#piratesunday: 2002 Canada 20 Dollar, Transport: The William D Lawrence

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” Blackbirds tend to like Shiny Things” ~ The Bloody Raven

A recent purchase under @ronavel’s Rules of Mint product acquisitions is the Royal Canadian Mint’s sister coin to the 2001 Canada 20 Dollar; The Marco Polo. Leaving the legendary Bluenose as the last one of the series to be acquired.

The William D Lawrence’s only historical claim is as the largest sailing ship built in the world in a time when Steamships were emerging as the reliable new engine of economics and power. With little to write about, a little fictional story is in order but first …

The Coin

2002 Canada 20 Dollar The William D Lawrence
Reverse; The William D Lawrence in Full sail, Colorized hologram ship inset
Artist: Bonnie Ross
Sterling Silver 0.925
Weight 31.1g

The last voyage as the W.D. Lawrence (fiction}

1883 North Atlantic to Liverpool

Donald didn’t sleep well last night.
“7:05 AM”, by habit he checked his pocket watch before another encounter before breakfast time.
There she was at the very fore of the ship relishing the wind blowing about her in a childlike amusement as a pair of gulls challenged each other a place on the jib. Today Colleen wore a smart dark grey Juliet fascinator, a ravishing dark grey Outing jacket over a white pinstripe blouse, matching grey Twill bustle skirt. She clutched a lace parasol in her left hand and her right white gloved hand rested on the bowsprint as she faced in the forward direction of the ship.
Unaware of his presence.

Donald D Lawrence tipped his spectacles atop of his nose, straighten the lapels of his frock coat, took a deep breath and strode towards Ms. Colleen Valette whom he had met for the first time at the Captain’s dinner table a few evenings prior. His heart pounded louder than usual since that first after dinner walk with her along the familiar deck of the very ship’s name after his Father William Dawson Lawrence. Up to now he had only reveled himself to her as just Donald Dawson.

2002 Canada 20 Dollar The William D Lawrence
Obverse; Queen Elizabeth II facing right
Legend: ELIZABETH II D · G · REGINA · 2001
Artist: Dora de Pédery-Hunt
Edge; Interrupted Serration
Reference KM#465

Donald was not like his Father, rather than be the son of a well-known Ship builder architect, writer nor even a desire to be a Politician. He was fascinated with numbers and became a fine Accountant in his own right and now numbers often related to the real world.
At hand, his task was the proper sale of his Father’s namesake ship, his pride and joy. After eight years of profitable service, The William D Lawrence is to be delivered to a Norwegian buyer for the handsome negotiated sum of $2,400,000. He did very well in his Father’s eyes and to express his growing confidence thus sent his son to close the deal as it should be. Donald also withheld this from Ms. Valette.

He was surprised that young Ms. Valette worked as an ordinary Teller at the Maitland Bank of Nova Scotia that his father did considerable business with, and she was sent by her Banking Manager Father back to England to consider a suitor suggested by the Family’s traditional Matriarch. She was born and raised in Halifax and hardly knew much about her English relatives and only do so under her Father’s authority until a proper suitor is found. She knew she would not fancy living in a big City like London as attested from her Sister’s letters.

2002 Canada 20 Dollar The William D Lawrence
Mintage of 35,994 as per Mint.ca
Mintage of 15,000 Proof as per Numista
38mm Diameter
Sixth coin of the Twelve Coin Transportation Series
Issue Price $64.95

Donald having been trained in finances at a business school near the City of London before returning to Canada to take up his father’s marine business. He validated her feelings of the crowded busy city, sooty and dreary streets and shirked at the English’s ungainly version of …well English. And agreed that he would be happier in Nova Scotia as well.

She was cheerful despite her personal feelings of being shipped off to some man she knew naught and a Bank manager most likely as her two older sisters discovered. She wanted to stay in Nova Scotia to familiar surroundings, her friends and associates she had grown up with in Halifax.
However, one thing that stood out is that her eyes took a brief fanciful gaze to him as she began to learn about his place in Nova Scotian affairs, his preparation plans to manage his Father’s business upon his return to Halifax. Without words he inadvertently returned her amorous gaze that betray his feelings to her as their hands touch in the simple gesture, “Penny for your thoughts?” She said.

