Dreemer of the Year... Who will take the crown?

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PLEASE - IF YOU WANT TO JOIN IN... FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS WELL!! and SAVE THIS POST as a reference if you need it! It will also be on the DreemPort HomePage

p.s. at the bottom - there will be an EASY way to earn your FIRST 25 points for the leaderboard... don't forget to check for it!!

We knew that December was going to be held especially for DreemPort to finish the year with our dreemers in a special way. It's been an unpredictable year - with so many surprises (both good and bad) and we simply wanted to wrap up this 2022 year in a beautiful gift bag with lots of ribbons, balloons, confetti, giggles and love!

What better way to do that - than to have a Beauty Pageant. hahaha

Well - not a traditional beauty pageant complete with ball gowns and swimsuit competitions - but rather, a collection of competitions where we will tally up the points earned - and make the GRAND announcement of DREEMER OF THE YEAR, where they will reign for the full year of 2023. STAFF - YOU CAN PLAY ALONG TOO!!! THERE ARE LOTS OF PRIZES AND FUN!!! BUT STAFF CANNOT BE NAMED DREEMER OF THE YEAR. That's the ONLY thing off limits for staff - but the rest is for you to join in and play too!

Sound fun? Ok - here are the details!

When is it?

December 1-22.

How do we earn points?

There are a variety of events throughout the month of December. Some posting challenges, Some engagement challenges, Some "attendance" marathons, some "hidden clues to find", and more!!! I'll show you the calendar and you can make your plans as to how you'll compete for the most points!!!

Here is the calendar

It will look very busy - but once you make your own plan for how you'd like to earn your points - GO WITH IT!!! Click on the image below to zoom in, or download the image and print it out for yourself to stay on top of all deadlines!


Before December 1 hits - you can start promoting the contest all around. For every place you promote - you'll earn 5 Dreemie points. Share this post on Twitter? Earn 5 points. Share the word on a Leo Thread? Another 5 points. Make a little YouTube Short about it? 5 points again! There is no limit to how you share -

Simply paste the links where you promoted on 👉THIS SURVEY👈, and we will keep track of all your points for you!

Yes, you can start RIGHT NOW. But all surveys must be filled in with your promotional links by November 30, 8pm PST. You can literally begin NOW, racking up those points!!!

On the FIRST day of the challenge - December 1

We will be heading to PYPT for the official launch of the Dreemer of the Year Event. EVERYONE who shares a post of theirs - or a friend's post - will be earning 10 points FOR EACH POST SHARED! So don't be shy!!! Share and earn and RACK UP THOSE POINTS!!

See??? the calendar looks busy- but it's stuff that MOST of you are already doing! Now you're just getting points for it!!!

And what about those little symbols on the calendar? If you look to the right of the page, youll see the description of what they mean - and they're pretty simple!

These are QUICK AND EASY tasks that are available everyday , and every point will move you higher up that leaderboard!!! But do you HAVE to do everything on the calendar??? NOPE. Do whatever you think gives you the best chance to win! But... have fun! If you're not having fun - pull back to the things that actually ARE fun for you!!!

Here are the daily options that are available to you!

The @ecency e is for everyday engagement - Starting on Dec 1 (Thursday) and ending on the following Wednesday - to begin again on Thursday for the next week! We will be taking a screenshot at NOON PST. to see who is in the TOP 10 on the daily leaderboards. How do you get up there? By using the @ecency front end to POST, COMMENT, UPVOTE, and more. Most of you dreemers are familiar with how that works since we have had a LOT of fun with @Ecency in the past! But if you're not familiar - head over to 👉their discord channel👈 here for all the help you can get!! @melinda010100 ahd @beeber are two of the best people to help you with all things Ecency!

The GREEN CHECKMARK - just symbolizes that it's a day you can submit ANY post from your blog - even if it's an oldie but goodie!!! You do NOT have to write a new post each day. On days where you dont' have time to write - simply choose one of your older favorites from the past, and submit that to DreemPort! Just be sure it aligns to our Guidlines! The posts MUST past screening in order to earn your points. How many points do you get for submitting 5 days of the week? (From Thursday to next Thursday) You get 100 POINTS! but you MUST submit Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday and WEdnesday in order to get that week's Bonus points!!! we are rewarding CONSISTENT dreemers with these points!!!

the YELLOW STAR - is simply for curation! On Thursday, December 1 - start curating your 5 random posts on DreemPort! Keep this up everyday - and earn your 100 Dreemie Points for CONSISTENT CURATOR! Just like the submissions - they MUST BE DONE everyday - Starting on December 1, Thursday , Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday to earn the full 100 Dreemie points. If you miss a day- simply start again on the following Thursday and cheer everyone else on during PYPT! :)

Since the FIRST WRITTEN POST is due on December 2

I'm giving you time now to start thinking about what to write!!! It is just like any other DreemPort Challenge post. It must be submitted INTO DreemPort by 4pm PST on December 2.

