The Terminal April Fools #FOODIE Contest - El concurso #FOODIE de April Fools de Terminal | English and Español

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Remember that time, when you made that awesome thing?

¿Recuerdas esa vez, cuando hiciste esa cosa increíble?

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Well it just so happens, that I have some #foodie Tokens I would like to share. And you know how I am about Sharing The Love. So I thought I would create some kind of Cooking Contest, to get our minds off the current way things are going... Have some fun!!!

Bueno, da la casualidad de que tengo algunos #foodie Tokens que me gustaría compartir. Y sabes cómo soy sobre Sharing The Love. Así que pensé en crear una especie de Concurso de cocina, para dejar de pensar en cómo van las cosas actualmente ... ¡¡¡Diviértete !!!

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I would like to follow the same mindset as The Terminal Cookbook Challenge but with my own Thoughtful approach!

Me gustaría seguir la misma mentalidad que The Terminal Cookbook Challenge, ¡pero con mi propio enfoque reflexivo!

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Starting April 1st, show me some of your favorite cooking projects! You don't have to be a professional to participate... I just want you to be thoughtful !! I am not going to keep this running, but I wanted to show some love to our Redfish at @theterminal. My time is limited due to my health, so I am just leaving this going for the month of April... Let's set some requirements!

¡A partir del 1 de abril, muéstrame algunos de tus proyectos de cocina favoritos! No tienes que ser un profesional para participar ... ¡¡Solo quiero que seas reflexivo !! No voy a continuar con esto, pero quería mostrar un poco de amor a nuestra Redfish en @theterminal. Mi tiempo es limitado debido a mi salud, así que dejo esto para el mes de abril ... ¡Establezcamos algunos requisitos!

1: Provide your recipe with your post...

2: It would be appreciated if posts in Spanish were also in English, please...

3: Show me at least three photos of you making your awesome recipe...

4: I would also like to see at least 1 photo of you making the dish.

5: If you use photos that aren't yours... provide proper sources for the images...

6: Please make sure you use at least 300 words; I would LOVE to know the story behind each creation...

7: Use "The Terminal April Fools #FOODIE Contest" for your main title...

8: Use the TAGS #foodie #theterminal and #thoughtfuldailypost

9: Put your Blog here... on this main post...

4/3/21 | EDIT: I realized I forgot an important guideline! Only ONE entry per participants please!

1: Proporciona tu receta con tu publicación ...

2: Se agradecería que las publicaciones en español también estuvieran en inglés, por favor ...

3: Muéstrame al menos tres fotos tuyas haciendo tu increíble receta ...

4: También me gustaría ver al menos una foto tuya haciendo el plato.

5: Si usa fotos que no son suyas ... proporcione las fuentes adecuadas para las imágenes ...

6: asegúrese de utilizar al menos 300 palabras; ME ENCANTARÍA conocer la historia detrás de cada creación ...

7: Usa "El concurso #FOODIE de April Fools de Terminal" para tu título principal ...

8: Utilice TAGS #foodie #theterminal y #thoughtfuldailypost

9: Pon tu Blog aquí ... en esta publicación principal ...

4/3/21 | EDITAR: ¡Me di cuenta de que olvidé una guía importante! ¡Solo UNA entrada por participante, por favor!

But we gotta have prizes Wes!!

¡¡Pero tenemos que tener premios Wes !!

So like I said... I have some #foodie Tokens that aren't staked, and I LOVE the Foodies Group! So to share the love, I will offer the following prizes to the Redfish at @theterminal who participate!

Así que, como dije ... ¡Tengo algunos #foodie Tokens que no están apostados, y ME ENCANTA el grupo Foodies! Entonces, para compartir el amor, ¡ofreceré los siguientes premios a los Redfish en @theterminal que participen!


¡Premios !


