500 DEC Giveaway!!


Why am I doing this again? I don't know. I don't really get much back from doing a giveaway, but it helps tighten this community that's being built here on the blockchain!

As you read in the title, I am giving away 500 DEC to one lucky winner. The winner will be chosen randomly at 4pm CDT tomorrow (8/22) by means of the Wheel of Names. I will enter everyone's username and spin the wheel, whoever's name it lands on will receive 500 DEC sent to their in-game wallet by me.

DEC can be used to buy new cards, buy potions (though I don't really recommend it), and most importantly, increase your SPS airdrop points.

Now then, how to enter. Unlike my last giveaway, this time I do require everyone who enters to follow me. This is just because it is a slightly larger giveaway and if I'm being real here, it doesn't hurt to grow on the platform a little in the process!

So, to enter you must follow me and leave a comment saying what you would use the DEC for. Make sure to include the username you would have me send the DEC to somewhere in your comment as an @!

After that, you're in! I'll review the list of eligible contestants and enter them all into the Wheel of Names. Remember, everyone has an equal chance! Good luck!!


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Also, if you are new to the game and haven't started yet, consider using my affiliate link to sign up! Anyone who uses my link will receive a 100 DEC bonus sent from me to their in-game wallet as a thank you!

If you have read this far, feel free to follow me for consistent posts and updates from an experienced writer and new player!


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I hope I win. I could use some DEC to buy some cards. Very kind gesture. Username is @phaeton

With 500 I would try to chip away at further maxing out my Sandworm
IGN: thaddeusprime

I'd try to hodl it for use towards CL. Perhaps to ensure I didn't end up on monstermarket.io with it, (the urge to try to improve one's collection is strong when new-ish,) I may even throw it into a pool, (which would improve SPS rewards from them anyway.) Was following you from something you did before. @half-fast

Yay. 500 dec. I will add that to my saved dec for purchasing a permanent summoner. :) @loire0013

Thanks for your giveaway man, i'm a new Splinterlands player and i want some DEC to buy rare cards and have more resources to buy the splinter skins. My username in SP is @cryptohashcol cheers from Colombia!

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

I would use the DEC to continue to strengthen my card set. Thanks for the giveaway! You rock!

i've been following you for a while now but haven't had any luck in your giveaways. i'd love to win. it'll help in our fund-collecting (me and my friends) to build a guild. most of the existing ones don't accept newbies.

Would love to join guilds but most requires contribution. If I win I'll use it to join guilds. Thanks @cloudgendary

I am a newbie and 500 DEC would come in real handy for me to strengthen my deck. Thanks for the opportunity. User name @kevinnag58.

oh and I'm now following you.

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Hope to win,I will keep and hold the dec. For sps Airdrop, and maybe use to to buy or rent cards to help me reach Gold. My IGN is @xenonia

I would save it for chsos legions packs

DEC for guild donations for sure!


Lets roll the luck. I would use the DEC for some hype renting of Phantom of the Abyss.
IG name: Vispen01

i would use the 500 DEC to rent gold cards to increase my power.

i would use it to rent cards to rise up to my rank.i cant leave bronze rank today XD..it would help a lot..thankyou

Wish i could win. I’m trying to pump up my DEC and then add to the liquidity pool this way i could get more airdrop points. Dec in liquidity pools is x2. @beerbod

I will user it for renting! :) @fiiii

I would use the DEC towards upgrading my guild hall so I can admit more members. @finris

with 500 DEC, I would rent the best combination of cards to win tournament

My IGN: @drsad3k

I would use the 500 DEC to rent gold cards to increase my power...

I'm trying to save my DEC to rent a high lv summoner and try to climb the leaderboard.

Thank you for giving out.
IGN: @sixpsy

I would use it get that last rent to get into gold! @chalupabatman

I would hold onto DEC, is that bad of me? haha

Thank you for the chance

Generally I do not promote giveaway post as such because most are too cheap.
but 500 DEC is good amount.
But again, you should not be initiating a giveaway "because you think community will/should support you".
Enjoy some Leo, I will send some SPT too on your way on evening.


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I would use it to get more SPS from the daily airdrop. And renting some power.
IGN: @papahupod

Hope I win, need to buy great cards
Ign: @nnniel

IGN: @seregnir
I would use the DEC to rent better cards to reach higher league where rewards are better so as to keep earning more dec. Thank you

Enjoy some SPT too (r1s2g3)
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Hello. Thank you for your kindness and congrats to whoever wins the jackpot.
If ever I win the prize I would use it to rent some higher cards in order to battle with some pretty tough cards out there. I'm just a newbie here and trying to figure out all the stuff and I don't know if I made the right decision but I enjoyed playing splinterlands. Hoping I can be as good as the other players here.
If you want to give some support here is my ign:@alnvinn07. thanks

Thank you for your generosity. If I count out as a winner I’d either keep the DECs for the airdrop or I’d rent some cards to play with. And earn more. @swarky

Ill use it to rent llma kron card my username is @pindoy90

Looks like I was already following you. :)

If I won the 500 DEC, most of it would go towards renting good summoners, but some would probably also go to my guild. We're just starting out and trying to get those lower level buildings done.


If I win I will buy some card. @rickexe

Thank you. I want some DEC to buy cards to strengthen it. @ericex

I would use the DEC to upgrade my guild hall. @ashesrisen

I would use it to rent some cards!! @koipond

I would use it to buy some cards. @koition

I hope I win. would try to buy some cards @kursen

I am new and need to grow. username @lidocainku

with the dec I could buy some cards, a few sandworms to increase its rank

In for this, cheers ! @trenloco

soooo want those DEC , hoping to buy owster summoner @tsy197

I would use the 500 DEC to buy the new CL Booster packs when they are released. Until then, I would save it to collect a little extra SPS airdrop every day. @gregory-f

I would use the DEC to help upgrade my guild's hall @zcaq

I hope I will be one of the winner I'm gonna use it to buy potion and another spell book for my son 🙏🙏
Thank you godbless

I would use it to buy chaos packs when they become available. @squishna. Thanks.

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