1881 ”Penny for your thoughts?” Canada 1 Cent
Obverse; Queen Victoria facing left. Legend; VICTORIA DEI GRATIA REGINA.CANADA
Reverse; Maple leaves and vine. Legend; ONE CENT 1881, H
Bronze, Weight 5.67g
25.4mm Diameter, 1.5mm Thickness
H Heaton Mint, Mintage of 2,000,000
References, KM# 7, Schön# 5

Most amazing thing he learned about Ms. Valette is that she very much like his late mother in the same nurturing spirit, humble with clear dreams and expectations and remarkable of independent opinion. Yet reserved enough to be always of good company. But as each day they met their feelings grew stronger until he could no longer contain himself.
Each step he took became more resolute, “Ms. Colleen Valette.”
She turned and beheld Donald in his familiar handsome Light Grey Frock coat, Callahan Dress trousers and smart Powder blue River vest. “Why yes Mr. Dawson.”

In good manners Donald removes his top hat, “I must apologize for my contemptable lack of planning and my unforthrightness as well. I must be candid and confide to you my deepest and most faithful of intentions.”
Donald knelt before Me Valette and took her gloved hands within his. His passionate eyes gazed into her expectant brown doe eyes, speaking calmly and deliberately as if allowing her to carefully to weigh the totality of each word on the scale of purity, “ I do not have permission from your Father nor have in possession a suitable ring but a promise to honor in faithful trust to fulfill your expectations as your husband.”
Colleen’s eyes filled with tears only to be in contrast her lovely grin. A joyful grin that acknowledged what his heart already knew and pressed on, “So I ask you my Dear Ms. Colleen Valette, will it be your wish to accept thy hand in marriage as my wife for this man's life and forever more?"

Speechless now, Ms. Valette falls into his arms and both souls embraced in an unhindered emotional rush. For long moments they silently continued their embrace punctuated with sniffles of joy from her small frame. "I do, I do" as she whispered in Donald's ear. Then his lips found hers.

The familiar voice of Captain Stewart interrupted the moment, "I apologize Master Lawrence, I thought there was a problem here and I see you have the issue well at hand."

Colleen's eyes widened, "Master Lawrence? You're Donald D Lawrence?"

"Why, I was going to get to that unforthrightness part, my dear Colleen." Replied Donald.

The Ship

The William D. Lawrence, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic under Public Domain

The William D Lawrence Ship Specifications.
  • Ship Name: The Willian D Lawrence
  • Owner: Willian Dawson Lawrence and James Ellis
  • Port of Registry: Maitland, Nova Scotia
  • Tonnage: 2459 Gross Tons
  • Overall Sparred Length: 335 ft
  • Beam: 48 ft
  • Depth: 29 ft
  • Decks: 2
  • Sail Plan: Full Rigged ship
  • Launched: October 27, 1874
  • Fate: Sunk in 1891 Dakar

I hope you enjoyed this little romantic yet seaworthy feature

Thank you for stopping by my Pirate Blog today.

The #piratesunday tag is the scurvy scheme of Captain @stokjockey for #silvergoldstackers pirates to proudly showcase their shiny booty and plunder for all to see. Landlubbers arrrh…welcomed to participate and be a Pirate at heart so open yer treasure chests an’ show us what booty yea got!



1. Me own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons


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Mint.ca; Willian D Lawrence
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Complete Set 1991 – 2003 Transportation of Land, Sea, and Rail
W1; The William D. Lawrence, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic under Public Domain

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A definite buy, Thank you for showing it.