First Place: 50 Foodie Tokens

Second Place: 40 Foodie Tokens

Third Place: 30 Foodie Tokens

Primer lugar: 50 tokens para amantes de la comida

Segundo lugar: 40 tokens para amantes de la comida

Tercer lugar: 30 tokens para amantes de la comida

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For those of you that aren't Redfish at @theterminal and decide to participate (I hope some of you do!) I got you covered too! I will select a few of you, and provide some "Honorable Mentions", as well as some Curation love from my Thoughtful Daily Post Curation account, and the InnerBlocks Community. I want you to feel rewarded of course! But the main love is going to our Terminal Redfish

Para aquellos de ustedes que no Redfish en @theterminal y deciden participar (¡espero que algunos de ustedes lo hagan!) ¡Yo también los cubrí! Seleccionaré algunos de ustedes y proporcionaré algunas "Menciones de honor", así como un poco de amor por la curaduría de mi cuenta de curaduría de Publicaciones diarias reflexivas y de la comunidad de InnerBlocks. ¡Quiero que te sientas recompensado por supuesto! Pero el amor principal va a nuestra Terminal Redfish

So... you've got until midnight UTC May 1st to share your post's here in the comments! I look forward to seeing what everyone posts!

Entonces ... ¡tienes hasta la medianoche UTC del 1 de mayo para compartir tu publicación aquí en los comentarios! ¡Espero ver lo que publican todos!

Have questions about the contest or just questions about the Blockchain in general? Click the awesome image below!!

¿Tiene preguntas sobre el concurso o simplemente sobre Blockchain en general? ¡Haz clic en la impresionante imagen a continuación!

Some... not all, of the people and places I love!

Algunas ... no todas, ¡de las personas y lugares que amo!

Click on the banner to get redirected to the server. Art made by @tripode

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In loving memory. Miss you @wales...

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

By the way... the April Fool's was just to get your attention! No fooling here!

Por cierto ... ¡April Fool's fue solo para llamar tu atención! ¡No engañes aquí!


I'll throw 50 HIVE in the pot for ya, can divvy it up how you see fit 😎

Thank you brother... very kind of you! I'll be sure to utilize it in a positive way ✌

Great idea!

The "I have a small child and need to eat quickly" Sandwich -The Terminal April Fools #FOODIE Contest



Outstanding! Thanks for joining in, and best of luck my friend ✌

Thanks for letting me compete!


Appreciate you taking the time to participate in my contest! I do however have a question... When you use the following link @enlace is this your proof of sources for your photographs? I always recommend stating what photographs are yours with something like:

"All photographs are my own unless otherwise noted"

... or something to that effect. Conversely; a link for proper citation should always take you directly to the source, and provide the creator's details so as not to be accused of plagiarism. Just tips I share out of love, to make sure everyone is able to enjoy their journey on the Blockchain, and of course, to abide by the rules I stated in my contest.

Thank you again, for participating... and good luck!

¡Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para participar en mi concurso! Sin embargo, tengo una pregunta ... Cuando usa el siguiente enlace @ enlace, ¿es esta su prueba de fuentes para sus fotografías? Siempre recomiendo indicar qué fotografías son tuyas con algo como:

"Todas las fotografías son mías a menos que se indique lo contrario"

... O algo por el estilo. En cambio; un enlace para una cita adecuada siempre debe llevarlo directamente a la fuente y proporcionar los detalles del creador para no ser acusado de plagio. Solo comparto consejos por amor, para asegurarme de que todos puedan disfrutar de su viaje en Blockchain y, por supuesto, para cumplir con las reglas que establecí en mi concurso.

Gracias de nuevo por participar ... ¡y buena suerte!

Hello thank you for reading my post, I loved this initiative. First time I make one, since I'm new to HIVE. blog. All photos are their own, except where you place the Italian antipasto link. Thank you for the suggestion and I hope and you liked it.

Hahahaha, what a striking title! April Fools, which I suppose is the equivalent of a prank celebration. This contest is very striking, I can't wait to curate the entries that will come. A big greeting.

Jajajaja, ¡que título más llamativo! April Fools, que supongo es el equivalente a una celebración de bromas. Está muy llamativo este concurso, no puedo esperar para curar las participaciones que vendrán. Un gran saludo.

Hello my friend! I thought the title might cause both curiosity, AND smiles! Thank you for stopping by!

Your title caused interest, and I was able to curate some very interesting entries to your challenge. Greetings friend.


Appreciate your friendship, and support!

It's a cool title, I loved it!

Love your Foodie post!

Yum! You have been curated @sirenahippie on behalf of on #Hive. Thanks for using the #foodie tag. We are a tribe for the Foodie community with a unique approach to content and community and we are here on #Hive.

