Another year older...

It hardly seems a whole year since I wrote the post Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? for my 64th birthday, but it has been that long. 😮 The older one gets, the faster time seems to fly, and its passage now is shocking compared to what it was like just ten years ago.

Essentials for those my age, no joke (pictured above, counterclockwise from upper-left):

  • Motrin™ to relive the pain from arthritis; not needed every day, but sometimes, yes
  • needle-nose pliers, essential in the kitchen peeling the seals from coffee cans and assorted bottles and jars
  • reading glasses for all the fine print that's on everything these days
  • bright flashlight for reading fine print and looking for all the things I've dropped
  • cellphone with camera app for pinch-and-zoom magnification reading small print that is beyond the scope of my reading glasses & bright light
  • sunglasses, important when going out, even worn indoors in bright light because of the cataracts that are forming on my eyes

Some of the above were mentioned in my last year's post, but click here to see other ideas that might help older readers, too.

I have been eligible for many "senior citizen" perks and discounts for several years, although I have rarely taken advantage of the "free small coffee" and other such things. I'd much rather pay full-price and get my usual 20-ounce cup of java than get a third of that for free... 😁 Many of the other available perks are things in which I am not interested, including the 4:00 PM "Early Bird" dinner specials (that's way too early for dinner) and discounted hotel rooms (because I hardly ever travel).

Oftentimes, I don't really feel "old" at all, like when I am pursuing some activity about which I am passionate... but sometimes I feel much older than I am, like when I am battling something for the bazillionth time and feel I just can't handle it any more. I've heard plenty of twenty-, thirty-, and forty-something people say the same thing, but just wait until you're my age. 😐

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hitting the big six-five (at least if one lives where I do) is finally being able to have affordable healthcare coverage again. I have been without any medical coverage for the past seventeen years, so it will be nice to finally have the option of seeing a doctor again. It will cost somewhere between USD $200–$400 each month plus co-pays and deductibles, depending on which options I choose, but that is better than the $700+ per month that would have been necessary the past seventeen years (and was completely impossible). Not everything will be included in the new coverage and many medical procedures will still be impossible to afford, but it is better than nothing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a couple of potentially-serious issues I've had for years can be addressed sometime this coming year once everything becomes situated. 😬

It will be a quiet day this year, as I have no family or friends nearby. I will open the two birthday cards I received in the mail this past week and stay home, rest, and do my usual work online on the Hive–Discord Continuum.

So, another year older, but not "deeper in debt" as the old Tennessee Ernie Ford song says! 🙌


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Happy happy, thought this might bring back a few smiles:

Oh, that is quite the trip down memory lane! I remember so many of those songs! Thank you for the wishes! 😊

Happy Birthday beautiful lady!!! You share your birthday with my niece Juliet - but just a few years apart - as she turns 11 today. Crazy how the speed of time seems to increase as we get!

I hope that you have a really beautiful day - be it a quiet one (those are more appealing to me these days too).

Thank you for everything you do for all of us here - you are greatly valued and enormously loved!

Sending you lots of love sweetie!

Oh, how cool! I hope your niece had a lovely birthday, too! Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes! 💖

Happy birthday dear

And the terminal baked a special cake


That is such a beautiful cake, and an adorable kittycat! Thank you for the lovely wishes! 😊

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 23 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you so much! All of your reblogs are so greatly appreciated! 😊

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Thank you! 😊


Happy Birthday....😇

That is gorgeous! Love that pic! Thank you for curating my post with IndiaUnited, too! It is much appreciated! 💜

India remembers you and loves you...🤗 a little effort to make your day special....

That makes me smile! Thank you! 😊

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I'm not 50 yet and I already feel something change and I can't imagine another decade will feel like.

So many of the changes are small, so they kinda sneak up on ya... 😬

Bring one more cake for us, ha ha ha ha

Happy Birthday to you Dear

Thank you! 😊

happy birthday kitty . may almighty bless you and your family. enjoy your time 😊❤

Thank you for the lovely wishes! 😊

I'll always cherish your kindness and warm welcome. Take care always! 💞💕💫

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awww..., that is so sweet! Thank you for that, dear! 💖

Even when home alone one can enjoy celebration, everyday we grow younger in our thinking, our bones tell us different, what is age but just a number 😂

Have an amazing day with greetings from down South!

Love the song, thank you for the entertaining greeting! 😁

Happy Birthday my friend, and welcome to the club.

I only went 16 years without medical coverage, and have barely used it now...

I wear bifocals. I made it a long time 48 without any correction, but....

Have you seen that people that wear glasses all the time are getting Covid at a statistically lower rate than those that don't? I'm just sayin'.

I've added a magnifying glass to your list. I've owned the damn thing for years and years but now use it for more than the odd geological sample :)

I still need you, and if you show up here I'll even feed you. It seemed an impossibly long time when we first heard that song, didn't it?

Happy Birthday.

That is good that you barely use your medical coverage now! Fabulous! I had not heard that statistic about glasses-wearers, but hey, that is good news! And yes, that song seemed so very long ago to me now! 😂 Thanks for the great comment to brighten my day!

Yeah. Anytime.

Thanks for being you!

Happy Birthday @thekittygirl! 💞🎂🌹

As @bigtom13 commented, “Welcome to the club.”