I've been sitting on a few of these on Ebay for quite sometime WATCHING Them until finally one Seller offered a whopping $10 off their selling price which was already well below Issue price with modest shipping and minor taxes it was a no brainer purchase.
Rest well Sis, I still know you're still Far from Par at this time.
Always, with love 🤗🌸💖

I sooo LOVE this shiny silver, and Thank you for finding all that information 😉🙏 interesting.
This is definitly a coin that I would love to have in my collection.
I love ships and this one is gorgeous.
Again my Stackitus wakes and makes me all... Thinking bad thoughts like... I want... I need 😁

Have a wonderful sunday my sweet Sister and awsome shiny.
Much love 🤗🌹❤️🤗

Its certainly a beautiful piece at an awesome price well below the original issue price.
I watch for the 2000 $20 Silver Bluenose version on Ebay like a hawk to finish this trio of the 12 coin set and like you Sis, I'm feeling a bit anxious to get what I want! But patience is the game and you got to have the cash ready to pounce on the opportunity. Focus, discipline, and plan like a ninja.
Writing this post really worked up the feeling of romance and adventure symbolized in sailing ships, I'm getting a restful weekend, I hope you enjoyed yours @saffisara

Oh wow, how exciting to see- for you to have, all of those beautiful pieces of treasure!

And I loved the story...if you want to keep writing it, I'll very happily keep reading it...lol...😃 Ooh ooh ooooh, maybe you could keep the story running through with every new collection you get, they could have a globetrotting life through your silver collecting! lol...

Thanks so much @kerrislravenhill for sharing the information, the history and the education!

Loved it! 😀

I love to collect old silver coins, I enjoy studying economic history and I used to be a Historical Romance junkie too.
Hence the style of my posts.
Dull historical facts SPICED UP into a relevant fictional story while keeping the facts accurate.
I was going to add a bit of pirate monkey business but it would make this post too long.
Working on finishing my Fictional arc on Mexican Silver coins that is now Ten episodes deep already and working on Part 11 now,
Sister Teresa D'Mordecai Part 10 has links to the previous 9 and I've included the back links too.
It is but one story of a much greater Chronicles of the Bloody Raven.

Oh wow, I am really impressed and really can't wait to read Chronicles of the Bloody Raven too!

And that's also why I love Clive Cussler so much- the treasure hunting, the (factual) history, then the fictional adventure stories in them full of everything- romance, politics, pirates, treasure, intrigue, car chases, ...everything!

You would love the collection of early 1900 coins that my mum collected- not silver, but I think maybe copper/brass combination back then...

Mum loved her gold, but I loved my silver jewelry...still do.

Beautiful coin and story. Your story gives life to the history of your purchase. I love stories of pirates, ships, treasures, and adventures. In fact, all types of sea adventures. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely coin and story.

I'm just as dedicated to collecting lovely silver coins and passionate of writing Seaworthy stories filled with adventure, treasure, drama and sneak in a bit of romance from time to time while maintaining the historical facts.

I Write my fiction around events as if I was in the story myself as the Bloody Raven.

SELFIE: The Bloody Raven in her Combat attire.
"Arhhh, Ever try to fight wearing a steel boned corset?" ☠️

great story, I am a sucka for Historical Romances, used to read some series when I was like 14 that was pretty vanilla, really beautiful coin

All Writers have their days, I've read my fair share especially with used paperbacks going for a dime each, you never know what you got until you read them and find the odd gem of a book or chapter.
Thanks for dropping in @battleaxe

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As a teenager I watched the Onedin Line (tv serie) about the last sailing cargo ships of Liverpool. It followed the family/captain etc who went down (financially ) because of the new steamships. Beautifull trailer it has.

It was eventual that Sailing ships were coming to an end as far as commercial and economical reasons are concerned. After all Sailing ships required high maintenance and labor intensive to operate. When the William D Lawrence came out , Steamers have been already in service operating in rivers and channels for a few decades already with the some propeller driven Steamships making Trans-Atlantic crossings.
But Sailing ships are still enjoyed as some are still operating and preserved as training ships, special event , ambassadorial and public relations exhibitions.
And, I found the Onedin Line Series on YouTube
Thanks @goldrooster

Wow. I am blown away by your post. I never thought about a coin having such a story. It's so pretty too.

I like economic history and I used to be a Historical Romance junkie too.
Hence the style of my posts.
Dull historical facts spiced up into a relevant fictional story while keeping the facts accurate.
I was going to add a bit of pirate monkey business but it would make this post too long.
Working on finishing my Fictional arc on Mexican Silver coins that is now Ten episodes deep already and working on Part 11 now,
Sister Teresa D'Mordecai Part 10 has links to the previous 9

I really enjoy the style! Keep it up!!!!!

