Proposal to Adopt Rewards Change for SPORTS

account = "sports-gov"

nodelist = NodeList()
nodes = nodelist.get_nodes(hive=True)
hive = Hive(node=nodes)

def transfer_token(to, amount, symbol, memo, account):
    he_wallet = Wallet(account, blockchain_instance=hive)
    transfer_tx = he_wallet.transfer(to, amount, symbol, memo)
    c = Comment(loaded_post, steem_instance=hive)
    c.reply(str(transfer_tx), "stake_tx", account)

transfer_token("patrickulrich", 1250000, "SPORTS", "Please forward payment to Hive Engine team to enable penalty system", account)


As I have already promised one of the first proposals I would create under the new proposal system would be to introduce a burn system used by other tribes when a post doesn't originate from the site's main condenser. This system is geared to increase the number of tokens burnt but also to help increase usage of the main website.


The Proposal

Currently anyone can make a post on Hive that includes the #sportstalk tag and their post will be rewarded the same as a post that originates from There is no benefit to using the main SPORTS frontend other than having the icon on your post.

Three other tribes have successfully adopted a model where anything that is created from their main website (in our case works as it always has while posts created from other applications will earn rewards but a portion of the author's rewards are automatically burnt. This helps to encourage the use of the main site while also helping to grow the number of tokens removed from circulation for users not interested in using the main site.

I would like to propose that SPORTS adopt this same implementation and begin burning 50% of author rewards from posts that do not originate from the application. Curation rewards are unaffected by this change and still earn the same amount.

The Costs

I've consulted with the Hive Engine team and been told the cost for this adjustment would be $50. At current market price of SPORTS ($0.00004) this would equate to 1,250,000 SPORTS tokens.


Benefits to SPORTS

The biggest benefit for token holders will be the added number of tokens that get burnt from circulation. Since any post that doesn't come from our site will automatically burn 50% of their SPORTS rewards there will automatically be a lot more SPORTS being burnt. Not only that but when advertising is solved for the site it will help drive additional eyeballs to increase the benefits of advertising.

Another benefit of encouraging the use of the main site is for search engine optimization reasons. The site that originates content is the authority for that content. By pushing content to we will be hopefully increasing search engine traffic to the site and in turn increasing the number of potential users the site can bring in.

How to Vote

@sports-gov will reply to this post with two comments. If you'd like to see this proposal pass then upvote the YES comment with any % upvote.


If you would not like to see that these changes implemented then please upvote the NO comment with any % upvote.




Upvote here to support the proposal, any % upvote will trigger 100% GP support.
All rewards from this comment go to the governance fund

This is great as it is really going to be of help increase the number of active users in the community. I do not have much of a vote, but I say YES for this and I have voted in my little way.

This is an excellent one.

You have my vote, I would love to see this implemented. It's a good proposal and it will contribute highly in the growth of sports.


Adjustments like this will foster the growth of SPORTS token. Very much welcomed.

You have my vote. Looking forward to the future of SportsTalkSocial.


Before voting I would like to ask a question . Since you are paying the hive-engine team in SPORTS worth 50$ , what if they sold all ? Won't that just bring down the prices drastically?

If approved, I'm going to be paying the Hive Engine team, likely in Hive, from my account. I don't believe they are willing to accept tribe tokens as payment. The SPORTS are being sent to me as a payback for covering that charge. I plan to be powering up the SPORTS to increase my stake in the community.

That's what I wanted to hear :) Thank you . Voting now.

Thank you for supporting it! :)


Upvote here to STOP the proposal, any % upvote will trigger 100% GP support.
All rewards from this comment go to the governance fund

I stand with 10% Sports burn and sent to null from all Sports post inrespective of been posted from native and non-native Sports interface.

The punishment that should come with not posting from Sportstalk interface should be limited to not been considered for OCD curation and Sportstalksocial votes for any content not posted from Sports interface.

It's daylight robbery to force users reward into null under the guise of proposal. It's a backward thought and won't encourage dapp to be built on Sports in the future.

The only forward thought here is to look for project, dapp, integrations and interoperability of sports with other sports network, be it e-sports, games built on Hive. Etc. More use cases help the growths of a token not burning.

@amr008 has put together some excellent data about where existing posts come from. I've not been able to verify it as he talks about but I do trust that these figures look correct to me. I encourage everyone to check this out!

