Unsung Hero Update. Time to let it go...

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It is with a heavy heart that I (@scrooger) bring some bad news about the Unsung Hero game. I decided to terminate the game. It has been delayed for too long. Even though I felt we could have launched months ago if developers kept their part of the deal, sadly it did not work out that way. Such is life. I am deeply frustrated with myself and the situation of switching and finding reliable coders. It just delayed things too much and in the end, I was only hoping that the delays will pass and it will eventually get done. It didn't.

What we have built until now will not go to waste though, I will still make it work. Just not now, or anytime soon.

The test site will be taken down and refunds will be issued.

  • Refunds for prepurchased starter packs will be sent out after the account's powerdown.
  • Refunds for buying test items will be sent back, (give it some time as I have to do it all manually)
  • The rewards for the top ranking players will also be paid out.

Thank you for all the support you have shown along the way and during testing. I wish it didn't have to end this way but sadly too much has been lost at this point and it feels like we are starting all over again.


Heartbreaking stuff. However, I hope that you don't give up on making games.
This is a project that looked like a great idea and hopefully in the future it could be revisited.

It was a pretty crappy thing to eventually post and even though I knew we were done I still took my time to get the post out. Should have ripped off the band aid earlier.

I will not give up though, after seeing the responses on this post it gave me hope and I will keep on working on it and get a playable version out, eventually. Thank you for the support!

Honesty is the best policy.

Sorry things did not work out man.

Always hard having to call it.

Game development is complex, time-consuming, and every turn can be more frustrating than the last one.

Finding amazing coders is rare these days and costly. If I did not suck so bad at coding id offer to help. Sadly quite a few coding issues are slowing me down considerably on my own project.

I hope in the future you find some time to take it off the back burner. If nothing else I’m sure you have learned an insane amount of things working on the project for the amount of time you have. Who knows what the future holds and where such skills will come into play.

Yeah, was pretty hard calling it. But I feel good that I eventually did. Yeah coding is a different beast and I respect the people who can do it so much. Hope you are still going strong with your game!

Sad to hear, but as game dev myself let me tell you this: It was a great opportunity for you to gain experience which nobody can take away from you. And this is highly valuable.

Other than that, the Standish Group's "CHAOS report" for 2020 estimates that more than 60% of software projects fail, so you're in good company ;)

Finally, don't let this drag you down too much. Take a break, gather fresh ideas and next time it's going to work out better!

Thanks man, that does indeed make me feel a lot better. Yes, the experience gained is still extremely valuable. I will dust of my thinking hat and get back on it, already started brainstorming where to go from here. Thank you

Sorry, mate. That must be so difficult. Keep my 50 Hive. Appreciate you trying.

Thanks Matt, you have shown great supppot from the start. I will still refund though, just feel it is fair. Wasn't an easy choice but had to eventually accept the facts. Will try again though, bigger and better. ;)

I'm sorry to hear that. The game would certainly have had potential. I wish you all the best for the future ...

Thank you, appreciate it.

The game had things that appealed, the animations, also the objects, I enjoyed the time I used to play it, I wish the best for you.

Thanks, even though so many things were not final yet, I think there is room for improvement, and in time I hope we can improve and eventually launch. Thanks for all the support along the way.

Sorry to hear, must have been a tough call..

But it's probably for the best at this point. Much better than dangling a half finished game in front of people's noses for months to come. Do hope you find the time and devs to revive the project at some point in the future.

All the best!

Yeah, not a fun call to make at all. You are 100% right in the sense to not let it linger and be unfinished. I will go dev hunting again and try again, let's see how it goes.

Do keep us posted! And good luck on the hunt...

that's really too bad, that makes me feel sorry for you, and I had several starter packs that I won in the contests, will they also reimburse me for them?

Thank man, but it ia all ol, the initial post was hard to do and accept, but I feel better that we are ending it and starting over.

Yes we will refund everything, your prizes included.

Aww man.... That sucks. I hope you manage to some day you manage to get the project completed in one form or another, be it a different game using what you currently have or something else.

Here's looking to the future!


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Thanks man, since making the post and hearing the feedback I forgot a little how supportive the community is. I was expecting some negative comments, but I am happy to see people are supportive and it gives me new hope to finish it.

that's a real pity, unfortunately good programmers are rare, and there are too many who pretend to be. i wish you all the best, maybe you could make it open source and find some people to work on it regularly.

Open source is an option, but I already spent quite a bit of cash on all that we have so far. I will try and find new coders that can work with us full time.

Might take a while, but I want to see the game being played. So I will keep at it.

Daymn, sad. Unsong Hero had potential :/

I thought so too, things just didn't align as they should. Will keep working on it though.

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Sorry to hear about the project, mate. I was looking forward to it.

Best of luck on your future work.


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This was sad to hear. I was so excited when you announced the game during Hive Fest last year and was always on the lookout for the launch. I'm sure this would not be the end of your endeavor and I hope you find the right people this time! You'll always have my support.

Its okay! Its going to work out in the future, at least experience is gained!

Dang, so sorry to hear this @slowsundaygames! While I never got the chance to check out the test site, I'd heard some good buzz and looked forward to seeing it completed.

Is there maybe a way to keep a list of everyone you send refunds to (or sent up list of interested people), so you can ping us all at some point in the future when (not if, because I don't doubt you'll eventually find a way) it launches?

In any case, I appreciate everything you've done to this point, and best wishes to you going forward.

cheers mate, i know this will not be the end. never give up. be strong and healthy.


Sorry to hear this, but as a friend I can tell you that we also have dad to cut our losses in a few charity projects.
But what I have learned is that when one door closes another better door opens.
We sincerely hope that it will also be so in your case.

That sucks... hopefully you can find a developer that can make it happen in the future :)

What a pity the news, I was excited with the starter pack I won in the contest to be able to play. Well it will be waiting for the refund of that pack

Damn, must be a hard decision to make, but yea life is unpredictable sometimes. Was fun to be a tester on this project. Hope it will continue when better times come.

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I have to take my hat off. I saw 50 incoming Hive into my wallet and was wondering what was there for.

I have no doubts that whatever comes next is going to be awesome! It's very rare to see this kind of support and transparency.

All the best on the next venture!