Pixelart Contest #12/#13- Halloween- Deadline November 1st- 70Hive Prize Pool

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Hello everyone! Welcome back for another Pixelart community contest! The main goal is to have some fun <3 This week's theme is "Halloween" :D The theme is open to interpretation. You can enter up to 3 times in the contest (basically once per week).

I'll pick the winners, your post quality can influence my choice and I'll decide how to split the rewards. The reward pool for this contest is 70 hive <<3


If any Pixelart community member wants to try hosting their own additional pixelart contest, I'll sponsor 15hive for their prize pool. (They can keep the post rewards). (maximum 1 extra contest per week, so if more people are interested we will make a schedule) Feel free to experiment you don't need to do same format as this contest :)

Thank you so much @carles-art for buying my Watercolor Kitty art yesterday in NFT Showroom and making these extra projects possible <3

I highly recommend everyone participating in pixel contests and making art in general to look into NFT-s!!! You can start by checking out nft tag on Twitter. This is why it's helpful if you only create mostly original art without copying anything, including copyrighted photos.


● This time You have to comment on at least 1 pixelart post that isn't yours, provide screenshot in your contest post!!!!!
● 3 comments to enter the Random chance reward.


● Most important- Only Original Art!!
● No copying other pixelart
● You can use photo reference (CC0 photos recommended).
● Non-traditional pixelart is welcome: like color pencils on paper (or voxel)
● No auto-pixel filters/programs allowed
● At least 1 art progress picture
● Comment on any Pixelart community post (other than my posts), lets improve the engagement and positivity :)
● Make a post in Pixelart community (or crosspost)
● Share your art preview and post link the comments so I don't miss it
● Use pixelart as one of your tags.

● ヽ( ・∀・)ノ Remember to put some effort into how you write your post- OCD is watching, so you have a chance to get curated ;)

Deadline is Monday 31.10.2020 10:00 UTC/GMT -not strict, you can basically enter until I choose the winners.

Feel free to ask any questions or add any suggestions in the comments.


Previous week's prize pool-20 hive+ 1hbd Thank you to @jossduarte for donating the hbd <333

Previous Week's Winner: @andielor



Incredible use of perspective and details!

Winner 2- @librepensadora



Really pretty and dynamic artwork :D

Honorable Mention: @giocondina



This is really cute, I love it! The camel and the cacti look so adorable ^_^

No Random this week, I sent everyone who participated 3hive <3 If I missed anyone, just let me know in the comments ^_^



Dragon Head Winners: blog and pixelart community: @drrune , @janaveda @librepensadora @karinanunez @guillez12 @jossduarte @johndix @ryivhnn

More info

Also I'll give a Giant Frog Nft to a random person who comments in Pixelart community till next contest ^_^ Last weeks winner @ykroys



The cover image is my original art from 2019


Prompt list source:


This prompt list is just for fun, I'll give out a 5hive reward to whoever draws most prompts.

If you liked these drawings, please don't forget to check out and support the awesome posts in Pixelart Community


Thank you everyone who bought my art in NFT Showroom and essentially sponsored these rewards! <3 A shoutout to @pixls @elgeko @julesquirin @isaria @clayboyn @bullauge @kraze.leo @benhaleymade @carles-art ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



I've delegated 2000hive to @atlantiss as he is most active in the community, @atlantiss please upvote pixelart posts and any other cool posts you like <3
Next month if I'm still too busy, I'll redelegate this to the next person and so on :D Post more in Pixelart community for a chance to get the delegation <3

I'm looking forward to your entries!!! ^_^l


I miss joining the pixel art activities, distance learning had started for me and it was a big struggle for me as I have no more time left for other activities. I would like to invite these ladies to check the cool pixelart community
I know you guys are quite active creating art on this platform. This may interest you. I know you will have a good engagement here as this is a tight and welcoming community.

I will try to participate if school work and schedule would permit. Good luck guys. Even though I am new here and I seldom participate I felt welcome and I appreciate the engagement. Thank you @kristyglas for everything

Thank you for inviting more people! And I hope you find time to participate <33

Thanks for tagging me. I will have a look after I am done with my pending post. 😉

Thank you Angela I will definitely join

Hi @kristyglas my participation in the Pixelart Contest #12/#13- Halloween- Deadline November 1st- 70Hive Prize Pool:


Congratulations to the winners, well deserved! @andielor @librepensadora @giocondina

Thanks @kristyglas

thank you!! :D

Felicidades a los ganadores, gracias por la mención @kristyglas

Felicitaciones a los ganadores y a todos los participantes 👍

Thank you so much @kristyglas I'll make sure that the 2000 Hive Power will be used to upvote and support everyone in the Pixelart Community.

Also I recommend Onchainart community when you have extra votes left: https://peakd.com/c/hive-156509/trending Lots of cool art there :D (feel free to vote in any other community)

Yep! I agree all arts in the Onchainart community are cool. They all deserve an upvote and support.

Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

omg thank you so much!! :D i'm looking forward to this week's also 💖 thank you as always for keeping us motivated with these contests, you are the best! 💖😊

My pleasure, as I'm really busy I'm making this a monthly contest with a bigger reward :D (approximately how much it would be if it was weekly) That's why extra contests like yours will be extra helpful to keep the community active <3

So next month I'll either do 2 contest 40-50hive each or 1 contest 80-100hive for the month. Will see how the NFT showroom sales go. ^^

Hello @kristyglas! :D i've been really busy this week so that's why i haven't post anything :'( but if i can help you with another weekly contest just let me know and i will post it with the winner of the first one n.n

Hello @kristyglas, I am happy with the reward for my participation in the 11-desert contest. You really are special and I wouldn't be here without your support.
For the Halloween contest comments, I must comment the entries on Pixelart Contest #12/#13, right?
You're asking because I haven't seen any entries yet. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hola @kristyglas, estoy feliz con la recompensa por mi participación en el concurso 11-desert. Realmente eres especial y no estaría aquí sin tu apoyo.
Para los comentarios del concurso de Halloween, debo comentar las entradas sobre Pixelart Contest #12/#13, cierto?.
Te lo pregunta porque no he visto aun participaciones. Gracias y disculpa la molestia.

Hola que buen trabajo, me encantó tu ilustración de pixelar. Voy a buscar ese programa. Suerte en en concurso, saludos🎃


Good day friends.

I congratulate @andielor and @giocondina for their beautiful works.

Andielor's work is truly extraordinary and he deserved to win.

Friend @kristyglas

Here I leave my participation for week 12 of Halloween


I hope you like it

A hug


Gracias por la apreciación a mi trabajo @librepensadora

Hi @kristyglas my participation in the Pixelart Contest #12/#13- Halloween- Deadline November 1st- 70Hive Prize Pool:



Mi 3ra entrada al Pixelart Contest #12/#13- Halloween- Deadline November 1st- 70Hive Prize Pool