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Hello Friends! I’m back for another adventure to share😊. This is my second blog so far and I will share my journey at the Gym. So in my title is a motivation to inspire myself to go further to my goals specially in my physique (wanting to have a good anime character physique like, Toji Fushiguro, in Jujutsu Kaisen).

So now let me show you where and what I did at the Gym💪❤️.


(I only go to the gym to train my back, the rest I do at home😁)

So first things first is. I need to ride a bus from my home (Don Gregorio Antigua, Borbon, Cebu) to Bogo City, Cebu. The fair amount will be 35 Pesos. It took around 30 minutes for the bus to arrive at Bogo.


(As you can see here. I sat on the last side
of the bus and also showing you the ticket of how much I paid)


When I finally arrived at Bogo City, next I took a ride of the Tricycle that will go to Gairan, Bogo. The fair amount will be 20 pesos only. While still waiting for the driver. I bought a piece of bread and a bottle of coca-cola nearby and then go back to the tricycle quickly because I saw the driver coming towards us.😅


(It took a few minute to go to Gairan because the Driver is still waiting for some passengers to save up more of the gasoline)


Then I finally arrived at the alley to where the Gym is located and the time is 1:36 p.m (The little dog is the model of the photo😗❤️). I need to walk inside about 20 meters and I need to be careful because the place has a lot of puddles and it was a little bit muddy..


The heat already made me sweat too much and I was very thristy😥. When I arrived at the Gym I thought I was the only one there but I saw my two coaches at the side and another at the treadmill. First, I need to warm up my body including my stamina, but don’t worry I will give an explanation and photos for each exercise I did. I forgot to took a photo warming up but the first thing I did was cycling for 5 minutes. Then rest for 1 minute, next will be the Lat Pull-overs, which will be shown in the photo below.👇


Image source

Then after my warm up. I go to the next equipment which is the Lat Pulldown Machine. This Machine can widens my upper-back, doing this exercise for 15 repetition in short “reps” for 4 sets which means each 15 repetitions or reps is equivalent to 1 set. In between sets, I must need to rest myself for at least 2-3 minutes for strength and muscle recovery.😉

“The Lat Pulldown exercise works the back muscles and is performed at a workstation with adjustable resistance, usually plates. While seated, you pull a hanging bar toward you to reach chin level, then release it back up with control for one repetition. This exercise can be done as part of an upper-body strength workout”. Source


Next machine will be the T-Bar Row Machine.

This machine targets the Latissimus dorsi (Lats) which is located at the upper-back of the body, Rhomboids that is located at the lower part of the back of the neck, and also Trapezius muscles(traps).

“The trapezius muscle is a large superficial back muscle that resembles a trapezoid. It extends from the external protuberance of the occipital bone to the lower thoracic vertebrae and laterally to the spine of the scapula. The trapezius has upper, middle, and lower groups of fibers”. source

Here’s a anatomy of the specific muscle groups I mentioned☺️. In each type of exercise, there needs to be a reps and sets. So in this type of exercise. I did was 15 reps to 4 sets and rest for 2-3 minutes.


image source


Next exercise I did was the Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown.

”The reverse grip lat pulldown is a variation of the lat pulldown and an exercise used to build the muscles of the back. While the exercise will primarily target the lats, you will also notice a fair amount of bicep and middle back activation”. That will be shown below. source



Then, I moved to the dumbbells to do some Dumbbell Curls. Doing this for 6 reps each sides and another 10 reps doing both for 6 sets. This type of exercise will hit the Biceps, deltoids, brachialis and brachioradialis. This exercise will make my arms look bigger.

”Holding a dumbbell in each hand and with your arms hanging by your sides, curl the weights up to shoulder level while contracting your biceps”. source


image source

Doing this exercise already burned my arms. Reducing my strength each reps, and it got to the point that I almost lost all of my strength but after resting for at least 4 minutes. I got some strength gained from it, them next exercise I did was the Cross Body Hammer Curl. Doing this for another 6 and 10 reps for 6 sets.

It’s like a regular Dumbbell Curls but doing this is holding the Dumbbells like a Hammer.

”One at a time, curl each weight up towards your opposing shoulder. Return under control to the start position and repeat on the other side”. source


Doing this is much more easier than Dumbbell Curls, because when I about to reach failure, I still have amount of strength to do 2 more sets. And also resting for about 2 minutes is enough for recovery.

Next was my favorite workout, the Deadlift

“The deadlift exercise is a relatively simple exercise to perform, a weight is lifted from a resting position on the floor to an upright position. The deadlift exercise utilizes multiple muscle groups to perform but has been used to strength the hips, thighs, and back musculature”. source


There are many types of deadlifts but Conventional and Sumo Deadlifts are my favorites.

The difference between Conventional and Sumo is that Conventional is placing both feet, hips width apart, gripping the barbell using both hands and placed outside the legs. This allows the body to keep the torso more horizontal, to increase the range of motion even if it makes the barbell more difficult to lift.

While Sumo deadlift is used most likely for powerlifters, the hip stance in sumo is far wider, and the toes are pointed slightly higher and making sure that the upper-body is straight up to make sure that the form is correct.


image source

After so much struggle and hardwork. I am now enjoying looking at myself at the mirror because of the lighting that shows my progress in the gym, and making sure that every part of my back was trained.

In this session it really was frustrating because it’s been 3 weeks since my last workout. And knowing that it will take me another weeks to train myself in the gym for another back workout. Looking at the mirror made me wanna keep things up to gain more improvement in life.


I hope you enjoyed reading my content, wishing that everyone continues to encourage theirselves to go further in their journey in life. Because “life is short and it is always important to enjoy and cherish every moment while we still can”. Thank you for reading, Godbless❤️


Wow! I didn't knew there was such a cool gym like this in Bogo. Anyways, its amazing how dedicated you are to your physique and workouts. And its paying off. It's different when you truly understand the anatomy of which muscles affect the workout you are doing. How heavy can you lift now?!

Thank you ma'am @indayclara. There's a lot of gym in Bogo City. This gym is way nicer because of the equipments and machines most importantly the coaches treat us like a brother/sister. There's still a lot of time to workout. You can even do it at home, but if you want to feel more, you can freely go to the gym if you want.. Since it took weeks or even a month to get back at the gym. I can still able to lift heavy weights up to 100+Kg but unlike before, I can lift 150+Kg😁

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Consistency will definitely make you achieve the body structure that you admire. I am also working out but mine is just for fitness.


That's right, working out just for fitness is not a bad thing. Being fit can inspire others to do it too❤️

Are you a JJK fan too? 😊

Nice explanation of workout and reps. I need to workout in prep for Christmas haha!


Yup😊, I'm now at episode 39 how about you?

Wow, Thank you so much. Goodluck on doing it. You can do it!!😊❤️

I am at 300+ already 😁

It is nice knowing there's such an amazing gym as this. I like the images used to give full explanation of the exercise. Also, the dog is a good model. Hehe.

You are doing nicely with your exercise. It has been a long time while I went to a gym. Thanks for sharing this.