The Topic:


So many things are happening in crypto right now. So many projects, so many scams, so many new things that are promising on the horizon... Put on your reporting hat, and get us a fabulous, detailed, juicy, exciting story on something in our crypto world. Maybe it's a new project on Hive? Maybe see if you can grab yourself an interview? Maybe you can get the scoop on some great news that you'll be the first to release? What about those Hive films? Think you might get some exciting scoops there? @psyberx? What about an interview with a whale? GO BIG! Thrill and captivate us! Make this a super polished, well-written, fun piece of journalism that gets our juices flowing for crypto!!!

Same rules apply as always.

Meet all of DreemPort's guidelines. Proper image sourcing. No copyright infringement or plagiarism. Nothing beyond PG-13 rating. and - make sure its shared into DreemPort by 4pm PST on Dec 2.


Additional points earned for claiming a top 5 ranking!

I'm giving you A LOT of info.... but it's all that you need for that first week! If you wait, you'll miss out on precious points! My advice is to start early and start gaining points to push you up the leaderboard early!!!!

It might seem intimidating, but once you start with PYPT - you'll see - the rest just flows like normal!

I will explain more for the following weeks in another post - you have MORE THAN ENOUGH to get you started!!!

Wanna know the prizes?

This post is too long already. hehe - I'll let you know tomorrow for Sublime Sunday!!

You can be sure to follow the #dreemeroftheyear tag to not miss any updates!!!

Thanks to @shadowspub, @jamerussell, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kenechukwu97, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971 and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

Images used:
Social media balls
PYPT logo, created by @shadowspub
ecency logo, owned by @ecency


What a fun way to close out the year 😎😍💗🙏

Fun question answered !LOLZ

I have my thinking cap on...

...and 22 posts in 22 days... Ms. Dreems... you gonna be the death of me hahaha



that's not 22 posts in 22 days lol

it's only THREE posts in the whole challenge.

and the rest are just old posts that you want to share with the world hehehe

lol but when I share all my posts anyway in Dreemport...I have no oldies to share... so yep for me? It's 22 new posts! 🤣!LOLZ

Being a waiter may not be a very glamorous job
But at least it puts food on the table.

Credit: reddit
@dreemsteem, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @samsmith1971

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I wonder @dreemsteem , if we can share someone else's posts as ambassadors for gaining those points? 🤔

I am so excited!!!!
This is definitely going to be so much fun!!!!!! Lol... I can't stop smiling.

Dreemer of the year... Who's gonna win that crown?!!!

This is an awesome idea Dreemie, I bet a lot of us would love it and I can't wait to start getting my points stacked up 😁

All the best Dreemers, you can do it almost effortlessly.

HEHEHEHE I'm so excited tooooooooooooo its gonna be the best fun way to end the year! hehehe

did you see the way to get yhour first 25 points at the bottom of the post??? hehehehe

Oooops I think I missed that 😅
I'll go check it again

i just edited it - because i forgot to put it in there the first time hahahaah so refresh the page and scroll down hehehehe

Oh alright, noted

It's done
What a fun question! Lol

And "it has begun" in shang Tshung voice

hahahahahhaa it will be so fun!!!

start promoting and earning those points to climb the leaderboard hehehe

Well, play and earn some points trying to be the queen. Thank you very much for such a beautiful invitation. @dreemsteem

hehehehe yes....grab that beautiful crown!!! hahahaha

you are so welcome for the invitation!!! 🥰


Tis mine🤩

hahaha that's the spirit! The game is on!!! I think the competition will be fierce and friendly 🤣😍You may have to fight @hopestylist for it... I have a feeling she is going to be her usual force to contend with !LOLZ

@hopestylist got nothing on me😂😂

You're absolutely right, I got nothing on you, this is not really about the strongest or fastest, it has to do with strategy and I know you've got that so you have 50% chance of making a difference, hehehe.

What kind of trick is this😂😂

Trick? What trick is that? 😂😂

You tell me😂😂

You tell me😂😂

Hahaha, you are right Sam, I'm determined to make it really fun for all Dreemers by making it really fierce, hehehe. Well, I'm sure this will make others serious and I will have a lot who will be contending with me 😂😂


the prize package is coming out today! be sure to check it out hehe

Ummh. Okay. Reading this was just goodies after goodies. I'm like, ‘wait, slow down, how do I keep up?’ hehe.

This is awesome and thrilling for real. Just participating in it would be exciting.

I'm like, ‘wait, slow down, how do I keep up?’

Hahaha, it happened to me too. I had to literally make small notes at every point to keep up... Lol

I believe it is going to be fun.

