Fun guessing challenge: guess the height difference! :D

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

After the incredible match of my hometown club BK Opava against BK Nymburk that I wrote about in my yesterday post, I asked my friend to take a picture of me and one of our players. This gigantic dude is actually one of our very best players and it´s very likely that he will leave our club after the season to join some bigger and better European club so I wanted to have a picture with him as a memory ;)


Then, however, after seeing the staggering height difference between him and me, I realized that this photo might actually also be a subject of a fun guessing challenge here on my blog :)

The question is simple: What is the exact height difference (in centimeters) between me (I´m the little smiley on the left :D) and the basketball player on the right?

I´m intentionally not giving his name away yet so that you cannot google out his height but even if you find that out somehow, you still don´t know how tall I´m so it shouldn´t be that easy :)

The fastest correct guess will get my full upvote and I will also give some smaller upvotes to all of the other participants ;)

You can start submitting your guesses in the comment section below from now on. Just one guess per person please... Thank you and have fun! :D

Edit: The challenge is already closed. See the winner and the correct answer below ;)

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Ok guys, time to finish this special challenge. I can see you had a lot of fun guessing the height difference between me and the basketball player so let me tell you the correct answer. The basketball player is none other than Mattias Markusson, a super talented power forward from Sweden and the tallest player of my hometown club BK Opava. Mattias is a real giant, standing 221 cm tall. I´m actually just 177 cm tall so the height difference between the two of us is exactly 44 cm :) With that being said, @crazy-andy came with the fastest closest guess as his guess was 45 cm so congrats @crazy-andy, you are the winner of the challenge! :) Also, thanks to everyone who joined this fun contest, I made sure to upvote your guesses too with some smaller %. I hope you had fun guys and if you have a similar picture of you standing next to a super tall person, feel free to share it with us too :D

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Shit. Was about to do the maths when I saw the answer. I'd say the guy was around 210cm and I know you are shorter than me (I'm 185). I wouldn't have guessed right though =/ because that dude is massive

Thanks for checking it out anyway and also for being honest. He is massive indeed. If he had the shoes on, he would appear even taller :D

And you are kinda lifting your ankles haha

Thank you very much for choosing me as a winner! If I can not win tipping challenge, let me won at least something sports related. If you will only be doing Mavs guessing challenge it wouldn't work either since I am too sentimental and would always pick Mavs :)

Have a good one Petr!

Haha I know exactly what you mean my friend ;) We are both very loyal, proud and passionate about our clubs and that´s what being a true fan is about ;)

Ach jo tohle jsem nestihl... :D

Ale stejně bych nevyhrál. Chtěl jsem si tipnout, že máš 178 a týpek 219 :)

I tak by to byl velmi dobrý tip ;) Máš to v oku, není divu :)

What a difference…
Congrats @crazy-andy 🎉🎉🥳🥳

I have pictures of me like that @phortun… with my ex-husband. He was 2.04m and I’m just 1.62m hahaha so saw it everyday during our time together about 13 years. It made for many fun moments too if you can imagine… lol 😜
But let’s not share that… long forgotten times 😉 different life…

Wow, that´s some massive height difference as well! And not just for one picture after a game but as you say, during long years of your life together. I can imagine all the funny situations that were caused by the height difference :D And yeah, absolutely respect your wish not to share the pictures. Past is past ;)

It sure was @phortun 😁 a massive height difference and a long time.
Thanks 😉 enjoy your day further 👋🏻😎

Funny one!
Hmmmm Mattias is taller for 45 cm ;)
That was the score difference yesterday, but unfortunatelly for the wrong team.

Wow! I´m impressed by your knowledge man, seems like we really a have a new BK Opava fan here :D Yeah, the score was crazy yesterday but it was expected, we saved the remaining "usable" players for the home game that will take place tomorrow so we sacrificed the result yesterday. Dallas did much better than us though, congrats on the first win in the series and congrats to Luka on another spectacular performance!

Btw your guess is the closest one so far I will wait if someone beats you to this or if you stay the closest and will be the winner of the challenge ;)

Edit: You won. The actual height difference is 44 cm. And yes, it´s Mattias ;)

400 centimeters and I wish him great success!

