PKM - PeakMonsters Token and Airdrop

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PKM is an utility token on the Hive-Engine side-chain used as a reward for PeakMonsters users and to provide special functionality to PeakMonsters users.


This post is an announcement and an introduction. Full Official Details of the PKM token will be on


We have been asked for years about creating tokens for our projects (PeakD and PeakMonsters) but we have said that we would only do so if we could find really good UTILITY for the tokens... well that day has come for and for our loyal users (at no extra cost)


  1. To determine who Peakmonsters will share profits with
  2. To create PeakMonsters user specific tournaments
  3. To validate creation of new special features for loyal PeakMonsters users only

We have many plans we will announce in the future. However, if you have new features we can create for PKM usage submit and vote on the suggestions here:

View the full details here

March 7th - Announcement and creation of PKM
March 14th - Start of the PKM:SPS pool with initial liquidity provided by the team (Buying enabled)
March 18th - First PeakMonsters tournament (w/ PKM rewards)
March 21st - Start of Large Transaction Bonus-Airdrops
March 23rd - "The Big Airdrop" for last 52 weeks
March 24th - Start of PKM:SPS reward pool
March 30th - Start of the weekly airdrops



PeakMonsters team has decided to give tokens to our loyal users as an airdrop. The airdrop is based on two key metrics: Yearly Volume and Large Transaction Bonus.

Each large market purchase is rewarded a small amount of PKM. We presently consider larger transactions being transactions $10 and up. The number of tokens increases the larger the transaction is. View the table on this page

On the 23rd of march we will reward users for the last 52 weeks of volume based on your Tier. It is based on a .3x of your yearly market volume for your tier. View the table on this page

We estimate this to be about 2-2.5 million tokens, but not possible to give the exact number as tiers change daily

Starting March 30th we will continue to distribute at a weekly rate. View the table on this page

Based on market activity at today's market activity around 55k a week.



View the full details here
Tokens are distributed based on market activity... the more users and the more activity the more tokens will be distributed.

There is a max of 500 million tokens however at today's market activity the airdrop may last ~100 years. But with a 10x in activity then the airdrop can last at least 10+ years.



  • INITIAL AIRDROP (estimate) = 2 - 2.5 Million


What to do with PKM?

PKM is a Hive-Engine token and as such you can use it freely on Tribaldex or BeeSwap
When you get tokens airdropped (or purchased from markets) you will be able to make the decision what to do with them. Some common use case for it:

  • HOLD: They will be your token you can choose to do nothing with them and just "hodl" them and perhaps see if they go up in price.
  • USE: We plan to make new advanced services for our loyal users only that will require PKM. Also to begin with we will create tournaments that require PKM for entry.
  • POOL: You will be able to combine PKM into a liquidity pool with SPS and receive some of the marketplace profits when you do that.
  • SELL: There will be an option to swap PKM for SPS and the ability to exchange with other users for SWAP.HIVE on sites like TribalDex. You can also BUY.


The PKM:SPS Liquidity Pool

More details here

We are distributing profits from to the the reward pool for the PKM:SPS liquidity providers.

We want the PKM tokens to not just exist but to be able to be bought and sold and to have liquidity and price stability. These things are possibility via Liquidity Pools. We are pairing PKM together with SPS which is Splinterlands main token "Splintershards".


  • Team members have committed to adding 210,000 SPS to the liquidity pool
  • PeakMonsters is adding $20k+ of tokens to the reward pool for liquidity providers (The liquidity mentioned above is not eligible to earn from reward pool)
  • To start we are adding 1 million PKM to the reward pool.
  • PeakMonsters will be adding more tokens to that reward pool on an ongoing basis depending on market activity. Most months will be above $3k worth of tokens.

Each month we will donate some profits to tournaments as requested by tournament organizer.

NOTE: There is no pool of PKM that is freely available for tournament prizes so any PKM awarded during tournament must have been purchased by PeakMonsters or collected via tournament entry fees.

In essence you're rewarded with a token when using market. You get another bonus reward if you put some extra skin in the game and stake it together with SPS into a pool. Putting that into the pool gives the token extra stability and utility and that's why wants to give extra financial incentive to add to the Liquidity Pool.