These figures surprised me yeah that's so true even I am also using actifit on daily basis but I am using it from my first day even when STS wasn't in the universe. But main problem is without adding sports tag it automatically added on the platform. Now let's talk about the traffic 96% users are not posting with STS because that's not there fault while we are earning 3 types of rewards and even more with adding tags why someone need to use STS?
Now the question is who allowed Actifit?

I can feel that how much it's hurting STS and you while watching 96%

I don't know what will happen in the future but I can just do that I'll burn 25% of my liquid reward because liquid is in my hands and from today I'll never upvote those post who are not from STS. I want that my actifit never shown up here again but unable to do that because it's automated.

Next time when ever you'll upload a proposal kindly made it for a month so more and more users can reach up on it. At the moment only 6% users just voted the proposal and everyone need to time to think about it.

I am with your proposal...!
Sorry if something hurts you from my side.

An excellent proposal, you have my vote

Thank you for supporting the tribe!

I love the proposal, voted! Thanks for the work on STS 🙏

Thank you for supporting it! We'll grow this place one step at a time!

@dfacademy-sports please look at this proposal as well and share your vote, it's important for all STS users :)

Done! I did that before, I never knew it was not successful.

Great thanks! :)

Voted for it, a good proposal 👍

Thank you for supporting @anderssinho!

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I voted yes let's get our burn on! Will this tax be for both posts and comments?

Both posts and comments.

sweet burn em! We need to start reducing the supply of SPORTS and put a short squeeze on it! Next up, Uniswap pair, if we can get that set up we can pull liquidity off the market so quickly, if just a few of us locks in a $50 ETH pair this token price will sky rocket

I'm not the biggest ETH user but I know @fbslo has made his wrapping tool open source. If there's anyone you know who would be interested in running a wSPORTS tell them to come by and drop a proposal to launch it. I know there's multiple people in the community that would use that kind of service. I'd definitely give the right person a vote of support!

Unfortunately I don’t know any ETH smart contract devs but I’m sure we can chat to khal and he can give a costing for it then set up a proposal if it’s within a reasonable price to do since it seems they worked out the kinks with wLEO v2

That's a good idea. I'll send a message over and get an idea for what he thinks.

@amr008 is right. It will treat all posts equal regardless of top level or comments.

This will surely increase and boost the use of sportstalk front-end and also help in burning token from other front-end posts

Voting for YES.


The next focus is on getting our advertising sink unclogged so all these new eyeballs can help us burn SPORTS.

I am positive with the new updates going on. The community is growing with each launched project and proposal.

Slow and Steady wins the race

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Definitely voting YES, it's a mandatory step.
But we have to move on the SPORTS UI as well as currently we can't create content properly without using another UI !
Or maybe it's just me who can't add an image in my posts using SPORTS UI ? :D

Thank you for supporting it!


Images should be working ok. I used the uploader for some of the images in the post above. I just copy an image and paste it in the text box to upload. I've not actually tried the selecting them part in a while. Is that how you upload? If I can narrow down why yours didn't work I'll submit an issue to see if we can't get it fixed.

We definitely need work done on the UI. I'm not the strongest with react so it's going to be something we'll need a dev to issue a proposal for. The first thing my focus is going to be on is fixing the advertising issues. Right now Hive Engine is displaying ads but are not burning SPORTS for us. I'm hoping to find a new ad partner in the future to help put even more burn on the tokens from all the site's new users.

I'm really hoping the @leofinance ends up opening up their lightning DB layers. That is something even more than the UI that I'd like to see adjusted for our site. That woudl do a ton to help our site's rankings.

I was suspecting it was not affectting everyone.
So I tried copy/pasting, selecting image and drag&drop and all with the same result: upload failed in the message body and error 400 message displayed.
The irony is I can't send you the screenshot in this reply haha, I'll edit it with peakd.

Lightning DB brought by Leofinance would also be a nice feature to have for sure.
Hope it could boost a bit the number of comments in SPORTS.

Hey Hykss , sometimes it happens with me too. You can do two things

  1. Clearing cache and retrying to post image
  2. Go to peakd or somewhere just to post the image , once it gets posted copy the link and paste it in sportstalksocial frontend.

Thank you for the help :)
So I tried Brave and Chrome browsers both and clearing cache but still.

Regarding the second point, if I create the post through peakd true image is added correctly but I will get 50% author reward burnt right ?

Yes you are right. Don't post it via peakd .

