Should Etiquette Play A Part on Hive?

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Where’s You’re Etiquette

We all know that when the internet came along, no one thought about etiquette and what was right or wrong to do. So when social media came about there was no question about what we should or should not do. What makes me bring this up is the conversation below took place in the middle of the comments on my post. This conversation stemmed from Person 2 commenting to Person 1, which was fine but when it became a long conversation that had nothing to do with my post, I feel as though the conversation should have been picked up elsewhere.

Person 1 is the person who was responding to my post & Person 2 was the person that made a comment under Person 1’s comment. When this went beyond 1 question & responses Person 2 should have found another avenue for the conversation. However, when **Person 1 **responded to the second question, he should have led Person 2 to a more appropriate place.

What’s appropriate you say?

How about moving the conversation to their personal discord or telegram, there’s also the option to find the person’s most recent post, that way the conversation along with all the tip ads are on their post and not someone who isn’t a part of the conversation.

It’s like as I was reading this conversation, I was thinking ‘this has nothing to do with me or my post & it’s okay when the tipping ads are tips for me or from me but none of this has anything to do with me. The tips are not for me or from me, so it’s crazy to have all these ads on my post that aren’t in relation to me.

This post doesn't depict the full adds & how they look when tips are called but I'm sure you've all seen these tipping ads & can imagine them in your comments section.

This is the conversation, I changed the names to Person 1 & Person 2 not to call anyone out………

Person 2 It's possible to withdraw your LISTNERDS tokens and sell them to buy CTP, but then you would pay the 0.25% swapping fee 2 times (LISTNERDS to SWAP.HIVE, then SWAP.HIVE to CTP). 🤓😅 Have some !CTP! 😁
Person 1 That's fine! That's how HE earns. 😆 !CTP
Person 2 It's not Hive Engine itself that earns, but the Hive Engine Witnesses (which staked BEE tokens) and liquidity providers (as visible at 🤓 Thanks for the !CTP! 😀 Have a !PIZZA in return! 😁
Person 1 So no problem, because I am also earning in that case though the earning % is super tiny. 😆
Person 2 I think that you don't need to provide liquidity to Hive Engine unless you have hundreds of dollars worth of a pair of tokens for your profits to be noticeable. 🤔 #NotFinancialAdvice 😅
Person 1 Just kidding. My staked BEE is less than 10. I actually want to earn more BEE by buying WORKERBEE. I can do that once I am done with CENT and CTP.
Person 2 I wonder what you will do with BEE (either staked or liquid). 🤔🤯😅 Have a !PIZZA! 😁
Person 1 Earning BEE through WORKERBEE, I can sell it to buy other tokens. !PIZZA
Person 2 In that case, I wonder why you have chosen to mine BEE tokens over other Hive Engine tokens. 😅Thanks for the !PIZZA!
Person 1 Because BEE is pricey and I think more solid and reliable for its unique utility. !PGM


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Person 2 If BEE is pricey, shouldn't WORKERBEE be pricey too? 🤔🤔 Thanks for the PGM! 😀 Have some !CTP in return!😁
Person 1 Even more expensive because it's a mining token. However, I don't know any way to earn WORKERBEE except by buying it. !CTP
Person 2 I noticed that you have exactly 3 WORKERBEE tokens, which are all staked. 🤓 Looking at your Hive Engine explorer for BEE at, it's hard to see how much BEE you have been earning from your staked WORKERBEE. 🤯😅 Thanks for the !CTP! 😀
Person 1 But I already sold BEE several times. Another profitable token is SME. Though taken for granted, I already earned I think more than 50 HIVE by selling it. As for BEE, maybe 5 HIVE? Not sure. !PIZZA
Person 2 Maybe you should have an estimate of how many HIVE (SWAP.HIVE to be more accurate) you have earned from staking WORKERBEE and selling BEE, and use it as an idea for a new post. 😏 Thanks for the PIZZA! 😀 Have some !LUV in return! 😁


Person 2(2/4) gave you LUV. H-E tools | my wallet | discord | community | <>< NFT for Peace

Person 1 My WORKERBEE and my BEE are too small. My long-term goal is to have at least 100 WORKERBEE. I think, that time it deserves an article. 😆 !hivebits


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Person 2(3/4) gave you LUV. H-E tools | my wallet | discord | community | <>< NFT for Peace

There was also metion of Pizza tips as well but you don’t see them here because of the way that Pizza place their ad. Pizza’s ads mention several tips at once on a post so you don’t see the tips all through your comments. This is how Pizza does it:


6 days ago (Edited)
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successchar tipped commenter (x1)
Person 1 tipped Person 2 (x3)
Person 1 tipped successchar (x1)
Please vote for pizza.witness!

I left my name where the tips were for me or from me but replaced those that were in relation to the other conversation.
Believe it or not, this conversation is still going on as of 6 hours ago , about 12:30 EST. the conversation continues as below.

