes perfectly and even has a funky bar down the side that's exactly the right length - how do you do that?

And the sentiment at the end I of course find the dearest, it is close to my own heart how much the people and community make our experience on here - the friends I have made throughout my own time on the Steem Blockchain I am sure will last with me, it's what keeps me here and makes this place so special.

#thealliance #witness

Aww, thank you so much @c0ff33a, I have loved getting to know the people here. And so many have just become like family... and in some cases so much more!

And the vertical banner... its just a long banner that you can pull right or left. You can even do a banner on both sides with text in the middle... and I just got lucky with it being the perfect length. I got it on the first try which is really unusual. I just love the clean look of it. I had some trouble when I first tried the vertical banners but I do well with them now so if you try it and have trouble just send me a dm and I'll help you out.



It's so true love. This group has been special for me. Even when we get busy... and lose some traction with one another. we always find one another again

NewZealand is happening.

I love you B

🤘#AM3GAS 4 LIFE!!🤘

And just think Dreemie you are the one who started it all for me. Without you I may not be here. No matyer how much time passes that we haven't talked you are never far away from my thoughts babe you and Andy. I enjoyed our chat so much last night!! It should be illeagal to laugh as much as we do!

Yes, New Zealand is a definite!

I Love You More! Hehehe

Nicely done, and good job on your image ;) Crystallize?

I agree they are all rockstars. So caring and sincere, gets on your nerves doesn't it? But mostly it is ok ;) Waiting for the next chapter though... get posting.

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Thank you Pen... and no actually that is mosaic I believe... if my memory serves me right. And yea it does kinda get on my nerves but not only that they are so caring and sincere ... all of this caring and sencerity is making me soft!! Like half the time my brain is mush and my heart hurts hahah

I am working on chapter 11 now. Hopefully will be able to post it this week.

;) The photoshop effect that does it. I thought maybe it was that mosaic makes squares I think.

Ok, you are right but mark this day down in your calendar because I won't tell you that very often lol

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Such a perfect poem for the word astonish. I loved it, @monchhichi23. I've only just recently met you yet I've enjoyed our connections.

A whole group of people
Caring and sincere
They accept who I am
I didn't expect that here

Genuine and loving
Supportive and true
And now I can't imagine
My life without you

Sending love back to you

Awww thank you so much @youhavewings... that's what makes this such a special place for me. It doesn't take much to find those meaningful connections. That's so different from the norm of my everyday life which is why I'm so astonished by it. I've made more connections in my short time here than I have my whole life. Much love babe... much love!

I just can't imagine anyone not feeling blessed to have a meaningful connection with you, @monchhichi23 You're such a personable and giving person (funny, too!). :) My grandfather used to say, "if you can find 5 friends...real the end of your life, consider yourself very lucky." This coming from a man that everyone adored and loved. That says a lot.

You're a rare gem of a person, monchhichi23 I'm so happy that you've found meaningful connections here in this community.


Oh Wow @youhavewings. Thank you so much for that! I do agree with your grandfather's sentiments. I have learned in life that is not the number of friends you have... it's quality over quantity.

And I believe that we've made a connection because we are alike.

I can not thank you enough for the kind words and it has been a pleasure getting to know you and I'm very excited to see more! 🖤🖤🖤

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