Cheers and !BEER

Thank you for the comment, the cheers, and the beer! 😁

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Happy birthday ¡Have a great day! :)

Thank you! 😊

@thekittygirl Many Many happy returns of the day my dear friend! Stay blessed, happy and healthy! Age is just a number! Long long way have to go 🍫🎂💐❤️😍♥️

Thank you, sweet lady! 😊

You are most welcome my darling ❤️😊😍

I am 51 and I even need the reading glasses now!
It sucks getting older on somethings, It is a part of it and we will all have to go through it.
Insurance is a big thing and I am lucky on that I guess as the VA covers me. Not the best but it is better than not having insurance at all.

Best birthday wishes to you and many more birthdays to come.

Thank you for the birthday wishes! 😊

Happy Birthday, dear...

Thank you, sweetie! 💖

Happy birthday. I hope you enjoy it ... even though it will be a quiet day.

I will enjoy a quiet day more than a crazy one! Thank you! 😊

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Happy Birthday, lovely lady! You totally deserve an amazing day! You are one of the kindest, most helpful people I know of. I used to wonder what my grandfather meant when he said, "Youth is wasted on the young!" I think it is backward. We have all our money and wisdom on the wrong end of life!

Happiness always!

Heart On A Course L.png

Thank you so much! 😊

My pleasure!🙂



I really wish you a wonderful BDAY and I wish I could be there and celebrate with you 😊

You are such a beautiful person and have touched so many of our ❤️
You inspire,you never hesitate to help another in whatever way you can.
And I never met one who is faster on looking things up 😁 lol
Always gives answer to questions.

I am lucky to have gotten to know you and I admire you more than YOU ever know 🙏

Much love to You my sweet Sister 🥰
And may your bday be awsomeness ❤️

That is so touching, sweetie! Thank you! 😊

Happy birthday beautiful lady. I hope that the universe fills with blessings all your life. Enjoy your day and celebrate life! Hugs! 🎂🎊🎉🤗💜

Thank you so much! 😊

Happy Birthday

So glad for the link to the song, I had not heard that in years, it has been a pretty musical filled on line weekend and continuing into Monday. Some good tunes old, older, and only slightly old with a little new thrown in. This is the age all those years of practicing having a junk drawer for all those little things, like the pliers the hammer and the magnifying glasses come in handy, of course they are still a messy disorganized drawer but when we need an assist tool we know where to rummage.

For some reason it lead the song "White Bird" to fly into my mind, so thank you for the Tennessee Ernie ford song.

I am happy you liked the link to the song! It's an old classic! Thank you for the wishes! 😊

Happy birthday @thekittygirl, I hope you don't feel bad about my comment but I always felt you were a younger person.

I don't know why I thought you were half the age you are today, I feel you are about 35 years old.

I wish you a happy birthday, and that every day you feel healthier and more vital.

I'm sorry that you suffer from cataracts but to be supportive, I suffer from Glaucoma and I'm 41 years old, let's just thank God that today we can see and read many posts on hive 😁

I always remember you fondly for winning a contest that you held when you passed your dolphin level.

And I found out about your birthday thanks to @jaynie who made a nice post.

I say goodbye leaving you a hug 🤗

Oh, I would love to be 35 again, knowing what I know now! 😁 I remember your entry to my Dolphin contest and so glad you entered! Thank you for the hug and the wishes! 😊

Happy birthday to you @thekittygirl

May God bless you and your new age
Stay blessed!

Thank you so much! 😊

You're so welcome @thekittygirl
Stay blesssed

To a very special Young Lady:

Base image by kordi_vahle at Pixabay
Mask image by Pexels at Pixabay

You wear many masks, there are so many things that you are expert in, even though you will not admit it! You have a very special gift, and you use it wisely, so therefore may all your many kindnesses and favors come back on your own head!!!

Thank you so much, and I love the beautiful artwork you created for me! Thank you for that, and for all your friendship and caring! 😊

@thekittygirl i already greeted you on discord but I'd like to greet you here again!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! and more birthdays to come ❤️

Thank you for all your sweet greetings and wishes! 😊

Happy Birthday and many more in great health!
Nice quote at the end about no debt; need to remember that one

Have a nice one

Thank you so much! 😊

Happy Birthday!!! @thekittygirl

Wishing you the best things in life on your 65th birthday and always! You're an amazing person I am very blessed to have met!

Here's a special cake gif I made for you to enjoy! 🎉🥂🥳🎊💋


What a wonderful cake animation! Love it! Thank you for the sweet wishes, dear lady! 😊

Happy Birthday @the kittygirl! More power to you!

Thank you! 😊

You`re welcome!

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Thank you so much! 😊

Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday! (By the way, I highly recommend the Plan F if you decide to go that route.) You won't feel old at all when you learn that I will be 73 next week! It seems like yesterday since I sang that sang that song to myself, but it has been 9 years already. As they say, time flies when you are having fun!I am hoping to have some fun on PeakD and with the #ladiesofhive, which I have just discovered, however I am having a hard time joining the group on Discord. It wants me to verify my account and when I do that, it says the email is already being used! What? I sill get into the rest of Discord, just not your group. Any suggestions?

Happy 65th Birthday! Celebration time! Hope your 65th is a wonderful year!