Keys Defender -- Compromised POSTING key successfully detected!!

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It's a new day and another user leaked one of their private keys into the Steem Blockchain and still shares the same keys on Hive.

They accidentally COMPROMISED their...

private POSTING key

HOW: in a post operation published to the Steem blockchain.

The compromised account owner has now been notified in multiple ways since they still use the same keys on Hive. The identity of the user will be disclosed only in the weekly report in order to give them time to address the issue.

Compromised account stats:

  • Reputation: 25

  • Followers: 9

  • Account creation: March 2019

  • Last Post: 3 days ago

  • Estimated account value: $ 0.00

Top 5 private ACTIVE keys protected:

1. @nextgen622: ~$ 28,000
2. @cryptoandcoffee:
~$ 8,400
3. @runridefly:
~$ 3,300
4. @globalmerchantio: ~$ 250

5. @j3dy: ~$ 120 (500 HIVE automatically protected for 9 days)

What does this bot do?

- Keys protection[live scan of transfers / posts / comments / other_ops. Auto-transfers to savings, auto-reset of keys, ..] {see automatic posts on leak and weekly reports}
- Phishing protection [live scan of blocks to warn against known phishing campaigns and compromised domains]
- Re-posting detection [mitigates the issue of re-posters]
- Code injections detection [live scan of blocks for malicious code targeting dapps of the Hive ecosystem]
- Anti spam efforts [counteracts spam from hive haters]

To support this bot..

- Delegation links:
10, 20, 30, 40 HP
50,100, 200 HP,
500 HP, 1000 HP
- Curation trail
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