Scurvy, YES, but Fair........Nicely Done @kerrislravenhill

Think of it as "Terms of Endearment" between friends meant in the utmost respect between Pirates. ;)
It's also deemed official 'Pirate Poetry Langwich' Lol!

I love your stories much more than I love the coins depicted. Please notice that my love for coins is almost infinite...

I understand that we each have our own passions and desires @ronavel. Knowing that we share our common interests with the same fervor builds that sense of unity and camaraderie in our community. One day, our ship will indeed come in. And it better be my 18th century English light frigate. ☠️

What a great piece I wanted to be a pirate 🏴‍☠️ from young age and I love the ship in the blog. The story the info and ofcourse the coin. Well done and that on your limited time wow. Have a great Sunday blog soon

I'm always a Pirate in my imagination ever since I was a little pirate Princess sailing a magnificent cardboard box with a breve crew of dolls and stuffies. Eating all those gold foiled Chocolate pirate coins and I have the dental records to prove it. And played with my father's coin collection.
SELFIE ALERT! Here I am aboard a Spanish Galleon, El Condoria, as THE BLOODY RAVEN, in my combat attire. And yes, I have a Chinese broad sword over my shoulder.☠️

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Ysy! My Alliance Fam! Thank you!

Nicely done as always @kerrislravenhill! Thank you for sharing your talent and of course, the silver! Take care and have a good night!

The research for this coin was dull, and unremarkable at first dive. I then looked up the Builder and owner. VOILA! Perfect background for a little fiction to spice the blog up!
Thanks for dropping in @elizabethbit

I love to read your stories! They are awesome and the fact that you get to throw in silver adds to it! Take care @kerrislravenhill!

I love how this awesome silver coin comes in a black velvet display case @kerrislravenhill, very classy!!😀

Actually, I got this coin with only the capsule as the Seller give me an additional discount so I got a great price. I hoped for the COA but based on my research it was really much other than touted as "The largest sailing ship ever."
So I used the case from the Marco Polo. 😏
And the gold watch belonged to my Great Grandfather as a prop.
Thanks for commenting @silvertop

Still very nice @kerrislravenhill!!!🤗
I will never tell, Lol...nice post my friend!!!!

Great looking coin, and a nice story too 👍

Epic looking coin, dull history, needed some spicing up for that fictional yet historical context.
Thank you for dropping in @djohan

I wouldn't have guessed that it could would be worth that much even though it is striking :)

I put a part of my savings into gold and silver, but I set aside some for collection old and even newer silver coins if the price is right and the theme of the coin resonates with my collecting style and preference. Perhaps a few for Collectable or numismatic reasons. I enjoy learning of economic and social history too. My primary collecting theme has always been my love of the sea and stories of the Privateers and Pirate adventures of the golden age. So sailing ships are a part of that theme. Each coin I get hides a treasure and it's the story is what I unearth.
Thanks for dropping a comment @seadbeady

Your story makes the coin memorable! Nicely done!

I don't just collect, I explore and discover as well as save a legacy for my children and grandchildren if I ever get any.
Every silver coin I get hides a treasure just waiting to be unearthed and that Treasure is the story of the coin.
I didn't get the original Certificate of Authenticity anyway.
Thanks for dropping a comment @melinda10100

You are marvelous at finding the treasure!

nice coins, I'm also starting to collect numismastics, although I also collect comics, vintage toys, etc.

It can be nice to have a variety of interests under a common theme.
My Hive Shtick, as I can best describe it, is a culmination of;
my disciplined program of saving in the form of hard assets (Precious metals),
my coin collecting,
my love of History,
my habit of reading too many of those cheesy Historical Romance paperbacks,
and having way too much fun under the guise of the seafaring Pirate The Bloody Raven rolled up into one crazy style.
I do own a few comics; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Numbers 1,2,3 & 5.
Everyone can use a hobby. 😃

Thanks for comment @damoclesart,
If you have questions on Numismatics or like an opinion there is an entire community you can draw from at #silvergoldstackers