Join the foodie fun! We've given you a FOODIE boost. Come check it out at @foodiesunite for the latest community updates. Spread your gastronomic delights on and claim your tokens.

Join and Post through the Community and you can earn a FOODIE reward.


Thank you for your curation and kindness 🙏

I love sharing recipes. I think I'm gonna make my entry soon. Thanks my dear friend.


Look forward to seeing what you come up with! And thank you for the ENGAGE tokens!

Hello my friend! What a wonderful post, and the first contestant! Thank you for deciding to join in. Best of luck!

¡Hola mi amigo! ¡Qué publicación tan maravillosa, y el primer concursante! Gracias por decidir unirse. ¡Mucha suerte!

gracias amigo. me honra mucho que te haya gustado

@wesphilbin, Un concurso muy divertido, espero aprender con las recetas de los participantes y publicar la mía;-)

Thank you for visiting my blog! I look forward to seeing what recipes and creations you might bring!

¡Gracias por visitar mi blog! ¡Espero ver qué recetas y creaciones puedes traer!

Gracias querido amigo por esta linda iniciativa.

Hey @wesphilbin! This is fantastic! Go and stake your hard-earned FOODIE tokens. We just sent you some FOODIE tokens. Use them to fund your prizes! And that ain't no April Fools joke!

We love supporting community engagement like this. Good on you for putting it out there. Have FUN and cant wait to see all those entries.

VERY kind of you my friends! I've been trying to think of ways to not only help our Redfish at @theterminal, but to also get everyone doing things that bring enjoyment and positive energy.

Appreciate you taking the time to read this, and for your kindness and support ❤

Nice cooking contest. Wishing you all the success and hope all Redfish take advantage of it. I love food posts. Can't wait to see those entries.

Should be exciting to see what recipes are shared! Appreciate your kind words dear friend ❤

Great blog, i know you struggled, but you did great , good luck and add contest founder to your cv

That I did... I am always looking for ways to help spread positive energy as well as making people feel not only welcome, but like they are noticed, and appreciated.

Contest Founder for CV... Hmmm now you are making ME blush ☺

Es increible de seguro estaré participando!!

Hello my friend! Thanks for deciding to participate! Excited to see what you are cooking!

¡Hola mi amigo! ¡Gracias por decidirte a participar! ¡Emocionado por ver lo que estás cocinando!

Great, I can't wait to start participating. I love to make recipes

Some say food is the way to the heart! Look forward to seeing what ideas you might bring to the challenge!

On it BroSir! Show Time Soon... 😊


EXCUSE me!! Thanks for the visit BroSir, and looking forward to seeing what you have!

No pressure please... 😁

You Are Excused! 😁

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Thank you for the visit, and for continuing to help spread positive energy ✨


What a wonderful post! I appreciate you deciding to join in! Like I said in the description, I was not looking for pros lol. Please consider adding the device used to take your photos in each post, or add "All content is mine unless otherwise noted" to help your readers know you are the creator. Thanks again, and good luck!

¡Qué publicación tan maravillosa! ¡Aprecio que hayas decidido unirte! Como dije en la descripción, no estaba buscando pros jejeje. Considere agregar el dispositivo utilizado para tomar sus fotos en cada publicación, o agregue "Todo el contenido es mío a menos que se indique lo contrario" para ayudar a sus lectores a saber que usted es el creador. ¡Gracias de nuevo y buena suerte!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 49 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks for the Rehive!!

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That's a lot of replies! Appreciate your continued support and of course... Badges!

You're welcome @wesphilbin, that's with pleasure! Thanks for your feedback 😊

Hi, Wes, just wanted to say thanks for helping with the LUVbot. I think I got it to do what I wanted it to do. !LUV

@crrdlx ,
You are most welcome! I am glad you were able to get things sorted... and of course... appreciate what you are doing!

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This was a wonderful entry for my contest! I appreciate you taking the time to create such a delicious creation! Thanks again, and best of luck!

¡Esta fue una entrada maravillosa para mi concurso! ¡Aprecio que se haya tomado el tiempo para crear una creación tan deliciosa! Gracias de nuevo y mucha suerte.

Thank you so much


A wonderful creation for my contest! Thank you for participating! Best of luck my friend!


Thank you for joining in on my contest. I would however mention there were a few key guidelines missing as were provided in my rules. Best of luck to you!