Now maybe these persons don’t realize where they are carrying on this conversation at but as respect to someone else’s post at some point someone must realize that they are having a conversation under a post the doesn’t belong to either of them and has nothing to do with the post.

The conversation continues days later........ with tips, meme's and gifs........

Person 1 Too insignificant for Hivers to pay attention to it. Ok, I will reduce it to 20 WORKERBEE. 😆 !PIZZA

Person 2 Big or small profits, what's generally important is the percentage of profit over the capital. 🤔 Buying 20 WORKERBEE costs less than $19 on the Hive Engine market, and you already have 3 WORKERBEE, so you just need less than $16 to get your 20th WORKERBEE token. 🤓 Thanks for the !PIZZA! 😀

Person 1 But I have my priorities of course. Once they are done, I will add WORKERBEE. That is why for now I can only afford one WORKERBEE any time I have extra funds. !CTP

Person 2 I just said how much you need to spend for your modified goal of 20 WORKERBEE tokens. 😅 I know you still have your CENT and CTP (among other Hive Engine tokens) goals to follow. 😏
Thanks for the !CTP! 😀 Have some !LOLZ in return! 😁

I could get in trouble for stealing from the kitchen supply store
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Via Tenor

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Theh meme & gif didn't tranfer her without the code .....

Person 1 I now have 4 WORKERBEE. 😄 !PIZZA

Person 2 I think it's better to focus on one Hive token goal at a time, so that you achieve your goals more steadily. 🤔 #NotFinancialAdvice again! 😅
Thanks for the !PIZZA! 😀
Person 1 1 WORKERBEE from time to time will not affect that much my focus from one Hive token at a time. Thanks for the reminder though. 😄!CTP

Person 2
It's up to you if and when you will allocate funds to other Hive Engine tokens other than your main goals. 🤗
Thanks for the !CTP! 😀

Person 1 😆😄 !CTP

Person 2 It looks like you ran out of something to reply again! 😅 Thanks for the !CTP! 😀 Have some !LOLZ in return! 😁

Where do bad rainbows go?
Prism, it's a light sentence. Credit: reddit
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Person 1 There are times like that the mind has nothing to say but smile. 😆 !CTP

Person 2 Maybe you just don't want to admit that forgetfulness won the battle that time! 😆😅


I know that some people don't like the way most tipping tokens place ads on their post, and personally I'm not a fan but do like the idea of tipping tokens and use them all the time. Howerver, the ads can be a nucaince.

So when commenting on someone's post be considerate of the context of your comment and if the topic relates to the post and to whom the conversation is with or for. Be conscious enough to realize that more then a couple of comments that's not related to the owner or topic of the post should be continued elsewhere. It's all about etiquette!

Thanks for reading!!

See Ya next time!
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At first I was ready to roll my eyes at you. So there were a couple comments under your post, big deal.

"I welcome that on my page." I was erroneously thinking.

Now that you put a type of transcript here, i'm kinda agahst.

They are basically having the biggest passive aggressive argument, why passive agressive? Cause they disagree but keep tipping each other.

Sorry this is happening on your post. I often comment all over the place, but will watch to make sure I don't take my commenting on comments too far. "


Yeah, I didn't think nothing of it when I first seen a couple of comments, then I went back to check something else and saw the conversation. I was like really, I had never seen anything like that before on any post, and I too, try to be thoughtful when responding to post. I don't usually comment to other comments, if I do I'm rather careful that it's not dragged out like this was.


I think a comment to someone commenting below someone's post should not be a big deal but in this case, I opened the post you talked about and I could barely get through the rest of the comments. The whole page is now about that convo and I feel that's indeed not how you should treat someone else's content. I agree I would not feel happy with this either.

There's another side if you have a post about a certain deep topic, (this felt more like random chatty stuff filling up space) I can imagine sometimes some commenters feel a connection and if this is an interesting chat related to the content, I'd probably not have such an issue with it, this is not one of these conversations though.

I hope it won't happen again.. !CTP

Yes, it won't happen again. I was not aware that we are doing such a convo under @successchar's post. @savvyplayer and I were having fun doing this before either in his post or in my post, but this time I think, he is also not conscious about this.


I suspected something like that to be the case..

Wow! Now everyone knows it was you, I tried to hide that fact.
I do understand that sometimes we just reply and not even know where we are. I just wanted to point out that all must be aware of where they are.


Yeah, the exchanges are fast and we're making fun of each other.

Anyhow, I appreciate the reminder. Thanks!