Feel free to ask questions which we may add to the FAQ section of the website

PeakMonsters and Splinterlands links:

Other Social Media accounts:


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Awesome new development here! Looking forward to those sweet sweet liquidity pools 💪

Yep we are putting quite a lot in there to start with. Well a lot for our little company. And if PKM goes up in value there will be a ton of PKM in there as well.

well I must say I use PeakMonsters to review stats and everything all the time. I haven't used it for trading but that's about to now change ;) You all have done great work on that site

ill definitely be trading there from now on!

Very interesting! I think this is a very good incentive to buy from you guys!!! Great initiative!

This is awesome you guys!! But you know what would be even more awesome? If you included people who use peakmonsters for their rentals. I haven't used peakmonsters to buy cards in years, I think last time was 2018? But I have been using it regularly for my rentals. Surely you can reward people for using your platform for their renting needs?

Hey @bearone, we're glad that you find it awesome!!

If you included people who use peakmonsters for their rentals.

Unfortunately, this is technically not possible at the moment due to the lack of rental stats and huge number of micro transactions. If we find a way to do this in the future, we'll definitely be adding rental transactions!

@jarvie and @asgarth this is very cool. I think its a very creative way to reward peakmonsters customers and there's not doubt that people are going to love it. Great job!

If PKM is enable to play tournaments via this token, then it will be more awesome. This is avery good initiative for all splinterlands active users.

If PKM is enable to play tournaments via this token

We are working on it 🙃

Sweet I only use Peakmonsters so it is pretty dope to be getting an airdrop. I am just a little guy but I will still be getting some tokens. So I appreciate it!!

glad you like it!

Wow, this is great. Being able to reward your loyal followers is fantastic. There are a big bunch of people who can't wait for this to happen. Thanks

Amazing news, the @oneup-cartel has your back on that. This looks like something for our portfolio. !1UP


Very cool, I guess I should of been buying here the whole time. Will these drops reward sellers or just buyers? Thanks.

Tiers are based on market buys.

Thanks for the update.

Very interesting, I will increase my transaction with peakmonster

Love to see, nice innovation and im sure you guys make something nice of it.😃 just curious would it not been possible to just use SPS for all this? why the extra token? woulnt it make sense to use a existing system?

We don't own or control SPS so wouldn't have been able to work... BUT we will add SPS to the reward pool for those that add their PKM to liquidity pool. And the liquidity pool is paired with SPS.

This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

(In a good way of course!)

Hey guys, so I cannot sign into peak monsters. I've tried both ways, using hivesigner, also using splinterlands password,it says password or username incorrect. Since dreemit is my only username since 2016, lol, it's not that. But I use both hivesigner and my splinterlands password often, so I know they're correct. So yeah, would love to know what's going on.

Nevermind, got it to work:)

Glad you got it working

Realmente muy interesante😎

That's a great news!

The 'party' just keeps going. Awesome news!

Would be better to airdrop like Uniswap did imo...any account that used pkm before this date gets an equal share. Leads to much healthier distribution of the token. Current plans will lead to whales having the very, very large majority of tokens.

Still cool though.

This is interesting to see what will happen with this one.

Hrmmmm. Interesting.

I want you to do good, soooo I have to say something.

There is an issue, however. BUG / WARNING - Take note ...

What if I have 2 accounts or more, I list a card for sale for let's say $500, and buy it with my other account. I pay the shop fee, but then earn the airdrop, and my hive, I keep doing this back and forth, or with a few different accounts and rack up a hell`a large airdrop with not really using the system and spending only a little to game the system and the Air Drop. :/

Perhaps an edge problem, but it's like wash trading and could wreck an air drop like this.

Hope ths helps in some way..

Understood your point, but only purchases made on PeakMonsters with a valid market fee will qualify for the airdrop (both transaction and the yearly volume).

So doing what you suggested will give you more tokens for sure, but at the expense of market fee. Let's say you do this with a $250 card. You will spend about $10 in fee for each transaction. And you qualify for 35 PKM immediate airdrop. Also that will make you tier 4 and this means additional 75 PKM over the next year for a total of 110 PKM.

I think you will be able to just save time and use the hive-engine market to get those tokens. My bet is that $10 USD will allow you to purchase more than 110 PKM (otherwise the PKM price will be close to the current SPS price and that will be quite impressive for sure).

Lol, Thanks for the math on this.

I am not suggesting I would try this tactic out. I just want you to have success and hedge against harmful actors.