Yeah. Me too. 🙌

and if you try to take it all in ...you'll get overwhelmed. hehehe

so just focus on part 1.

and that is promoting the fun....

once you start promoting it out... submit the links on the survey to start earning points and get onto the leaderboard hehehe

I'll take your advice very seriously. I've saved the post to read again. Hehe.


It is gona be super fun. Every day tasks. It's gona be like a race 🏃 🏃...

but some of the tasks are what normal dreemers are already doing...so that's easy!

there are.three posts to write in the whole challenge.

then...one surprise fun trip around the blogiverse hehehehe

that's easy too...but I'll wait to explain that one so people don't get overwhelmed

and the rest is just engagement and finding clues hehehe

it will be fun! hahaha

I know with Dreems, everything is fun 😘

If you wait, you'll miss out on precious points!

I am not even waiting. I just got my first 25 points. 💃💃💃💃

I hope the universe will grant me the strength to follow through with the rest especially PYPT... I always seem to remember this event when the meeting is almost over 🥺

By the way, does anyone else notice our ecency points aren't been converted anymore? 🥺 I have tried using it to curate posts and always get a refund.

Promoting this post would be easy but my Twitter account had been banned. I guess I have to create another one. I'll definitely need my fellow dreemers to follow me. I'll look for them and follow too 🥺🙌

Dreemie, Thanks for this..... We are going to end the year in an awesome way 😆💃💃💃🙌🙌🙌

@dreemsteem, the points we are earning are Dreem tokens right? Like I'll get a 100 Dreem tokens for actively curating posts and submitting my posts on dreemport every week respectively right? 🥺

my Twitter account had been banned. I guess I have to create another one.

What did you do to Elon Musk? 🤔🤣

Hahahah 😂😂

That was even before he bought Twitter oo 😂😂


I opened an account twice... And got suspended. I left Twitter alone. I just told myself, 'Twitter is not for me'...Lol

I have heard these banning stories but I never understood why they do so

I don't know either 🥺

This morning, I woke up to another subtle one, but I followed the guide to clear their doubts and they have left me for a while

I hope I finally get to keep this particular account 🥺

hahahahahhHHaha yeah just get a new account if you like! lol

hey Iska... if you follow ecency in their discord you will see that they have recently been saying that due to Hive's low value their VP has dropped and this means that they can't boost as many posts as before... they recommend that people try boosting at lower values. Also they curate the requested boosts so they are looking for quality in every boost request... I know your posts are great quality so I'm fairly certain that this latter aspect doesn't pertain to you... but for anyone else reading this comment it may add a little insight. !LUV

Oh. Thanks Sam. Next time, I'll try to reduce the value of the boost. Thanks, again ☺️

nope ..they are points
you will still get your normal Dreem tokens for your normal.dreemport duties

but now we are ADDING in Dreemie points for this challenge!

whoever has the most points at the end ..will be the Dreemer of the Year! hehehe

and all.thr prizes that come with that will be announced today!!!!!

but don't worry....even though there is only one Dreemer of the Year...

EVERYONE will have lots of chances to get presents under the Dreemie tree hehehe

also ...you can reblog
you can put it on Facebook...put it on Instagram..create your own post on hive... make a Leo thread naming the contest.. lots of ways to promote hehhee

Exciting.. And a lot of prizes for sure. I guess I know where to promote this hehe..

hahahaha you can promote anywhere you think is a good idea!!!!

some people want Instagram....some YouTube..some write posts...some Twitter...some in the comment section tagging people...heheheh

and you get points for each one!!! just send the link of the promotion to the survey!!! :)

I'm sure I'm missing some of our newest dreemers!!! this list hasnt' been updated!
so if you notice someone that isn't here - that would like to be - please tag them!? :)

@jane1289, @juliamulcahy, @bluefinstudios, @acgalarza, @samsmith1971, @wrestlingdesires, @sacra97,@palomap3, @oceanbee, @unklebonehead, @ngwinndave,
@hannes-stoffel, @kei2, @nkemakonam89, @lordtimoty, @anonymous02, @nickydee, @george-dee, @mypathtofire, @iskafan, @creatr, @melinda010100, @buezor, @idksamad78699, @joseph23, @merit.ahama, @cool08, @b0s, @mrenglish, @hopestylist, @maryjacy, @fragozar01, @beeber, @kenechukwu97, @ayesha-malik, @sacra97, @jpatrick28, @blackdaisyft, @deraaa, @ijohnsen, @anonymous02, @fragozar01, @simgirl, @dwixer, @blackalbino1, @depressedfuckup, @intishar, @edystringz, @maryjacy, @amberkashif, @itsostylish, @officialrosh1, @moontrader, @tengolotodo, @cescajove, @olujay, @ijohnsen, @chincoculbert, @whywhy, @kemmyb, @zyzymena, @aroojkhalid, @snook, @mcyusuf, @onyinye.nmeri85, @sommylove, @ksam, @raj808, @melinda010100, @jfuji, @dibblers.dabs, @litguru, @ifarmgirl, @coquicoin, @esther-emmanuel, @mmykel, @adoore-eu, @zonniasparkle, @darthsauron, @stevemuis @samsmith1971, @snook , @mypathtofire, @dreemsteem, @beeber, @tengolotodo, @anonymous02, @ksam, @itsostylish, @grocko, @hannes-stoffel, @kemmyb, @george-dee, @nickydee, @deraaa, @belleflower, @b0s, @buezor, @hopestylist, @merit.ahama, @darthsauron, @wrestlingdesires, @kei2, @dwixer, @whywhy, @amberkashif, @mrenglish, @jpatrick28, @juliamulcahy, @creatr , @fragozar01, @nkemakonam89, @marbrym, @joseph23, @intishar, @litguru, @palomap3, @bluefinstudios, @ahmadmanga, @ngwinndave, @cool08, @officialrosh1, @danokoroafor, @sam9999, @grindan

