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We often get comments from the Hive community that this is such a valuable project we have here, so I often wonder just how many people use Hive Stock Images that we don't know about. It would be great if we could get an idea as to whether our project has actually been useful, or if people are just being polite.

Looking through the #freeimageshare tag, it seems like we're mostly just getting dividers being used out in the community still. I realise not everyone is aware that we have stock images available for use on Hive, but hope that we can raise more awareness over time. As someone who is seeing what we have coming in since our early days of conception, it's been exciting to now be able to find stock images to fit my posts without having to leave Hive for them. My most recent one was on cryptocurrency and I was delighted to be able to an image from @iodacasamia's collection.

I'll be honest, I'm not very good at marketing and advertising, so I'd love to read any feedback we have from our readers. So in addition to our usual challenges, I have some questions for you about awareness of the project:

  • Have you ever used and image from the Hive Stock Images collection?
  • Do you know about the #freeimageshare tag and how to use it?
  • Have you tried to find images to use in your posts and if so, how easy/hard was it to find them? Did you prefer the index or the search feature?
  • What do you think will help raise awareness of the project for people wanting to use stock images?

We'd love to hear from you and get the conversation going. This community is all about rewarding community, so all rewards go back into supporting those who contribute to the project in any way, including feedback and ideas. A huge thanks to the OCD team who have continued to support us in this endeavour.


Now moving on to our regular challenge:

How it works

The challenges will run every two weeks. Each round we will have a topic or two for our contributors to try their hand at. We invite everyone to give their feedback on any entries and the best one will win Hive. Meanwhile, we ask anyone who has been looking to use images to tell us what they are looking for in the comments on this post and these suggestions will be put forward as the challenge topics for future competitions, with the suggesting account added as a beneficiary of that challenge post. They will also be invited to judge any entries and pick their favourite submission. If they also choose to use a submission, then all the better. You don't have to be currently looking for images to suggest them, you can suggest anything you may have used or wanted to use in the past or that you think might be in demand.

We invite people to add an upvote to their favourite suggestions and this will play a part in which ones will be selected first for the next challenge.

This week's challenge topics will be:


Nature Dividers



We have Hive for the winning entries. All quality entries will be nominated for curation if they aren't already well rewarded. Votes will be given on all good suggestions for images, with the chosen suggestion/s added as a beneficiary on the next challenge post.

Camera image by @bantamuda.


I have used stock images. I don't use your tag when I do, but I definitely write the project name under the picture, with a tag to the person who's picture I used.

Today, I added the picture creator as a beneficiary on my post (1%, not much more than an acknowledgement).

I tried looking for images related to work. I am always on the phone for work so I wanted a picture to represent someone talking on the phone or even just pictures of phones and I had a hard time finding one.

I did still find something that worked.

Great project, I will keep using it. Why use unsplash when you can use HIVE?

Thanks for your feedback and responding. We really appreciate you taking the time to do so and love that you're using Hiver images. We're always wanting to hear what images are in demand. It's often very specific to the author and what they're writing about. I'm glad you've been able to find something and we'll put that suggestion out to see if we can get something more in which is hopefully even more suitable. I can't help but imagine @nioberojas would come up with some great images for this topic.

I'll also check whether we have a category under phones, as I know we have some images with them in.


I lost my bookmark for your images site and it is surprisingly difficult to find it.

If you would please plaster the link in more places, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for the suggestion. We should add it to the regular posts too.

In case you haven't found it yet I'll start by plastering it here 😁

Silly enough of me, I had of course, added the link on my posts, when I credited the pictures.

Okay, this is the first time I've seen that there is a community or service like this. I'm really not aware of how it works. I use mostly my own images in my posts, but would be happy to use others if it's convenient. Once I got here on Hive, I had a fear of being punished, for plagiarizing (images), so I didn't do anything that was even remotely questionable. I guess I'm not the only one). It's a little clearer now, but I think if community members are shown a resource that's inside Hive and allowed, that would be great!

That's so good you were aware of plagiarism pitfalls at the start. So many aren't and get in trouble with HiveWatchers. As long as you source anything that's not your own and you have permission to use it, then you shouldn't have any issues. All people sharing their images here give permission for their use on Hive, you must need to check with them for any off Hive use. Some of our contributors say that you don't need to credit them, but for the sake of not getting in trouble yourself, you should anyway.

Thanks for your feedback. Glad you're aware of the community now. Feel free to add any more feedback in the future about how you find it navigating the images here. Neither the index nor the search feature are either perfect and they could benefit from improvement.

I agree! It will take me some time to research the issue, then I will be sure to give feedback!

I personally tend to create images myself for what I need, and I am happy to be able to contribute to this useful project for the entire Hive community.
After a long period of absence due to intense work, I hope to contribute more images again soon.

I try to do my own photos as much a possible, but I don't have the talent you have for images. Looking forward to seeing more from you again soon.

The Fourth of July is coming up, and New Year is just half a year away ... need some fireworks for a celebration? My entry:

I didn't use it
But I love the idea and the community and it is VALUABLE for sure

Sharing this blog to #listnerds

And I will check back here SOON
Have a nice day!

We appreciate the share, thank you.

This is nice. I invite @bloghound @ifarmgirl @jane1289 @coquicoin @junebride to join too :D

Thank you for the invite :) It's a great initiative and I wish you the best when you submit your entries! I will have to find or take better shots to be able to participate hehe.

Isu la inaramid ko da whole day ta ag madi madi ti internet ken jay site hehe.

Hehe ania met datan nga internet en hehe. At least nalpas mo. Nagmayat pay. Saka kasla bassit kayo nagjoin. 2 weeks sa nga ag run daytoy nga contest ket 3 days laengen sa nabati to participate.

Isu ag participate kan hehe

Thank you very much for the invitation Kuboy. I'll check it out :)

You're welcome! :D


Join na kunti lang nagjoin hehe.

thanks @leeart i didn't knowt here's this thing on hive...

Namention lang din sa akin hehe. Join ka na habang kunti pa lang entries. Lapit na matapos.

kaya nga need ko pa ng mga pictures na isubmit

Hehe good luck :)

Hoping we'll get some feedback and interaction this week. 😁

@tipu curate 2

So far there are two entries for this round :D

Thank you for the heads up. I nearly forgot to check today.

No problem :)



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This is my entry for this challenge :)

It is my first time to come across Stock Images thanks to @ifarmgirl :)

You're very welcome and good luck :)