Well 400 cm would be 4 meters so I guess that was a typo and you meant 40 cm, which is a good guess but not exactly correct :) Thanks for joining the fun though!

Edit: We already have a winner. See my comment above to find out our actual heights and the difference ;)

Hi, well that should be his shoe in his hand there. I stand that shoe length on your head and it should get to somewhere around his forehead
I look at his feet,and it's clearly beats mine(I've got some feet too) but it resembles my younger brother's who has longer feet and plays Basketball.My bro has a feet of about 31.something cm. In this pic from his forehead up is not up to half of the shoe. So I say (31.6+12)cm

SO APPROXIMATELY I PICK 43.3cm as my guess.

Hey, some very good calculations and observations here :) Your guess was almost exactly correct, the actual height differecne between us is 44 cm :) The challenge is already closed but I´m going to upvote your entry as well because it really impressed me ;)

Oh okay thanks, I didn't know it's already closed. Nice game it was.


Hi @phortun, I suspect the images you used are your own images, but I am not sure. Generally, I do not upvote content if I am not sure of its origins.

If they are yours you may want to read my comments at Playing badminton is always fun to see how you can benefit by doing what I have suggested there.

All the best.

Hey, what do you mean? There is just one picture and I mentioned that the picture is mine, taken by my friend...

Hi @phortun,

I think you are missing the point. It is always a good practice to include a subscript below image giving credit to the licensor, providing a link to the license and indicating any changes were made for several reasons. I will list some of them for you:

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  2. I don't have the time to read all the posts I upvote. I read some and upvote others whom I know for sure are not copyright infringers. If I am not sure whether someone has infringed copyright, generally, I don't upvote the post. If you provide a subscript then it makes my job of checking for copyright breaches and upvoting easy.

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Cool, thanks for your suggestion.

It's is difficult. I guess 37 cm !

Nope :) Thanks for trying though!

Edit: We already have a winner. See my comment above to find out our actual heights and the difference ;)

47 cm 😁

No but you were close :) Thanks for joining the challenge! :D

Aaawww can I gues again hahaha lol (joking ;)
After crazy-andy made his guess it is easier now if they pay attention 😉

Good luck all!

Thanks @phortun 👋🏻

Yeah, I know :) I will wait a bit longer to see if someone hits the correct number and if that doesn´t happen, then I will announce the number myself and Andy will be our winner :)

Great… I’m sure more will see your post 🤞🏻🤓
Happy Wednesday ☀️

Andy won, check out my comment above to see the correct answer :)

I would have said that next… hahahaha 🤣 but only one guess was allowed.
Great game 😁 @phortun

Hi, a funny challenge :)

My guess is 52 cm

Haha that would be too much my friend :D Glad you like the idea though ;)

Edit: We already have a winner. See my comment above to find out our actual heights and the difference ;)


Very good guess, it´s actually 44 cm :) You can see my comment above to find out our actual heights and the difference ;)

That's a lot of fun! You reminded me of two tennis players who play doubles together (John Isner and Diego Schwartzman), but it seems to me that the difference between them is much bigger hahaha:


I think the difference between the two of you is about 25 cm.

Hahaha that´s nice :D But in fact, the difference between me and the basketball player is even bigger :) It´s 44 cm :) He is 221 cm and I´m 177 cm :D

Ooooooh! I thought about putting 30 cm but it seemed too much hahaha

Haha I´m glad to know I don´t look that small in your eyes :D

Wait a minute. It's your height that is short or is he taller?
Is he 7.1?

He is actually 221 cm (7´3) :) The difference between us is 44 cm.


The correct answer is 44 cm :) Thanks for joining the challenge.

Wow, talk about tall!! 7 foot 4 inches of tallness!! and you're not exactly small at 5 foot 10 inches! May well be a great photo to have in years to come if he makes the "big" time

Yeah, that´s right :) I mean we all would love to have him staying with us for at least another season but we know that some big European clubs are already circling around him... No wonder though. His stats are incredible.

Good for him... he looks like he had kept his down to earth demeanour too if the photo is anything to go by.


@phortun His lucky that he was 7, foot tall if i compared myself to him i look like a tiny little ants.

He is actually 7´3 :) Yeah, these giants make even normal people look like ants :D

@phortun whoa its 7,3 thats was too much height.😮😮