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As I'm still a beginner and still learning, YouTube is my primary source of tutorial videos. It's a great way of learning as you can play the video as many times as you want. There are certain tutorials that I like and obviously I'm planning to try them out. The one I wanted to do is on my list for a long time and yesterday I was about to do it. Then things went sideways and needed to change the design on the go.


The bag you see on the photo is what I ended up creating at the end. Now let's see how it started and how it went.


This is the jeans I used. I love the color of the fabric.


The carry straps of this design are quite long as it starts almost at the base of the bag and end at the other side. I needed 96cm and was glad to have the whole leg but even though it wasn't enough, I had to add some to get 96cm.


The pockets were removed previously to save as much fabric as I can, so now I could use the fabric under the pockets. As you can see, it's a darker color as the attrition was made after the jeans were made. In this case it's not a problem as using a darker shade is ok in my humble opinion, plus the dark side in this case is not visible.


Interfacing is a must here as carry straps need to be strong and not stretchy.


Now comes the fun part. The pockets and the label were the one I wanted to use. The pocket is little bit funny ans there's not symmetrical at all. When applied to the jeans it's not noticeable because of the cutting but once taken ff, looks like this.

However, for me it wouldn't have been a problem to use it like this. I believe it's fun. So I thought I'd apply the label to the pocket and use it.


This is the front or the back (they should be identical), where the pocket should have been applied.


It's just that the pocket was too big for the spot I wanted it to fit. This was a plus size jeans, which is excellent for me as I get more fabric but as you can see, it has certain disadvantages as well.


This other pocket is from another jeans but the color does not match at all and it wasn't the right size either as it was bigger.


At that point I was back to square one, needed a new plan and since I've done a similar bag not long ago, I thought I'd make another one, slightly different though.

That's the fabric that I love so much, there's still plenty left, perfect for the job.


This time I picked the teal with the stripes.


Carry straps applied, ready to be sewed.



The back is simple denim.


And here it is, not exactly what I wanted but still love it.




The inside is pretty simple, the lining is light brown and has 4 pockets, the original pocket of the shirt and the other three I made.

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@ashikstd I really appreciate it.

I really love how you incorporate all the different parts of the jeans and shirts and fabric pieces together to make a cohesive looking bag! The pockets and lining and everything!
I learn from Youtube too :D I can't imagine how it would be like without Youtube haha.
You know what, perhaps, you can start a Youtube channel too?

Life without YouTube would be like in the 60's. You go to a paid course or you go to workshops and learn from grumpy old ladies 😁
A YouTube channel with tutorials would be great but I'm not there yet. It requires a lot of time, some tech knowledge and unique designs and I;m not there yet. But who knows, maybe one day?