Being Conscious Of Loss, Or Impending Loss Even When You Have Everything In Life

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The saying, "nothing lasts forever" is something I feel people do not really take cognisance of. I feel it's of course deeper than its expressed and it's one lesson that parades wisdom not figuratively but literarily. Sometimes people are exposed to the best of conditioning in life and as a result of it, things works so magnificently and it gets to a particular stage they begin to feel infallible because they feel that the odds for them to fall is no very slim. Truth is, anything we physically attain in life can be taken away in either one swoop or gradually and this has nothing to do with you, it's just life.

Most times people don't listen to their inner self trying to warn them, most times people ignore the doubt and the questions they need to answer when when they're in a really good position. The thing about being in a good position is that; people are attracted to you because you have so much to give, people are seeing what you can offer and not what you are. And that's why sometimes I try to create scarcity or distance myself from what I think I can offer, so I can understand if I can still offer anything should I not be in a better position to offer material things anymore.

Truth is, no one owes you loyalty irrespective of what you've given them. Loyalty is freely given at one's discretion and this is because everyone has the right to do what they please as they deem fit it's just left for you to give a person more reason aside your monetary importance why they should go the extra mile in being loyal to you. Truth is when we say nothing last forever it means everything. When you feel betrayed that people left you because you no longer have what you have, did you listen to your conscience warning you about losing everything?

That's why in life, it's important to pay attention to the right things. People are often taken away or enthralled by the value that's placed on them by the wrong people. It's true that it's difficult to know the right from the wrong people but it's important you sieve them so that you can do away with the wrong people. The right people will always be there for you but the wrong people are there for what you will offer and when you entertain the two set of people at once, you'll hate yourself for doing this at a later stage in life. I know of a person who attained a demi-god status for what he could offer, when everything was taken from him, he became a wasteland no one could even throw their waste into.

First of all, you must understand that bad things happen and when you reckon with this unpalatable possible course of event, it brings you the desired fear to prepare for the impossible. Nothing is impossible, betrayal from people is part of life and when you take so much take focusing on how these betrayal have hurt you, it makes you forget the role you played in your betrayal. One thing in life is, I try to take responsibility for myself. My parents were not good things for me, they betrayed my well being for some stupid adventures and the effect of their mistakes will continue to limit my abilities, but yet I'm channeling this betrayal as life as something normal that could happen and it helps me stay aforewarned and prepared

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