I had another comment where the person thought it was no big deal til they read the actual conversation.
I don't mind comments at all, but when they don't have anything to do with my post & turn into a discussion, that's just crazy.
I agree if it was connected to the post but as another commenter said:

"They are basically having the biggest passive aggressive argument, why passive agressive? Cause they disagree but keep tipping each other." (from another commenter)


Thank you for informing me and @rzc24-nftbbg to avoid having extended conversations not so relevant to the original post, such that some users would not like them due to the difficulty in loading and reading lots of comments on many Hive frontends. 🤗

We will move our long conversations either under our own posts, or on authors or communities that will allow such loooooong engagement. 😀 We might still talk a few times under other's posts from time to time. 😅

Tipping !CTP does not make the CTP bot leave a comment, so I have chosen to use it here instead. 😁

Sorry for the trouble! 😊

All is Forgiven!
Understand I'm not against comments or tips, even the the ones with ads, I use most of them myself.
I also don't mind short convo's in my comments related or not, it just was that this one was really really long.


It like explaining to my kids....

Its not that you can't be loud outside, its that you can't screech like a banshee and pretend to be dying.

The difference is not so subtle, you should not have to explain. But... I admit reading these comments has been entertaining.


It was quite entertaining, I did read it, it was just not the most appropriate place to be. And something I learned was that by them tipping one another on my post it may have caused some of my tips not to be paid because some tips only allow there to be a certain number of tip ads per post, and it's like only 3.


It won't happen again. Sorry for that @successchar. I was not aware that we are doing such a convo under your post. Thank you for pointing it out.

All's forgiven!

I know we can get lost and just hit the reply button and not know where we're going. My thought was 'Do they even know they're having this conversation here?'
And as you have, you didn't even realize.




Interesting topic and conversation. I wonder if it is because there is no DM (direct messaging) on Hive.

Yeah, perhaps that is one of the reasons.

Have you tried Discord? CTP have a server there, as do many other tokens, and you can use direct messages, too.

Yeah, I am using Discord and Telegram for direct messages. In the case of my conversation with @savvyplayer, if I am not mistaken, it was the first time that we did this in someone's post. As you said, it's a little bit clumsy on our part, and I admit it.

That's a thought!


Holy Cow, yeah! This should have moved to DMs after maybe 1 or 2 comments and replies. They really went off on some kind of rant/tangent.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking when I saw it.
They both apologized and said they didn't realize they were on my post but form what one of them said it seems they do this kind of thing a lot.


Well that's not good. I guess paying attention to where they are isn't their strong suit. Some people's kids. LOL Have a great day! 😀

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Wow, that is a lot of exchange. I can't believe they did all of that on your post.
That is just crazy.

Yeah, that's what prompt me to do the post because it was just so much to be unrelated.


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A bit clumsy of @savvytester and @rzc24-nftbbg to continue a conversation that would have been better in Discord or a chat app (there is one on Peakd and maybe other front ends).

As you say, very little to do with your post and a conversation that is not adding much value to any readers that come to visit your post. That is poor enough, but the constant tipping is plain spammy and likely to attract downvotes from accounts that tackle abuse.

I'm not mad about the tipping comments generally, it makes it many times harder to curate your comments and for people to engage with your post.

Don't get me wrong but I !LUV tipping tokens and use them all the time. However, it was the non-relative that really mad me pay attention & it went on for days.


Thanks for talking about my project!

Hi, to answer your title question about whether etiquette should play a part on Hive? Yes! Manners always matter. :)

Regarding tip token replies, I made two of them (LUV and HBIT), and this is something that I think about and worry about. I've tried to whittle down the replies to as brief/small/short as possible. With LUV, the intent is to "share love" so I really want the person being replied to to get that reply, not just get a token. With HBIT, I've encouraged people to use the command either: (a) with the official mine @hivebits.mine, (b) in reply to their own post or comment, or (c) in a reply to someone they've interacted with before and know.

Also, you can mute any tip token account (or any account) on most front ends and that should help.

Thanks, that's what I thought.
Understand I am in no way against tipping tokens, I use most of them myself, yes the ads are huge for most of them but I understand you've got to advertise your product as well as you want to let people know that they received a tip form someone else.

The issue was the conversation that had nothing to do with me or my post and on top of all that they were tipping each other back & forth which then makes my post look more spammy then necessary. Bottom line is that the conversation that transpired just didn't belong where it was, no etiquette what-so-ever.


I completely understand what you're saying on the tipping back and forth business. This is something that some of the tip token creators have talked about and are concerned with. Frankly, it's a problem. I feel it's definitely okay to give a token back and forth. I do it. The number 1 thing to me on tipping tokens is that there is a real, authentic, genuine comment along with the tip command...a comment that truly engages with the topic of the post or with the person.

One other thing just so you know, and this is very ironic considering this post's topic, LUV and HBIT only allow for 3-or-fewer ! commands, otherwise, they're skipped. I believe that LOLZ does the same and that BEER allows for one, though I'm not 100% sure on this. The 3-or-fewer rule was implemented to try and cut down on multiple command copy/paste farming and possible spam. Just letting you know (your LUV and HBIT didn't go through because there were four here.) No problem, just letting you know. :)

Wow, that's good info to know. I've done several articles on tipping tokens but never came across that little tidbit. Now I have to get with each tokens creator and see if they have that rule as well. I feel a little research & article coming on.

Thanks for the info.


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