But yes, I agree... hmmm... then who knows... what if it up to $1 a token? BAM. :D

Sending !LUV and !PIZZA bro.

Side note and unrelated (ish). I am the manager over on D.Buzz, if you ever want to talk about integrating with D.Buzz, like a way to buzz card sales, or do a joint contest, or ... let me know. I am a fan of your work!

For sure, thanks 👍

Awesome to see profit sharing return and it brings a token with it <3

Ooooh, nice!

Another lovely airdrop surprise and one I'm really excited about! Happy with all that peakmonsters brings to the table in terms of ease of use, stats and asset management options but now getting rewards on top of that is crazy.

Looking forward to this!

Awesome, Plans to accept for rentals?

yea I agree kinda sucks they didnt include rentals

Hi @skybuds-gaming and @lvlup! As Asgarth mentioned above, tracking rental volume is technically not possible at the moment due to the lack of rental stats and huge number of micro transactions. If we find a way to do this in the future, we'll be adding rental transactions.

No I meant is the token gonna be accepted for rentals at all.

oops, there are no plans yet on that

sounds like a great new token that can make the game more exciting and maybe more people will look at investing in to the game as well as the new token, PKM to the Moon


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These are awesome news; Peakmonsters just keeps getting better! Cheers to you! !BEER

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Cool! I've shared this post on Listnerds to spread the word!

Cool! 👍

Really great news! Do you also plan to give tokens to rental market participants...lender or renter?
I would love to see promoted sales or different types of auction sales for peakmonsters users.
keep up the good work.

Do you also plan to give tokens to rental market participants...lender or renter?

Unfortunately, this is technically not possible at the moment due to the lack of rental stats and huge number of micro transactions. If we find a way to do this in the future, we'll be adding rental transactions.

Very interesting project
Will be back to look into this further
Following have the best day
@pkm-token 😎


Why can't I see my Tier in my profile? it can't load the volume I have done and it says my account is a sleeping giant even though I definitely bought and sold cards over the past year and recently.

Are you sure to have purchased cards using peakmonsters? I can only see one order from your account and also after a quick check on I cannot find many orders.

Not sure, but I did sell a lot using peakmonsters, does that count? I used to buy packs before.

but I did sell a lot using peakmonsters, does that count?

Nope, only purchases.

I used to buy packs before.

We stopped selling packs more than 1 year ago as Splinterlands removed that option. So for sure packs don't qualify for the 1 year rolling volume.

Thanks for clarifying everything.

I have been a big user of peakmonsters, renting cards for a while and also selling a lot of cards recently. I understand I don't qualify for the airdrop as it's only for purchases but I still feel left out, it's not like I haven't used the website or paid fees to peakmonsters.

But I understand it's not your fault if you can't quantify the rentals accurately. I don't know why selling does not count though...

I don't know why selling does not count though...

Currently it's not possible to know which website is used by a player to list cards on the market. Once a card is listed and sold we know which market has been used by the buyer, but not which one was used by the seller. So I just don't know if you used peakmonsters, splinterlands or something else.

Okay. Although I pay an additional 1% in fees for cards to appear on peakmonsters, so there has to be a way. But I am not a dev, maybe I'm wrong.

In any case thanks for taking the time to answer.

rentals dont count... that sucks you could have done even a little something for the rental market.

Unfortunately this is not possible due to lack of rental stats and the large amount of transactions involved. If we find a way to do this in the future we'll for sure include also the rental volume.

interesting, what wallet need for connect?

Hive account aka Hive-Engine

I have only use monster markets. Peakmonsters can't log in so never use it. I would give it a try otherwise. I also get up to 5% when I buy. So not sure if peakmonsters offer rebate too !

Peakmonsters can't log in so never use it. I would give it a try otherwise.

Which login method are you using for PeakMonsters? We can help you troubleshoot it if you'd like so that you can give it a try!

It's been a few months since I last try to log in. I just tried it now and its working !

It's that great that it's now working!

What a great token and upcoming airdrop! ~@clove71

sounds really cool!

I have been using peakmonsters for all my renting but sites with cashback for purchases. This will definitely swing me back into purchasing on peakmonsters. Good work Jarvie pulling my business back into to one site.

Does this apply to rentals? As in, i rent my cards to others?

Nope, only sales.

great news

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