What I suggested was , just upload the image in peakd - once the upload is successful it will give you the image link. Just copy that image link , come to sportstalksocial and paste the image link it will work.

Did it make sense? Or did I confuse you?

No right I got your point, I don't feel comfortable to post a single image on peakd without content but I can use your suggestion and host an image on imgur. Then create my post and use the image link.
That's smart, thank you ;)

I am sure no one will be willing to reject this proposal because its for the benefit of the STS users and also it will bring more of price stability. Voting YES with out hesitation.

Thank you for supporting it @cabinet24!

I voted: Yes

I appreciate the support!

Good idea. This will serve to reduce the supply and naturally the price will pump a bit.

I wonder if there are any projects in the pipeline to improve gamification for Sports.

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I don't have anything close to being ready to propose just yet in that realm but have been reaching out to some others to see if they might be interested in building some things.

Interesting to see how things would be turning out in the STS community. Congratulations to us on this feat. This is a proposal worth the support.

However, would it be possible to have a proposal vote view so we all can know what percentage YES that is accrued to a particular proposal. Does that need to be a project?

Right now you can do this with ARCHON's Governator bot in the SportsTalk Discord. Just visit the #sports-governance room and use the comment !gov props to get a reading of everyone who supported along with the current total GP voting. I think this would be an excellent Hive comment bot to bring to the chain. I'll add this to the things I bring up to ARCHON.

I've already reached out to the ARCHON team about adding a comment from @sports-gov 72 hours after a proposal is made that would make a comment similar to what I manually did for the first proposal. That was a huge help in letting everyone know about the first proposal so hoping it can become a standard in the future.

Just visit the #sports-governance room and use the comment !gov props to get a reading of everyone who supported along with the current total GP voting. I think this would be an excellent Hive comment bot to bring to the chain.

Oh thanks.

I've already reached out to the ARCHON team about adding a comment from @sports-gov 72 hours after a proposal is made that would make a comment similar to what I manually did for the first proposal. That was a huge help in letting everyone know about the first proposal so hoping it can become a standard in the future.

That would be pretty having it as a Hive command bot. Great work so far.

I reached out on their Discord and it's something that's on the roadmap. I'm really excited to see that start to help end a reliance on an offchain service like Discord. Thanks for suggesting! 😀

yes yes my vote is yes, in this way we can bring real sports lover to sportstalk, that is great step

I think it's going to do a lot for the core community and building a stronger brand for the tribe for sure!

Hey man, just want to see if you seen the ad-program proposal that's live now?
Feel free to contribute by go and vote here:

Looks like it is just a beginning. We will see much more development, and updates in the future. Thank you for everything. Keep up the great work!

That's the goal! Eventually I imagine there will be tons of proposals and developments happening to the point where some users will end up just wanting to delegate their vote on decisions to others. It's something I had suggested to the ARCHON team it was already on their radar too. I think that will also help get more support on proposals to keep us over quorum regularly. Thanks for helping build out the community!

Voted for yes, Though I rarely use SPORTS interface but it look good proposition.

Thank you for the support of the tribe @saachi! We'd love to have you around more.

@patrickulrich, what happens to the agreement you have with Actifit?

Actifit posts would still be tagged with #sportstalk like normal. The only difference is that when a post pays out the author rewards would split 50% to @null, 25% to author as liquid and 25% as SPORTS stake versus currently 50% liquid / 50% stake. Curation on Actifit posts would not be changed at all.

This is a very welcome development and a great proposal. This will definitely make the sports token more valuable and increase the number of engagement within the community. Voted👍

Thank you for supporting the ecosystem with your vote @daniky!

You're welcome @patrickulrich. It's a privilege and nice to be here.

I vote yes!

Thank you for supporting the proposal @pele23!

Forgot about the post so I came back after I remembered about it. I was pretty busy on that day. Voted yes.

Thank you for voting and remembering to come back! 😃

If you add something like non native post to 100% power up is the better option than sending rewards to null in my opinion. The main problem is overloaded supply not these post. Yeah the overloaded supply makes sportstalksocial a unique tribe even it's a fun to be a part of this awesome tribe but what about hive?

Isn't it same as killing hive platform? Everyone came here because they are the part of hive community and steem as well even you guys also launched your tribe there. If every community is trying to letting their hands off from Hive what will left there.


Can I still vote or is it over? If no what is the status guys?