Splinterlands **2x Common Pirate Captains** Card GIVEAWAY - See Post for Details

2x Common Pirate Captains

Card Giveaway

In order to participate you must:

What is the The Chamber that Leads into Baal in Diablo 2?

  1. World Stone Keep
  2. Baals Chamber
  3. Forgotten Temple
  4. Ruined Temple
  5. None of the above

Winner Announcement...!!!

  • I will manually review and announce a winner at the payout of this post.

  • Winners will be selected using https://hivetools.herokuapp.com/picker/

  • If you are not following me on Hive Vote I will move onto the next winner

  • If there are no winners I will continue selecting random commentors until a qualified winner is found i.e. if you guess wrong and follow me on Hive Vote you can still win...

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Previous Particpants

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  1. Worldstone Keep


Worldstone Keep
Count me in.
IGN: @vaynard86
!Gif thank you

Worldstone keep

1 World Stone Keep
Count me in for the giveaway!
Thank you! 🙏
ign: @pero82

Worldstone Keep
count me in please

include me @lumpiadobo
Worldstone Keep

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I´m in :)
World Stone Keep

count me in @jfang003
Worldstone Keep

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another giveaway which was entered by @jdike 1 Worldstone Keep

World Stone Keep

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i am in. world stone keep @haizelanne