@actordontee @schola.kosy you two might be interested in this... It's going to be so much fun 🥰😁

Thank you so much, I'm in

hehehehe nicely done ...make sure you send that link to the survey to show that you just used a comment to promote!!!! smart thinking!!!!

Yeeey.. I'm in!!! This is Going to be so Much fun and who don't want to end this year in something special way!

that's right!!!!! start promoting it out so you can start earning points on the leaderboard hehdhe

Gonna thread in and tweeeeeet.

don't forget to share all your promotion links on the survey....that's how we track it hehehe

Ahaha... Dreeeeemie Thanks for making all these rule clear 🥺😍 you're Awesome!

This would really be amazing 😃😃 @dreemsteem rock on

I'm really amazed at how you and maybe some others come up with these fun activities for your dreemers, well it's obvious that it is all because of your love for your dreemers and the purity of the port, hehehe, nice one Dreemie, this is super awesome!!! I'm totally ready for this upcoming challenge especially for the fact that I missed the previous one 🥺.

Well, let the fun begin, this sounds like everyone is going to be a winner and I'm not surprised at all, you always make everyone know they are worthy no matter how little they do and I truly appreciate you for that Dreemie.

Well, @quduus1 I think you won't want to miss this challenge trust me, hehehe and you too @temmylade @moremoney28 @patakwashj @mosesessien and you too @samostically 🥰.

Let's come on board guys, let's end the year with fun, don't you think? 💃💃💃.

I'm in.... I love happy endings 😆

That's good to know dear, I will dm you to show you how to open your dreemport account, hehe. Or you can try doing it yourself and just ask questions if you have any. Just click on this link and follow all the instructions https://staging.dreemport.com/

I'll with the first option of DM 😆😆

Hahaha, when you dm me that is the first thing you will have to do actually, lolz. Just click on the link and follow the instructions, if you have any questions, just send me a screenshot

Thanks dear 🤗 will check it out

Please do dear, have you checked it out now? Here is another post of the prizes to be won https://ecency.com/hive-152889/@dreemsteem/so-much-sublime-fun also check it out, hehe

Yea and I will go through this now as well

That's nice, please do 🥰

Sure 😍

Hope you are following the challenge well? We will be having meeting soon on the dreemport discord channel, hope you are ready?

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~~~ embed:1598092743523577857 twitter metadata:MTU4Nzc4MTYxODI1NjcyMzk2OHx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS8xNTg3NzgxNjE4MjU2NzIzOTY4L3N0YXR1cy8xNTk4MDkyNzQzNTIzNTc3ODU3fA== ~~~

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @samsmith1971, @dwixer, @ayesha-malik, @seki1, @geelocks, @ksam ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.


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Agree Captain where Dreemies started and how smoothly Dreemport is operating 🥺 eyes are wet by recalling the efforts wait 🙄 it's already the end of the year so no more drama should be submitted. Hmm prizes and challenge everything looks accurate Nah, competition everywhere, who will snatch the crown of best Dreemer 😁 Kene, Sam, Kemmy, Merit and Amber are benched lol.

This is absolutely interesting and fun to be part of, hopefully I have some time for this. (Exams around the corner) 😁 no how I will put in my best to stay active once in a while

Ahhhh... Pleeeeeeeaaasssssssseeee.... Pleaese. Don't leave me

This is gonna be fun and they ain't no busy schedule as much like that since it's something we have been doing already. It's end of the year already and looking forward to theDREEMER OF THE YEAR 😘😘 Lots of prizes indeed 💃💃💃💃💃

Wow 😮 this looks like fun and also you get to earn in return, so it's a win win all the way.

Am sure taking part in this 💯

Thanks darling 😍 @hopestylist for the invite.

@adeife2 and @actordontee, you guys should see this

Thank you dear

You are welcome